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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 15, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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but as jane arraf reports, with changes at the top the government faces huge challenges. after weeks of insisting he would in the step aside, this announcement:. >> translation: in order to enable political process to go forward i'm withdrawing my nomination from the post of prime minister in favour of haider al-abadi, for the sake of the best doctors of the country. >> it's a country at war with itself, as well as against the islamic state group. kurds and sunnis sniffeded that
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maliki be replaced. he had lost report from his own shia allies. the shia leadership urged him to step down, convinced he could no longer hold the country or the shias together. >> translation: i faced a ferocious attack. >> reporter: nouri al-maliki became prime minister eight years ago, residing over iraq regaining sovereignty after u.s. occupation. in 2011 oversaw the exit of u.s. troops. he alienated political allies, until recently he retained popular support. in a bold move in 2008, he sent
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the iraqsy army to basra to retake the city. despite that nouri al-maliki's political legacy is seen as his sectarian once. under his watch sunni protests erupted. he accused the government of the marginalizing and mistreating him. the anger was fertile ground for the islamic state group. when is fighters moved into mosul, they met no resistance. in 2006 nouri al-maliki was a compromise candidate, not seen as a threat to anyone. he earnt his term viewed as a threat. with this announcement nouri al-maliki is a caretaker prime minister until a new government is formed. he is a member of parliament.
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among the posts is vice president or deputy prime minister. although he's stepping aside, no one expects him to disappear. >> the united states is in favour of nouri al-maliki's decision. national security advisor susan rice said: the european union foreign ministers are talking about the possibility of arming kurdish fighters and the iraqi army. france is sending weapons. germany, the czech republic will send arms. jane arraf joins me from erbil. nouri al-maliki stepped down as prime minister. ending a political deadlock, i think you can call it, that could enable the government to tackle this islamist insurgency,
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as long as the new government, i suppose, this had the tribal leaders on board. >> there's an element of what they need on board, but an important one. >> the prime minister designate has three weeks to pull that together. what we are expecting is an expression of somewhat cautious opt mixes from a sunni tribe saying they are willing to cooperate if they are brought into the rose and get what they are demanding. what they demand is a range of things, from releasing prisoners from prisons, where they've been held, many without charge, from creating jobs and making them feel that they are part of the country. importantly, steven, there's a message of support from the ayatollah ali al-sistani, the
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religious cleric saying this could be the opportunity. >> just about everyone welcomed the fact that he stepped down, and will want to see concrete indications that haider al-abadi is not just another nouri al-maliki. >> absolutely. that is the fear. there was a lot of personal bitterness towards the end between caretaker prime minister nouri al-maliki, and kurdish leaders, sunni leaders - pretty much everyone, really. so once you take that away, that feeling that nouri al-maliki himself personally betrayed the cause for a lot of these groups and other iraqi leaders, that puts things on a better footing. we have to remember that haider al-abadi is from the same party as prime minister nouri al-maliki. we don't know what he thinks about how effective he'll be as a leader or how effective he can be.
