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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EST

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♪ . >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour, i'm at the new center in doha and the top stories and we want to deal with kerry but not on any prices and dealing with allies in the middle east. waiting for help three days after a devastating typhoon, the latest from the philippines. >> i'm where the government has taken further steps to try to ensure security in this devastated city. >> reporter: and decision time,
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cambodia wins a ruling on who owns the land around this temple. ♪ welcome to the program the u.s. secretary of state is speaking about washington's relationship with iran in a news conference and said during talks in geneva without a deal and world powers were quote unified on saturday when we presented a proposal to the iranians and iran could not take it at that particular moment and despite talks with iran the u.s. will stand up and defend the allies in the region against an external threat and kerry said that benjamin netanyahu needs to recognize that no agreement has been reached with iran and opposition to it is premature and we will talk to joseph, a senior writer at golf news and former analyst
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of the ranked corporation and is live from beirut and why do you think john kerry is saying this now do you think? >> they have been repeating this statement for several weeks reensuring the allies that no deal will be made behind their backs but there is a deal under the works and not fulfilled yet because of certain conditions that are still to be worked out, technical issues regarding reprocessing plant at iraq and in other such items but at the end of the day i think secretary kerry is really scrambling to reassure arab allies that nothing will be made behind their backs and it's significant because relations between the united states and other countries are not optimum at this time. >> how different is this balancing act the u.s. secretary of state is doing and there is
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this with iran over the deal and on the other hand he is in the region and trying to reassure our lives there and how different is this? >> we should not look at what is going on with iran in isolation with what else is going on in the arab world and it has been worked out in washington whereby the i ran issue is part of the east, west in you like accommodation between the united states and russia. there is a syrian conflict that is weighing a great deal and this appointment really with the fact that the united states has not really fulfilled the commitments that it has made to several issues through the arab world and it's what happened elsewhere, but the focus is on iran itself. but at the end of the day a deal will be in the interest of all
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concerned if, in fact, a deal is worthy of the ink that will be put on the paper, not just to rush into some kind of agreement for the sake of having an agreement and cooler heads prevailed in the past few days to make sure that it's clarified before xhilts are made and the arab countries and saudi arabia took a different position from the united states and the goal of secretary kerry. >> in beirut and thank you for talking to al jazeera. now the u.n. nuclear watchdog is visiting iran and there seems to be some positive signs and we are in tehran for us now and just bring us up to date with the latest on this iaea visit. >> well, this visit and the developments moving very quickly as it seems and nobody expected any kind of agreement so early
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today, the head of the iaea is of course in tehran and met with the iran counterpart, ahead of the nuclear program and reached an agreement, a framework agreement after years of negotiations to put to bed some issues surrounding iran's nuclear program and some concerns they have and iran agreed to allow iaea inspectors to inspect the iran heavy water facility, iraq is a facility and contains a plutonium and used for medical and research according to the iranians anyway. there is a lot of concern surrounding that facility and a lot of concerns surrounding the facility and ability for iran not to use what it produces there for civilian purposes but for military purposes as well and under construction and supposed to go on line in 2014
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and that is next year. an agreement has been reached between iaea and iran finally after years of negotiations and about a decade of basically no movement to and fro so finally positive news regarding the nuclear program. >> reporter: what about the latest talks of the p 5 plus one and they say a deal is not far off with the iranians? >> well, that is right, that is what the french is saying, it's not that far away and not as negative and doom and gloom as it came out to be and france doesn't seem to be the party spoiler saying how the p 5 plus 1 were in agreement with this accord they presented to iran. but the iranians couldn't accept it at that time. of course john kerry in the region and the middle east again reassuring neighbors and arab countries and israel that no
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deal with the iranians is better than a bad deal and not to worry at this point of course and those warnings for benjamin netanyahu about a little bit too early to be negative about any deal because there is no deal that has been reached but the french say a deal is coming quite soon they think at least. >> thank you. let's turn to the philippines and rescue workers are struggling to reach survivors of the typhoon haiyan, one of the worst on record and devastating cities and the lady providence was badly hit and damage to roads and airports is making it difficult for the much-needed relief to reach it and fears that 10,000 people could be dead or messing and hundreds of thousands have lost their homes and looting and soldiers are trying to restore order and wayne is there.
