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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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thi >> well, comes the news hour. these are the top stories. the dispute over territory in the pacific, the u.s. says its jets have defied a new air defense zone imposed by china. highlands prime minister, thousands storm government ministries and offices, plus. >> it's not coming back, the process must move forward. >> kenya vows to press on with plans to close the
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largest refugee camp. with the news from europe, including. >> with a guide to how scotland request be as ask independent state. >> and turning the pages of history. a rare symbol of the nation's identity is put up for auction in the u.s. for up to $30 million. >> within the past hour, the u.s. has revealed two of its military aircraft have thrown around disputed islands in the east china sea, it did so without informing beijing, and that's in defiance of an air defense zone, that beijing imposed. and the i.u. in china. live for us in washington, d.c., give us what details we know? what exactly did the
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aircraft do in the china self-declared air defense zone? >> what we know is that around midnight washington time, rather, 7:00 p.m. washington time, those two bombers entered this newly declared air defense identification zone. they all have an air defense zone in sort of the general area, but expanded it over the weekend. to include this area that includes the disputed islands that you mentioned a moment ago. so 7:00 p.m., washington time, midnight gmt, these bombers went into that zone, without filing what is now required by china, that is the flight plan, the radio frequency, and the transponder information of the mission that's underway. so direct challenge to the new ryements from beijing. the u.s. says this was a routine training exercise. long planned called corral lightening. they had also said anyway that they weren't going to abide by any of these new rules anyway.
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china apparently did not make contact with the planes while they are in this newly identified chinese zone, this air defense zone, and it passed without any particular control, at the time, interestingly, when the u.s. official who made the statement talked to the press, an hour ago or so, he used the japanese name for the islands. we have conducted operations we have continued to follow our normal procedures which includes not filing flight plans and not registering our frequency. so that's all we know right now, we will keep you up dated to what they have to say about this all means. >> thank you so much.
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a press state department will begin, those are the live pictures coming in from the room where it will happen. dip he h lo mates have announce add conference will be held, but iran hasn't been there yet, helping president bashar al-asaad. >> to his -- in our view, it is an important contribution to a resolution of the problem. we have said along, an preconditions. >> meanwhile, the top military commander is called al jazeera, his fighters won't necessarily take part, they want a number of conditions to be met, and wants to meet other officers and tribal
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leaders before deciding whether to go. >> syrian rebels under growing pressure to make a decision about whether to attend the geneva peace conference. the syrian coalition, the main opposition group is pushing back. and has set a number of conditions for sending its representatives to those negotiations. one of them is a cease fire across the country, to areas besieged by government soldiers. they also want the release of prisoners. but that's not all they want. he does not have -- will not have any role in the future of the county. >> while the political
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man moving continues, so does the shooting. >> fighters are seen here in southern aleppo, launching an attack against government troops. on the outskirts, government jets found rebel positions. and over in the alimony area, a major campaign is underway to take positions now under rebel controls. >> it's been more than 2 1/2 years of fighting. and tens of thousands of people have been killed. now the international community faces the delicate task of convincing the rebels and the government that diplomacy is the only challenge. al jazeera. >> at least 15 people have been killed in an attack in the syrian capitol. a suicide bomber drove a car packed with explosives into a bus stop. that was in the somali
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neighborhood. activists say six of those kills were soldiers, the area is home to many members of the elite fourth division of the army. they were leaving a hotel in the capitol when they were shot by two men on a motorcycle. authorities say the victims were working for the countries defense ministry. in a separate incident, two gunman have killed an army major. >> have been stormed or surrounded in thailand as thousands of people demand the prime minister steps down. faces a confidence vote on wednesday, she is expected to survive. but opponents accuse her of just wanting to clear the name of her brother, from a prime minister. he is in exile after being convicted of corruption. scott hide her reports. >> where new day begins
