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Refer to the Setting Up Your Printer poster for setup instructions. Refer to the Owner's Manual for driver installation instructions. Contents: Printer Installation Software Print Driver for Windows® Support Tool Supplies Management System Setup Navigator User's Guide P/N KN621 Rev. A01 F P/N 121K41442
Topics: dell, color, laser, printer, 1320c
Community Software
- Zeranoe

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All FFmpeg builds available from Zeranoe as of 2020-09-10, with the last update being from 2020-08-31. Download the builds from one of these links (they all use the same files): This is merely an archive and does and will not contain new builds. For those, check these links:
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Community Software

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All BIOS files required by Lemuroid as of version 1.14.2. To use them, place them in the ROMs directory and click the “Rescan” button. Lemuroid: Play Store , F-Droid , GitHub .
Topics: lemuroid, libretro, bios, playstation, atari lynx, sega cd, nintendo ds
Community Software
- reMarkable

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A collection of firmware updates for reMarkable devices. Last updated on the 26th of May, 2022.
Topics: remarkable, firmware, update, upgrade, version