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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 18, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> kurdish officials are claiming victory for the mosul dam. president obama is holding strategic talks as the forces are retaking the ground. you are watching aljazeera news hour live in london. fares for gaza as the five day cease fire comes to a close. >> this officer should have been arrested. >> an independent autopsy on
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the teen michael brown shows that that the teen was shot six times, including twice in a head. >> why afghanistans are seeking to leave the country and risking their lives. >> kurdish officials are claiming that their fighters are taken control of the mosul dam. in the past hour, an advisor told aljazeera that the kurdish fighters are strengthening their position. u.s. war planes and drones renewed the air strikes on monday. six armed vehicles belonging to the islamic state were destroyed or damaged. president obama returned to washington, d.c. to deal with the crisis. we are in northern iraq with a
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report. >> they are still in control of the territories in the east of mosul, the islamic state group is holding ground and preventing the kurdish forces from taking the dam. it is not easy. they have been coming under sniper fire and the islamic group is using mortars to target the positions. this is an active front line and the kurteds with immaterial willed resources are firing back. general has not left the battlefield since saturday when the kurds started to advance with the cover of the u.s. air strikes. they are facing a strong enemy. >> they are well trained and many former forces in the army and arab fighters. >> kurdish forces recaptured
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three of the christian towns. we are just nine kilometers from the city center and no intention to pushing to the strong hold of the islamic state group but ready to do so if no agreement among the iraq communities. the iraqi arm is taking part in the battle for the mosul dam but their numbers are insignificant. it is important for the obama administration to show that the air strikes is helping the kurds and the iraqi nation as a hold. >> we are fighting terrorism on behalf of the world and all countries should help us. >> they are defending the christians of iraq, and they have been forced out of their homes. an old couple left behind because of too old and frail and sick and lived without
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food and electricity for over a week when the islamic state group was here. >> they knocked on our door. we kept quiet. they left. we were scared. >> this battle is not over. the western nations stepped up the military involvement but not ending until they unite and fight the war together. >> going live to washington, d.c. and speaking to aljazeera's reporter and president obama interrupted the summer hollywood to address what is happening in iraq and what more can you tell us? >> no formal read out on what the president discussed about the situation in iraq. he met this morning at the white house with the national security team and was supposed to get a full brief on the
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past several day's activities. it is worth pointing out that the president said he's not interested nor does he intend to send u.s. combat troops back to iraq to help the iraqi military regain territory and resecure the country. >> yes, the kurds are making progress with the support of the u.s. air strikes, but we are talking about a group that is controlling a great deal of territory. >> that is right. there is a concern and there are questions being raised about what is known as mission creep. notice that over the weekend, some 35 air strikes were carried out by u.s. fighter jets, bombers, attack planes, and drone aircraft against isis positions in & the mosul
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dam. it is not confirmed back in iraqi control. this is part of the mission to protect critical infrastructure. that wasn't specifically noted when the u.s. first started these air strikes back on august 8th. however, the administration says that under the first decision made by president obama, that doing these sorts of air strikes against specific critical infrastructure and that is the administration's phrase, was never ruled out. so there are people now asking whether or not this means that the u.s. military is going to be identifying other pieces of critical infrastructure and assisting the iraqi military as where he will as the others in defending those. the u.s. says that the criteria at the end of the day whether the destruction of the critical infrastructure could end up being a threat to u.s. persons and u.s. property inside of iraq.