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with hundreds of protestors still inside government compounds. the ministry of finance transformed into an antigovernment movement, and marketplace. >> by late morning with ask arrow pointing the way, they set their sites on closing down more ministries. furthering their promise that they would spark the collapse of prime minister's government. they say it no longer represents them. >> look at the people around us here. a lot of people have been silenced for so long. and i think these actions means a lot to us. it's time for us to show that we are not happy. >> the prime minister faces a two day no conversation debate, but the party controls the house of representatives so there is no chance she will be voted out. >> i insist that the zoning one cabinet with me as prime minister, there is some accusations that i lack independent and that i lack
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intelligence and have to be controlled. i have to ask you, have i not been independent during the past two years as the head of the government, while we went through a series of crisis. >> he said police and security forces will not use force to remove protestors. >> what they have been able to do over the last three days here in ban cook is something that hasn't been seen in years. but what happens next? the ask the government to resign, but they haven't made it career what they would do if that happened. >> that might be because even if he is unseated and elections are called the opposition party still does not have enough votes to win,
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despite the mood of their supporters. >> scott hide her, al jazeera ban cook. the court says they must be present for all of it, and the only absence be will granted on a case by case bay is. he and his deputy have been charged with being responsible for the violence following the disputed 2007 election, which left 1200 people dead. they denied the allegations. the kenya government says it is pressing ahead with plans to shut down the world's largest refugee camp. that's despite appeals for a delay from humanitarian groups. pressure has been increasing since the west gate mall attack in september. some politicians say people from the camp are involved in planning the siege that killed more than 60 people.
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many of it's nearly half a million residents arrived as a consequence of the civil war. many residents fear they will soon be forced to return to somalia. following the story for us in the kenyan capitol nigh robe by. >> the government has been under some pressure to respond to what a lot of people are saying as a significant security threat, and that is the presence of so many refugees. you will remember, of course, that a few months ago we saw the west gate attack, in which militants killed more than 60 people here. a lot of people feel that they used those camps as a way of infill straiting the country. pretty much in response to that attack. over the weekend, he spoke to some of the
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refugee leaders and officials there, and he was talking very much about the returns and their intent to close down that ought together. here is what he told the crowd on saturday. >> there is no turning back. the process must move forward. the process will be done as humanly as possible. but the process will reach a point of no return. as a country we are glad we have hosted our brothers. we are not saying we are tired of them, they need to go and rebuild their country. >> the statement seems pretty unequivocal, but a lot of the leaders are looking at the detail. you will have noticed that the interior secretary gave no date. he gave no deadline for the closure. everyone expects that the refugee camp will close eventually, but without a
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time line it is relatively meaningless. very explicitly says that the refugees with return voluntarily. but of course we are seeing the government ramping up this pressure and the refugees say that is making themselves feel very uncomfortable indeed. >> testing new laws in cairo, still ahead, unsanctioned protests are forbidden, that isn't stopping these egyptians. several cry foul as the actual commissioner announces the ruling party has an insurmountable lead. and european teams continue their push for a last 16 place in the championship's league, that and the rest of the sport later on. violent protests in several cities across bangladesh of the
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upcoming elections have power lined the country, at least six people have died. victoria has the latest. >> a battle of wills in the capitol. opposition activists face off with riot police and government supporters. the 48 hour strike blocking roads and railways. this demanding that general elections be suspended. but as the protests turn violent, many people doubt that the political solution to the impact. >> it would be ideal if everyone participated in an inclusive election, however it is a shut down, blockade and political violence goes on. then the common people will continue to suffer the most. >> in over parts of bangladesh, fighting has also broken out. police used door gas to disburse crowds. and further south, there was street battles,
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opposition supporters are calling on the prime minister to transfer power to a caretaker government ahead of the polls. she so far refused denying claims she would rig the elections while in office. we are very afraid about the current situation. not sure which direction the country is heading. we are very worried about our future. >> of the current situation persists i do not think i will cast my vote in the upcoming election. but if a compromise is reached between opposing parties then i will go and vote for sure. the opposition led by former prime minister is threatening to boycott elections unless a neutral caretaker administration is formed. she and the current leader have rotated as prime minister for more than 20 years.