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>> this building shows you what this caused, a large super market that collapsed in the strong winds and storm surge when it hit on friday and an example of desperation showed by the people who live here and looting going on now and a lot of food from the supermarket has been taken so people are now focusing on what they can get their hands on, picking through the remains of the super market trying to get their hands on whatever food and water that may remain in there. those are the essential items that people are telling us they really need and not getting quick enough from the government and military, that is food, water and shelter. if we come around here and you can see some of the desperate situations people are in and finding what they can to shelter in and people wanting to leave and taking advantage of the military flights and getting out. another big problem in the days
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and weeks ahead is health. there are so many bodies still lying the streets around the city and some have a sheet with a name on them, slowly they are getting the bodies and taking them to a central location in the city, trying to identify them and once they have they are taking them to a grave for burial. >> reporter: typhoon haiyan tour through the philippines and this is the path before heading toward china and says damage in the southern philippines and three days later it's clear the devastation is greater, hundreds of thousands of people are believes to have been effected and without food, water and shelter and we will join wayne in one of the most effected areas and do we have a better picture of the sheer scale of the devastation? >> well, it's still very
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difficult i would say because communication, as you mentioned, is still impossible with no phone signal and no electricity and access is difficult although the government has announced one of the key roads, one of the key highways has been reopened so they are hoping that that will help to create a clearer picture of the situation in some of those areas on the out skirts and also help to improve the delivery of aid into this city and it's desperately needed in that picture you saw before we traveled around the city and really on a couple of occasions we saw the military out there delivering food and water to people but it was not enough to go around even in those specific places they were in and sometimes there were angry scenes with residents shouting at the soldiers to give them some water but they had specific instructions that there was so much to go around. clearly there needs to be more.
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we saw the first arrival of the u.s. military plane into here delivering more supplies and good news on that front. >> reporter: some of the areas are extremely remote and how are they getting aid to the places we have not really heard of yet? >> it's. difficult with military helicopters taking off during the day and stopped at nighttime because of electricity and not having enough lighting on the runway but they are taking aid after the areas and dropping them into those places. again, the communication is just impossible trying to find out exactly what is the situation out there and it's difficult trying to find out the situation here when dealing with local government officials and the military we understand is having problems dealing with the local government and trying to get in touch with them and entertain how many of them are still around, that is how desperate the situation has become here.
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>> reporter: all right, wayne, thank you. let's get a wider picture on the storm and go to richard in the weather center. what is the latest with the storm? where is it going? >> well, darren that storm is moving away from the philippines and as we move this through it is through the south china sea and heading on northern neat nam and into southern parts of china and it is bright to darker color indicating losing the energy and the feed from the ocean. but a cloud heading toward the philippine and causing some concern as well and we will come back to that but it's worth reflecting the most powerful storm to hit anywhere globally since the second world war and after that we got satellite to pinpoint the force involved in some of the systems and as far as the philippines is concerned
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it's the deadliest storm in history and the costliest with total economic damage of $14 billion u.s. the concern is the next tropical system coming in, it's a tropical depression and produce gusty winds and steady rain. we will see 100-150 millimeters of rain compared to 500 millimeters from haiyan and the main issue is it will hinder rescue because they will have low cloud base with it and stop flights taking place and relief efforts from going ahead and moving out towards thursday and haiyan is further north over parts of china where we have seen torrential rain. >> reporter: thank you, let's go to andrew thomas in southern china. andrew, as we are hearing that from richard an extremely powerful storm. what is happening where you are? >> well, as haiyan went across
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the china sea it did weaken but not so weak it didn't cause damage at all and it hit after the philippines which is a chinese island of haiyan and had enough power to blow debris around and four people killed on the island and a boat missing with 7 people on board as well, still deadly even if it weakened significantly and carried to vietnam, the northern part, 600,000 people evacuated ahead of the coming storm and seems to have played off because five people have died as a result it looks like they died preparing for the storm in accidents rather than because of the storm itself. the remains of haiyan is crossing into southern china where i am and so the head of the moment. there is about 12 hours here of solid rain and the rain that is the issue here, about 200 millimeters expected 24-48 hour
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period. the winds have dropped off, nothing like what you saw in the philippines and although the rain is a problem with flooding here you will not see anything like the destruction as in the philippines. this is now a serious tropical storm but it's going to become a tropical depression over the next 12 hours or so and weakening over time and causing issues with the water rather than with the wind. >> andrew in southern china and thank you. and more to come on the news hour including shelling continues in yemen despite a cease fight. and protest movements in thailand have joined forces against a proposed new law. and in sport barcelona wins in the league but at what cost? that story coming up, in a bit. ♪
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now human rights watch is calling on international community to condemn the syrian government for using incindary weapons and some were going against civilians in areas and we have details from neighboring lebanon. >> reporter: august 26, 2010, aleppo, syria and victims and teachers at school and said a jet dropped a bomb. >> translator: all i saw was people on fire. i was on fire. my friends were on fire. and there were bodies on the floor. >> reporter: this was one of 56 attacks with insendiary weapons they documented in the last year and accuses the syrian airforce of using weapons in residential
