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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 8, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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even though i can't see. >> tech know. >> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. ♪ the u.s. bombs islamic state fighters with the first air strikes in iraq since 2011. ♪ dropping much-needed aid to some of the tens of thousands of people sent fleeing by the group's advance and this is the al jazeera news hour live from london and also coming up, palestinian fighters fire rockets in israel as a three-day cease fire ends, israel resumed air strikes on gaza and pulled out of truce talks in cairo.
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the epidemic in west africa is declared an international health emergency. plus. >> it teams when we come to the subject of the big brother the audience cannot get enough. >> reporter: how u.s. whistleblower edward snowden inspired writers at the world's biggest art festival. ♪ for the first time u.s. forces have bombed fighters from the armed group which calls itself the islamic state, u.s. war planes launched strikes on artillery targets and the pentagon says two fighter jets dropped 500 pound bombs on artillery and the truck towing it and this is in the recent weeks and swept from syria in parts of northern iraq in unit but the suni rebels pushed
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further in the north and seized a fifth oil field and pushed out kurdish forces to reach iraq's biggest dem and over run more towns and this is home to the azidi community and thousands who fled their homes are still stranded in the mountains of northern iraq, john kerry wants to stop the situation in i iraq before going into genicide. >> with the crisis unfolding before our eyes and the rolls of the starving and sick growing daily and the potential of further executions, cold blooded executions taking place, because people are a minority looking for safety on a mountain top, because of that the united states with president obama's decision has made its decision that it must save these lives
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and the world needs to join us in a condemnation of isil actions. >> reporter: the u.s. has begun air drops of food and supplies and the u.n. will carry out aid drops in the next few days and troops have already begun deliveries with helicopters delivering to thousands of refugees and trapped in the mountains since islamic state fighters over ran their town last week and jane has the latest from northern iraq. >> reporter: we are told by kurdish officials that those air strikes, the ones confirmed by the u.s. on islamic state artillery batteries have actually hit in an area they have evacuated just a short time ago. and now east of the kurdish capitol close to 100,000 people who fled cities and towns over run by the islamic state have
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been moving there according to kurdish officials. some of them have chosen to go back to mozal just a short while ago we saw some who had come over the past 24 hours saying they had been fleeing essentially for the past two months ever since mozal fell and there are reports that embassys are evacuating staff here and reports that oil companies are also pulling their workers from the oil feels, all and all a growing sense of panic here. in the last hour we had a briefing from the white house, gets get more on that from patty from washington d.c. and we certainly heard an emphasis of the u.s. concern in the briefing, patty, about the potential for genicide, concern about humanitarian situation this iraq but reiterating that there will be no boots on the ground. >> exactly, the president is trying to reassure obviously war-weary country that this is not going to become another iraq war under his watch.
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there have been a lot of questions about how does this end, what is the exit strategy. and the obama administration in the briefing very careful to say there is no end date, trying to find that balance. the president though is saying that the u.s. will get more involved with it and more aid to the iraqi government anti -- iraq military if it's inclusive of all the different factions and sections in i, iraq and trying to get them to perform quicker. >> with the middle east has there been criticism of the u.s. president barack obama for intervening iraq with military intervention but not doing the same in syria? >> if there is any criticism of the president by politicians is he has not done enough. they are saying if he had done
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more to stop the islamic state group in syria this would not have happened in, iraq and the press secretary was just asked how can you justify it in, iraq and not serrie and he said it is different and in, iraq they were asked to intervene by the kurdish and others who have a strong relationship with the u.s. government and says that is not the case in sierra. also u.s. has good surveillance capabilities over iraq and a good idea what is going on the ground and a good idea the military can have an impact in a limited faction. >> patty in washington d.c. thank you. they have blamed politicians for the crisis accusing them of being motivated by self interest. they cling to the post and making a grave mistake putting pressure on maliki and dominick