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bangladesh looks as ever a nation divided. ten members of the committee have suspended their participation. hundreds of protesting outside the council building in cairo where the committee has been sitting at least 30 people have been arrested. it is the fist major introduction to take place, banning protests without prior notice. a vote is expected in saturday. with the latest. certainly significant because they come two days after the interim president ratified the new law. now according to that law. organizers must submit a detailed notice to the legal authorities at least three days prior to that event. it did not happen in this case.
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protestors have gone to a square in central cairo, and also some had gathered in front of the upper house of parliament. police forces first gave them a verbal warning that they should disburse, that did not happen, then they used water cannon, and specifically they used tier gas, and it was at that point, as the protestors disbursed. had that not happened the new lawsuit would have allowed them to escalate, and eventually use bird shots. and this is exactly what the protestors are decrying. they say that in the new law basically opened the door for the security forces to bring back the old methods of the regime. now, several members of the committee have frozen membership. they are condemning the way the security forces dealt with the whole issue, they are also condemning the fact that dozens of people were detained including some high profile activists. the interior minister says that they were
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simply following the rules and that those protestors were on the street to defy the law and the state. >> 37 people have been killed in predawn raids in central nigh jia. meanwhile, nigeria's ruling party, the people's democratic party or pdp has split. seven state governors have defected to a newly formed coalition, calling itself the a.p.c. the break up presents a significant challenge to jonathan's bid to run for a second term. following the story, and sent this update. >> well, there has been a battle over the leadership of nigeria's ruling party, the people democratic party, that dates back to 2011. when nigeria last held elections.
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the incumbent was chosen and he won the election, however, within the ruling party, there has been a core group of incredibly powerful politicians who have been opposed to his leadership. only the base that is the leadership is supposed to rotate between the north and the south ever four years and that he wasn't supposed to run in 2011. they are now getting win that he may seek the election in 2015, though he has not formally declared and they have decided to leave the party to weaken him. how is this news being received nationally? >> they welcome the break up of the ruling party. they do see it as a cartel. they think there needs to be more opposition.
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>> sammy, thank you, yes, the so called white paper sets out the scottish national policies should scotland gain independence. >> it only has limited local powers. so while it can raise some taxes, it has no military or foreign policy of its own. reporting now from glass coe on what independent would mean for scotland. >> setting out questions
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on the economy, defense, and its continue relations with the rest of the u.k. decisions such as keeping the british monarchky have surprised some. but the fist minister says it has every right to retain the currency with the rest of the u.k. transaction costs get them out of the area. >> scottish government says that it is a vision for a more prosperous. critics say that it is all very well to provide a scenario to a thriving scotland. but providing the basis is all together. >> to remain in the u.s. says the current situation is the best state of affairs. it can make decisions on health, education, and local government. scott land has the protection of the larger
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economy. >> it is in our interest to meet our biggest trading partner, and actually a stronger partner -- we do more trade with the rest of the u.k. than we do with the rest of the world, why do we want to put that risk by saying we will go it alone? instead i think we should strengthen those ties. >> because they say there is still a long way from making a decision on whether to be independent. >> i accident really know enough about it -- >> the inspected is a good idea. but i also think the unions is a good idea. >> . >> the european label, and nato but that would require delegate negotiations. and possibly bitter campaign between the two sides.
