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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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welcome to "al jazeera america." i'm richelle carey. here are the stories we're following for you. the leaders of france and israel talk tough on iran's nuclear program. pakistan's government to put ex-president musharraf on trial for treason. the philippine president accuses some local officials for not being ready for haiyan. and president obama struggles to safe his health care plan. let's begin with the breaking news out of russia. a boeing 737 airliner has
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crashed while attempting to land at kazan airport in central russia. it's believed that 44 people were killed in this crash. that is all we know right now. we're trying to gather much more information, obviously, about this deadly plane crash in central russia. we will bring you much more information here on "al jazeera america" throughout the day, so dekeep it here. france's president is in israel for talks with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. top of the agenda, iran's controversial nuclear program. france assured israel today it would continue to oppose easing economic sanctions against iran until it was certain the country ended its pursuit of nuclear weapons. mike hanna is in jerusalem. >> reporter: it's a large french delegation that arrived in israel including the president. there are nine ministers. there are a lot of economic ties between israel and france and strong historical ties as well. central to the discussions in the course of the day and into
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the evening will be the issue of iran. benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister, has already thanked the french president for what he describes as his intervention in the negotiations that took place in geneva recently where france objected to a deal that was on the table. many believe they stopped that deal. netanyahu continues to insist that not only should sanctions not be lifted but intensified against iran, and he's looking for support from the french president on this particular issue. it's the beginning of an international campaign. later on in the week netanyahu will travel to russia for a meet meeting with russian pred vladimir putin expressing these sentiments as well to the russian president. then on friday a critical meeting with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry who is returning to the region after an acrimonious visit on the last occasion. central to those discussions once again will be that issue of iran. >> mike hanna reporting there.
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aid is pouring in from all over the world to the philippines. nearly 4,000 people were killed by typhoon haiyan and now nine days later the storm help is reaching the storm-battered cities. aid is pouring from from all over the world. in cebu the hub of the relief effort paul beban hitched a ride on one of those flights. >> reporter: there's not a second to lose as australian air force troops pack their c-130 with equipment and supply. it's full of aid workers, police and one civilian, a young woman holding bacterias in the dim cargo area. as the plane descends into this devastated landscape, she is overwhelmed. her name is delia. hundreds here are desperate to leave. delia is desperate to get in. she hasn't heard from her family in more than a week, and she is
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terrified of what she might find in her hometown of taytay. what's your reaction right now seeing this? >> devastating. it's like my emotion is -- >> reporter: heading east towards the ocean, a panorama of total destruction strolls by. we arrive in a wasteland, rubble and splinters, all that's left of taytay. once a bustling seeside hamlet of about 500 families, it's hard to imagine that anyone could have lived through this. then a shout. that's your brother? it's her older brother, fausto. amazingly somehow everyone is
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here, delia's entire family is alive. >> this is one of my brothers, my youngest brother. >> reporter: tears of relief and joy, but the struggle is far from over. his house is barely standing, delia wants her sister-in-law, who needs medicine, to evacuate. >> i'm worries because there's no hospital or no nothing in here. what if something happens to her? >> reporter: delia's family and the other survivors here want to rebuild their town and lives, but there are no jobs and no money. food and fresh water are running low, and the aid won't last forever. in the aftermath of the typhoon, the only thing people really have here is each other. more than 10 million people remember affected by the storms and thousands are still missing. craig has more from the village
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from the tanago, philippines. >> reporter: one of the main problems with this disaster is finding water, food and particularly shelter for this displaced people. hundreds have arrived here on the c-130 hercules aircraft every day, and finding them shelter is one of the main concerns of the philippine government. here they're using a gymnasium to place people. if you look at the board, you can see there are 191 people here, 54 of those are under the age of 9, amongst the vulnerable groups, well, we have 4 lactating mothers, we've got 9 injured people and no pregnant women just yet. over here we've got all the medical action, and this is being hosted by the taiwan medical peace corps where they treat the sick and injured. the man responsible for looking after all this is joel, the chairman. nice to meet you. tell us about what's going on here. it's very important work.