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we are off to a good start iraqis would say, because with sunnis on board, and shia clerics giving a vote of confidence and the kurds not opposing the development, it's a better place to be in. >> we are waiting for the sunni tribal leaders and we'll be dipping into that in this newshour. why are they meeting and what do they want? >> they are meeting to announce they will cooperate with the government given certain continues. the chief person holding the conference in erbil, which is an interesting venue is an important tribal figure. his forces attempted up with al
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qaeda, and then turned against al qaeda to help the u.s. military and the iraqi military defeat them. he and his forces are major players. the sunnis are divided. his tribe is divided. if, indeed, he is ready to give it a shot, it's a vote of confidence. there's a lot of money needed, weapons and political concessions. certainly that would be a start. >> jane arraf reporting from erbil. thank you very much. >> to europe, and n.a.t.o. accused moscow of escalating the conflict in ukraine. ukraine's military says it's taking back a strategic town in the east. 40km from the russian border, on
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the main road of donetsk and luhansk - heavy shelling across the cities killed dozens since thursday. >> the border guards are looking inside a convoy of russian lorries. moscow says they are carrying humanitarian aid. kiev is worried they might we carrying military equip. ukraine will not allow the lorries in. >> this morning ukranian officials, 41 border guards and 18 customs officials crossed the border into russia to start the inspection process of convoy. that is a big job. there are around 260 trucks, which russia says are packed with much-needed humanitarian aid for people living in the
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east of ukraine. earlier, some journalists are were allowed to randomly pick trucks, we understand, to see what was in the back of them, and reported that they saw supplies in the back of their trucks. earlier british journalist reported seeing russian military vehicles crossing into eastern ukraine. now, that would clearly send some alarm bells to kiev, who have long accused russia of backing the separatist campaign here, an allegation that is strongly denied. the fighting continues. at least 14 people killed in donetsk in the past 24 hours, the ukranian forces say this they'll continue to make ground here in the east, with another three towns captured from separatist control. >> the united nations and human rights group is warning of
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widespread abuses. barnaby phillips reports from slovyansk. >> the physical damage of war is obviously. all of this can be repaired in time. what will not be easy to fix is the broken lives. >> this is boris and his wife maria. this is their son alexi. he disappeared weeks ago when the separatists arrested him. they said he was stealing. there are reports they executed him in a crude summary justice. maria has been looking for him. she has to believe that he is still alive. she saw him in her dreams last night. >> when the separatists were in charge this building was their military headquarters. it was partially destroyed in the fighting but we were allowed inside. this was the office of their commander igor strokov.
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and these are the sellers where he kept his prisoners. under the separatists slovyansk was a city of fear, and what people dreaded was being brought to these rooms where people were held as hostages. >> on the wall, traces of what looks like blood. here, perhaps where someone has been counting off the days. a pro-ukranian activist was held in that cellar for 10 days. >> they tied my hands toot. beat me, put a bucket over my head. >> this man told me his brother was murdered by separatists, because they discovered he was giving information to the ukranian army. at first they hoped the bandits
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would be punished. they didn't do anything when the separatists were in charm, and still don't do anything. >> we went to the farm with vallen teen was murdered. neighbours confirmed the story. his family did not want to talk to us. >> in slovyansk 14 bodies were found in the grave. killed because a separatist leader wanted to take over their leader. we don't know who the other 10 bodies belong too. this is a town where many are looking for answers. >> you're watching the newshour on al jazeera. still to come - reports the nigeria armed group boko haram carried out another mass kidnapping. the details on that, we'll talk to our correspondence. >> our boys are fighting, putting the name of india on the
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world map. >> remembering india's sacrifices during the first world war. in sport we hear from luis suarez, as he's allowed to train with his new club - adding bite to the team. two people have been killed in geesa during protests to march the first anniversary of an anti-coup sit in broken up by security forces. thousands of supporters of the muslim brotherhood have turned out in cities across the country, following the death of six people in protests in cairo on thursday. a year ago security officials broke up two protests, one at intoeder square and -- national guardia square and the other at a mosque. many were killed.