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on condition that he sign the pretrade agreement. the deal will only be signed. demanding that the government sign the europe trade deal. it backs al jazeera agreement siting economic reasons and the pressure from russia. the former prime minister. and the solidarity. live for us in -- first of all, david, give us a update on what is happening now. we can still people still there gathering behind you. >> it is the same number of people here, last night says the momento isn't actually losing its
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pace, it is staying at the same level, but it is still not like in 2004 here. in the orange revolution. so they are maintaining the pressure and the pressure is not as much as it was during that revolution. there is still a huge number of divisions in the ukraine, and they haven't had the same vision and leadership here to actually call these protests forward to fry and stop the government making this decision. it's been said in one of the major magazines, that it is a well known -- it seems the ukrainian government has actually chosen russia, and so that's the phrase. as you have just announced that it was humiliating the amount of money that the e.u. is offering. russia of course has its fingers on the economy, and a much better offer
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as far as the gas prices are concerned. >> david, thank you. >> i am going to have more from europe later in the news hour, for now it is back to sammy in doha. >> hernandez has all been would be the closely election race. nearly 70% of the vote is being counted but the main opposition candidate is still refusing to back down more from the capitol. >> they say from what shay saw it was a transparent vote and count. how, they did invite party whose disagreed with the results that have so far been published to bring that
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evidence that they may have soon as soon as possible and even to the observers team from the european union. at the same time, officially they are saying it is a transparent vote and a transparent count, at least one member of this team without giving any attribution, told our team that there were "questions about the integrity of the organization." this comes as some questions have been raised by at least two leading presidential candidates. not only castro of the party who so far is in second place, according to the official count, but also another command dade of the anticorruption party. neither of those candidates have accepted these ruts. we are waiting to see what their response they and their supporters will have to this statement from the electoral tribunal, that these results are irreversible. >> france comes to the aid of the central african republic. the country could distend
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into chaos. plus. >> the arctic movement is reinvented in the northern islands as the community tries to be heard. and in sports, could the nhl be allowed to take a heavy hit? as ten former players sue the league over player concussions. >> only on al jazeera america. power of the people until we restore our freedo
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hitting back andow threatens to cut off aid. >> . >> they used to intend all day picking rubbish off the street, so sell for a few dollars. now they go to school, courtesy of a local charity. which helps children that work on the streets catch up on their studies. >> in afghanistan, charities funded by international donors are increasely anxious. a dispute between the americans and afghan president, threatened to
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jeopardize foreign donations to the country if he doesn't sign a security packet with the u.s. soon. on monday, he did discussions between karzai and obama's national security advise store went nowhere. those rungeing social projects say donor fatigue is already setting in. the organization also used to run this shelter for children. the small shelter use to house children, while the organization sempled for their families and a proper school. >> those children who are supposed to go next year to the school, for several years this gave them somewhere safe to sleep now it is
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completely empty. the charity says it has ran out of funding for this project. but this is indicative of many charity projects across the country, just struggling to survive. >> some see the refusal to sign as a risky move. that perhaps the u.s. is bluffing on its threats to cut aid. >> they believe that the americans want to stay here come held or high water, so they think they are in a very strong bargaining position. and they ma by completely out of kilter reality. >> but it is a very different view from his classroom. even so, the children continue to enjoy themselves unaware of the political crisis, and how it could end what little they have. jane ferguson, al jazeera, kabul afghanistan. >> i am joined here in the studio, a former commander of the u.s. central command. thank you for coming in.
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>> pleasure. >> what is the problem with waiting until aid for the by lateral security agreement to be signed. >> i think the biggest problem is the inability to plan to do the turnover in a methodical and thoughtful and appropriate manner. no enough time for logistics? >> more than logistics. there is quite a bit of support that the allies give to the afghan government. many capabilities that the afghans themselves do not have. and all of this needs to be sorted out. we have some experience, where it ended up a rather abrupt departure, and things have been struggling since. >> dui karzai is serious about not signing now, or is he just delaying long enough, so it doesn't look like it was him that wanted to legitimize a foreign power staying in afghanistan? >> well, i think first of
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all, it is difficult to say. i spent some time with president karzai when i was over in the country. i'm not sure exactly what is going through his mind today. we've used -- we've racialallized in the west, that exactly as you say, that he is doing this to posture for afghan domestic purposes but now i am beginning to wonder if that's really the game here. thinking that maybe he really means it. >> that he really means it, there's a big difference in the situation in afghanistan than in iraq. and probably the most significant is the ability of the afghans to support and sustain their security forces is almost nonexistence. they don't have the fiscal resources. the iraqis had that option, and at the end of the day, they can pay for these things.