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cain looks at the fragile situation. >> reporter: fighters from the so called islamic state parade through a recently occupied northern iraq town on the u.s. is launching air strikes against them. for months the influence of is has spread across the country as the national army wilts before them and mirrored the wilting government of the prime minister maliki. for 8 years he has governed iraq in a manner that has become increasingly sectarian and now the constituent assembly has been unable to agree on a new prime minister. and yet in april's election maliki's party won more seats than any other and he won more votes personally than any other candidate. but crucially he fell short of majority. in the months since, the combination of the rise of the islamic state group, kurdish opposition and weakening support from i iran and they said they
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will support a candidate from the party except maliki himself. the influential grand iatola indicated he thinks maliki should not cling on to power. >> translator: insisting and staying in a government post could lead to negative effects on the country and a terrible mistake and politicians should avoid it even those with a small responsibility to the people. >> reporter: the people are united against maliki it's less clear who could succeed him. >> it's not a given, it depends on the person, it depends on the situation. but the main delta in terms of how that would come out, those possibilities, is strong american support including military support in return for an iraqi political class that pulls together in one direction. >> reporter: some believe
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maliki's predecessor could return but he is tainted to some people by his failure to deal with rising sectarian violence ten years ago. others point to akmed and once a favorite of the bush white house he is close to iran and who does get this faces challenges and first to defeat the islamic state and then try to patch up a country that has begun to divide on tribal and sectarian lines. dominick cain, al jazeera. >> lebanese troops entered for the first time since fighting started a week ago and islamic group seized the town saturday in the worst spill over since the war in syria began and convoys of trapped refugees are filmed trying to leave the town with belongings. a military source said the army started to enter and setting up checkpoints and advancing
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slowly. ♪ israel has resumed air strikes across the gaza strip after hamas fired fight rockets into israel, one of the first casualties was a 12-year-old child and follows a 72-hour spite in the form of a cease fire and talks by egypt failed to get the truce extended and andrew simmons reports from gaza. >> reporter: gaza skyline once again lighted by warfare after attempted to extend a 72-hour cease fire failed in cairo. and then the grim familiar routine of the emergency response and tending to the injured. among the early casualties was a 12-year-old child who died after an israeli air strike. rockets have been fired at israel within seconds of the cease fire expiring.
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some intercepted by the iron dome missile system. then after israel's delegation pulled out of cairo its military was ordered to launch attacks. the stricken people of the gaza strip have seen it before and with dread many knew heading for u.n. shelters, schools was the only answer. 4700 people are housed in this shelter. it has been full to capacity but during the 72-hour cease fire 1500 left to return to their homes. now they are all back, cueing for water, cueing for food. among those who have returned is this family. their house is here and badly damaged but they have been back to receive condolence for one of their adult sons who had been killed. >> translator: i remember him in every part of the house. i think of how good he was to his father, how kind he used to be to his kids, i miss him so
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much. >> reporter: palestinians in gaza having had only a brief respite are now back in the mindset of desperation. andrew simmons, al jazeera, gaza city. the israeli military says 60 rockets were fired at the territory from gaza on friday morning and the video released shows fighters preparing and carrying out a launch. israel says several rockets were launched around four hours before the cease fire ended 8:00 local time and heavy barges began afterwards and police say two israelis were injured by mortar fire. let's look at the human cost of the conflict so far, since israel and gaza began a month ago 64 soldiers and 3 civilians and a ty national killed and the ministry says 1888 killed and three quarters are civilians according to u.n. and
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nine-and-a-half thousand wounded and 170,000 are living in 89 u.n. shelters. nicole on-johnston but we will talk about why the cease fire wasn't extended from hamas? >> reporter: well, at this stage we have not heard much from hamas. we have, of course, heard from various people, suggesting that hamas is still trying to come up with some sort of agreement which in the long-term we will see an end to the blockade which we will see new rules which allow fisher men in the gaza strip to go further than allowed and an establishment of a port in gaza but we understand the gulf between what hamas wants and indeed what israel is
