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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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and we'll be certain to bring you more stories like that on "techknow" next time. >> go behind the scenes at follow our expert contributors at facebook, google plus, twitter, and more. >> you're watching al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz flieive new york. live in new york. russian flag is now flying over crimea in the ukraine. >> west and nato now consider their next possible steps. keeping up the pressure in venezuela, thousands return to the streets protesting the governments.
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mardi gras or carnival. revelers around the world celebrate the lead up to lent. a lot has changed this weekend in ukraine. russia now controls part of that country and pressure is growing across the world. the american secretary of state will meet with ukraine's leaders in kiev on tuesday. also the british prime minister pressured trowz pul russia to p. russia's invasion is not just a threat but a declaration of war. also the head of ukraine's navy was fired for treason today after he swore allegiance to pro-russian leaders. our teams are in kiev and the
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regional capital of crimea, sim verm. simferopol. jennifer glasse is there. >> stability to crimea, what that means he doesn't know. he refused to give up. then more russians arrived, truckloads of them. the colonel watches and tells someone, they're here. the ukrainians move an armed vehicle to their gate. but there will be no reenforcements. no one is coming from kiev he tells me i'm alone me and my brigade, we'll do what we can and we'll see, we'll see. >> the expander in his brigade
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says we'll see if there's going to be war. then the troops come in on foot. some sifnlts tried to stop. but -- civilians tried to stop. the armies just feet from one another. until we have a standoff, ukrainian troops, there are russian troops all around here. they came in earlier and told the commander to give up the base. he said he wouldn't, and now they're standing against each other. they still want the ukrainians to lay down their arms. no deal says the colonel. if they enter the area of the base i'll have to shoot, he tells me. an offer of negotiations and the colonel goes to visit the glowing russian encampment. no one really wants to start war. an orthodox priest prays for peace ghp people from another country are here. what should we call it?
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intervention? occupation, they have no legal right to be here. >> reporter: but they are. in significant numbers. there's no sign that the russians will be leaving soon. jennifer glasse glass, crimea. middle of crimea has been turned into an absolute ghost town. there is literally no one on the streets here. there are no sounds at all. the only thing you hear is a few stray dogs walking down the street. it is a real sense that this capitol is absolutely occupied by the russian military. not only here around parliament, the only people you see are russian soldiers. clusters of soldiers. as we walked off our plane this evening they are not really tense, they don't really approach anyone, they are just off in the distance but very much in charge.
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senior russian officials are saying there are some 6,000 heavily armed russian soldiers on the crimean peninsula, they are very much in control in the u.s.'s words of the entire peninsula. and you get a real sense that power has shifted already here. the head of the navy, admiral, very embarrassing of the new government in kiev, has essentially defected pledging his allegiance to not kiev but to russia. >> i swear allegiance to the residents of the autonomous residents of crimea, the capitol of sevastopol, of the city of sevastopol. commanders of military units. >> he was pledging allegiance to the new prime minister. that prime minister was selected over the weekend after russian soldiers walked into parliament and, with arms, pointed them at lawmakers who then elected that
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prime minister. so you know where his allegiance is. there is a real sense of an occupation and also people believing that it is okay that russia has come in. many people looking to the east, they are ethnic russians, they have allegiance not to the west but to russia and moscow. there are others who are very much against moscow and they are appealing to kiev and the new government to help. >> our nick schifrin. the united states has taken a firm position on russia's moves. mike viqueria has a report. >> secretary of state john kerry still insists this is not the cold war all over again but evokes an earlier era. >> you don't in 20th century
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behave in 19th century fashion. and invade over prumpled u trump pretext. >> both kerry and president obama worked the phones sunday coordinating with allies. >> all of them, every single one of them are prepared to go to the hilt in order to isolate russia with respect to this invasion. >> on the table, economic sanctions. freezing assets of russian officials, isolation on trade and investment and a boycott of the annual summit of g-8 facings. there is talk of throwing russia out of the g-eight as well. trying to provide putin with what they describe as an off-ramp to calm russia of its stated fears.
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one option not on the table, military action by the west. we are trying to deescalate this says a senior official. stressing this is over economic options. some believe mr. obama should have seen it coming. >> putin is playing chess and i think we're playing marbles and i don't think it's even close. >> mike viqueria, al jazeera the white house. spoke with his british and french counterparts, he says the u.s. will work with its partners to help ukraine restore its finances. will hinge on whether the new government embraces reforms. australia has summoned its russian ambassador. ukraine responded by opening military recruiting centers across the country and hundreds of men are volunteering.