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areas. these weapons like nepalm and white phosphorus cause burns that are different to treat. >> i saw in syria in august it standalone in terms of the cruelty, the extent of the devastation, the severity of the injuries that i saw. >> reporter: human rights watch wants the international community to condemn syria like they did for the government's use of chemical weapons. >> the red line and bar is too high and set only on chemical weapons. implicitly saying that anything below that is not such a big problem. it is a big problem. we have documented abuse after abuse in syria. >> reporter: and incendiary is conventional and caused more death in syria than chemical
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weapons which the government is to have believed to have used on august 21, that was a major turning point in the conflict and led to an international deal to get rid of syria's chemical weapons stockpile and has not stopped the war and criticize the deal and feel removing chemical weapons from the battlefield makes little difference and believe the international community in effect gave the syrian government permission to continue killing civilians. syria has not signed the protocol that bans the use of n incindiary weapons and said they violated international law, in beirut. >> reporter: men have been sentenced for a bomb attack that killed 37 people and injured 173. and rebel commander says he
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ordered the bombing and convicted them were sentenced life in prison and a fourth given ten years. in u.n. highest court ruled in favor of cambodia after dispute of a land and the ownership with cambodia has turned violent in resent years, the decision of the international court of justice cannot be appealed. what is behind the long running and violent dispute? 11st century temple built on a hill top in the mountains and hotly contested territory and cambodia and tie tiland has fought for it for years and no mention of the land surrounding it and that is what is at the heart of the dispute and fueled on both sides of the border the disagreement over the site has led to violence on numerous occasions since 2008. we have reporters covering both
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angles of the story and we will speak to robert who is on the cambodian side of the border and we will go to scott who is in thailand about 12 kilometers from the temple and as close as anyone can get other than the military that can get on the thai side of the border. how has the community been reacting to the international court's decision? >> i'm in a community center as you said 12 miles from the temple and there are people and dignitaries and towns people and the military and quite honestly we expected to be an audible and visual reaction when it was read but it was a complex verdict and translated from english into thai and could be lost in translation and no reaction if you will but it's trickling through because the way the thai official, government officials want to speak on national
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television spoke after the verdict was read they are saying that in ten minutes time an official who was at the hague is going to interpret it for the thai people. we know that it favored cambodia, this ruling, but what is not clear is how much of the 4.6 disputed territory has given to cambodia and all thai soldiers and officials and members of forces have to be removed from the territory which they have done and stay out of the territory. what is not clear and that is what will happen in the coming minutes from thai officials on national television is how much territory they are losing or how much territory they are able to keep and people on pins and needles paying attention to what is said on television right now. >> reporter: on the thai side of the border and let's go to mcbride on the contact bowed jan side at the base of the hill where the temple sits. rob, so the court ruled in favor of cambodia. what has been the reaction
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there? >> that is right. there doesn't seem to be ambiguity here and people take this as a cambodia victory and the sun has set behind me and people are watching in police posts live on television and the judgment as it came in and it was very complicated but at the end the ruling seemed to be clear to them that thai and police forces had to withdraw from the disputed piece of land, what everybody was hoping for and a small cheer at the police post just here on this part of the border and bigger cheers and people are celebrating this ruling here, maybe there will be something in the detail but certainly the overall ruling at least people are welcoming. we understand while this judgment was not read on the hill behind me here and a gesture of good will and the cambodia commander of forces
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here and the thai counterpart were sitting jointly in the temple as this judgment was being readout and the ruling being delivered maybe is a sign for the two sides as a guaranty if you like there warrant be violence reaction to this. >> reporter: in cambodia and scott in thailand thank you both. well, another story they are keeping an eye on is debe bait in the senate and could see the return of someone lived in exile because he would be jailed if he returned and we report from bangkok. >> on bangkok streets, once again the commercial heart of thailand capitol is brought to a stand still. thousands of police are deployed across the city because of demonstrations across the
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political spectrum and most went to parliament where they are voting on a controversial amnesty law on monday. this rally has been organized by the democrat party. members are opposed to the bill because it could have the brother return to the country but not to jail and he was deposed in a coup in 2006 and accused of corruption. >> translator: we are here to oppose the amnesty bill, it's wrong and made for criminals and we have to support the removal of the amnesty act. >> the proposal gives the opposition a boost and the cause to get people on the streets who want to remove the family from power. it's also divided the groups who support the group of power like the red shirts in the united front and democracy against
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dictatorship. >> profound in the things that it makes, the coalition between the red shirts and udd and the government and we can see the crack within the group. >> reporter: so the government decided on its own to show strength with this rally and say it's 100,000 people strong with support for the amnesty bill. members of the ruling party recognize that it causes political damage and so much so that if it's rejected on monday they say they won't revive it. the amnesty bill is not expected to pass the senate, even so it turned politics to turmoil. >> we will check on the global weather, richard.