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al jazeera continues to demand the release of three journalists who have been imprisoned in egypt for 230 days. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were all falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. in june mohamed fadel fahmy and peter greste were given seven year sentences. baher mohamed received an extra three years because he had a spent bullet in his possession, something picked up at a protest. government and funnion forces -- african union forced raid the the home of a former warlord. 14 were killed in heavy fighting in the suburb of mogadishu. people caught up in the violence were sent to the local hospital. the raid is part of a campaign to seize weapons from militia. 20 have been arrested. six fighters killed, security officials injured. attackers used guns and grep
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aids to storm a checkpoint close to the airport. four bombs were diffused at an air force base s. >> in pakistan opposition leader imran khan says his car was shot at during a rally in the east of the country. his convoy was attacked as it moved through a city. the former cricketer and leader of the terry ricky party was not hurt. kamal hyder is in islamabad. >> the attack on imran's convoy was tape seriously by the pakistan who said that their march was peace: imran khan said their shots were fired. he'll move into a bulletproof s.u. s.u.v., going ahead of the convoy. tens of thousands were waiting for him en route, as well as in
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islamabad. the important thing now is to see whether jordan caron is able to get into town along with the professor, said to be ahead of the imran khan march. if a large number of people are able to kather in islamabad, it would put pressure on the government. >> the protesters are on their way to islamabad. they are demapting the reggize naying of the prime minister. we have this report. >> it's what some analysts are calling the most serious challenge to prime minister nouri al-maliki. politicians and supporters are digging in. two men lead the opposition. they are far from friends, now far from enemies. one is imran khan. >> if demands are met,
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straightforward, it's a government with a fake election, fake mandate. they should resign and there should be new elections. >> another major opposition leader is a cleric. he is doing the army's bidding. he denies that saying the government is corrupt and useless. they are dying because of poverty. there's no clean water available to drink. >> kahn leads the pakistan terrica and won the third highest number of seats in parliamentary elections. kahn demanded a new election. he will not get that. but sharif announced an investigation. >> the government has decided that a judicial commission by the supreme court of pakistan be constituted to carry out an independent and transparent
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probe into allegations levelled at the 2013 election. >> when sharif won, many hoped pakistan was entering a new period, the first time one democratically elected government handed power to another. free of military meddling and political instability. that may not last long. in india four were killed when a building collapsed in a building. floodwaters released in a dam hit the building. two women and two children were dropped when the three-storey building collapsed. torrential rains weakened the infrastructure. >> so let's take a look at the weather there, of course, in india. indians celebrating their 68th day of independence. >> it may be independence day, but it's a socky one. let's take a look at the
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picture. you can see the cloud over the east, making the building stlucturally un -- structurally unsound. there's plenty of cloud. this is what i will focus on. it's been heavy, places reporting over 100mm of rain, enough to give us a problem with flooding, and other places have seen flooding. these pictures are from nannedy. this was a -- nannedy, it was a school, a submerged school, and a picture of this street that is more flooded and more impassable. over the next few days there'll be yet more wet weather which is not good news. it's not only india where we so the downpours, but nepal. this is a staggering amount of rain. 40 centimetres of rain. it is easily enough to give us a problem with flooding and landslides as well. so the fact that the rains will continue won't be welcome news
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for many of us in nepal and the eastern and northern parts of india. you can see the swathe of flu that we are expecting. it will be heavy and stretches down the south-eastern parts as well. this is more welcome. we can do with more rain in the south-eastern parts. >> boko haram fighters abducted dozens of boys in a raid on a remote village and north-east nigeria. 97 people are missing. fighters killed six men on the village in borno state. those that escaped fled the capital. boko haram kidnapped schoolgirls. we are joined on the line. what can you tell us with the recent kidnappings? >> the abduction or the attack happened in a village raid that took place on sunday. it's not unusual for news of such boko haram attacks to take
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place in remote towns, several days until they are brought to the attention of survivors and witnesses, and they go to safer towns and areas, which is what happened. this makes borno different from the fishing community where they speak of rampant shootings. six were killed during the attack. the issue of abduction drew attention when boko haram abducted more than 200 schoolgirls. this is a tack take for two years, to use men and women as bargaining chips.