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>> thank you. >> now, the other top story with less than three hours to go for the latest cease fire coming to an end, to the crisis in gaza. the negotiates are taking part in direct talks in cairo. the ambassador to the u.n. is accused of using humans as shields. >> let me make this clear, every civilian casualty is a tragedy. hamas purposely put its people in harm's way. and yet the u.n. is quoting numbers provided by the same terror group. i have here a page of the hamas combat manual on urban warfare found in gaza, each and every one of you will receive that in a second, and
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terrorist use civilians and human shields and combat strategy. >> but many palestines that they are destroying the livelihoods. the cease fire is going to expire. military wing is reflanishing the stock pile of the rockets. israeli troops stepped up security along the border with gaza and netanyahu is saying in security. two civilians and a national is killed since the beginning of the operation in july. 2016 palestines have been killed. 70% of the total killed were civilians. >> on july 27th, the family at
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home and israeli soldiers started bulldoze it. nothing left of it now. the war was raging all around and fleeing the family was shot at. he was captured and taken to israel. >> they didn't have enough information. they needed more. they were asking me about hamas, the location of tunnels and rocket launchers and wanted to know who from the area is hamas and in charge. >> a farming village on the ed of gaza and six israeli soldiers wounded here with the fighters of hamas. one of the main object i haves of the israeli army was was discovered with a network of tunnels and many believe that the soldiers destroyed the
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livelihoods. >> the destruction stretches all along the eastern flank of gaza and the trees are uprooted and the farmed land is ruined and factories and businesses are destroyed. >> they destroyed everything. they want us to leaf this place but we are eh going to come back and rebuild once again. >> an estimated half a million people are now homeless. >> he says unprecedented amount of fire power was unleeched on gaza. >> intentional, they wanted to inflict pain and death on the hearts and minds. >> no region can justify what israel did here. this is real and strong example for war crimes. >> human rights groups called
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for investigation into the alleged war crimes and u.n. name add panel to look into the matter. for the gazans an investigation may not be enough to bring the end to their suffering and pain. aljazeera gaza. >> israeli soldiers raided and demolished the homes of three. three were found dead in june. a house belonging was sealed with concrete. the other homes were demolished. kimberly, discuss where we are with the negotiations right now approaching the end of a temporary cease fire, what is the israeli view?
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>> well, we have heard in just the last few minutes from israeli officials, netanyahu is meeting with the top officials and presenting what has been negotiated and discussed with the egyptian mediators in cairo. the focus has been on the israel security. we had comments from netanyahu and saying forcefully in fact israel is preparing for any scenario that comes out of the talks. the military is preparing for a strong operation and adding that this operation is in israel's view is not over and not ending in the words of this minister, quiet and security. it is under this backdrop that the talks are taking place. i can tell you that the
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egyptian immediate tors are trying to keep the two sides talking and that is the focus, keep the two sides talking, to keep the truce going so that the longer term issues can be discussed. just the diplomatic track but the rebuilding of gaza and the lifting of the black aid. that is the backdrop. we know there is a meeting be egg held. the israeli playbill minister and we believe it is what is being discussed to really deal with the imminent issues e tend the truce and keep the sides talks. >> thank you. >> now going live now to gaza, i just talked to kimberly and the two sides are very much far apart as we end a temporary truce. hamas is not giving up on the demands, what are you hearing in gaza? >> well, we are hearing very little.
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however, i have to say there has been a bit more optimism from the sources that we have spoken to. no details, but they indicated that maybe there could be another extense of the cease fire. not clear what they have agreed on or what they have not agreed on. hamas needs to come back home with some sort of achievement and lifting the block aid is a ply mare demand of the palestine people living here, that would pave the way to start to bring back their lives from the rubble, construction material is urgently needed, humane tarn aid the urgently needed. but we still don't have any more details than that. it could be very well that we reach a position as the won that happened back in 2008, at the end of that war, when there was no meeting point
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between the two sides and each sided declared a cease fire and trying to find a way out. i think from what her hearing from the egyptian side in an hour or so, a little longer, there should be a statement. >> thank you. >> still to come on this aljazeera news hour, after seven years of stalling, iran is allowing information on the atomic activity. >> plus demonstrators are coming in. >> in sports, nadal withdraws from the u.s. open. >> now, the crew -- ukraine
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officials are blaming each other. dozens of people, including women and children killed when the vehicles were hit by rockets. we have more from eastern ukraine. >> there is little comfort, only signs of war. these pictures which appeared on a proseparatist website show the after math of the shelling. the people are trying to stay as safe as possible. it is scarey. very scarey. we pop out for a minute to breathe for the fresh air, that is it. we can't do more. we have no water here either. >> what is clear is the worsening of the humanitarian situation. people were cueing for water and at essential supplies. while the separatists declared
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a government enforcing the strict new laws in the area it now controls. >> the death penalty is for the crimes, murder, it is a you ared many of two or more people or a child or pregnant woman. crimes committed in war on the battlefield. crimes with the codes of war. >> heavy fighting is leaving with family where little choice but to flee any way they can. the journey to reach safety is a treacherous one and more people are willing to take the risks, sometimes with devastating consequences. on monday the separatists denied carrying out attacks that killed civilians, but the government gave accounts of a what happened. >> today terrorists committed a bloody crime.