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>> another tropical cyclone to tell you about but a completely order of magnitude to super typhoon haiyan. this one is on the horn of africa, specifically somalia and here is the spiral of cloud as it moves in off the arab sea and models look like they could be on the order of 100-125 millimeters of rain and like what we normally see and normally gets 5 millimeters during november and we could see double the rainfall in as little as 48 hours and something on that order and it will weaken moving in lands through tuesday and on into wednesday. but also i think parts of ethiopia will have the benefit of the rainfall too but in somalia with heavy rain it causes flooding and we need rain
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for the crops so it's an an issue across the region and not so much for ethiopia and the rest of africa you see on the satellite big shower clouds you would expect across parts of uganda and the democratic republic of the congo and we would see rain over the next 24 hours or so and a fairly wet day in l i berville and conditions and lost the rain across the north and here it's dry and fine and sunshine and a good time to visit and the gulf at the moment weather conditions are looking fine and fair amount of sunshine expected. and around this area and further west it is largely fine and looking at plenty of sunshine and temperatures of 32. across much of mali we lost the rain and temperatures in the mid to upper 30s degrees celsius and the storm across the eastern areas will keep us occupied for
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the next day or so. >> reporter: thank you, lots more ahead on the news hour and a mother to drug addicts and trying to help some of afghanistan 10 million drug abusers and katar is accused of abusing the migrant workforce and we have details of the report and in sports we have a show down in the season ending fight and more on that. stay with us. ♪
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♪ welcome back, top stories on al
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jazeera, the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry said they will defend allies in the middle east and they were premature with a deal with iran while negotiations were still underway. workers in the philippines are trying to reach survivors of typhoon haiyan and the worst storm devastated cities and 300 people confirmed dead and estimates are at least 10,000. u.n.'s highest court is in favor of cambodia in a dispute of land around the ancient temple and disagreements led to repeated fighting between the thai and cambodia armies. now cars and buses are on fire as police crack down on a nationwide strike and schools and markets and businesses are
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closed and the communist party organized a shut down and want next week's elections postponed because they say they are unconstitutional. the supreme court delayed a second around of presidential elections planned for sunday and the country's first democratically leader won the first round on saturday but not a clear majority and there was a news conference saying that the current president stand down. >> we do not believe that the president continues in government that he would allow people working with him, in alliance with him, would want an election in this country. i think it is very clear that the elections would go the other way and if they don't intend to transfer power legally we don't see how they would want to have an election. >> intense fighting spread in northern yemen with a cease fire
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and shooting between sunnis killed 100 and we report from the capitol. >> fighters on their way to the village of the merge. they are setting up checkpoints to block reenforcements and weapons from reaching their enemies the rebels. >> he wants people to join the fight. >> translator: brothers are being killed. houses are being destroyed. our brothers are peace lovers and teachers of theology but they are determined to kill them. >> reporter: here in the morning the army and police are no where to be found. the match is still besieged by rebel whose have been shelling the area for many weeks. vehicles belonging to the international committee of the
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red cross are seen here leaving after staff managed to remove some of the injured. but tension is on the rise. they will control and are defiant and say their fight is against al-qaeda. >> translator: we want the state to restore authority and we want all the foreign fighters to go. >> reporter: both seem to be standing firm and as the fighting continues elevated fears of an all out sectarian war grow. there have been many deals brokered to put an end of the fighting between the rebels and most lasted a few hours. if both sides can't agree on solving their longstanding
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fighting. >> reporter: the groups are active since the ousting. >> translator: everybody has to bear responsibility and no justification for anybody to fire bullets, nobody except the police and if they are not confident handing them to each other we can have the community to come and destroy all the weapons and this is not an official decision but an idea for the public to consider, international community we are protected by 1970 issued to protect our civilians. >> reporter: the government struggled to put the government under control since the over throw of gadhafi and in 2012 when the u.s. ambassador was killed in benghazi and seized oil facilities and the country
