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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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hello, welcome to al jazeera america. i'm david shuster in new york. here are the stories we are following. >> terminal 3 chaos. this is what it looked like inside los angeles international airport after a gunman opened fire. one tsa agent was killed, several wounded and the shooting could have been worse. tonight the story from inside lax and the reaction from the suspects new jersey home town. >> targetting the taliban. this man was the most wanted in pakistan. today a u.s. drone strike killed him. more on the operation and why the c.i.a. was eager to launch this one. putting the pieces in place for
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high speed rail. california is moving forward with a project that will create jobs and connect los angeles and san francisco. how do you convince kids to stay in class? in alaska a school district is trying what some call bribery. we'll take a closer look. clues clues [ ♪ music ] >> across the united states over the past 24 hours there has been deadly shootings in new york, rowley north carolina, houston texas, hollywood california to name a few. when there's a shooting in a place with a lot of people and major security it will get a lot of attention. that was the case at los angeles international airport. a tsa agent was killed when a shooter opened fire at term nal 3, and ran towards a gate before
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being subdued. brian rooney is at lax and has the latest. >> the airport is reopening to a traffic jam. nothing took off or landed all day long at lax. 700 flights were affected. in the last couple of hours we learnt a few more details about what happened today. conversation >> cell phone video obtained caught the moment when passengers ran for the doors to get away from the gunman. >> police identified the gunman as 23-year-old paul ciancia of new jersey, saying he pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to shoot at the tsa screening station. he seemed to be targetting employees of the transportation security administration. >> i'm 20 yards from the escalators, he's looking down
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and shooting shots. 10, plus shots, multiple shooting towards the escalator. >> the one shooter i saw, i don't know if there were more - he carried a rifle. he said tsa and i shook my head, and he kept going. >> police say airport officers followed paul ciancia to the end of the terminal, where he was shot and wounded. >> an individual came into terminal 3 of this airport, pulled an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire in the terminal. he proceeded up into the screening area where tsa screener are, and continued shooting, and went past the screeners, back into the airport itself. >> local authorities say it could have been much worse. >> there was additional rounds that the gunman had.
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the fact that the officers neutralised the threat, as they did, there were more than 100 rounds that could have killed everyone in the terminal today. >> currently a parpt is in critical -- patient is in critical condition, two in fair. >> police scoured the airport. 750 flights were affected. some that never left lax, and others that never left other cities. >> they had to evacuate to the other side of the terminal. they came through five minutes later and told us we were leaving. >> passengers came streaming out of lax, pulling luggage, looking for transportation and hotels. >> we are trying to find a rental car place, and when they let us go, we'll go. >> there's reports that paul ciancia told his family he was unhappy. investigators have not found the
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motive for the shooting that puts the safety of airport workers and travellers at risk. >> the associated press published the name of a 39-year-old tsa officer they say is the one killed. we have not been able to independently verify the name. we'll withhold that for the moment. we do not know any other details about him. >> brian rooney at los angeles international airport. >> paul ciancia's parents live in pennsville and the police chief said his father and other family members received strange text messages referring to suicide. >> it's just tragic. who would have thought anything like this would happen to their quiet neighbourhood and people that crew up and knew people in a rural community such as
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pennsville. it's a quiet community. i know his family, certainties, father - my heart goes out to them. >> i would never think of anyone around here doing that. i'm shocked. we heard helicopters and didn't know what was going on. >> the pennsville police station said officers had no reports of past problems with paul ciancia, and neighbours scribed the ciancias as a good, nice family. >> in iraq the security situation is growing more violent by the day. the prime minister nouri al-maliki is asking the obama administration for more help. as mike viqueira reports, nouri al-maliki did so correctly inside the white house. >> it was their first face-to-face meeting in two years as iraq faces threats and doubts over its stability. >> unfortunately al qaeda has still been active and grown more
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active recently. we have a lot of discussion about how we can work together to push back against that terrorist organization that operates not only in iraq, but also poses a threat to the region and the united states. >> president obama and prime minister nouri al-maliki blame al qaeda for the surge in violence in iraq. tran >> translation: we have a common vision in relation to terrorism and how to counterterrorism. >> over the last year the security situation in iraq has taken a dramaticic downturn. in october alone 979 iraqis were killed in terror attacks. 852 of them civilians. more than 7,000 died since the beginning of this year. with no u.s. combat troops remaining in iraq, and no chance for american boots on the ground in the future, nouri al-maliki