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willing to settle for remains extremely wide. and that is why perhaps we have seen the kind of fighting we have today. in fact, just before i spoke to you i could hear the boom of an air strike. we don't know what the target was at this stage. but the fighting continues. >> in gaza thanks for much and speaking to nicole in west jerusalem and what do we hear about cease fire talks from israelis? >> just in the last couple hours we started to hear from the israeli media about the main sticking point, officially israel is not saying anything at this point but the israel media is reporting senior officials have said to them the main sticking point is the palestinian delegations demand for two things and it's a sea port from gaza and an airport. now many would say that these are sort of fairly lofty goals for the palestinian side and there is already a small port in gaza and obviously the palestinians would like there to
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be a proper commercial port free of israeli control and allow them to bring in goods, construction materials. at the moment israel controls the commercial crossings into gaza. it only allows palestinians to bring in goods so to speak, limited goods, and no one inside gaza allowed to export anything. as for the airport, i have been to the airport in gaza and it's a completed bombed out ruins and bombed in 2001 and only opened for three years. so it is a big goal for the palestinian delegation to be asking for these two elements, the egyptian side from the reports we are getting is trying to say that it's not a realistic goal but as far as we are hearing at this stage the palestinian side are sticking to a long list of demands and two of the main ones at this stage. >> nicole in west jerusalem, thank you. well there have been clashes across the occupied west bank where thousands of palestinians were protesting against israel
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bombardment of gaza. and police fired tear gas and used water cannon to dispurse people throwing stones and a 18-year-old boy was killed and 70 palestines were injured across from bethlehem and jeanene and hebron and we are hearing from nicole there that we are still seeing divernt terms and the violence in gaza is continuing and more violence in the occupied west bank as well. are we looking at a protracted period of violence now? >> we moves to a very strange period where war has ended but it has mutated into a new protracted, perhaps at attrition that will send
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messages that are not exactly nonviolence. now, in the process what has been quite shocking but hardly surprising is that the egyptians have been anything but impartial in those talks in cairo. the egyptians seems to the palestinians and siding with the israelis on a lot of the points and that complicated the issue for the palestinians who have now been drafting and redrafting some of the points and making other points clear and so on and so forth and that is another element that entered in the framework why the palestinians feel like they are confronting negotiations and the israelis and egyptians. >> do you think egyptians will feel the pressure and talk about the cease fire and an end to the current round of fighting? >> this is rational thinking as you propose would make sense and i would have argued a long time ago that si si would have been
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very smart to embrace hamas and say for me it's not a question of it's the same and the other question is just and gaza has a right to protect itself. but it seems the egyptian regime's hostility is far greater than it is view of palestine as a victim of israeli occupation today. and that's why, by the way, the palestinians both hamas are insisting on opening the port and that wasn't as important before. because it seems the gaza trust egypt less to open the crossings on the longer term. so before they were talking about opening crossings. this is getting a bit tricky because of israel and egypt change their minds in a few months gaza goes back to zero and opening the water would make more sense for them to feel like the siege has been lifted. >> a number of foreign policy challengers facing the u.s. in a region we were just hearing from the white house a short time ago
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about the situation in iraq and voicing concern after what is happening to the minorities and christians and of course muslims are suffering at the moment but saying no boots on the ground and no protracted u.s. presence in iraq, what is your assessment and analysis of the way they are balancing these difficulties? >> i tweeted a little earlier a simple question to those people out there asking is the american intervention in iraq humanitarian or hypocritical and they have disagreement about that but they said both, they are getting humanitarian and a bit hypocritical because they did not intervene a few months ago when maliki was destroying village's and towns. >> and the bomber is asking questions about how he can justify intervention in iraq and the same thing not done in syria. >> we could argue for washington
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that in iraq they were invited by state and syria not supposed to be invited by regime. for viewers around the world because there is confusion and israeli voices is saying isis and hamas is the same thing but it's not. one is defending occupied territories, isis is a group that has been basically in a medieval way taking over huge amounts of land but in both cases there is something that is common. entire region from palestine, lebanon and iraq is facing regimes and military occupations by foreign powers, those two have basically built up so much violence this is the result of it. the solution in iraq like palestine is a sound diplomatic intervention and the turks and
