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Apr 9, 2010 Pagalve
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Pagalve sets up a 4-track ep "Extinct" for "Knobs" netlabel this time. All tracks were written in a period 2006-2009 and has a feeling and groove of older techy sound. Raw edged percussion with fat synths and basslines + accurate sound design bombs dancefloors in a proper way. Now it is your turn to check what is all about :)
Topic: Techno, Deep
Nov 24, 2005 Pagalve
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Usually a lover of a harder techno sound, Pagalve probably suprised himself after he made this special release for Knobs netlabel. Why "Universe"? Well, when your speakers will start to play this beauty, you'll understand that is all about. Really deep tech stuff! Containing tracks built of TB-909 drums, beautiful stabs, lightly distorted basslines, clicks & cuts, various string structures together with stomping beats are doing a great job to make a feeling like you are somewhere...
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Topics: Techno, Deep Tech House
Source: Original recording for Knobs netlabel