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is in washington asking for more wepens to help in the fight, including apache helicopters. critics say it is not just al qaeda, but nouri al-maliki partly to blame for the violence. the white house disagrees. >> you have repeatedly attributed the violence to al qaeda. others, some influential senators say prime minister nouri al-maliki mismanaged the situation and fostered sectarian strikes. how do you respond to that? >> this is not the product of entree party or faction conflict. this is iraq - i mean al qaeda trying to destablilize iraq and taking advantage of the instability. >> a former u.s. ambassador iraq is critical of nouri al-maliki's leadership. >> the underlying problem is iraq has the kurds, the sunni arabs and shia arabs and
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politicians play this part when dealing with security and national problems, and despite the failings of nouri al-maliki, it is an democracy and has not collapsed under the horrific attacks. >> president obama is pushing nouri al-maliki to hold elections to bring the country back together. nouri al-maliki assures him those elections will be held next year. >> for years the obama administration with the c.i.a. at the forefront has been trying to track down the leader of the pakistani taliban. according to the fighters, one was killed in a drone missile attack. he was suspected of planning an attack that killed seven c.i.a. employees at a u.s. base in afghanistan. >> leader of the pakistani taliban, he was the most wanted man in pakistan. the u.s. had a $5 million bounty on his head. >> this is one of his last
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public appearancesment - in a video filmed in an unknown location, he speaks to those who consider talks as a way of achieving peace. >> translation: we have never refused negotiations. we believe in all talks that are serious. if the dialogue is frivolous and they ask us to lay down arms, this is not serious dialogue. >> he took over as leader of the pakistani taliban in august 2009. he won a power struggle after another was killed in a drone attack. in his late 20s or early 30s, his rise to power was dramatic. his power base numbered 8,000 fighters. when he took command pakistani intelligence sources said it grew to 20,000 fighters. he had a reputation as brutal and violent. he was someone that played the
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media. after false reports that he was killed in a gun battle, he set a conference to set the record straight. >> translation: america has illegally captured afghanistan. this is our top priority to end this and remove america from the soil of afghanistan. >> his leadership of the pakistani taliban led to violence, which attacks across pakistan, including the suicide bombing of the pearl continental hotel in peshawar. there were attacks on onconvoice heading through the khyber pass. action was taken against him. he was public enemy number one. even so, he taunted the u.s., appearing in this video. the double agent and suicide bomber had killed 70 agents in
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attack in november. massued's death in a drone strike came a day before peace talks were about to start. >> good evening i'm metrologist. we have the frontal boundary causing problems with flooding, powerful winds as well as tornados. now it's starting to move off the east coast. for the north-east it's off the coast. for the south-east we have overnight hours into tomorrow morning, and this will be pushed away. the storm caused a lot of problems in terms of wind damage. across the north-east and back to pennsylvania, we talked about 230 wind damage reports because of this. and just over the last couple of hours the winds died down.
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up here towards canada we saw up to 60 miles per hour , and those have come down. details of your weekend forecast when i return. >> thank you. the obama administration reported some progress in improving its health care website during the first days of the roll out. it took 8 seconds for each page to load. now it takes less than a second, says the white house. according to documents released by congressional investigators, 3 million tried to use the website, only 6 managed to get through and sign up. the dismal number coming a month since went live and was plagued with glixes. it is one way people without health insurance could sign up for coverage. by the end of day two 248 people had enrolled. the administration hopes to have 7 million sign up by next march. >> if you are one of the 14 million americans who has
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been buying your own health insurance there's a chance you will receive, if you haven't already, a cancellation letter. under the health care laws insurance companies have to meet minimum standards, including covering emergency visits, prescription drugs, and more. cutrate plans can no longer be offered. for some who have to shop for a new plan, it's unnerving. mark schneider has more. >> erin had the same insurance policy for a couple of years. she was happy with it until she found out she was losing it. >> i was a little shocked. i don't think i was clear or maybe the president was not completely transparent on what was going to happen with the current plan. i had no plans in changing. >> erin doesn't have a letter at the salon. that's okay. i have mine.