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>> reporter: ukrainians are preparing themselves for war. in kiev where there has already been so much bloodshed, people expressed their allegiance to ukraine and their defiance of russia. it is fighting rhetoric and for now it still is only talk. parliament has been meeting in emergency session. afterwards, the prime minister said russia had brought them to the brink of disaster. >> this is not a threat, this is actually the declaration of war to my country. and we urge president putin to pull back his military and to stick to the international obligation and bilateral and multilal agreements that were signed between ukraine and russia. in the army has opened recruiting stations across the country. there are nine in the capitol
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alone. that this office ton outskirts of kiev, men were waiting outside even before the doors opened. >> people have been responding enthusiastically to the call to mobilize. here there are young men, there are older men. people with military experience, people without any military experience at all but who still want to take part. we visited a total of three stations in and around kiev and already in the first few hours several hundred people had enlisted. >> somehow we have to win. and i can tel can't tell you the will win but i'm sure we have to win. >> on the other side we have our friends in the europe and the united states who have claimed support so we will fight until then. >> this has been the greatest confront taste between russia tapped u.s. since the end of the cold war. what has started as a protest
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movement has escalate e-escalated beyond what any of the protesters would believe. >> our fill itner is in kiev. balancing internal feeds and external pressure. >> here in kiev there is a very palpable sense of anxiety. people are concerned about what's happening in the east of the country in the crimean peninsula but moreover they're concerned about war on a grander scale in ukraine as a country. people are looking to their new government and they're finding it wanting. we've heard an awful lot of complaints that the new government doesn't seem to know what it's doing. that may very well be that many of these new politicians are just that, new. they are not career politicians. they are having to learn on the job and at the same time deal
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with an external threat coming from russia. so what we've got here in kiev is a lot of people who had hope for maybe a new country. one swept away from the cronyism that we saw with the yeung presidency and that -- yanukovych presidency and that hope is being swept away with the threat of a new war. the prime minister appointed 18 regional governors. that will create a network that was taken away when the previous government was ousted. of those 18 minister, were oligarchs, who came in position because of cronyism, money. still there's a job that needs to be done here in ukraine. there needs to be a government. somebody needs to be controlling things. and there's a lack of this here.
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we've also heard on the streets of kiev grave concerns about the security situation. the police are apparently not doing their job. many of them are not being paid. and in that power vacuum, there are vigilantes who are now on the streets. of course, there's also the concern that the russians pay come and that, of course, is the cloud hanging over everything. >> our phil itner in kiev. well, russia, the soviet union has not been afraid to use force. i talked about this with phil mccain. >> russia has been attacked by the nazis. when it sees the buffer zones
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around mother russia being threatened, the very name ukraine means the border. when they start seeing that status quo in this border region, buffer region being disturbed, they're going to take action. we saw that in afghanistan, we're seeing it in ukraine, we saw it in hungary and chek czech czechoslovakia in the 50s. i think it takes what it has and pockets it. there's no chance that anybody was going to take action and there's no chance that any countries are going to push russia out of the crimea. that part is to important for the strategic aspirations of the
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russians and i have no doubt they'll do what they need to defend it. i am reminded in 1979 there was a lot of talk and huff and puff, we boycotted the olympics, we tried to put sanctions in the way but the russians at the end of the day stayed there for a decade. >> he says he does not see this going away any time soon and the russians will stay as long as they can. the new farm bill could cutz millions frocutmillions from thp program. plus: >> i think it's important to be out there and i think we have a responsibility to be there. >> one group's mission to get the homeless off the street as frigid weather sweeps across the country once again.