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on the road between the cities, the terrorists fired on the civilians trying to flee the zone of fighting and many died including women and children. >> there is still no political solution in sight. so the people here will continue to have to make impossible choices. aljazeera. >> u.s. national guard is headed to ferguson, missouri after another evening of violence. the protestor angered by the shooting of a teenager. the autopsy shows he was shot at least six times and one of the bullets entered through the top of his head and enough to subject that his head was bowed and trying to sir rend render. >> those speak for themselves. why shot in the top of his
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head. a six four man. that makes no sense. and so that's what we have, and that's why two things alone are evidence to have the officer arrested. >> rachel is in the suburb of ferguson and now the cur knew is going to be lifted? >> yes, those are the reports that we are getting here, that the governor decided to lift the curfew, that of course goes along with the national guard being deployed. you saw them leaving the base where they have the operations. we have not yet seen them on the streets of ferguson. these are the same streets where the violence erupted last night and that is what we understand proprobed the governor to call in the national guard to take over control of this situation.
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>> what is your sense of how people feel there, rachel, this curfew is being lifted and the idea that the people have been out on the streets and could that help the mood a little bit, and diffuse the tensions? >> i think it could. a lot of people feeling like they are trapped in the community. a lot of people demepend on th services. this will provide a bit of relief for people and feeling like this military state, if you will, is being illusive. the wild card is how the military, behind me there is a community walking across the streets, recently they came by and shouting and wanting the curfew lifted. the situation is very much
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evolving and we'll see how the national guard plays into this situation, how people react to that, yes, i think most people thinking that lifting the curfew is a positive sign. >> it is key to have their voices here. thank you, rachel. >> the leader of pakistan's party is pulling out of parliament. they are trying to force the prime minister to resign. tens of thousands of protestor brought part of the capitol to a stand still. fellow opposition leader say that last year's elections were rigged and called for the government to step down. >> for the past few days, they have been protesting, but
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today was a climax of the protest when he decided that his party was the pulling out of parliament where they have 34 seats and total of 340 plus, that he's pulling out of the assembly, where his party has 30 seats and two seats in the province, however, his party has not yet decided on whether they are going to give up the government of the province where the pti is in majority and saying he knocked on every door and going to the country's as well and no justice and he wanted a system that would be transparent and would guarantee free and fair elections and not likely all to go well for the pakistan democracy. >> aljazeera is demanding the release of the journalists in
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prison in egypt. they were falsely accused of helping 2 brotherhood. in june, two given 7 year sentences and the other given 3 additional years. >> instability continues to reign in libya where the forces claimed to have carried out air strikes. the rebel fighters were fighting for control of the city. monica reports. >> libya descending into chaos and taking a u-turn with bombing on a monday morning. the forces loyal claimed responsibility for the attacks and saying they have struck rival positions. they fight for the control of the key areas in the capital, the brigades are trying to maintain a grip on the main airport but the fighters are
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advancing. the recent fighting is the worse violence in three years. analysts say that the government lost control and doesn't have a functioning national army and they have fled tripoli. embassies and the u.n. evacuated their staff. the violence claimed the lives of hundreds of fighters, forcing civilians to eh vac wait. the capital is not the only place with the battles. the city of benghazi is fighting. on the ground, there's only weapons and fighters in abundance. >> coming up on the aljazeera news hour, ebola splreads to
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>> al jazeera america presents borderland's dramatic conclusion >> no one's prepared for this journey. >> our teams experience the heart breaking desperation >> we're all following stories of people that have died in the desert. >> and the importance... >> experiencing it, has changed me completely...