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i got this in mid-september from my benefit provider saying comdecember 31st, my health care plan will not be available. >> mark is a benefit advisor and was on the board when the affordable care act was put together. >> >> hatcher says the cancellations make sense because men current policies don't meet the benefit requirements under the affordable care act. so insurers have to get rid of them and offer new ones. a lot of people - their plans will renew, but they'll see higher premiums, because there are other benefits. >> it's not all bad news for those losing coverage. people paying higher premiums because of pre-existing conditions may see their health care plummet. >> if you pay $1200, going into january 1st, premiums will be
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$400 a month. the problem is they can't get through the to enrol. >> erin cox did get through. she didn't like what she saw. the cheapest plan was $60 more a month than what she has noun. >> none of my doctors or facilities were on the plan. we are not having more children. i don't need maternity, there's things i'm not getting that i pay more for. >> comhopes under the affordable care act, black cox hopes under the affordable care act, her family doesn't make the choice of making a health care payment for a mortgage payment. >> just ahead - school officials in an alaskan district have trouble getting students to show up. a big prize is damageled in front of the kids - perhaps and controversy ahead. also... >> i'm melissa chan in california's valley, a surprising place for the first
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high-speed rail. >> it's coming to california, it will create jobs, but may take a while.
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after years of indecision and political battle, the united states is trying to do what europeans and asians have become used to - that is high-speed rail. work has begun on a route in california, the 1 high-speed rail road in the united states, and the larmsest -- largest infrastructure project in the country. the plan is to connect california and los angeles. it will extend to sack rahmento and san diego and will stretch 800 miles. work is hoped to begin in california's central valley. it has an employment rate above 10%, one of the highest in the nation. with 7 million residents this
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part of california has a larger population than 38 states. officials say the project could create 20,000 jobs over the next five years. melissa chan has more >> not much happens in the city of forest know. sitting -- fresno, sitting in the middle of the state - some say in the middle of nowhere. its residents felt neglected in downtown and on the outskirts - signs of the daily struggle. >> in this dil app tated part of california, things may be picking up speed. this is the future. a vision of an electric high-speed rail whipping through town. an ambitious product for a state in love with automobiles. >> by collecting the central valley we'll connect all of california together. >> this does not look like the
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kind of place you'd expect a high-speed track will be built. the purpose of the train is not only to move people, but jump start the economy. >> the city hopes to turn it's unemployed into a dedicated force to work along the rail road along the next decade and beyond. you are looking at the first group of trainees in the program. many have spent their lives working odd jobs, and now they'll learn skills, the tools of the trade for a permanent career. >> beforehand nothing - i was out of work, just raising my three daughters. i'm a single father, for this opportunity it's exciting. >> even those you wouldn't expect to welcome the project have put the greater could above personal interests. jack's printing business will make way for the tracks. >> my family are here, we grew up here. i have a lot of fondness for the
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area. i'd like to see it progress though. this is an opportunity to do just that. >> but most residents remain skeptical. this conservative enclave in a generally blue state. people here distrust big government. >> we have bigger issues, such as water. from water to high-speed rail - it doesn't... . >> none of the projects - government projects they are are within budget. this is a lot of cony capitalism. >> for a century all the central valley has known is agriculture. it has driven the economy - making men rich, but kept most pure. some see the moment as a season of change. . construction on the
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high-speed rail has been delayed and officials must finish the first leg by 2017 or they risk losing $3.2 billion from the federal government. if all goes plans, high-speed trains will run if los angeles to san francisco in 50 years. >> sam youcef was pulled aufr the air, his removal a week after he fired off jokes aimed at the military. he has been called egipd's john stuart. the comedian was said to have violated editorial policy. it was pulled minutes before it aired. the channel said the show will be suspended until the dispute is resolved. >> violence along turkey's border with syria when demonstrators protested the construction of a wall. turkish police fired tear gas into the crowds. the authorities say the wall is meant to stop people crossing
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the border. residents say it distrim nats against kurdish families living on both sides of the boarder. >> in hawaii a vote an gay marriage is stalled. the state senate approved the measure, the house was expected to meet the vote today. 4,000 people turned out to testify, delaying a final vote. if passed it will be the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. >> some big name players on the nfl god bad news. michael eaves with more news. >> not the headlines the players looked for. jacksonville jack use justin has vial aid the abuse policy. it will cost blackmon a suspension. he missed four games at the
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beginning of the season, his latest suspension immediately. he'll not be eligible to apply in the the start of the 2014 seasons much bengals lost geno atkins after he tore the acl in his right knee in the loss to the dolphins, atkins signed a $55 million prior to this season. it came a week after the bengals lost four players to injury after playing the new york jets. >> derek zeta is being brought back to the tune of $12 million, a $3 mill yop raise from his 2014 contract. he's appeared in 13 all-start games and is the leader in games, hits and stolen bases. those are the headlines, more news later. >> a lot of people know george takay as an actor who played sule u.