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has not made the most of reserves, the fifth largest in the world and it's 1.2 million barrels a day and a fraction of the capacity and here is the prime minister again. >> translator: when we speak of political rights we don't need to stop oil and gas production and accepted the situation a long time but not forever. there must be a solution. and the solution must be between the government and the people. i blame the revolution and non-revolution and both up to the responsibility and never use weapons to violate security. >> reporter: afghanistan is the number one producer of opium growing most of the supply and consumption is a big problem there, more than a million are drug addicts and u.n. says 10% of them had any treatment and jennifer glass reports on one woman trying to improve their lives. >> they are forgotten, addicts who live under a cobble bridge
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along an open sewer getting high. one woman brings the promise of hope, this is lala and addicts call her mother. >> translator: the government takes all the aid money that has poured in the country by the international community and there is nothing and no place for these people. >> reporter: she tries to find them a place and runs a private shelter and helps them get clean. >> there are not enough places to treat the addicts and she has only 25 betz. many of these men will never make it into treatment. >> reporter: but there are four lucky ones and she takes two sick addicts to a government hospital and pleads for them to be admitted and the doctors know her but the first time she brought patients here. >> translator: the cultivation of poppy and smuggling of drugs is increasing and the number of drug users increase too.
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>> reporter: she brought two addicts to her shelter and they will join others to try to stop using drugs through counseling and 12-step program and they stay here a month and return for follow-up meetings. she has an estimated 50% success ra rate. >> translator: i find we are all the same here, there is no prejudice or language problem. we try to support each other. the first stage of quitting is very difficult and it has been four days since i stopped using drugs. >> reporter: and he used drugs for most of his adult life and he is happy cleaning in the restaurant. she employees former addicts to helps give confidence and she enlarged the restaurant and not attracting enough customers to pay the bills but hopeful and this is a country where women and addicts face discrimination. her husband divorced her when she started helping addicts and has not seen her children since then and has been threatened,
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beaten, kidnapped and had to close a shelter for female drug users but she says nothing will stop her from doing what she can for afghans that the rest of the world has forgotten, jennifer class in kabul. >> they survived a vote of confidence and the motion from the opposition party were short of 151 votes to pass and they are critical of the government's handling of a shut down of the public. united nations on human rights says high grant workers are in the slums in kata and 12 to a room and reform is underway and more needs to be done towards hosting the 2022 world cup and we have the story. >> in the heat they built the future of katar, they have come to the gulf state on the prospect of a better life. after a 12-hour workday, this is
5:39 am
the sort of home they return to. over crowded compounds and 12 men to a room and minimal bathroom facilities, conditions u.n. described as not acceptable. >> i have seen things by migrant workers and these are slums and i think this is a stain in the reputation of katar which is the richest country per capita. >> reporter: also highlighted was the lack of a minimum wage and the current sponsor ship system binding foreign work tors a single employer. the labor industry did not respond to al jazeera requests for comment but said last month that reforms are taking place. >> translator: there are some concerns over companies that confiscate passports but this is illegal and we prohibit this practice. another improvement we have introduced is an increasing in
5:40 am
building site inspections and banning companies for making staff work during 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. in the summer when the temperature is too hot. the plight of workers is an issue as katar under takes massive development projects to host the world cup in 2022. >> it increases the challenges because the number of workers will increase again dramatically in the coming years and also provides an opportunity because of the visibility that the scrutiny under which katar finds itself. >> reporter: 90% of people living in katar a foreigners, the highest rate of migrant workforce in the world and there are labor laws in place the problem is lack of enforcement and u.n. says that needs to change. gerald with al jazeera. >> let's get an update of the
5:41 am
philippines following the typhoon there and help is on the way. the u.n. is sending in a plane carrying 60 tons of aid, water purification system and shelters will follow that shipment and united states is responding with 55 tons of food and ships and military from u.s. bases in the region and several european countries are sending aid and aid and germany has search and rescue teams on the ground and they have enough to help 500,000 people and japan offering medical teams and other pacific countries are donating $12.5 million worth of food and temporary shelters and we have an update. >> there is no shortage indeed of aid coming in and locally there are so many volunteers wanting to basically help out. this is the tenst of the country's population that has been effected by the storm and everybody else who saw it happen