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>> of the lives that were lost in the desert >> this is the most dangerous part of your trip... >> an emotional finale you can't miss... >> we got be here to tell the story. >> the final journey borderland continues... only on al jazeera america >> welcome back. you are watching the aljazeera news hour. to the top stories, senior kurdish officials say that the forces have retaken the mosul dam. israeli prime minister is meeting with the negotiation team tonight to discuss the cease fire talks. there is just a few hours left before the cease fire ends. independent autopsy on the unarmed black teenager from missouri concludes he was shot
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at least six times. >> they are urging the west african nation to screen the people leaving their countries. the virus so a far killed more than a thousand people across four countries. nigeria woman has died from ebola. it is claiming the lives in west africa and senegal is december prate to keep the virus out. there is a problem that the medics facing is the popularity of the traditional remedies. >> claims to have a position that protects people from the deadly ebola virus. he's revealing it is made from chip wood, honey.
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he tells me other healers are trying it out. >> the government has failed to put enough measures of protection. >> it is traditional practices that hinder is doctors without borders and pushed away from the villages, and sometimes vie leaptly because the locals don't trust them. >> in most societies here traditional healers are the first point of contact for the people needing the treatment. they don't have access to a medical facility. >> just a number of doctors are stationed. the ebola outbreak is just a few hundred kilometers and spreading. no real sense of panic here though. the authorities are monitoring the situation at the border
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posts and steps in place to protect the population. these citizens have come to work and they have to wash their hands with soap and no one is taking their temperature or asking them if they have contact with sick patients. >> this potion object to the form of the questions for all diseases. the cure comes from nature. >> there is no shortage here of patients. most of them suffering from the flu. no need to go to the doctor, there is a remedy for that too. >> panic over ebola spread to south korea.
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the university tended to -- we have a report. >> the ebola outbreak is worsening and the fear of spreading. including here to the south korea capital seoul. they ever stunned to see the images on the phones over the weekend, a sign at a local bar, due to the ebola virus not accepting africans at the moment. he celebrated the trophy win at the bar. he's disgusted with the picture.
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>> [indiscernible] >> the pub declined the request for an interview. but they have issued an apology. this is not the only ebola linked restriction. korea air is stopping to fly to any robe ya. >> the world health organization labelled kenya has a high risk for spreading the disease and criticized the airlines for taking the measures and the risk of transmission is low on board. the seoul university disinvited students. >> we contacted the government organizations and no authority was able to make a decision
2:34 pm
for us and we decided if we don't take measures we get criticism from the members of the public and might jeopardize the event. >> medical advice remains that the transmission requires close contact and body fluids. >> unless the person is expelling bodily fluids, if they are just sitting in a room and breathing normally they shouldn't be spreading the virus. >> now the african population in seoul is watching the disease back home and how it and they are being viewed right here. >> that is the u.n.'s nuclear authority is saying that iran is cooperating in the long inquiry into the disputed program. they met with the iranian officials on sunday to discuss the issue. iran denies that the program has military objectives and
2:35 pm
has a week to clear up the allegations. thank you for joining us. so does this clear up the concerns over the military dimension of the nuclear program in iran? >> not fully clear up the concerns just yet, but an important step in the right direction, another important step in the right direction, seeing the chief for the second time in a year is further proof that the diplomacy is bearing fruit. >> how difficult to reach a deal on that? >> that is a great question. it is certainly one of the biggest remaining obstacles and they are honest about the fact. but what they are not saying,
2:36 pm
and what is absolutely true, is there are technical solutions to all of the outstanding issues. it is taking the leaders taking the political risks necessary for peace and making the technical solutions possible. >> is president obama going to take the risks? >> he's gone further than other american presidents in trying to solve u.s. iran relations. >> well, nonexistent in the past. >> that is part of it. the leaders before obama had been tepid at best in the efforts to resolve this con flight and now the leaders on both sides willing to take the steps that the predecessors
2:37 pm
would not. >> is president obama going to try to convince iran to give up the iranian all together? >> no. that is a ship that sailed. no other world really leaders that is invested in the process, trying to get iran to stop it all together. it is a mutually agreeable solution and not usable to develop a nuclear weapon. >> how do you find the mutually agreeable solution and because of your perspective, when president obama is coming under pressure to take a tough negotiating position? >> absolutely. there are spoilers on both sides and exist here in washington as well, and exist in iran. so far president obama has while demonstrating a
