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Watch the pucks bounce off the skittle posts. Relax.
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Topics: 3d, animation, panucci, relax
Prelinger Archive Mashups
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MISTER BUNGLE, the vile puppet from LUNCHROOM MANNERS over in the AV GEEK section of these archives, has his own show! Yay! Fun for the hole family. Why does MISTER BUNGLE act the way he does? Look for the bottle of pills on the lunchroom table! The VCD-ready MPEG file has the best sound. The other files are dang near unintelligible because of the vagaries of each format's audio compression. Do yourself a favor and get an MPEG today! The MP4 files are always messed up, so it's best to shun...
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Topics: Puppet, puppets, clipfilm, mister, bungle, lunchroom, manners
Prelinger Archive Mashups
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Every afficianado of ephemeral public-domain films is familiar with the gratuitous and ubiquitous "purple vomit sequences" that inexplicably appeared in a great number of these films over a twenty-year period. As yet, not one producer, crewmember, or actor who was involved in any of these films has volunteered a reason for these bizarre segments, most of which have been excised from prints currently in distribution.
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Topics: clipfilm, clipfilms, ephemeral, prelinger, censored, deleted, vomit, puke, technicolor yawn, sick,...
Prelinger Archive Mashups
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Another in the famed series of artfully-assembled clip compilations made from public domain films found here at The understated fancy-ass classical score was provided by the Frank Panucci Community Orchestra.
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Topics: clipfilm, rocket, blastoff, shuttle, butt, dancer, robot, brat, dryer-lint fetish, panucci
Animation Shorts
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THE BRAVE TIN SOLDIER very closely follows the original story by the Brothers Grimm. A one-legged tin soldier is cruelly mocked by other toys because of his deformity. The soldier falls in love with a toy ballerina who is desired by the toy king. The king exercises his military power to get the girl for himself. The tale ends tragically, with a surprisingly graphic execution by firing squad. This is probably too violent and weird for little kids. The cartoon itself is very nicely animated,...
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