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The Bridge
Feb 24, 2014 The Bridge
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The Bridge host The 2014 Baltimore Jam Band Hippie Olympics "Abigail and Kennys Birthday Party" Febuary 23 2014 8x10 Baltimore, Md Source: SDB/House mix>Tascam DR-40>SDHC>CD Wav>Traders Little Helper Setlist 01.Super Funk Regulators 02.Jomotion> 03.Brother Don't> 04.Rising Sun 05.Sneakin Sally Through The Alley 06.Way Down In A Hole 07.Shakedown Street 08.Bury My Bones 09.Hey Pockey Way 10.Get Out My Life Woman 11.Express Yourself 12.o???o 13.Get Lucky 14.Whipping...
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Source: SDB/Aud house mix> Tascam DR-40>SDHC
The Bridge
Nov 27, 2015 The Bridge
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The Bridge November 25, 2015 Ramshead Live Baltimore, Md Source: Sbd>Tascam DR-40(2496)>SDHC>Audacity Taper: George B Setlist Set 1 01.Going Down 02.Chavez 03.Honey Bee 04.Poison Wine 05.Gerldine 06.Jomotion> Yellow Moon> Jomotion 07.Angelina 08.Cheap Sunglasses* 09.Dirtball Blues Set 2 10.Super Funk Regulator Robot Step Squad and Double Dutch Team 11.Big Wheel 12.Easy To Slip> 13.Easy Jane 14.Legend Of Big Blue> 15.No Quarter> 16.Old Man Down The Road 17.Shake Em' Down...
Source: Sbd> Tascam DR-40 (24/96)>SDHC
The Bridge
Feb 10, 2018 The Bridge
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The Bridge February 09, 2018 WTMD Towson, Md Source: WTMD webcast(mp3)> Tascam DR-40(2496)> SDHC> Audacity(flac16) Taper: George Barrick Setlist 01.Intro 02.Big Wheel 03.Old White Lightning 95 04.Sanctuary 05.Chavez 06.Interview 07.Time To Move On 08.Won't Back Down 09.Good Rhythm 10.Colorado Motel 11.Bury My Bones
Source: WTMD webcast(mp3)> Tascam DR-40(2496)>SDHC