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he's a writer and activist. he's become an internet phenomena. we sat down with him in "talk to al jazeera", and talked about growing up as a gayman. >> by the time i was nine or 10 i knew i was different than just my face. other boys would say, "he's cute", or, "mika was hot", i thought sally and monicca were nis, but bobby was exciting. none of the boys thought the way i did. so i knew i was different. it wasn't the way i was supposed to be. i was silent about it. i pretended that i was like one of them, because when you are young you have a great need to be part of the gang, to belong. so i dated girls, and went to the senior prom, and i played a part. but then, as you grow older, you
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learn that there are other men that feel the same way. but i had been acting, pretending, and that leads into living a double life. gay bars, you know - but all ser ep tissuesly, secret. >> an interesting man and a distinctive voice. you can see the rest of john siegenthaler's conversation on "talk to al jazeera" this sunday at 10:30 eastern time, 7:30pm on the west coast. >> coming up secretary of state john kerry weighs in on the spy activities of the national security agency, saying the n.s.a. went too far.
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welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm david shuster, here is a look at the headlines - witnesses describe chaos in terminal 3 of los angeles international airport after a gunman opened fire this morning morning. this video from tmz showed
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people running after hearing the shots. an agent was killed. several others were wounded. the federal bureau of investigation identified the gunman as 23-year-old paul ciancia of pennsville new jersey. president obama said he and nouri al-maliki, iraqi prime minister shook hands and discussed how the two can work together to fight al qaeda. nouri al-maliki is seeking military aid from the united states to fight the sebbing tare have been violence. >> a u.s. drone missile attack killed this man, hakimullah mehsud, one of the c.i.a.'s most wanted men. the u.s. accused him of killing thousands, and put a $5 million bounty on his head. hakimullah mehsud was suspected of planning an attack killing employees at a u.s. base in afghanistan. the senior pakistan expert at
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the u.s. institute for peace center's conflict management is here to join us. >> how significant is the attack? what difference will it make in terms of slowing down some of these mill tant groups? >> it's difficult to say. of course, this is big news - this gentleman has been leading the most vicious agency pakistan has seen. there was a previous taliban leader killed by a drone strike in 2009. that were hopes that the pakistan taliban would whittle away, it didn't happen, they came back stronger. hakimullah mehsud was considered more ruthless. it's difficult to say, but it opens up options. if a successor comes through who is more amiable to talking to the state of pakistan, it's good
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news. if you get a young gentleman trying to prove a point it may be negative. it's early days. we have to wait and see where this goes. >> it's clear in the united states why the c.i.a. was interested in carrying out the attacks because of attacks on c.i.a. employees a few years ago. it is a bit confusing given this target said he would be willing to talk with pakistan. how come pakistan didn't take him up on that offer. >> no, i think the talks - yesterday the pakistani prime minister said the talks with the taliban are taking place. the taliban denied it. it's not clear. there's not enough information in the public domain. from what we understand of this gentleman's history, he was not really for talks. he had gone out and killed innocent people - left, right and center. he had taken responsibility for a number of incidents in
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afghanistan. he was certainly somebody who was ruthless, going after innocent civilians and the pakistani security forces and it's not clear that he would be sincere in talking and definitely in giving up arms and coming back into the main stream pakistani process. >> pakistani people, have been aghast at u.s. drone strikes. we have one that is a success. how does that influence the debate over drones in pakistan? >> you know, pakistan's position on the drones has been fairly two-faced, if you will. in some ways it's so emotive i don't think it will change any time soon. it's not a rational debate, it's emotional. at the same time there are stories that come out, and former president said that was
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some understanding. nothing will change this. the drone debate is no longer a debate about strategy or rationality. it's emotive, charges up a lot of people. that will not change by one incident here or there. >> finally - how is the death of hakimullah mehsud playing, as far as news reports in the region? is it a big story there? . >> it is. it's a huge, huge story. of course there was some confusion whether this happened or not. three times before in the last three years he's been reported dead and turns out alive. now there's confirmation - it is a big story. a lot of people ask what will happen to the offer of talks. whether the ttp will come back stronger or is it an opportunity for the state of pakistan to make inroads and end this once and for all. a lot of debate, a big story. >> thank you so much for being
