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Sci-Fi / Horror
Mar 8, 2009 Charles Band
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A scientist discovers signals from space that appear to carry information concerning a series of seemingly unrelated natural disasters, occurring across the globe. Hoping to discover the source of these signals and who's behind them, the scientist and his wife set out on a trek to locate the intended recipient of the signals. What the couple eventually discovers is a small remote convent with occupants who are not really who they appear to be.
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Topics: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller: Christopher Lee
Feature Films
Jun 22, 2009 Gary L. Messenger, Gustaf Unger
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Six high school girls are involved in initiation ceremonies for their exclusive society, The Sisters. A shot from a presumably harmless pistol, part of the ritual, kills Liz (Elizabeth Bergen). Seven years later each of the remaining Sisters receive identical letters inviting them to a reunion in isolated estate mansion. With nightfall the reign of terror and madness begins as Liz's death is revenged.
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Topics: Horror, Thriller
Feature Films
Jun 27, 2009 Walter Brough, Ivan Hall
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Vic Morrow stars as Michael Cardiff, a professional assasin who seeks revenge on those responsible for his past prison sentence. By disguising himself as a black South African, he sets his plan while foiling the police. Van Dissel plays the cop, Roos who is dedicated and stops at nothing.
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Topics: Crime, Drama
Feature Films
Sep 1, 2009
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AKA The worst movie in the history of mankind Tough streetwise private investigator Al Connors (Loye Hawkins), who works in Florida but originally hails from Harlem, is hired by the CIA to guard a visiting African princess (Patricia Fulton). Moreover, Connors uses all his sharp street smarts and fierce fighting skills to find another woman (Cathy Davis) who's been abducted by the evil Big Daddy.
favoritefavoritefavorite ( 5 reviews )
Topics: Action, Drama