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you get sick and injured people coming in with the flights in here. >> literally we have a mini hospital here. ned of going to the hospital, we have a hospital here right now. >> reporter: what sort of injuries are you seeing? >> all kinds of injuries. cuts, bruises and those that suffer fever and in fact there's a three-day-old baby here. then he was for two days waiting for a ride in tacloban, and finally they got here and went straight to the hospital and right now they're here. we're taking care of them. >> reporter: disease is a major problem, isn't it, if it's not checked? you have problems with contaminated water and no food or sanitation? >> yeah. we have enough of a supply of water, and we provide them their meals and everything. somehow we put a smile on their
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face. >> reporter: it looks like it. you can hear the kids over there playing with the toys supplied to them by the government and donors. one of the main problems taken care of here with food, shelter and water for survivors with typhoon haiyan. we knew there was a possibility of severe weather here in the u.s. it is now a reality. let's get to eboni deon right now. i understand there are storms on the ground, tornadoes on the ground right now? >> that's right, in illinois. we've been monitoring the situation since yesterday. now all of the right ingredients come together. some warm, moist, unstable air in advance of a cold front that advances eastward through the day. the tornado watches have expanded from missouri all the way into michigan, and it now does include i understand analysis until 8:00 local time. we'll continue to watch conditions deteriorate through the day. a lot of heavy rainfall and the winds have kicked up and now we watch out for that threat of trn tornadoes. a number of counties under tornado warjs up here across southern areas of wisconsin just
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to the south of milwaukee. that's where we're watching it closely. that storm will continue to track to the northeast. thaf been moving quick kwi around 55 miles per hour and seeing this cluster of storms prompting tornado warnings. at first it was radar indicated u-but we have trained spopters that spopted tornado on the ground. a dangerous situation and we track it eastward through the day. this is the area, highest risk as we head into this evening. richelle, back to you. >> we'll call on you again. the pakistan government plans to put former president musharraf on trial for treason. a monday a letter will be sent to the supreme court requesting proceedings begin. he could face the death penalty or life in prison if convicted. >> reporter: pakistan's interior minister announced that the government had decided to go ahead with proceedings against the former military ruler general musharraf under article 6, but the announcement came as a surprise to the people of pakistan who were more concerned
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about what was happening in the city of rawalpindi where the city was experiencing curfew. the military had been called in to control the situation, and even though the government was no relaxing the curfew in that city, the situation was quite tense. the people were without communications because mobile telephones were blocked, the international airport in islamabad was also experiencing difficulties with passengers. so there were many questions as to what was really happening in the city of rawalpindi and why the government chose to make this announcement now. coming up, president obama struggles to save the signature health care plan. that story and much more coming up when "al jazeera america" returns.
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>> al jazeera america brings you live coverage: typhoon haiyan. >> relief efforts are well underway here in cebu. >> we have a problem with no homes to go back to. >> clean water, food, medicine, all vitally required. >> the australian medical team arrived. >> this is a government warehouse that is preparing relief for the families most effected. >> al jazeera america is there with continuing live coverage. >> the water rose to half-way up to the second story. >> to find out how you can help, go to welcome back. i'm richelle carey. let's recap the breaking news of
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russia. a boeing 737 airliner crashed while attempting to land at the kazan airport in central russia. it appears 44 people were killed in the crash, and we do now have a reporter to tell us more about what's happening. peter sharp joins us on the phone from moscow. i know this will really early on. what do we know so far? >> reporter: we know that the weather conditions were appalling, rain and snow, and this was a boeing 737 as you said from moscow. it was trying to land and went through a second attempt. at that stage it crash-landed on the runway. we're hearing now that the -- you were talking about 44. we hear that the death toll here in this is about 50 people, but that's really not confirmed. as we're saying, this information is coming through bit by bit and we'll have more a
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little later. >> you say, obviously, the death toll continues to change. do we know how many people were on board this plane? a 737 is a fairly large plane. do we have any information like that yet. this is not the plane, but this is a plane like the one on your television screen right now. >> reporter: right. no, we don't. we don't know how many people. this is an international flight from moscow down south. all we can tell you is, you know, the initial reports were 44, and they've been increased now to 50. so we'll have to take it there. we just simply don't know. you know, i must say that the weather conditions were very, very bad. they attempted to land a second time at the airport. >> that's never a good sign. one final question before i let you go, what do you think about this airport, thei iziz izize size of the airport, can you put it in context for us? >> reporter: it's a small regional airport in russia.