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the annual meeting of apac began today. treasury secretary jack lew began his speech with updates of leaders in kiev. >> i've spoken several times to the ukrainian prime minister who assures me the government is prepared to take the necessary steps, urgently needed market reforms that would unleech economic potential and allow ukrainian people to attain their economic aspirations. >> today a group of six senators wrote the president calling for dramatic sanctions against iran if a nuclear agreement is not reached. tomorrow, a mentally challenged man will,ed fromy lee
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hull, has scored as low as 69 but aas high as 90. he's to be executed for a 1978 murder. the supreme court banned executions of the mentally disabled back in 2002. taking advantage of a loophole in the farm bill to preserve more than half a billion dollars in food stamps. that's the plan that the governors of new york and connecticut. here's how it works. state leaders bump up the amount of heating assistance for low income residents. the loophole has not been a secret but those two states are the first to take advantage of it. critics say congress did not create those rules so states could bend them. and the stars have come out in hollywood tonight for the 86th annual academy awards. the red carpet was actually
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drenched for days as heavy rainfall hit the area. a tent was put up but came as a relief for drought stricken farmers in southern california. looked like the skies were clear. >> hopefully, there was no squish to the carpet. >> squish? they were worried about their hair and dresses. >> just scattered rain showers. did shape up nicely in southern california. as our plume is now focused into oregon and washington. where the rain coming down in the valley is going to change over to showers tonight but we got another hit of rain coming that is going to be more focused in southern oregon and northern california for monday. the mountains are going to get two feet of snow out of this and snow coming you down for spokane and northern idaho we're getting plagues like in central idaho,
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clear waters and the mont bitterroots, a good hefty hit of snow what you need for your summer water. now the big story when it comes to snow and ice on the east coast is the storm is creating problems tonight into the morning hours for places from louisville, kentucky tall way over into washington, d.c. in fact federal offices now they're going to be closed on monday that day specifically because of the ice and snow expected. eight to ten inches of snow, ice coming down for parts of kentucky. no ice storm warnings impacting the area now but we have plenty of winter weather advisories, winter weather advisories for places like alabama where it should be nice and warm. you are going to get a coat of ice. double check, expect it to be slow and difficult to get through. incidentally, some of this very
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cold weather, we have problems with ice jament jams on a lot oe rivers in the northwest. if you are officia aware of thod hill cranes, people seeing them, wind chill warnings cold weather and ice jams. now talk about ice problems, maryland and delaware overnight into the morning you're going to get ice across parts of the virginias. that intense blue area including d.c. where we'll have the heaviest dump of snow. manhattan only one to three inches but jonathan, the temperatures are going to plummet. temperatures only in the 20s. >> that makes me sick to see those numbers, okay thanks rebecca. with that snow and ice headed to a large chunk of the country that means hundreds of thousands of homeless people will be
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suffering on much of american's street. al jazeera's juan carlos molina has the story. >> maybe we can go to the bus station first. >> patricia moon works as a new york public defender during the day but today, she is working in the don't walk by outreach. enlist volunteers like pris pata and her crew to help get the homeless off the streets. their approach as direct as a campaign's mission statement. >> it's about what they feed and what they're working for. if they want shelter or food or clothing. >> the team starts the day with trainings and orientation at a church. they they hit the streets. stopping by a bus station. >> it is through the new york rescue mission and the bowery mission. the church on 120th street.
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people can go by and have a meal. >> they talk to several people, inviting a number of them back to the church. six accepted. >> once they accept, they are brought back here to the host church where they are fed a hot meal and also given some basic medical attention. that includes basic dental and eye care also from volunteers, like jose chan, who offered his services here after doing similar help overseas. >> places like peru, where people can't afford it. we want to do something closer to home. >> homeless organizations have intensified their outreach. in philadelphia, homeless shelters ask the public to help find people living on the streets. and in iowa this weekend the main shelter in des moines had
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people slipping in chairs after all 150 beds filled up as the latest storm approach. back here in new york everyone got a hot meal. >> we will be able to give you a bed for the night. we do not want anybody going back on the streets. >> not all of those who came to eat stayed off the streets for the night but for moon and her team it was a success for a personal goal. >> this is a great way to show love to people and you know that sounds kind of clicheed but very much like i'm here for you, and talk to me and let me see you know what we do for you. >> over the past month these volunteers helped feed close to 600 homeless people in new york and offered them you'll chance to get off the streets and out of the coal at least for a while. juan carlos molina, al jazeera new york. >> there's much more ahead, including our week ahead special, two countries at the
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brink of war. what the u.s. can do if anything to keep the peace. also it's being called the o.j. simpsonson trial of south africa. the murder trial of track star oscar pest to pestoriis. pestorius. i must begin my journey,
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piss. >> and welcome back to al jazeera america. here's a quick look at your stories. the supreme court will hear the case of a mentally disabled inmate on death row. today the annual meeting of apac meets in washington, d.c. group of senators is urging president obama to turn his attention to a meeting with
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu tomorrow. russian troops have seized areas of the southern part of ukraine, crimea. pulling out of a planned u upcoming summit at sochi. we go deep in the crisis in ukraine and explore the options available to russia, ukraine, nato and the united states. rosalyn jordan has more. >> the u.s. secretary of state used the sunday information shows, send egg troops into ukraine is illegal. >> you just don't invade another country on phony pretext in order to assert your interests. >> but the u.s. doesn't think that sending in troops of its own is the right response.