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specifically in the case of men, many people believed to force them into recruitment, into being foot shoulders, given the popularity and lack of support the group had been hadding and the losses it had been sustaining and ongoing confrontations with the military. >> you say there has been clashes with the military. do you know if the military had progress or success in the battle against boko haram. we heard nothing more about the missing schoolgirls. more children have been abducted. >> well, what the government says is that they have been able to achieve progress in terms of quality, intelligence, that they tried to gather intelligence to target the group in a different
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manner. in combat and armed confrontation. that's the area where the government has been trying to achieve congress. we have been seeing confrontations and battles. the group has been relentless in its attacks, the worst since the insurgency started. more than 2,000 have been killed since the beginning of the year. the group does not seem to be stopped by the military confrontation. the groups attacks have been sporadic and they attack and retreat. and that is the way they have been achieving progress. villages on the ground with sustained attacks. they seek minimal progress as long as the group can tart villagers. this attack was 300km away from
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the chibok village where the girls were abducted. it gives you an idea of the nature of how they were able to expand operations in different parts of the country and states where they were operating. >> thank you. you are watching the newshour. still to come - caught in the fighting but determined to stay. an iraq minority targeted by the islamic state. >> speeding at global trade. 100 years since the panama canal sparked an economic salesian. it's -- salesian. >> a setback for the world number one ahead of the u.s. open.
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welcome back to the newshour from doha. iraq's influential cleric, ayatollah ali al-sistani superiors the new prime minister haider al-abadi, who will take over after the resignation of nouri al-maliki. fighting continues in iraq. n.a.t.o. accuses moscow of escalating the conflict in ukraine. a convoy of russian vehicles crossed the border. border guard were checking what is in the lorries. russia says it's sending in aid. pakistan's opposition leader imran khan says his car was shot at during a rally. the leader was unhurt. >> thousands across pakistan are
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on their way to the capital, islamabad. >> let's go back to iraq. and a sunni tribal leader's meeting. remember, nouri al-maliki has stepped down as iraq's prime minister. >> translation: that's why the tribal leaders should come out with a detailed statement whereby the new prime minister it's iing nate should give consideration, statements made by the leaders. there's no doubt that today they are living the climate of starvation. there's an agreement for the formation of government, despite the previous elections where 95%
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of the elected were led my a murderous person, named nouri al-maliki, assisted by his corrupt criminals. this government, the upcoming government has a huge task for the reason they are encountering problems as they were mainly interested in top lipping nouri al-maliki, which was highly expected to this solemn event, toppling the nouri al-maliki, the first step towards cleansing iraq and something that iraq's problems. that's why we should lay down the roadmap towards salesian, whereby the new prime minister designate should take preparations to fulfil upon the appointment and the president should support and endorse the implementation of the roadmap,
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being a legitimate and lawful step and in case the prime minister retrains from addressing these points, it would be no different, and the problem will exacerbate. based on the above, we declare the following. first, bringing to a halt all the air-ground attacks on all the provinces, and allowing them to return immediately to their homes, making good the damage suffered by them, dispersing salaries and other allowances to be handed out to all the families for the suffer - for the suffering end, and the loss of suffer throughout the past day, including those within. also to form a provincial guard as per article 21 of the iraqi constitution, and allowed them to take responsibility from the
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army once the army withdraws and upon the withdrawal of the army forces. including other armed groups. as you know, they come for security and inability of the army to maintain security. let's resolve article 21, whereby the provincial bard is formed. the prime minister delegate is required not to trust or impart any of nouri al-maliki's aides for being the reason on the course, for the deteriorating conditions. as you are aware, those aids and officers have been following and supporting and assisting mower in his plans.
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once the government forms the permit should transfer and transform the areas into provinces, throughputing this into a public referendum, this will be initiated when security is restored. it's the constitutional rights of the residents, as article is 117 to 121. this will be put to a referendum. if positive, the government should address it genuinely and pily, and put it into implementation immediately, being the most suitable solution that meets the people's will. and to refrain from adopting the
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policies adopted by nouri al-maliki in his tenure. in our previous statement, we declared that we will start the formation of the provincial guards, that provincial police, and the public security in all the cities that are to be turned into provinces, and we have covered a long distance in this report, knowing that it is the residents responsible for maintaining order, and they are the first to take care of citizens. and in the sense of 2014, the army and police maintained security. the residents who are responsible for maintaining order in their provinces.