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this is a huge, huge country. it's a small airport, and they take traffic all the time. the weather conditions were bad, and we're going to learn something more about it in the next few hours. >> absolutely. okay. peter sharp, gave us an update on the information more than we knew a few minutes. unfortunately, the death toll continues to rise. the crash of the 737 in central rush, the kazan airport. we're working with the number 44, and the peter heard possibly as many as 50 people were killed as this plane attempted to land for a second time at this airport in central russia. again, a plane that looks like this, a 737. we'll continue to get much more information, peter sharp reporting out the moscow. thank you so much. voters in chile had heading to the polls to elect a new president. two women are among those competing for the highest office. former president michelle bachelet has a lead against evelyn matthei.
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she say she's within striking dizziness with the 50% margin to avoid a runoff. we'll have more about how the voting is going, and more about this election, which is an extremely interesting election. tell us more. >> reporter: hello, richelle. indeed, this is a rather extraordinary and unusual election for chile. there are nine candidates. never so many, all the way from the extreme left and extreme right. a lot are independents whose voices weren't heard as loudly as they're being heard now. three candidates are women and the two top contenders are women. it's seems likely chile will have a female pressident. a lot of people are challenging the system in place and saying that major changes need to be made in this country, which is
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considered often the economic success story of latin america. a country with political stability and institutional stability but which many people believe is not delivering the goods of democracy to ordinary people. so that's the kind of thing that is being talked about for the first time in this election. >> all right. reporting live from santiago. we will check this throughout the day as election results continue to come in. the voting, of course, still open right now. thank you so much. much more election news to tell you about. the eastern europe country of georgia has a new president giori giorigi margvelashvili. it's one day after a suicide bomber blew up a sight where elder tribal leaders are meeting
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to decide the future of u.s. troops. jane ferguson reports from ka l kabul. >> reporter: it was an attack on the doorstep. a suicide bomber rammed a car with explosive into a vehicle. civilians were among those killed and injured. >> translator: i have a kebab stall here. suddenly there was a big bang, and everything went dark. i didn't understand what was happening. when i came back from hospital, there was a lot of people injured. there was a lot of smoke and dust. you can see from my clothes. >> reporter: the blast destroyed many cars and hit a street lined with market stalls. >> translator: around 3:00 there was a big explosion. there were huge flames and smoke. i know some of the shopkeepers
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there. there were butchers and vegetable sellers and a mechanic. they were all hurt. >> reporter: the police say it was a suicide car bombing here targeting the afghan military presence here trying to protect where the laura jirga hall is just beyond that row of trees. the hall is meant to host over 250,000 representatives from afghanistan later next week to come here to discuss the future of u.s. troops in the country. there has been heavy security presence here for weeks. thousands of security forces have been deployed onto kabul streets trying to stop this from happening at next week's meeting. lawyer jirgas gather and they make a major decision, in which case about whether u.s. forces should stay after their deadline for withdrawal next year. those responsible for this bombing prefer to their use in a
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more direct, violent way. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul, afghanistan. now to our nation's capital. white house officials scramble to fix problems with the website, they're new criticisms. >> new challenges for the law, not only are republicans relentless in the cripple. >> so far his attempt to transform a headlight care is not has not been pretty. >> reporter: now the president is faced with the revolt from members of his own party. friday, 39 democrats jumped ship supporting a gop plan that would allow americans whose health plans have been canceled to keep their policies for an additional year. the bill also allows insurance companies to continue selling plans that do not meet the new guidelines for one more year. the white house says the legislation weakens its health care law. >> this went on the floor today really takes the cake because it
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is essentially pull the plug on the affordable care act. >> reporter: the president met with insurance company executives at the white house to make good on his pledge to fix the health care website by the end of this month. >> we're going to be soliciting ideas from them, but we're working 24/7 to get it fixed. picking up the pieces woens be easy. a new report says the lead contractor that built the website is filled with executives from a company that flubbed 20 other government i.t. projects. with two weeks until the deadline, the president is promising to get it done. coming up, a huge billion dollar deal for boeing at this year's dubai air show. that story and more when "al jazeera america" continues.
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power of the people until we restore our freedo welcome back.
