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Prelinger Archive Mashups
May 20, 2014 Frank Panucci
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A collection of unusual short clips, taken exclusively from the freely downloadable movies at, set to an original, butt-stomping score. Includes antique nudity. Many excellent examples of the weird wonders hiding in the Prelinger Archives. There are two more compilations in this series, even cooler than this one! Download them now! This movie is available as a DVD-compliant...
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Topics: Clipfilms, Prelinger Archival Footage
Community Video
Feb 7, 2004 Frank Panucci
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Many road signs around the world use ostensibly easy-to-decipher symbols, intended to assist visitors who do not speak the native tongue. Sometimes the meaning of these symbols is less universally obvious than the designers intended. This is a concise guide to some of the more inscrutable signs one might find abroad, translated for the English-speaking traveler. This was made in 1990 with DELUXE PAINT on a Commodore Amiga 500 computer, which had 8 megabytes of additional memory that cost FIVE...
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Topics: road signs, travel:international, Centauri, Alfred