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iraqis would like to see an end to isis and why not bring everyone on board in an initiative to take care of isis and do the same in israel and palestine, bring about a real diplomatic solution. >> that is a good question. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and still ahead for you on the news hour including why bitter presidential rivals may be partnering up to lead afghanistan. >> emma where the community faces the challenge of trying to rebuild itself. plus the footballer hoping to take a chunk out of the ban for biting an opponent, that is coming up, in sport. ♪ now other top story this hour, ebola in west africa claimed the lives of at least 961 people in guinea, sierra leone and nigeria
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and libraeria and they have guidelines to deal with it and on the border they are setting up rapid response teams ready to deal with an out break of the virus and who is asking for help to people who have been exposed and ban on international travel or trade and we have more from nigeria where the president has just declared a state of emergency over the disease. >> reporter: the ebola outbreak in west africa is the worst in history. it is so bad it could affect more people than all the other previous outbreaks combined. >> this morning i am declaring the current outbreak of ebola virus disease a public health emergency of international concern. the committee's decision was unanimous. we acknowledge the serious and unusual nature of the outbreak
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and the potential for further international spread. >> reporter: the current outbreak started last december in guinea and has spread to liberia, sierra leone and nigeria. who declaration of the ebola outbreak is an international emergency will come as relief to african nations and until now they are fighting it on their own and hoping the declaration will come more financial and technical assistance. >> our collective health security depends on support for containment operations in these countries. i urge -- [technical difficulties]
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>> 15 stories one incredible journey edge of eighteen coming september only on al jazeera america ♪ welcome back, you are watching the al jazeera news hour and let's take you through the top stories. u.s. war planes launched arstrikes in northern iraq arming with the islamic state and supplies were dropped for thousands who fled. air strikes on the gaza strip after they fired rockets in israel and talks have failed to get both sides to extend a 72-hour cease fire. and the world health organization declared the ebola outbreak in africa an emergency and at least 961 people have now died this guinea, sierra leone,
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liberia and nigeria. we will go to northern iraq and juliet is with unicef from iraq and what can you tell us about minorities in northern iraq right now? >> the situation right now is pretty grim here in iraq and talking tens of thousands of people who have been impacted only by the recent crisis that took place in sinjar and that comes in addition to what already is a humanitarian crisis following what has been happening in mozal and it's a grim situation and our concern has been for the past few days over the phase of 25,000 children who are stuck in the mountains of sinjar following their displacement after they
2:34 pm
fled for their lives on sunday. >> yes, many thousands have besieged on mount sinjar from the group calling itself islamic state and there have been air drops delivering food and water but what more do these people need to survive? >> they need the humanitarian assistance for sure and need the water, they need the food, they need the shelter. it's very, very hot up there in the mountains but what they also need is protection so there needs to be work that is being done to evacuate these people who are currently stranded in the mountains into safety. >> is it worth mentions, juliet, aside from christians and minorities suffering in iraq there are also muslims being persecuted? >> that is right. the crisis here in iraq is not
2:35 pm
just about that but it's able children suffering all over iraq and impacting 250,000 children whether they are on board or whether they are in north iraq or kosbula and it has been a pretty grim year for children and instead of children enjoying their summer, preparing for the school, they are being and fleeing from their homes and dying and talking about 56 children who are reported dead following the displacement in sinjar. and this should stop. this should stop immediately. no child, no more children in iraq should die. >> children suffering across the country and speaking to us from uficef.
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afghanistan's president candidates appear to set aside the bitter rivalry and agreed to cooperate in the order of 8 million ballots casted in the resent elections and will work to form a unity government and jennifer glasse has more from kabul. >> reporter: united from of a united government and u.s. secretary of state joined the holefuls to announce a deal to speed up a process to choose a president. >> we will form a government of national unity to implement what will take place. what unites us is far greater than what divided us during the campaign. >> reporter: the unity government includes a new post for a chief executive officer to the appointed by whoever loses the presidency but responsibilities of that office have not yet been defined. >> i hope that the utmost fair of campaigning is behind us.