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part of the program from istanbul, we appreciate it. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry concedes some u.s. spying has gone too far. he spoke at a conference in london focussing on government transparency. at first he defended the national security agency's programs, but said the white house concluded that reviews and changes are needed. >> in some cases i acknowledge, as has the president, some of these actions went too far. we'll make sure it doesn't happen in the future. >> this weekend john kerry is beginning a 9-day trip to europe and the middle east. he is expected to have talks with syria, nuclear talks with iran and u.s. aid to egypt. >> anyone with kids knows the temptation to bribe them to get them to behave in a certain way, as opposed to telling them to do it. in alaska, one school is bribing
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student just to get them to classes. educators have not tried this and don't know yet if it will help. a lot are paying attention. >> there's a different early morning buzz in anchorage schools - more hustle at ag diamond's high to avoid the tardy table. perfect attendance means more? >> kids are talking about it. community members are talking about it. i hear it on radio. >> they are talking about the free car, the $24,000 prize for being here every day. >> a free car, that's a reason to get out of bed and come to school. >> only juniors and seniors like carlie and nicky have a chance. winning is not a teenage pie in the sky fantasy. what are the odds? they are not that bad. there's about 3200 juniors and seniors in the district. last year 182 had perfect
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attendance. perfect means perfect. no missed school days for any reason. it gets you into a drawing for the free wheels donated by autodealer troy jarvis who came up with the idea. he admits it's a good advertising gymic, but hopes insent vicing attendance can teach kids a lesson. outside the classroom in the world of work you have to show up. >> over the last 10 years there has been a decline in work ethic compared to the previous 10 years. in the school we see the same thing. >> what is the message we are sending - we are saying this is what it's like in the workforce, this is what you need to do. >> the not quite perfect kids can win prizes. others are offerings pizza, hockey tickets, family travel and laptops. >> why do we always have to threaten or chastise a student
11:38 pm
or family not coming to school. let's flip it over and reward them. >> some students are not sure it's a good idea - getting rewarded for what they should be doing. >> in a way it's almost pathetic that we have to have a car to get us to come to school. >> but again. >> yes, i think i'd look good in a jeep. >> maybe this can help make more of that happen in anchorage schools. >> diamond high school in anchorage is one of many schools across the united states using attendance to boost attendance. we have the director of get-school foundation focussing on chronic absenteeism and joins us from seattle. >> marie, one of the students said this is almost pathetic. why isn't it pathetic? >> it's not pathetic in the sense there's a problem around attendance. in anchorage about 40% of
11:39 pm
seniors are absent a month or more of school. in new york city one out of every three high school students are absent a month or more. there's nothing more important that kids need to do than get to school. if the incentive programs help to encourage students and make them aware of the importance of getting to school, it's an important first start. >> doan we en -- don't we enforce the idea that everyone has instant great iffic cakes, as opposed to saying you may not see the results now, but if you stay in school it will pay off for you. >> a lot of times people tried be cool, stay in school - it hasn't had an impact. at schools where i'm the executive director, we believe in meeting students where they are and moving them along a continuum. if incentivizing students makes a difference and we pass the baton to a teacher that helps
11:40 pm
to - maybe they get a love of learning or the love of a book, or they love their history class. that can spark interest, and a love of learning. they have to be there to get the spark. if an incidentive allows a student to get there when they wouldn't otherwise, why not. >> if incidentives are importance, why not have it work the other way. if you are going to dangle a cart rot, why -- carr rot, why not say if you don't attend school, you'll get expelled, which is what used to happen. >> in today's world the most important thing a young person can do is get an education. we have to do everything we can to encourage pupils. one out of three and one out of four students drops out of school. the last thing we need to do is push the students at rick of dropping out, further out the door. i don't think it's a good idea.