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precisely on that point, do you think that the u.s. can afford to go ahead with the threat we are they aring that it will just pull out, a full withdrawal. wouldn't that leave that much in the option of the taliban? >> it is clearly not the preferred option. and what is going on now is this game of chicken at the end, which won't be useful for either side. so it is the best interest of both to come up with an agreement that has been negotiated and get on with the planning so that the people that are vomited in it can perform in a racial turnover. >> now, there is a body of thought out there, that says that by saying he wants to wait until after the elections that kind of puts pressure on the u.s. to support his brother's bid for the presidency. do you read it that way? if so will it work. >> i don't know. there's been a lot of speculation about that. >> do you think it makes the u.s. -- any eager to support his brother's bid
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for the presidency? >> no, i think what is really motivating the u.s. is to have in plan a place, a plan, to get this turnover done with some confidence that it will be executed and not just a house of scareds at the end. >> also if you look at it from the perspective of the taliban, does having the security agreement really help the peace process in the country? or does it give further motivation for people to continue fighting? let's say that afghans have a long history of not liking foreign powers in. >> sure, and the foreign powers are leaving. the idea -- >> but not entirely. >> you are going to have to -- it makes no sense at all to just pull everybody out, and what you really want to have in place is a kadri of people who are not doing the combat fighting, but are doing the essential capabilities support, that the afghans to not have and are not likely to have any time soon.
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if they ever have it at all. so in almost every country of the world, speaking for the u.s., we have some kind of military presence. it may be thousands of people, it may be a hand full. their tax admissions are difference, to sustain the afghan security effort until they can take over the vast majority of it. and that's not -- we are not there yet. >> how long will that be? it is interesting you say if they ever have it at all. s this an open ended commitment? >> no, again, keep the scale in mind. you need some people to do some tasks. they have a lot of equipment, and a lot of procedures. that doesn't run an automatic. that's what this is about. it is not about the fighting it is about sustaining and supporting the security forces so that they can continue to try to stabilize the country.
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rebel forces that control the country. >> the sell cacame to loot my house. they killed my husband and my child. that's why i have been here since november. >> everybody is calling for france to rapidly intervene. we need a solution quickly. if we stay like this, the
1:40 pm
selica will kill all of us. >> now the government in france says it will raise that to 1,000 as soon as it received u.n. backing in a resolution expected next week. it's hoping to contain the chaos, that's engulfed its former colony. >> . >> the central african republic is in a very serious condition. the state is on the individual of collapsing and we cannot have the country fall apart like that. there is violence, massacres and the humanitarian chaos that comes with the collapse of security. >> violence has gripped the landlock nation since march, when rebels overthrew the president in france. the challengedder of the sell cafighters is now the first leader of this predominately christian land. many armed are accused of committing atrocities against christians. including killings, rape, and the recruitment of child soldiers.
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the united nations is warning that if nothing is done to stop the republic in free fall, that could soon be genocide. al jazeera. >> return to belfast after exploded in the city center on sunday. let's rejoin with all the details on that, barbara? >> not just a check point, the number of police patrols will also increase after the device was left in the vehicle. it comes as u.s. diplomates are visiting northern ireland, to meet both sides to discuss the issue of parades. restrictions on parades and marchs has in the past led to rioting, as the majority community claims the traditions have been undermined by the peace protest. from belfast, reports on who why the community peoples so worried about the future. >> an idea from the
1:42 pm
occupy movement and set up a protest camp, and just like occupy, they say they speak for a majority who are being by trayed. >> i think my future is being sold out. i think my son's future has been sold out. it's that bad. >> it is worst. the discontent among the working class. my fear is the children will see the need to pick up arms. >> for so many years it's been the catholic nationalist community which has claimed of discrimination, and so this is a good illustration of changing times. >> it is very often difficult for outsiders to appreciate the huge importance of the symbols attached to protests here. but for the unionist, pro british majority, their rights to carry the union flag is the most potent expression of their identity. because for them, the day
1:43 pm
that they can't carry this flag, is the day that northern ireland is no longer british. much of the community feels undermined by the peace process. these streets and areas are as bad an illustration as economic neglect as you can find anywhere in the u.k. so they would argue that the riots and protests over restrictions on their right to carry the flag, aren't simply posturing. but reflected deep seeded fear for the northern irish and british governments have sacrifices the working class, in favor of appeasing the catholic nationalist minority. all the of this has caused people, and created stress. they have so stand up and speak for themselves because politicians have ignored their issues. they have ignored the injustices. >> the republican response to the community is now worried about jobs and housing they should protest about that instead of celebrating