2:37 pm
and then a new phase in the political life of the people of afghanistan. >> reporter: they need a new phase. review of all 8 million ballots has not been going smoothly, both parties raised objections over the rules slowing the process and 10% of the 24,000 boxes have been looked at so far and now there is a renewed commitment. >> both parties agree that the rules of the road, both parties have agreed to stay at it. both parties have agreed to live by the outcome. >> reporter: the two candidates say they hope a replacement for outgoing karzai is named by the end of the month. that will be a tight deadline with so many ballots still to be reviewed and details of who will do what in the unity government still to be worked out. both contenders agree their country needs a new leader soon to end the uncertainty that paralyzed the economy and under minded the trust of the people.
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jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. to ukraine where the number of government forces killed in the east past 400. 15 soldiers were cherokeed in killed for the region and meanwhile the government has confirmed that pro-russian separatists shot down an aircraft on thursday. a ukraine helicopter was shot at but made emergency landing and no casualties in either crash. kiev says it is making gains against rebel fighters, this was a situation in the middle of june. pro-russian forces shown in yellow holding large parts of eastern ukraine and government are in there and trying to force rectals out of key cities. slovansk is one city that has been recaptured and from there emma hayward sent this report. >> reporter: they are learning how to help those affected by
2:39 pm
this war. the fighting has stopped but the scars left by the battle run deep. and more and more people need the help of counselors like these to cope. many of the victims in slovansk are too young to understand why their world was turned upside down. >> translator: everyone is anxious and worried about the future. it's very hard for people to deal with this unstable situation. and to find resources to cope. the symptoms we see in children are speech impediment, bedwetting, anxiety and fear of certain sounds. >> reporter: around this city there are constant reminders of what happened here. relative calm has been restored after weeks of turmoil. just over a month ago this was the scene of heavy fighting. reconstruction work here has started. but questions linger about how to rebuild lives. and how to help those coming from further afield.
2:40 pm
not far from the city, a place renown for peace and homes are temporary shelters for families like these. >> translator: everyday we worried about our relatives and we cry, we try calling them but there is no phone connection. my brothers back home with our mother, i would like to return home ideally today but we have a terrible war ranging there. >> reporter: but she and the four people she is sharing this tiny shelter with will have to stay put as both sides try to get the upper hand in this conflict. emma hayward in slovansk eastern ukraine. >> malaysia will carry out an overhaul of the airplane, the financial woes worsened after a plane disappeared in march and another was shot down over ukraine last month. trading on the company's shares has been suspended and florence
2:41 pm
has more. >> reporter: a rescued plane from malaysia national carrier, the state investment fund already owns close to 70% of malaysia airlines and now it offered to buy the company's remaining publically traded shares and offering a premium of 12.5% over the last traded price, it's an exercise that going to cost the national about $470 million. the airline has been operating for several years at a loss and hit hard by two resent crashes. in march one of its planes went missing while on route to beijing. and last month one of its passenger jets was shot down over ukraine. more than 500 people were killed in the two incidents. malaysia airlines has to rebuild its reputation as well as its financial health. >> one of the things that may come out from the restructuring of malaysia airlines is possibly a rebranding of the airline as
2:42 pm
well. which may go some way forward to aiding and restoring that reputation, but it is a long and up hill battle there. >> reporter: malaysia wealth fund says it plans to overhaul the airline. analysts say taking it off the stock exchange will make it easier for them to restructure the company and has not said what the restructuring will mean but it won't have the desired effect if malaysia airlines doesn't regain consumers' confidence, florence with al jazeera. >> british investigator and american wife have been given a two year sentence in china and the court says britain is to be deported and peter humphrey were accused of illegally obtaining private information on chinese citizens. they were arrested last year after doing work for british pharmaceutical giant glaxco for
2:43 pm
bribing people to use the products and the son said they made trouble for them by hiring an investigation which quote tromped on several powerful toes. al jazeera is demanding the release of journalists in prison for 223 days and fahmy and greste were given sentences of helping the muslim brotherhood and mahommad got an extra three. a man who is accused of killing his girlfriend is over and oscar pistorious must face the consequences but his defense team says the athlete was vulnerable and had a heightened flight response because of disability and he is accused of murdering his girlfriend on valentine's day last year.