11:30 pm
instead washington and european nations are taking aim at things that matter to moscow. for example the g-8 summit in sochi. the u.s. has stopped its planning for the meetings and hinted it might not attend at all. what else is on the table? >> there could be ultimately asset freezes, visa bans, there could be disruption of any of the normal trade routine. there could be business drawback on investment, the rubel is already going down. >> ready to enact sanctions if that would solve the crisis. >> i think the congress is going to play a very important role if we believe it is necessary to tone down the military options in the ukraine. >> that business interests will pressure putin to think of the country's well-being and change
11:31 pm
the course. but the british prime minister doesn't beef that should lead to talks. >> through ministers and military channels and so far not wanted to do that. i think we have to explore how we can speak to each other opportunity auspices of the united nations or security and cooperation in europe. >> the crisis has officials meeting in strategy meetings. the goal to prevent the show of force within ukraine to be a war with russia. rosalyn jordan, al jazeera, russia. >> the white house is looking at economic, political outcomes. away else should we expect? we could get clues from the russia-georgia war of 2008.
11:32 pm
then two separatist regions tried to break away from russia, violated georgia's sovereignty, yet that area is virtually under russia's control. we might get some word on tuesday when john kerry visits ukraine. lincoln mitchell is the author of the book, the color revolutions. we talked about the parallels between today's crisis and that russia-georgia war. >> in 2008, putin stopped his incursion into georgia when russia wanted to. that's the precedent here. the west was largely not powerful enough to stop it. >> the george bush administration considered a military response, instead they sent military aircraft. the idea was russia would not
11:33 pm
attack with u.s. aircraft there. they even dmokd georgian importance -- docked in georgian ports. we are not hearing those same kind of options thrown out now. >> ukraine is not georgia. ukraine is 46 million people. it's much easier to launch support for a military option, but not in ukraine. many have culture ties with ukraine. a lot of away they can do is symbolic punishment of georgia -- of russia. you kicking them out of the g-8 is very likely. economic sanctions are not likely to have effect, there is $38 billion of trade between the u.s. and russia which is not a
11:34 pm
lot. i think there will be no appetite in europe for strong sanctions. visa bans would be helpful but there's not a lot that the u.s. can do. these symbolic acts are not unimportant. let's remember that russia just spents 58 billion to show itself playing well with others. now it doesn't look like a good investment. >> i want to talk about russia's biggest cards, that it controls the regional national gas supply through gas prom. i didn't realize that gas pron supplies about 50% of europe's gas supply and it goes through ukraine. what does this mean? >> russia is by any measure a
11:35 pm
very serious threat. to your national security. if you move beyond that, into europe, particularly kind of you know, germany, france, places like that and even into the united states, that framework falls apart very quickly. russia is not a threat to the security of those places and that's an important economic relationship. as tim points out, sanctions are most real if they are joined not only by the u.s. but the u.s. and europe. and what if europe says, hey, we don't want to do this. >> how about syria and iraq? >> it doesn't look like the russians are very successful in delivering. so their partner on that issue has not been particularly great. on iran as well, it seems like the u.s. iranian relationship is taking over rather than pressure
11:36 pm
iran to giving up. >> away do you think russia's next move will be in this? >> to try to find some way to guarantee the security of the military bases, to guarantee the political interest of the population, greater autonomy to the crimean government and then i think what we're likely to see is a deescalation and that six months from now or a year from now, what we're likely to seize that crimea still part of ukraine but has much more autonomy thank it does now. >> do you think they're going to further and carve off in ukraine? >> what are they doing then, are they colonizing it?
11:37 pm
is that biting off more than they can chew? >> thank you both for your insight. we appreciate it tonight. in the united states many protesters have rallied against russian interference. our clem an kilmeny duchardt hae story. >> many of the demonstrators here say they're worried about their family back home. >> i have a family in ukraine. i don't feel safe for them. because if not, russia should not interfere with ukraine. >> at the consulate and through
11:38 pm
the streets of new york city, protestors have said this is ukraine. they want the russian forces to deploy back to their bases. kilmeny duchardt, al jazeera, fork. on monday osama bin laden's soson-in-law answer trial finaly takes place. tuesday, president obama presents his 2014 budget to congress. north korea says it will deport an australian missionary found there spreading christianity. according to north carolina's minister he signed a decree,
11:39 pm
begged forgiveness. meanwhile, kenneth ebay has been sentenced to hard labor at a labor camp. he is accused of distributing prop gpropaganda. >> north korea shows it's capable of hitting south korea and japan. someone in china attacked, an act of terrorism by a separatist group. south african track star oscar pistorius heads to court tomorrow. pistorius is charged with murdering his girlfriend but he said it was an accident.