5:42 am
is impotent and volunteered to work with the government and aid agencies and ngo and setting up groups on their own and what they can do to help those in need are trying to do it but the problem is this and government officials are very aware of it, many of the places cannot receive the aid just yet because they are impossible to get to. roads remain damaged, they can't get to them by land and airports are closed and cannot begin flying things into the areas that need them the most and sea ports have also been completely destroyed by the storm surge that was brought by the typhoon haiyan and as high as 5 meters so aid is coming in but the big problem is how to distribute it in a way that is the most efficient and we spoke to the army spokesperson a few minutes ago and said the main goal reeth now is clearing operations and flying in to battalions to begin
5:43 am
clearing operations in earnest and 15,000 troops stationed in the central philippine islands and are too victims of the storm and needing support from other parts of the country and they can't get equipment in with the men. they are going to have to use whatever equipment and hardware they can salvage from the debris. >> reporter: time for a break and when we come back welcome to climate talks in poland and in sport find out if the minnesota timber wolves ended the losing streak. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back and time for sport now. >> thank you so much and we start with football and he will under go medical tests on monday after the 4-1 win. the four-time world player of the year picked up the third leg injury casting a shadow and were three points clear on top of the table and we report. >> it's a sight becoming familiar to barcelona fans and he was getting injured and limping off and the 26-year-old injured his legs 18 minutes in the game. and they insist the latest injury is not linked to previous ones and won't be forced to rush him back and the spanish champions were too good and won twice in the league this season and the first goal and wonderful
5:46 am
effort from pedro. two more goals after the break, and to eventually record a 4-1 win. barcelona extended the lead of the table to 3 points after second place madrid dropped points for the second time of the season and this game is 2-1 gold and royale the perfect host with mario headed into his own net and they overturned the favorer in the second half and they went in. final score, 1-1 and second and maintain the challenge to the champions of football next season and i'm with al jazeera. >> english champion the uniteed league leaders are 1-0 with a bad start to the season to
5:47 am
dominate the first half against the gunners and formal striker persy who got the goal for the home side and after 27 minutes sealing the points for united and they are 5th and arsenal was top by to points. >> this is great players score great goals in big games and he is a great player and i have to say he is fantastic and the win needed and scored it. but i always hoped that he would show that and he has and has been great. >> reporter: and the champions have dealt pressure on romo with a league against napoli and having not won since october 2009 and intent on keeping that record intact and took the lead
5:48 am
two minutes in, lorenzo with the goal and two more for the 3-1 win. egyptian side won a record 8th african champion title and qualified for the club world cup in morocco in december and fans packed the stadium in cairo to see the pirates 2-0 and 3-1 aggregates and the lead on the night on the second half and victory was confirmed when it was 2-0 and defended with the four-finger raba salute, a support for mohamed morsi. >> translator: i feel as if we are playing for the sake of all of egypt and not a specific team and god blessed us allowing us to celebrate during the
5:49 am
difficult period we are going through and pleased people are out in the cafes watching the match and because of the fans are the soul of egyptian football. >> reporter: it's not the only example of an egyptian sports man making statements and mohamed made headlines in january for revealing a t-shirt showing his support for gaza after scoring for egypt and the africa cup of nations in 2011 they played a large role in a protest that willed to the down fall of mobarak and he was ban from the federation for weighing a pro-morsi t-shirt at a medical ceremony. show down against radal and the
5:50 am
unbeaten serve beat in the second semi finals and they passed the player in straight sets winning 6-3, 6-3 and it will take place with the final on monday. >> i have the ultimate challenge, we are number one against rafa and for him it's a final match on season and i have the final next week and both of us want to finish up the season. >> reporter: and nadal beat roger federer in sets for his place in the final and took one hour and 19 minutes to win 7-5, 6-3 against the 6th time champion and won 10 titles after coming back from a 7-month injury layoff. in the nba the lakers poor season continued on sunday and lost to minnesota timber wolves with 27 points and kevin added 18 of 25 during a 47-point first
5:51 am
quarter and that is a new franchise record and the timber wolves won in a 22 game losing streak against the lakers. the miami dolphins at the center of a bullying scandal denied being a racist and inincognito and making them launch an investigation and he is suspended and martin left the team to receive counseling for emotional issues and he defended himself saying his actions come from a culture of brotherhood and not from bullying. >> i can't sit here and tell you who overreacted or who did what. i can be accountable for my actions and they were from a place of love and how bad or vulgar as it sounds that is how we communicate and our