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stand defending their provinces again as the bombardment by nouri al-maliki. with respect to haider al-abadi we have collected about 22% of sits of the residents in order to return the same to the completion of formalities. we urge the residence of the important provinces who are prepared to be transformed into provinces and engage in the formation of the prifan shall guards -- provincial guards in order to stand up and we rid ourselves of destruction, and the sectarian militias of nouri al-maliki, as happened in other provinces, who are reeling under fierce bombardment. we call the international
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community to be prepared to immediately provide arms to the provincial guards. in the case, the said cities are transformed into prif jipss, all the -- provinces, all the arab cities will be the true representatives of the prove yipses in the -- provinces in the central government. it's agreed that each province will have a share in the government, and the sunni tribal provincial leaders or representatives in the government. these provinces were will their strategic debt on the base of reciprocity. that is governed by article 124.
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in order to liberate the debt from all the foreign militias that are reeking destruction and luting. the provincial guards will also be responsible for sharing in the central government, namely the key ministries. this is what was agreed upon which the said provinses. negotiation, the balance, the army and the security will cause the citizens to be engaged in maintaining order >> the governments consider all the demand, including the distribution of the three powers. judiciary and executive. all the demand are
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constitutional and laul. they are not time barred. we call on the u.s. administration that it's bombardment and strides should be limited to the armed groups. at the outskirts and not to include the revoting provinces, not to defend the terrorists, but to preserve and spare the blood of the residents. we'll continue to stamp after the terrorists, especially after the provincial guards and our military and security personnel are formed and in case the government fails to respond, we are prepared to cooperate with the government of kurdistan, in our night against tourism in all forms. this means that bombardment should not factoring innocent unsuspecting citizen, orders we will be cooperating with the
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kurdistan as they have succeeded in combatting terrorism. finally, some may interpret that the provincial agenda will serve political parties. yet it is the people's demand and the residents of the above provinces, it is our only path forward at this point in time. it is not part of the islamic parties agenda. never before the islamic party handed down a statement in this report. it is the people's demand to have the cities transformed into provinces. as i said, the islamic party has no interest.
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it is merely to conclude those with nouri al-maliki, you may accuse us of dividing iraq as your laws believe the provinces are a red line. some relate the ideas of provinces. we may be labelled that we are following a foreign agenda, including those supporting nouri al-maliki, and you might also claim that the provincial guards are fighting side by side with those. to continue to live as parasites - yet we condemn organised crime, killing assassination, destruction and we can no longer reel under the
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branch under the central authority. time has come for our people to lead peaceful dignified life, remote from the centralized authority, to have their own say, their own will, and away from the outlaws and terrorist. all the points mentioned in this statement are constitutional lawful demand that we can not abandon. we will give room for questions and answers later on. but i will give the floor over. >> translation: if the upcoming government is willing to resolve the problems of the sunni
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provinces and government, we warmly welcome this government. what is important here is that certain sooun yip politicians... >> i'm del walters in new york city. you are watching al jazeera america. after a night of calm in bill ferguson, missouri, police are now prepared to name the officer involved in the shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown. that is the police chief you see there, tom jackson, he addressed the media yesterday. this night of calm, by the way, following the four nights of violent protests. here again is the police chief of the ferguson, missouri. first of all, thank you to everybody for coming out and welcome. sorry about being late. i know the timeline has not played out like i expected it would. but as some of you are aware.
9:43 am
i had a lot of sunshine requests for information and documents about a variety of things. some of which is not available to me. but anyway, i'm here to talk about two things. fix, the name of the officer involved in the shooting and i have a lot of sunshine requests. i'll release information about a robbery that occurred op august 9th, proceeding the ultimate gags and shooting death of michael brown. it's important to note i have made contact with someone who is in contact with officer brown's family to make them aware of this information being released. what we are making available today are the dispatch records and the video footage of a robbery, a strong-armed robbery with use of force that occurred at a convenience mark. i cannot discuss the investigation about the apprehension.
