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Jun 16, 2020 XBMC
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XBMC or Xbox Media Center for PC. Very old build (9.11"Camelot" dated 24 Dec 2009) + plus a bunch of old skins that no longer work with the newer builds which is now known as Kodi. Presented here for preservation.
Topic: xbmc old skins classic
CD-ROM Software Library
Jun 3, 2020 Tesco
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Tesco's* now defunct Internet service. Like AOL in America, if you wanted to sign up, you had to order a disc. This is version 2, from 2002. I couldn't download the program from the Internet Archive, so I bought a copy of one of those discs off Ebay and now I'm uploading that disc in digital form, here. * Tesco is a popular supermarket chain in the UK, and from 1998 (?) to 2017 had their own ISP.
Topic: Tesco TescoDialup