11:41 pm
the more we recognise and bring students in the door, the better off we'll be. >> what does it do to classroom quality, to the way students might or might not participate, if the only reason they are there, they have a chance of winning a car. does it diminish the educational experience for everyone? . >> i wouldn't go that far. one never knows what goes on in families. there may be families before this program started that said to their child - if you get to school every day we'll go out for dinner. >> we don't know what incentivizes a student to be in the classroom. once the student is there, the teacher can work his or her magic. as a former teacher the worst thing that can happen is when students are not there. that disrupts the classroom, when you have a different group in class every day. as a teacher you want the
11:42 pm
students there every day so you can learn and grow with them. as opposed to disjointed michael is here today and not tomorrow. >> the executive director from the getschool foundation. thank you for your time. >> the favourites for the season's nba champion got together for have been early season clash. michael eaves joins us for sports. >> and the medical school where doctors learnt their trade in a kitchen. that is ahead.
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mexico is facing an obesity epidemic with rates higher than in the united states. the politicians are trying to
11:45 pm
encourage others to eat healthier. they'll put a tax on drinks at 1% per litre. junk food at 8%. they are encouraging people to exercise an hour a day. the united states is dealing with similar problem - obesity and poor diets the cause of many issues. doctors say up to 80% of those conditions are preventible. we neat a group of medical students in new orleans returning to the kitchen for solutions. >> when it comes to the cullinary arts. >> you have an hour and 15 minutes. >> new orleans is the perfect place for a cooking class. >> it's all about what you ate and where you have been eating and what you put into your gumbo. >> while food is essential for
11:46 pm
life it plays a role in death. >> people are overweight, getting heart disease, diabetes. >> an aspiring doctors at this school trade their capes for aprons. teaming up with the johnson and wales cullinary institute it's the first medical cullinary program. the goal is to provide doctors with the tools to help patients lead a healthy lifestyle. >> no one taught us as physicians how to have the conversation. instead of telling them what not to eat, chef, turned physician, ted wants to tell patients what to eat. >> i can talk to you about how you can make simple changes from breakfast and launch that can have a profound effect. two or three points on the mediterranean diet score reducing your list of dying of all causes. >> the program focuses on
11:47 pm
practical nutrition, low sodium and fat. substituting salt with crit rick fruit -- sit rick fruit juices. >> it makes sense to get the doctors involved to prevent and control the diseases through food as a means, rather than putting a bandaid on it with medication. while some patients require medication, dr harr line says many could find a cure in the kitchen. >> this is about eating great quality food and us helping to educate people to do that. >>. >> it's 3 o'clock. >> no one said it would be easy. >> it gives new meaning to the phrase an apple a day keeps the doctor away. >> michael eaves joins us with
11:48 pm
sport. a play-off-type atmosphere in the nba. >> this rivalry was born over a couple of offseasons. miami three have three big players, and they face criticism for assembling a super team. it was the same thing that boston celtics did. a year after ray allen jumped from seltics to the heat, garnett joined others in brooklyn, on a bigger superteam. politics in washington - something is only wrong if someone else does it. at the barclay center the revamped nets facing the heat. you could feel the tension on the floor. garnett not much of a factor, connecting on 3 of 11 field goals. pierce added 19 for the knicks
11:49 pm
going along with six assists. ray allen added 12 off the bench, but miami fell behind bias many as 13. with seven seconds remaining, lebron james cut the deficit to one, scoring a game-hif 26. the rally ended there. the nets won, striking the first blow in the first installment of the nets-heat rivalry. >> devan durand and the city thunder taking on the minnesota timber wolves. it could be an all star performance. 10 assists and 14 points. minnesota's valuable player is kevin love, posting a double, double with 24 points and 14 rebounds. the timberwolves looking to snap a drought held durand to 14 points. >> on the ice - colorado avalanche semon varlamov was back between the pipes, two days
11:50 pm
after he was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and third degree assault after allegedly kicking his girlfriend in the chest. he was given permission by a denver judge to travel with the colarado avalanche, he was not spected to start. but his coach said despite his arrest, if he is available to play, he'll reply. semon varlamov stopped 27 of 29 chucks that he faced. he'll meet with the media after tonight's game for the first time. >> college football. two unbeaten top 1014 teems play the game of the weekend. florida state host mima. they carry 7-0 records. the seminoles are the favourite. graham watson was asked whether the hurricanes have a better chance than most think? >> i think miami is a could r