9:44 am
suspect in the strong-armed robbery, that goes to the country prosecutor's office. i will not take questions right now, here, i want to give this information to you, let everyone digest it, and later on in the afternoon, we can get together and i'll take questions. >> so i just want to give you a little timeline of what happened on august 9th. from 11.48 until noon the officer involved in the shooting was on a sick call. there was an ambulance present. at 11.51. there was a 911 call from a convenience call nearby, not this one. at 11.52 dispatch gave a description of a robbery suspect over the radio. a different officer arrived at the store where the strong-armed robbery occurred. a further description, more details was given over the radio. stated the officer was walking -
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the suspect was walking towards quick trip. the officer left the sick call, encountered the - sorry. is at 12:01:00pm our officer encountered michael brown. at 12:04 a second officer arrived on the scene following the shooting. at 12:05 a supervisor was dispatched to the scene. subsequent officers arrived. there has been questions about the calling of ambulance. the ambulance at the sick case was coming by following the shooting. they responded to assessment michael brown. i'm going to have some police officers handing out packets that have all the information
9:46 am
requested, and the sunshine request concerning the robbery. we are going to give those packets, first of all, to those agencies that have made the sunshine request, and anybody else who wants them. i think we have enough to give out. we have a few. i'm sorry. the officer that was involved in the shooting of michael brown was darren wilson, he's been a police officer for six years, and had no disciplinary action taken against him. he was treated for injuries which occurred on saturday. again, i will not take questions at this time. the packets will be handed to my officers. and the name is darren
9:47 am
d-a-r-r-e-n wilson. >> a news conference by the police chief of the missouri, announcing the name of the officer involved in the shooting death, saying he is darren wilson, a 6-year vet. indicating that leading up to the stopping of michael brown, there was an incident at a convenience store, in which that store was robbed and that the officers may have been in the vicinitiy and responding to that particular call. let's go live to diane eastabrook, who is in bill ferguson, missouri. another night of calm in bill ferguson, the first night after four nights of protests. the naming of the police officer though has been a maker bone of contention for the people of ferguson. >> it has. that's one of the things that they within calling on. the st louis police, to release the name. they have been asking for
9:48 am
transparency from the police department. one of the things that they have been looking for is the officer's name. there are several people here, mostly media. a few protesters. i'm trying to gauge the sentiment here. it's been calm up until this point. we are not sure what the release of the name may mean for the rest of the day, how people will react to this. there is the old phrase that actions speak louder than words. one of the sticking points is that the citizens believe it is the police department against them. the governor coming in announcing that a highway patrol will be is charge. security. the news conference in which the spec - not the spec, but the police officer was named appeared to be pasty, and even toward the end he did not want
9:49 am
to give out the name of the officers. will his actions be interpreted one way or the other, and will that be watched. >> it's hard to say. i'm hearing a lot of yelling. i'm off to the side. there is a bit of anger, i think, here, hard for me to gaum. off to the side. but if it was a hastily - it was a quick news conference, the name came at the end. and we'll have a wait until later. he would not take any questions. he may have a press conference in another day where details may be forthcoming. he alloweded or mentioned the -- eluded or mentioned the robbery at the convenience store. the officers were in the neighbourhood. one wonders if they thought michael brown may have been a suspect. were they pursuing him.
9:50 am
was the prescription given. did he look like the suspect. he didn't give details of that, we don't know. >> is this the first that you heard of the convenience store robbery, that the police chief was indicating in that - will that make things worse than the description was not specific in the case that he pointed to an 18-year-old that looked like michael brown. >> it could. again, that goes back to the issue of transparency. this is the first that we herd about a convenience store robbery. could michael brown have been involved in that. he did not talk about that at this point. as you mentioned. we don't know if he fits the description of the suspect. if there was racial profiling involved. we don't know. we don't know again what happened with the encounter with the police officer. we heard reports from witnesses that michael had his hands up.