2:44 pm
for almost 40 years hundreds of grandparents have searched for grandchildren stolen during argentina dirty war and few have found them but we report from buenas-ares but a dream has come true to one giving hope to others. >> reporter: a symbol of perseverance and hope, the high profile grandmothers and this week was united with her grandson after a 36 year search. argentina celebrated with her as hundreds of other babies were born in captivity and given up for adoption and they are still out there, now young adults and hundreds of hopeful desperate grandmothers are searching for them. and her only son and 8 month pregnant wife were taken by authorities in october 1976 and never seen again. and she believes her
2:45 pm
daughter-in-law had a boy. >> translator: they always talked about a boy called martin because they knew he would be a boy so of course i continued to search for a blonde boy with blue eyes given that name 36 years ago. >> reporter: a founder of the campaigning groups that demands to know what happens to the estimated 30,000 people killed under military rule. she celebrates it with this and her hope she will be celebrating with her own grandson next. >> translator: it gives us strength and hope. i feel martin is close. i feel martin is close. >> reporter: 114 recovered grandchildren, argentina is celebrating and gradually heals the wounds from the dark past but 31 years after the military left office it's still battling for answers, searching for
2:46 pm
justice. and it's from here some of those answers may come. and this bank connects those searching with their loved ones when they are finally found dead or alive. and she is one of the world's leading anthropologist providing the evidence to bring killers to justice. >> argentina has truth justice and memory and prosecution for the perpetrator and we found bodies and more investigation and human rights is part of our daily life. >> reporter: some grandmothers have died without finding their lost grandchildren and she is now 88, her confidence boosted that she too will soon meet her lost grandson and find some comfort from a tragic past, al
2:47 pm
jazeera. ten years after the indian ocean tsunami that killed 170,000 people a daughter who was given up for dead has been reunited with her mother. she was swept away from her home in indonesia and she and her brother was on a wooden plank and rescued but her brother never found and raised by an elderly woman 130 kilometers south of her home and now is back living with her family. >> translator: the only thing i could remember is we were chatting as we rested on a board after a while people came to help and the next thing i knew i was on land but my brother was still on the board. . >> translator: it's a mother's instinct, when i saw her i knew she was the one and we also saw her photos from childhood when we picked her up, that is her. >> reporter: tropical storm iselle hit hawaii, it was
2:48 pm
downgrade from a hurricane having weakened at sea more than 1200 people took shelter in evacuation centers and 1700 miles per hour winds battered the east of the region and power knocked out in 5,000 homes. category three hurricane is due to follow on monday. still ahead for you in the sport rory mcilroy makes his move at the u.s. pga championship and we will have the latest news. ♪
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welcome back. u.s. intelligence talking about edward snowden has been inspiring performers in scott land, more than a year since revelations about spying prompted him to flee to russia which has given him permission to stay for three more years and thousands of miles away fema surveillance is taking center stage and we report from there. >> reporter: few heard of edward snowden 18 months ago and know who he is now and mass surveillance gave his government headaches and given writers at the festival inspiration and ideas. surveillance is in and it's one of the big themes of the 2014 show and watching people and seems we have come to the subject of big brother, the audience just can't get enough. just look at light. this is a dark vision of a future. directly inspired by the snowden revelations. it's like orwel's 1984 and our
2:51 pm
2014. >> it was seen before as being farfetched and kind of paranoid is now reality and we are being watched on skype, text message and i feel very uncomfortable about the fact people are watching me and everybody else without our consent and never asked and i want to engage in the debate and make a piece of state to that and makes people think about it. >> reporter: comes from australia, a tale of lies, secrets and spies and it's a worldwide concern and here theatre is the way to spark that debate. >> i think it's very interesting to a lot of readers and theatre persons and an artist generally to be living in this time when this huge avalanche of computer information is swirling around us with very strong political conventions and also very strong personal connections. >> reporter: performers are used to being watched, audience is increasingly too but in a
