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Folksoundomy: Music and Music Albums
Dec 9, 1899 Clodomiro Charlilecho

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Fairy song Music by Maude Valerie White Arranged by Clodomiro Charlilecho Lyrics T. Haynes Bayly Conductor: Clodomiro Charlilecho; Margaux Fersette: soprano; Silvia Mikos: alto; Cyr Moulineau, William Yermola: violin; Yvette Laupias: viola; Marius Chanterelle: cello; Sebastien Tanguy: tuba. Greiz, December 9, 1899. Recorded by Hubert Herrlandsdag. Digitized by Vincenzo Marino. Under a Cogito Arcanum License
Topics: Cogito Arcanum, Lieder
Folksoundomy: Music and Music Albums
Apr 21, 1848 Clodomiro Charlilechó

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“Nurse’s song” composed by Maude Valérie White in her booklet “12 songs for children” (1892) on a poetry by Sir William Blake (Songs of Innocence). Interpretation by Clodomiro Charlilechó on April 21th, 1848. Separate tracks are provided along with the main mix. Under a Cogito Arcanum License. These samples have been used for this recording: *  Bell from a fire extinguisher.wav , by talesjc , under CC0 ; *  Hand Claps » Sweet CLAPS 014.aif , by loofa , under CC BY-NC ; * ...
Topics: Maude Valérie White, Lied, Melody, Clodomiro Charlilechó, Productions Monpauvrelieu