11:51 pm
good team -- is a good team, they are undefeated. florida state is superior to a lot of competition. i think you'll see the same against miami. the key is to make miami one dimensional. steven morris, the quarterback has trouble turning the ball over. >> if florida state can limit the run game, they'll be better off in the game and will win handily. >> your mississippi tigers lost. can they bounce back? >> this is a game they condition win. tennessee is playing a fresh moun quarterback. tennessee is a good team, playing on the road - they'll have trouble. missouri has everything in front of it. i see them doing well and getting back on track and
11:52 pm
preparing for the sce east. >> illinois has flown on to the radar. gordon lynch putting up monster numbers. any chance he'll sneak into the highsman race. >> this is the same conversation we had about jordan lynch is he puts uch amazing numbers, but against -- puts up amazing numbers but against bad competition. it's not his fault. he's a terrific quarterback and has the skills to be a highsman contenter. his pass and rush and caught a touchdown. i don't think he'll have enough juice behind his schedule to push him into fork. >> let's talk about we are not going see oregon. alabama and oregon look to be on
11:53 pm
a collision course. >> i think we'll see a lot from them next weerk, oregon is playing. alabama as well. those games will be telling. they'll be the most dangerous. oregon has a couple of other games to trip them up. the next weekend is going to be the one that everyone will be looking out for to see if they'll get over the hurdles. the teams will be on a collision course. >> following tonight the new york marathon begins this weekend after being postponed last weekend. soment of the world's -- some of the world's top runners were at the park. including the winner who shattered the record last year. he expects to contend again, he won't run to set another record. >> i'm feeling okay. the only thing i can compare
11:54 pm
with it, is it is not easy. you cannot test the shape by talking about it. >> the race is social. it's not only the first time since 2011, but the biggest marathon since the boston marathon. a lot of people are talking about the security, and running for the spirit of those in boston. >> stay with us, kevin is back with a check on the forecast next.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
economic uncertainty and the government shutdown didn't slow down autosales. all three car makers are reporting double digit gains, joernts with an increase of 16%. it was offset by good operating fundamentals. ford had a 14% jump, the best october in a deck said. and chrysler posted a strong quarter. sales up 11%.
11:57 pm
>> there is bad news for ford. 26-00 focus trick considers are being recalled. power to the wheels could drop out while driving. software trouble is blamed. the company says dealers will reprogram the module for free. >> hello again. it is that time where we'll look at the weekend weather all across the country. looks like good weather for many people. we had the frontal boundary pushing through, causing problems. there are showers across the great lakes. there's a parade why boston - it's looking good. partly cloudy conditions. it will be colder in boston on sunday. on sunday in new york we have the marathon. starting out it will be chilly, but a beautiful day. by the end of the marathon
11:58 pm
temperatures will heat up. we don't expect windy conditions, so that won't feel too bad. towards miami a lot of people will head towards florida. the rain is to the north. will it make it to miami? no, we are looking good saturday and sunday. by the time we get to sunday it will drop to 81. overnight low hitting to 71. >> san antonio - a lot of rain. some places in texas saw 14 inches of rain. they are beginning to dry up. we haven't seen more rain there. saturday, 75 degrees, partly cloudy conditions. unfortunately the rain comes back for most places in texas on monday, and you see 72 degrees there. up towards the north-west, unfortunately this is a place we are going see the bad weather all through the weekend into
11:59 pm
next week. doesn't look bad here. currently showers coming in and those are the ones i'm talking about. we'll see nasty weather, rain all day long, heavy at times. sunday the same thing. it's not until we get to tuesday, maybe we'll see a break at 51 degrees. wednesday the day returns. for chicago - you were part of a big storm. we saw rain and wind. rain showers pushing through, going across the great lakes. there's a cool down across many parts of the plains and the great lakes. saturday - partly cloudy. temperatures of 49. by the time we get to sunday things are looking better. more sun. temperature going up a little. monday 5 degrees. temperature getting down to 39. that's a look at your national weather. have a great weekend everyone. your headlines are up next.
12:00 am
welcome to al jazeera america. i'm david shuster, here are the top stories. >> the leader of the taliban in pakistan was killed in a drone strike on friday. hakimullah mehsud, and three others were killed. hakimullah mehsud was suspected of planning an attack four years ago that killed seven c.i.a. employees at a u.s. base in afghanistan. >> chaos at lax. the video from tmz shows people running after a gunman opened fire. a tsa man was killed. the suspect is 23-year-old paul ciancia from penceville new jersey, he's i


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