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here's a look at the top stories making news today. a boeing 737 airliner crashed while attempting to land at the kazan airport in central
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russia. officials say this plane exploded and it's believed that at least 44 people have died. we are hearing that that number may be changing for the worse. we'll get more details throughout the day. in other news arrerospace companies in dubai, buyers and sellers from around the world were expected to close $100 billion in deals at the show. one airline has met that figure on its own. al jazeera is at the show. >> reporter: united emirates the host airline of the dubai show stoem the headlines on day one with the bill biggest purchase of planes ever. we have a dust storm coming through, so we kaent show you the planes anymore. we're showing you something different. the kind people of emirates left this open for us while they pack up. this is a double-decker plane
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made by airbus. emirates bought 50 today and paid $23 billion and bring its whole fleet of a-380s up to 140. more than any other airline in the work. neck door you have the 777 from boeing. they put orders in r to the 777-x, the nen generation, a plane doesn't exist yet. they bought 150 of them, 150 planes for $76 billion. all today, emirates on its own spent $99 billion today. the other gulf carriers spent quite a bit. air arab had $25 billion on planes and qatar planes bought planes as well. nasa's latest mission to mars is scheduled to start tomorrow. m.a.v.e.n. will begin to collect data from the red planet in ten months.
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m.a.v.e.n. could explain how the surface water that once covered mars disappeared. nasa scientists say the dry, cold planet may once have had a warm, met atmosphere that did, indeed, support life. global diversity reigns in one chicago neighborhood. it's a place uniquely american but a microcosm of the larger world. al jazeera has the report. >> reporter: in the time it takes to drive through one street in chicago, you can travel half the world. welcome to devon avenue, the road locals call the most diverse street in america. new immigrants to the u.s. come here to the northern boundary of chicago to find inexpensive houses, septemberance and the comforts of the old country. >> it's indian style. it looked like india. it didn't look like america. >> reporter: on a short ride you can have a bagel breakfast in a jewish deli, a taco lunch,
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appe afghan style green tea. >> people are keeping their identities, their heritage and culture intact while being part of the larger american experience. >> reporter: the streets are a united nations of ethnicities with the mingled aromas of the world's kitchens and it's accentses. >> all kinds of languages. arabic, hindu languages. >> reporter: in the 1960s this was mainly a jewish neighborhood. now portions have been renamed. wave after wave of immigrants have enriched devon avenue, and in a short you can roll through little pakistan, little indian, little arabia and little israel, all one right after another just like on a map. india's patel family has done well here. just a short drive from the baghdad barbershop and the athens beauty salon.
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in asia pakistanis and indians bicker, but not here, locals say. >> i think it's the american way of life. you know, people come here. we understand, like, how america is about tolerance and acceptance. i think those conflicts were -- i'm not saying they went away, but they were somehow put on the back burner. >> reporter: in other words, the residents of devon avenue may brig their culture to america but leave the old animosities in the rear-view. i'm tracking rain and storms moving across our nation's heartland now also the threat of tornadoes breaking out across parts of illinois where a number of tornado warnings have already been issued. lots of warm, moist air in place. we have rain stretches from the lower mississippi valley into
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parts of new england well in advance of the front. now storms starting to really get going. we call this area the warm sector in advance of our front where temperatures are soaring. we're up to nearly 70 degrees, and for this time of year in chicago that is definitely warmer than average. we have the warm air in place, lots of moisture sp showers and storms will be with us throughout the day. we're watching unfortunately for the threat of tornadoes. in fact, the storm prediction center put a dangerous situation in place for this area of the midwest because we could see long-track tornadoes, tornadoes that stay on the ground for a very long time. already a few tornadoes have been spotted here across central illinois just off to the east of peoria. some of the warnings have been extended until the top of hour around washington. so keep a close watch on that. even around chicago, no warnings in effect for you, but we'll certainly deal with the threat throughout the day and into the evening. richelle. >> thank you so much. thank you for watching al jazeera m"al jazeera americ."
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i'm richelle carey. "101 east" is next. for updates check our website, >> june 2010, fighting erupts between the uzbek and kyrgyz communities of southern kyrgyzstan. the violence spreads from osh to nearby towns. >> they came and started looting houses, killing people. systematic theft, destruction, and brutal mob violence. more than 400 people are killed.


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