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LOS ANGELES - A camera phone captured a UCLA student being shot with a stun gun by a police officer after he allegedly refused repeated requests to show his student identification in a campus library. Police showed up as the student was leaving the library, and repeatedly tazed him. View The Movie
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Topics: police, brutality, police brutality, ucla, taser, tazer, papersplease
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
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ABC show "In Concert", featuring Timothy Leary's interview with Billy Idol about the album "CyberPunk." Timothy Leary interviews Billy Idol on ABC In Concert as part of promoting Idol's Cyberpunk album. Timothy Leary and Billy Idol see "cyber" as a way for people to know significantly more about how the world works, and then later subvert oppression. Billy Idol discusses a small amount of the technology behind the Cyberpunk album. He notes about how it was...
Topics: ABC In Concert, Billy Idol, The Ramones, Television, Joey Ramone, Cyberpunk