11:40 pm
one of the top headlines in south africa and the ask has ruled that some parts of that trial could be televised. media influence could be a huge impact on the case. >> the media may make or break the case, information not in the public domain yet, may come to the public domain when the trial starts running, and evidence or statements that have been made might alter the versions that they put to the investigators. >> the trial is so highly anticipated a south african cable channel has launched just for the coverage. the 24 hour channel began broadcasting today. thousands of protesters are in the venezuelan capitol today as well, today was different, demonstrators are also celebrating carnival, so they
11:41 pm
are wearing costumes when they protest. >> this is one of the hottest of the hot spots since mid february when these protests began. barricades far down the street pain a few hundred yards are police and national guard troops. they have been lopp lop lobbingr gas canisters over head. thousands and thousands of people pressing down in this direction. protesters responding with fireworks now. the police and security forces firing tear gas as you can see, those clouds of tear gas rising behind us. people picking up the tear gas canisters and throwing them back. this just happening over and over again as the tension escalates here, as these confrontations run through the night. >> our paul beban in cracks.
11:42 pm
tiger woods makes an early exit in the final round of the honda classic. now to new orleans for mardi gras.
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the stream is uniquely interactive television. in fact, we depend on you, your ideas, your concerns. >> all these folks are making a whole lot of money. >> you are one of the voices of this show. >> i think you've offended everyone with that kathy.
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>> hold on, there's some room to offend people, i'm here. >> we have a right to know what's in our food and monsanto do not have the right to hide it from us. >> so join the conversation and make it your own. >> watch the stream. >> and join the conversation online @ajamstream. >> texas holds its political primaries on tuesday and one candidate is certainly standing out. state senator wendy davis gained national attention when she staged a filibuster on abortion right. >> to protection abortion rights last summer.
11:45 pm
her activities sparked a movement for women and men across the state. >> you all have inspired every member in the senate democratic caucus. >> the honorable wendy davis. >> riding that momentum, davis took that hat in the ring to become texas governor. >> i proudly announce my candidacy -- >> 27% of funds she raised last month came from outside of texas compared to abbott's 2%, still some political strategists say it pay not be enough. cal gilson is a political scientist and professor at smu. >> the problem she has really is texas is currently a conservative state even though you think it's headed to a competitive state, a democratic state 20, 25 years from now.
11:46 pm
>> davis advocates for improved educational priorities. >> by the time i was 19 i was heading for a divorce living in my tiny trailer with my daughter amber. >> she really didn't divorce until the age of 21 and released a web video portraying the state senator as a flip-flopper on guns and abortion. >> so wendy davis has changed on a lot of issues, hasn't she. >> questioning davis's connection to rocker ted knew n. >> still can't compete with abbott's $30 million war chest and abbott continues to beat davis in the polls. a recent poll from the
11:47 pm
university of texas and the texas tribune puts abbott 11 points ahead of davis. >> i think greg abbott will beat wendy davis by maybe high single digits. even, when i say davis is likely to lose by seven, eight, nine, that means he's running more competitively. >> and all of you deserve to have your voices heard. >> jilson says democrats appreciate supporting a candidate in a state that hasn't elected a democrat as governor since 1990. many consider brazil's celebration the greatest show on hurt. flooded a park for traditional block party, carnival in rio is famous for hundreds of parties across the city.
11:48 pm
in venice hundreds of thousands attended a carnival ball, many events on a two week calendar. traced back to the year 1162. the celebrations rake in an average of $70 million over 20 days. and when it comes to the wild week of carnival, new orleans is not to be outdone. visitors are pouring into the city this weekend and many will pour a few too many drings. ben lemoney lemoine reports. >> you can buy it and bounce from bar to bar. but after all the parades and parties -- good oh yeah, i'm hurting a little bit. >> we had bad hangovers this morning. >> why, what happened? good too much of this.