9:51 am
earlier in the week the police talked about a confrontation. there was a scuffle. michael brown allegedly and his companion pushed the officer in the car. a shot was fired. subsequent shots were fired on the streets. we don't know a lot of details surrounding the shootings, and we don't know much as well about the robbery at the convenes store. >> we do no that last night was difference. following four nights of violence, it was peaceful. describe what you saw on the streets of missouri. >> yes, it was a change from what we witnessed the night before that. you and i talked earlier. i was downtown across from the ferguson police department. and there were probably a couple of hundred protesters, there
9:52 am
were an angry group of people. later when they came out, around 6 o'clock, the protesters - it was decidedly different. i think i said earlier it was a mardy grass atmosphere. people were peaceful and cooperative. there wasn't a huge police presence. some of the protesters - there were cars up and down the roads, honking horns, and it was all peaceful. it was a marked change from what we had seen a few hours earlier, yesterday afternoon. >> diane eastabrook, stand by. we want to go to manual gomez, a former sergeant with the new york city police department and an fbi special investigator. he was watching the news conference. your rehabilitation? >> well, i think that naming the
9:53 am
person at this time is appropriate. i think the concern at the beginning was that people were up in arms, they might try to retaliate against the officer for the officer's protection and public safety overall they withheld the name. at the end of the day he is a public servant, a public figure. it's a criminal investigation. it is appropriate at this time, that there's a semblance of peace to name the officer. >> you heard diane eastabrook talk about the optics of the news conference, your rehabilitation to the manner in which the name was released? >> well, obviously they want to protect their own. it's a small police department. and departments - i am sure the chief knows officer wilson personally. >> you are listening to a b roll of the cheeief. i want to stop you, you said
9:54 am
something that you know the public will seize upon. you said they'll want to protect their own, which may be the problem, that the people of ferg don't believe they -- bill ferguson don't believe that they belong to the police department and they are not protecting them. >> a police department in a jerz is a subculture. it becomes an us against them attitude. especially in smaller departments where you have relatively high crime and this department has, i would suggest, recruitment issue. 94% white officers serving a community that is clearly more than 95 - 94% white much and so i am sure they are going revisit all these issues, but after this case, unfortunately it had to come to this. that is not to say the officer is guilty of anything. the jury is out. we have the department of justice, the fbi.
9:55 am
they are presently investigating this and we'll get to the bottom of it. the civil unrest, the looting - there's no place for that in in any event. whether the officer is guilty of what the crowd is alleging him of doing. >> i want you to stand by because you were talking about the police captain, the state police captain ron johnson tapped to be in charge. security in ferguson. i want you to listen to what he had to say last night on al jazeera america. >> when we see a picture like that it takes you back to your kids. i have a son and it took me back, i wanted to make sure that was not lost, that the focus was not on me, wasn't necessarily on the big crowds and maybe michael's mum and dad and family members watching - to let them know that is not forgotten.
9:56 am
that is captain ron johnson. the police chief announces darren wilson, a 6-year vet is the police officer believed to have shot michael brown. mr gomez, at this point in time what is the progress as to whether or not the police officer becomes an is that correct. >> well, in the public eye he's already a suspect. the people marching at ferguson and nationwide have cast aspersions as to his innocence. personally, after being in law enforcement for over 20 years, i doubt that officer wilson weak up and said "okay, i'm going to work and intentionally kill someone." these things hap sometimes - not sometimes, always, out of fear. i wasn't there. i'm not sure what officer wilson's story is, whether he did it recklessly or wrongfully is one story.
9:57 am
i am sure he didn't do it intentionally wanting to hurt or kill this individual that importantly was innocent of a crime. >> mr gomez, thank you for being with us, as is diane eastabrook in ferguson missouri. i'm del walters, we'll follow the story and bring you the updates as they warrant. "consider this" is next.
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>> a plea from former president a plea from former president jimmy carter to end worldwide violence against women. he'll join us. ken burns new film shows how history will hep some in the present. why don't congress conduct a study on gun violence. a member of congress and n.s.a. join us. and is there a fountain of youth in mice? hello, i'm antonio