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The AOL CD-ROM Collection
Feb 11, 2018 The Learning Company
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Educational Focus Operation Neptune  helps players develop mathematical skills while engaging them in an action-filled undersea adventure where they confront mathematics in a meaningful way. By incorporating realistic math problems related to the operation of a high-tech submarine, the program helps players realize that mathematics has value in the world outside the classroom. It teaches important lessons in problem solving and fosters mathematical confidence. The program's special features...
Topics: educational games, submarine, oceans, aquatic, entertainment, video games, windows 3.1, windows 95,...
CD-ROM Software Library
Feb 10, 2018 Disney
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Welcome to a Whole New World of Math! Aladdin and his friends need your help. Bizarrah, the evil genie has escaped from her lamp and is on the loose. She has imprisoned Jasmine, Abu and Aladdin in Agrabah, and hidden pieces of her magic lamp in the Magic Carnival and the Upside Down Pyramid of Very-unkammen. It will take all your math skills, from addition and subtraction to patterns, estimation, logical reasoning and more, to rescue them, find the lamp pieces and stop Bizarrah once and for...
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Topics: educational games, CD-ROM games, Aladdin, Disney, entertainment, Windows 95, Macintosh,...
CD-ROM Software Library
Feb 10, 2018 Activision, Inc.
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The classic puzzle game comes to life! Experience four captivating games and nine themed tile sets in a multimedia spectacular of film, video, and audio. With over 400 unique tiles, 150 video clips, and 300 original animations, it's unmatched Shanghai entertainment - now playing in Windows ™ ! The Great Wall Dismantle this mighty structure as the powers of gravity and magnetism hold true. Beware, tiles fall as lower ones are removed. Beijing Slide an entire row of tiles to make a match - and...
Topics: shanghai, windows 3.1, windows 3.11, MS-DOS, solitaire, tile-matching games, multimedia software,...