11:49 pm
>> enter the remedy room. a place that calls itself an infusion therapy clink and changes what -- clinic and changes what ails you. >> iv fluids to the the system or to the bloodstream peeled so ttys fastest way to rehigh draid demonstrate that we know. >> -- rehydrate that we know. >> you feel here your best self. >> opening the clinic in new orleans to help a host of maladies,. >> it is not my place to decide why, or judge why, whether it's from having bad food or from having bad drinks it's not my place to judge. if you are sick, we treat. >> and the treatment is a trend,
11:50 pm
similar hydration clinics, an hour long intravenous method. it's really just a short term solution and that neither more alcohol nor another iv should be a long term solution. >> i think that penalty thing of drinking alcohol, i think it's a good thing because it's letting you know that this is not right for your body. if you can get a quick fix to get jump started for the next drinking binge i think that's setting you up for addictive behavior and that's bad. >> they agree that people should drink moderately.
11:51 pm
>> very hung over from friday night and mardi gras and $150 sounds very cheap. good so now those who celebrate a little too hard can choose to pay the price, one way or the other. ben lemoine, new orleans. >> i don't know ross, if you could put an iv in your arm -- >> i could use that in my 20s. tiger woods appeared to get his mojo back but now this, tiger coming off his best round of the year, he tweaked his back and had to withdraw. he tried to man-up and get through the final rounds, if you have ever had back problems, the 38-year-old woods was slicing and dicing, tiger said that's it, he walked off the course. it's the sixth time in his
11:52 pm
career that he withdrew. when asked about playing in next week's cadillac championship at doral where woods is champ, its too early to tell. i need treatment every day to calm it down. we'll see how it is. rory mcilroy ended up in a four man playoff. on the first playoff hole he flies to grown then he was getting chippy from the rough stuff. hate when that happens. that opened up the door for russell henley. captures the second title and pockets $1 million in the process. the ladies also went into a sudden death playoff in the hsvp
11:53 pm
women's championship. from 75 feet away, this for an eagle and the victory, wait for it, wait for it, the girl named pink panther, preac pretty in p. she captures the first u.s. women's open. >> i can't tell you how really great this feels. oh my gosh this has been such a long time coming and i wouldn't be here today fit wasn't for kiln, my caddy, my best friend. >> guess which nba jersey would be the best seller? wrong, it's jason collins, the first openly gay player in the nba. according to the league his jersey sales have skyrocketed. he honest matthew shepherd, a
11:54 pm
gay college student who was beaten and tortured. the nba will donate all proceeds of the sale of the 98 jersey to the matthew shepherd foundation. also is the gay lesbian and transgender organization. >> i think it's also a tribute to matthew shepherd also and the year 1998, trevor project was also founded. that year. so the year, 1998, has a lot of significance to me and a lot of other people. >> now the trevor project that collins mentioned focused on suicide prevention for gay teens. the brooklyn nets played their first home game, and hopefully he'll get a standing ovation because he deserves it.
11:55 pm
his contract ends on tuesday. they could sign him for another ten day contract or sign him for the next of the year, ever since signing him, they are 3 and 1 since his signing. >> and collins has a lot to do with that? >> more than a lot. collins got to meet matthew shepherd's parents in denver. >> he wore the number as a subtle hint. the biggest night in hollywood, the 86th annual academy awards. jared leto won for best supporting actor, best supporting actress went to lupito nyongo.
11:56 pm
cate blanchett, and matthew mcconaughey for his role in dallas buyers club. haven't seen a single one of them. >> i saw ellen go into the crowd and do a selfie. >> thank you, that's our show. thanks so much, we appreciate it. i'll be back with headlines after this very short break on al jazeera america. have a good fight. so many money stories sound complicated. but don't worry. i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down the confusing financial speak and make it real.
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>> you're watching al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york with tonight's top stories. russia has made a declaration of war, this comes after russia
11:59 pm
seized key installations, in crimea. secretary of state john kerry will travel to kiev on tuesday. over protest on russia's actions. protesters in full costume, celebrating carnival as well, while they call an end to corruption and high violence. missile testing from north korea. a response to annual military exercises by the u.s. and south korea. attorneys for a man on florida's death row are challenging the state's i.q. standards, florida having a higher i.q. than 70 means an inmate is not mentally disabled and may be executed.
12:00 am
left it up to the states to determine an inmate's mental status. those are the headlines on this sunday night. al jazeera america presents toughest place to be a farmer starts now. mp now starts now. >> richard gibson is leaving his dairy farm in devon, england to work as a samburu cattle herder. >> this isn't going to be my usual day then; obviously. >> in an arid land where warriors fight gun battles to defend their cattle. >> he's prepared to give his life for his cows, because if they haven't got them, they've got nothing. >> he'll be faced with some unusual traditions... >> i just don't want to be circumcised today.


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