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Feature Films
by Virginia L. Stone, Alec McCrombie
eye 35,761
favorite 9
comment 2
AKA: Evil in the Deep A suspense filled adventure-drama about the search for a treasure-laden Spanish Galleon that sank over 200 years ago.
( 2 reviews )
Topic: Adventure
Feature Films
by William Collins
eye 174,606
favorite 22
comment 5
James Caan stars as Jud McGraw, a cowboy unjustly framed for a crime he didn't commit; he partners up with an ethically wronged Native American woman named Little Moon (Stefanie Powers). In response to the ills they have each suffered, the two set off to wreak vengeance on a small western town.
favoritefavorite ( 5 reviews )
Topics: Western, Action, James Caan, Stefanie Powers, Sammy Davis, Jr.
Feature Films
by David Chasman
eye 44,924
favorite 19
comment 5
This film falls firmly in the So Bad You'll Love It. After a plane takes off for London, a note is found in the airport saying that some people are going to be killed. And it is not long after that, that someone is killed. The captain (Robert Stack) tries to keep the passengers calm while the people on the ground do background checks on everyone and they learn that some of the passengers have history with one another. But it seems that there's a lot more going on.
favoritefavoritefavorite ( 5 reviews )
Topics: Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Feature Films
by Vern Piehl, Rowd Sanders
eye 77,916
favorite 17
comment 3
AKA "The worst western ever made" Chief Yellow Shirt (Ray Danton) is hunting down white men because they broke a treaty. He and all three of his braves find a small squad of U.S. soldiers and take after them. Among the soldiers is a mountain man (Dewitt Lee) who is attacked by a bear (in the funniest scene in the movie) and left for dead. He eventually gains consciousness and starts fighting off the Indians while trying to catch up with the soldiers. Eventually, both sides are killed...
favoritefavorite ( 3 reviews )
Topic: Western