5:52 am
friendship was and those are the facts and what i'm accounting for. >> thank you, now brazil is gearing up for the world cup and the olympics but sport is the most colorful and tribes across brazil are gathering for the games and it's more than just a sporting event. >> one of the big highlights of the full day of competition at the games of brazil was certainly the bow and arrow event and we saw more than 20 people partake in this from ten different tribes and shooting the arrow trying to score points and the person with the most points was winning. colorful event and people were concentrating very intensely and also interesting that not every tribe actually uses bow and arrows in the community but they participated anyway and an indication this is as much of a
5:53 am
cultural exchange like a sporting event. >> translator: our main objective was not only to hit the target but change the way people view us and break any miss consumptions they have the that create barriers between the white man and our people. >> translator: but us it was wonderful to participate in the games for the first time. i'm a tribe leader and an honor for the youth to be a part of it and be proud of our traditions and strengthen our people. >> this arena was built for this and filled with spectators today and many people it was the first time they encountered or seen face-to-face endiginous people. >> what i find beautiful is to see the tribes and jewelry and body painting, it's fascinating
5:54 am
all of the culture. >> reporter: the games are going on all week and expect to see more traditional games in the coming days like blow darts and also something like a throw of a spear kind of like the javalin, all of this is going on as the week progresses here at the 12th annual indiginous games of brazil. >> reporter: and they are having marches and big cities and it turned violent last year blocking the groups and this year they are worried that national lists may protest because they may want to pose an international climate conference and they are gathering in war saw and talks take place every year and criticized of failing to cut greenhouse gas emissions and criticized for their choice of partners and terry reports. >> reporter: it's the world's 10st largest consumer of coal
5:55 am
and relies on it for electricity and poland is host of talks and no surprise who they have chosen to sponsor the event. they include mital, the world's largest steel and mining, company and activities produce over 190 million tons of carbon dioxide each year and the number two is venesuala and poland electric company that runs this power station, one of the largest fossil fuel power plants in the world. >> it's concerning and dangerous and make sure the conference is the interest of people and the planet and these companies and their bottom line is to ensure they continue to make and
5:56 am
maximize profit and it's akin to having cigarette companies sponsoring a conference on lung cancer and saying smoking is acceptable and should be encouraged. >> reporter: others say the involvement of business and some of the dirtiest is welcome and necessary. >> business is worried about climate change, it's a big issue for many companies and business is part of the solution to climate change and we can't do it without engaging in business. >> the changing climate is on the agenda and the protocol and map out future cuts and carbon emissions but any new emissions agreement must include developing nations, in particular india and china. since 1990 carbon dioxine has been more or less constant and
5:57 am
other countries there is a decline can -- during the economic downturn and 10% between 2010 and 2011, add to this all the other developing countries and you get a sense of where the greatest challenges lie in reducing emissions and the war saw meeting will not have any breakthrough agreements and those taking part say they hope it will lay important ground work for a future parked with voices and interests, common ground as always will be hard to find. i'm with al jazeera. >> reporter: before we go let's bring you some pictures in the philippines where rescue workers are reaching survivors of haiyan and there is massive amounts of flooding and one of the worst storms on record devastated cities and at the top of the
5:58 am
hour and good-bye. ♪ clear cloer . subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that
5:59 am
are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well. >> start with one issue education... gun control... the gap between rich and poor... job creation... climate change... tax cuts... the economy... iran... healthcare... it goes on and on... ad guests on all sides of the debate. and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get... the inside story theses are strait forward conversations, no agenda, just hard hitting debate on the issues that matter to you ray suarez hosts inside story weekdays at 5 eastern only on al jazeera america
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♪ a huge international relief effort is underway in the philippines after the monster typhoon haiyan devastated the pacific nation and thousands are dead and no food, water or shelter. after talks in geneva john kerry says the u.s. is skeptical about iran willingness to dismantle the nuclear problem and in italy a rise in cancer rates may be related to toxic dumping that has gone on for decades. and this veteran's day americans paused to reflect on the honor and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform. ♪


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