1:44 pm
military victories over the catholics hundreds of years ago. >> we are moving on. the peaceful protest is look on as a model of what can be achieved. while the grass roots community activists and people coming together, that work is happening. they want to see more of it, of course i do. will my party support it, yes, we will. >> the parading goes on regardless, and here they view the police of being in league with the ira for blocking their roots. this the economics of belfast, the sheer fury of loss of authority, altell a story of a meise process increasingly being pulled into question. pope francis has outlined his vision for the future of the catholic church. in his first major published work, the leader of the catholic church says he wants pardon brought away from the vatican, and he is "opening to suggestions on how his role should
1:45 pm
change." the pope front sis has not said that he will change teaching on issues line abortion and woman. premier in the romanian capitol buke rest for talks on major investment with eastern europe. meeting the leaders of 15 central and eastern european countries. he is already signed agreements with host nation romania, on investments in nuclear and renewable energy. starting a seven year jail sentence, he admitted master mining the heist of seven paintings from a dutch gallery. the, whos by monette, pick cat sew, have not been found, and it is feared that his mother may have destroyed them. britain has made a formal complaint to spain. saying spanish authorities opened british diplomatic banks at the boarder with jill baller.
1:46 pm
by boarder guards on friday. it is the latest in a series of recent disputes over the u.k. domain, which sits at the southern tip of spain. those are the main stories here in europe, now let's go back so sammy in doha. >> still aced, the president condemns the fans of a spanish club, as they racially abuse one of their own players.
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championships league. the four sides already concerned for the stages. barcelona, athletic ma friday and manchester city. but it is a different story from last season's finalist who are on the brink of crashing out, as richard nickelson now reports. particularly close with premier leaders. although they aren't underestimating his opponents. >> that's true. because it is always the case when one team has no points. you know, and but we know what is at stake. and we want to qualify, and we know tomorrow is a very big game in the stage of the qualifiers. and we have an opportunity to do it at home.
1:49 pm
the other two teams are on the same point, and last week's beaten finalist whose have 3 points beside. the preparations having been held to the team that beat them in the championships league final. they know they need a win to have any chance of staying in thele co tis. a loss will see them drop into the europe league. >> the fact is in the -- >> the fact is if we don't win the next two games then lit be difficult. our opponents know that, and that will certainly influence the game. >> the english side chelsea only needed a draw away to security their places as group winners. a loss for the home side will see them knocked out. something chelsea manager believes will work to his team's advantage. i think if somebody tomorrow has to feel the pressure it is not us.
1:50 pm
because they are in a limited situation, to qualify for the next -- for the next round. so i think yes, they are in the pressure and now we are not under pressure. >> so a busy match day five, can see big names qualifying for the next stage, and also exiting europe's richest club competition. richard nickelson, al jazeera. >> so as richard mentioned it is also a vie tat night for arsenal in group s, they lead on goal difference, and kick off at home. about an hours time, correspondent carry brown is at the emrett stadium in london. >> arsenal they only have to better results of group rivals to qualify automatically for the knock out stages. they are just playing for pride, they suffered their worst ever run in the history of their club, that manages to go out and salvage some pride, but at least
1:51 pm
recording 1.8 in this group stage. who picked up an injury, arsenal meanwhile, by the return from suspension, they could also feature and he will undergo a late fitness test after recovering from abdominal surgery. he was aid rested this week, and cautioned for criminal damage, he says he is available to play here tonight. >> well, one game has already kicked off in tonight's championship league game, it is in group g, madrid who is already through, they are in a very cold st. peters burg, the game is just about to finish, and it is 1-1 at the moment. as you heard richard mention, chelsea could go through, they need a draw -- massive game in group eight, celtics host milan, but teams in with a shout of qualifying behind group leaders barcelona. madrid is in action until
1:52 pm
wednesday. the spanish side will be without their star player, rinal do who is a scorener the five nil win on saturday. lived up later in the game. madrid has now revealed he could be out for up to three weeks after confirming he picked off thigh injury. >> in spain, the president set vade da has condemned a group of fans who racially abused one of their own players during a game on sunday. the brazilian defender appeared to be the victim of monkey chants from his own fans. after he was sent off at the end of the first half in the game. they went on to lose 4-nil. he said he was sickened by is fans behavior, and called for tougher sanctions against racism, they also condemned the incident. >> to ice hockey now. the top two sides in the nhl eastern conference, the boston bruins and the
1:53 pm
pittsburgh penguins, the bruins looked set for a 3-2 win in regulation time, but pittsburgh scored with 0.3 seconds left to tie it. he proved to be the hero for boston, 34 seconds into overtime, and ending the seven game winning run. they are now on 34 points on top of the eastern conference standings. #e next up, a trip to detroit to face the red wings on wednesday. meanwhile, the lightening ended a four game losing streak in brilliant fashion. they are honored earlier for reaching his 1,000th inh lie gave, has two goals and an assist, he has now moved into nine sect place, on the career points least.
