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Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
by Autodesk
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Autodesk Demo Tape on Cyberspace with Timothy Leary. Leary portion begins approximately 5 1/2 minutes into the movie. Timothy Leary describes how cyberspace will allow people to express their explorations into inner consciousness for other people to experience. He sees Autodesk as enabling cyberspace. Timothy Leary only appears at the beginning of the video.
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Topics: Autodesk, John Forbes, Spaceball, Dataglove, VPL Research, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality glove,...
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LOS ANGELES - A camera phone captured a UCLA student being shot with a stun gun by a police officer after he allegedly refused repeated requests to show his student identification in a campus library. Police showed up as the student was leaving the library, and repeatedly tazed him. View The Movie
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Topics: police, brutality, police brutality, ucla, taser, tazer, papersplease