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Community Video
Aug 20, 2006 Sean Kelly
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How to use the Plone content management system to edit both images and text on a portal, screecast-style. Demonstrates Plone's built-in image manipulation as well as rich text editing capabilities.
Topics: Plone, python, CMS, screencast, editing, images, text
Computers & Technology
Jul 9, 2006 Sean Kelly
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This audio/visual presentation teaches the basics of logging in and adding content to a Plone web site. It's intended to be one of a series of videos assisting first-time users and those considering Plone as a content management solution. The QuickTime version uses the H.264 codec and plays back with either Apple QuickTime (Mac OS X and Windows) or VLC (many platforms). The DivX version plays back with VLC (many platforms). Other players may work as well.
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Topics: plone, python, CMS, screencast, screencast, python, content
Community Video
Jul 4, 2006 Sean Kelly
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A taste of the Python programming language's concision and elegance from someone who once suffered an addiction to the Java programming language.
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Topics: Python, Java, Screencast
Community Video
May 9, 2006 Sean Kelly
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A screencast showing how to install Plone and other components and a demonstration on creating custom content types for Plone. Note that I made an error in the presentation: I said "aggregation" when I should've said "composition" when drawing the relationship between "TimeLog" and "TimeEntry" classes. The QuickTime format file uses the H.264 codec, yet it's viewable with VLC ( for those without access the QuickTime Player or equivalent.
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Topics: web, python, zope, plone, UML, object, publishing, ArchGenXML, ArgoUML