2:52 pm
very different way, the big question raised at the fringe how long will they tolerate it for and ultimately do they have any choice in the matter. phil with al jazeera, at the festival. time for your sport. >> thank you very much. after a lengthy weather delay rory mcilroy was back out on the course of the u.s. pga championship on friday. he started his round just one shot off the lead at the final major of the year. rory mcilroy now in first place out on his own after firing a four under par, 67 to lead the clubhouse at 9 under over all, the world number one remember has won his last two tournaments including the open championship. and he leads by two shots and leads american palmer after he is one under second round, overnight lee west wood and kevin chapel have just tee'd off
2:53 pm
and tiger woods began the round as well and they want improvement on this, this was his opening round and managed just one birdie and pulled out midway through the final around of last week's invitational and showed no ill effects on thursday three under par of 74 left him way off the pace. >> yeah, it wasn't very good. a lot of bad shots and i know i got to putt to the hole. all my lines just for some reason i thought they would be a little quicker and didn't make the adjustment well enough and i had plenty of looks to turn this, turn my round around and then pull something even par or under par. >> reporter: despite avoiding a jail sentence earlier this week the legal problems may not be over for bernie, on tuesday a german court dropped a bribery
2:54 pm
case in exchange for $100 million payment but on friday german bank involved in the case rejected a second payment of $33.5 million and he used to have a sizable stake in formula one until he sold it to a private equity firm in 2005. the bank claims he collected a commission to help with the sale and also under valued their estate. and swarz immediate future is in the hands of the highest sports court there is after being ban for biting an opponent at the world cup the barcelona striker has taken his case to the court of arbitration for sports and he has been ban for four months football related activity and the next nine matches and he was hoping to get that suspension reduced with a final decision expected next week. >> from the part of the national federation, the main concern is related to the nine matches because it could represent that
2:55 pm
he be prevented to play until 2016 if we don't reform the decision. so this is the main concern. >> reporter: and also has been kicked out of the champion's league for fielding an illegal pledge during the quality win and as a result he has reinstated the scottish champion and 6-1 aggregate that the pollish team briefly fielded a play and should have been suspended and planning an appeal and he will face slovenia for a place in the group stage. >> first of all i feel sorry to my friends for norway and ledger there and it's tough to think of them and now with the league so that is what we have been saying so and we have not been involved in anything and that is how it is. >> reporter: ten playoff ties
2:56 pm
of the english premier league go to turkey to face the 2011 french champion and the pick of the round season and face athletic and he knocked him out in the third run of the cup in toronto and want to top that off with the frenchman who won against 8th seed andy murray and lost and later on the fifth seed replaced in the semi finals. nbaodin career looks to be in jeopardy, the former number one draft pick arrested for allegedly punching his ex girlfriend in the face, the incident reportedly happened at his mother's house and he was released late on thursday and he recently played for miami heat is waiting to see if he will face any formal charges. >> had there been some, a weapon used, had there been some
2:57 pm
significant injury that could bump things up to the felony level, at this point the outright arrest was made for misdemeanor battery. >> reporter: scored the 37th century of his career and rain washed out must of the third day and against pakistan and they did have time to combine for their 18th century partnership in tennis match, 252 for 2 in reply to pakistan's first innings of 451. rain curtailed this in manchester and play abandon and the series level at one a piece. that is sport for now and more later. >> thank you and that is it for this news hour from me, i will be back in a few moment's time with more of the days news and have everything you need to know on iraq and check out our website, al ♪
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>> this is puerto galera in the philippines. i've been coming here for over a decade. for me, it's like a second home.