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Software Library: Contributions
Sep 22, 2020 Microsoft, Zsolt Krajcsik
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A Sokoban clone for Windows. Tip: There seems to be a bug where upon completion of Level 1 the game won't advance - the workaround is that you select Game -> New (F2) immediately after emulation starts . The game was originally distributed by Microsoft as a gift in Poland (and perhaps other countries). At the back of the Polish Windows 3.1 manual was a survey form inquiring about the user's PC hardware and how they use their computer; anyone who filled in the survey and sent it to...
Topics: sokoban, poland
CD-ROM Software Library
Aug 10, 2020 TATI Mixedia
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Note: In the browser you can play the demo version - download the ISO file  for the full version . Backpacker is a game about travelling around the world. The objective is to travel around the world as fast as possible, to visit as many cities as possible or to get a certification for as many jobs as possible. For every city you come to, you will need more money for the next flight ticket. There are two ways to get money. One is to call home and ask for help from your family, but the usual way...
Topics: backpacker, tati, mixedia
CD-ROM Software Library
May 3, 2017 Clickteam
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A historic piece of multimedia authoring software, very hard to find nowadays.
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Topics: corel, click, create, multimedia, fusion, express