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Comments: Thanks to @togemet2, @rockleevk, and @Results May Vary for the dump, release, and supporting the @GamingAlexandria project and making an effort to get this Multimedia CD-ROM. Please note that this was is NOT uploaded for infringing rights. This upload was made for  archivists and videogame collectors and should be seen as a part of preservation of historical  videogame content. Release notes: - You will need the Japanese version of Windows 3.1 or 98 to run this program properly. -...
Topics: Nintendo, Windows, CD-ROM, Super Mario, Super Famicom, SNES
Game Source Code Collection
by Bloodlust Software
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The original leaked source code release for the Nintendo NES emulator "Nesticle". Released by togemet2.
Topics: nesticle, nes, nintendo, bloodlust software