1:54 pm
they agree add two year extense on his current contract, has earned him $48.5 million would ensure that he ends his career with the lakers. he joined them back in 1996, and has won five nba champions with them so far. >> on the court now, in southwest division leaders the spurs cruised to their 11th straight win. the spurs defeated the new orleans fell cans in texas, man know janobly scored 16 points and marco stunk 2-3 pointers for the win. >> world champion water skier has died following an accident during a race in australia. she was airlift to hospital in nearby sidney with spinal and head injuries after coming off her skis while competing in the 121-kilometer bridge to bridge endurance race on the river. skiers can reach speeds over 130-kilometers an hour, during the race, she had earlier in the
1:55 pm
year on the formula two world camp. >> she was so talented that last year she was out for the season with a broken ankle, had two rounds of surgery, came back to the world champions in the canary pri islands and was crowned the world champion in the f two class. >> that's it. >> thank you so much. well, the first book written in the u.s. is to be put up for auction, it was written in 1614 captures the first act of defiance against england. it paves the way for american independence. where she was given a personal viewing of the historical text. access to this corner is limited. and with good reason. this is a department of rare books and manuscripts. among the oldest and most valuable items. >> we brought this from the vault. >> the first book written and printed in the u.s., back in 1640. it is a translation of the book of psalm.
1:56 pm
the original words are sometimes hard to read, but psalm 23 is still recognizable. >> ye loe in the valley of death, shall i walk, none ill i'll fear. >> there are only 11 known copies of the book in existence. this one is owned by the old south church in boston. it's first congregation gathered in 1669. sounding father benjamin franklin at that time, samuel adams the american revolution was a church member. >> it has been said about old church in boston, that there is no other church to this quest for freedom than this church. >> that's why it has a second copy. the idea of selling one of them came up more than 20 years ago, followed by passionate debates about whether the book had any relevance to today's ministries.
1:57 pm
the congregation voted in favor of selling. >> it's a part of our past, but we have let go of difficult things in the past, and you don't get to be 344 years old, without making adjustments in the course of your history. >> the money will top off the endowment, and go towards it's community programs. so how much is the book worth. >> what will be revealed on tuesday in new york. the auction house says there's been intense interest in such a rare and historical item. estimated price, 15 to think million dollars. >> of the arranged tells you that it is an extremely valuable book, it will be when it sells the most expensive printed book in history. >> an old book with a new owner, someone with very deep pockets. cap turner, al jazeera, new york. >> that bridgestous the end of the news hour. we have another full hour of news coming up so
1:58 pm
don't go too far.
1:59 pm
2:00 pm to al jazeera here are the stories we are following for you. over the river and through the woods got a little bit dicey today for holiday travelers. the first major work by the pope. a thought of calling for a more compassionate church helping the poor. >> families are very reluctant to talk about their teens with sex. >> how some minority communities are dealing with children having children. >>


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