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Renzoku Theatre - #2 - Zdzislaw Beksinski - Art Presentation - In Eleven Parts - Theatre Mode is Best...
Topics: thomas.m, aciddaphne, shikigami202, art, abstract, Zdzislaw Beksinski, psytrance, darkpsy, techno,...

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This is what happens when two high skilled fishermen encounter a chatting Klarinet and they all...

Enregistré aux environs de Vireux Wallerand, Ardennes durant l'été 2012 Arrangé à la maison l'hiver suivant. Merci à Valentin Perez pour le subtil mastering ! Pochette par Max Masutti Klarinetthor : Jules, Souri, Swing, Buck et Pimpon Klarinetthor would like to thanks : Peter Steele, John Cleese, David Krakauer, Techno Animal, La nana de la radio, David Carradine, Corwood Industries, Choron, le comptoir des Fagnes, Varg, les teignes naturelles momifiées. Album sorti en partenariat avec...
Topics: Field recordings, Beksinski, free impro, collage, lo-fi, binary synths, Klezmer, fishing contest,...

This is what happens when two high skilled fishermen encounter a chatting Klarinet and they all...

Multimedia CD released in 2001, compiling 170 pieces of digital artwork created by Zdzisław Beksiński and a mix of 59 paintings, drawings, sketches and photographs. Also contains 4 short videos and 15 press articles. Presented as a Macromedia Director multimedia presentation. At the start, the program asks for serial number. Type one of the provided below: BM-246-879-553 BM-246-861-222 Artwork is stored in directory: \ fotosy\big and \ fotosy\big_0 Despite bearing the "Część pierwsza...
Topics: PC CD-ROM, zdzisław beksiński, macromedia director

So this pushed the limits of my CAD workstation with its support. I know, it's not...elegantly designed. This is more an experiment. NO clue if it's printable or stable. The ZIP file has the fully supported editions with texture and modeling in OBJ and STL. They are, however, huge. The OBJ at top is the non-supported, non-modeled for your pleasure. The cover image is a Project Felix blend with a painting by Zdzislaw Beksinski and it's probably not so hot looking. Again, experimenting.
Topics: complex, architecture, thingiverse, miniature_scenery, Project Felix, stl, wargames, Zdzislaw...

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DIRIGE Y PRESENTA Nuria Mejias "LA DAMA DEL LIENZO" con Tito López Álvarez y Marcos Carrasco Carmona "10 AÑOS DISFRUTANDO DE EDITORIAL CYDONIA" con Carlos Gabriel Fernández "ACTUALIDAD" con María Toro "PINTURA TORTUOSA" con Aluriel Vera "EL CONSEJO" con Faro Tarot Flyer del evento creado por la Diseñadora gráfica del programa Dide Dart Sábado a las 24 HORAS en EN MISTERIOFM.COM Martes a las 22 horas en Radio Millenium (Alicante) 107,7 fm...
Topics: La Dama del Lienzo, Beksinski, pintura misteriosa, ediciones cydonia, canal del misterio,...

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3 godziny, ktore bez watpienia zmienily polska radiofonie.
Topics: tomasz beksinski, lacrimosa, podcast, indywidualny

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Pinturas de  Zdzisław Beksiński  .
Topic: Zdzisław Beksiński

Aleksandra Budka, Anna Regulska, Piotr Stelmach w audycji poświęconej Tomaszowi Beksińskiemu w dniu jego 60. urodzin.
Topics: Trójka, Program Trzeci Polskiego Radia, W Tonacji Trójki, Tomasz Beksiński, Aleksandra Budka,...