2:38 pm
willingness to work with the congress and helping the diplomatic congress has stood up to the congress and other spoilers in washington, if you are opposed out line to the american people what you are in favor for, there is war and des plow ma psi and nothing in between. there are polls that show trying tr trying to solve the conflict. >> former enemies now have a common enemy and how does this affect the nuclear talks? >> both sides deserve credit, they are separating the issues out and addressing them individually and prioritizing the nuclear issue. both sides would like to solve this issue and using it to adress the islamic state and other issues where the issues over lap. you are seeing the conversations and behind the
2:39 pm
scenes under the radar collaboration to avoid fighting one another in other areas, including in iraq and places like that. so far all eyes are focussed on the nuclear issue and that is the 8,000 pound gorilla in the room. >> thank you. >> now, powerful earthquake causing damage in western iraq, 6.2 quake hitting the iran border with iraq. it is reported that 8 villages hit hard and half of the homes destroyed. no reports of death, but 250 a people are injured. >> 34 migrants stowed away in a container from the uk is released from the hospital. they were discovered after being trapped for 18 hours and
2:40 pm
they are from afghanistan. one man died in making the journey. the rest are thanking god they are still alive. >> all would have been dead. i had to control myself. i had tears in my eyes. i never ever cried and looking at the kids and how desperate they were. >> jennifer glass is speaking to the members and why they are so desperate to leave. >> they are continuing the traditions in afghanistan. it was once a vibrant community. 25 years ago they were 200,000 families here in every province of the country. no more. the land confiscation and african is unfriendly for the
2:41 pm
sheiks. they have left in the past six months and only 3,000 sheiks left here and if they had the opportunity they would leave too. the leader appealed to the u.n. and embassies and asking for help to get out. they don't want to go to india, pakistan or iran because of the discrimination there. >> lack of security. no one there to protect us. nothing happens. >> desperation drawing them to a british port, into europe and rescued from a container in england and one man died. yet here in kabul they are saying worth the risk. >> i would go. i have property here but i don't have a choice. when i go out here there are
2:42 pm
risks. >> they still practice their traditions, they see no future in afghanistan and vow to do whatever they can to leave. aljazeera kabul. >> he wants to leave the embas embassy. he denies the charges. he worries he's handed over to the u.s. for the wiki leaks. >> french police say that the robbery taking place on the northern fringe of the french capital. the police are not naming the
2:43 pm
prince. >> venezuela government started to relocate thousands of squatters from the capitol. it was featured as a den of a crime and drug trafficking and now in the report, the story is for more complex. >> downtown is a concrete jungle and where snack in the middle is a building nicknamed the tower of david. after the man that conceived of what was to be a modern financial center. instead, it has become known as the largest vertical slum. a last resort for 1100 homeless families that took over the unfinished building that was abandoned in the 1990s. these open squares where the lifts would have been. they carry the gas to bricks
2:44 pm
up the stairs. >> there was nothing here. we built two rooms. then another room on top. we made the kitchen, everything. >> where no sewage nor running water, they used creativity. water is strictly rationed and stored in countless playsic containers. the building has been transformed into a well organized community with laws and shops and even the factory making cookie cutters and employs 26 people. >> the community organized and expelled some and turning the building into one of the safest neighborhoods. >> only safe in crime. the lack of hygiene and stairs with no railings make the tow
2:45 pm
err health hazard, especially for children, which is why the government is moving everyone out. >> we were able to do this without any violence. in a haar money way. >> in the last month, nearly half of the 4500 residents have been brought here to a new low income housing complex an hour to the south. it is a huge improvement, who used to live on the 22 nd floor. >> now i am on the ground floor. i have three bedrooms and two bathrooms and running water, this is paradise to me. >> there are some that don't want to give up the comfort of living in the city where they have friends and jobs. it is only a matter of time. while the government debates
2:46 pm
what to do with the building, so a many think of it as a home and community. >> more to come for you in a moment, including... >> the sill celia town where abandoned houses is helping to rebuild their local economy. >> england's only women's world cup. world cup.
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>> welcome back. owning property in italy for just over the dollar. the count side is offering the potential buyers that options but there is a catch. >> this is one of the most beautiful towns. perched on a hill in the middle of sicily, a long standing traditions and views of the country side below. more appealing perhaps is the price of some of the houses for sale. one euro or just over a dollar. the town's mayor saying there is a catch. if you buy the properties you have to guarantee you are going to restore it. they are left behind those that immigrated and we have people from india, china,
2:49 pm
chance and italy interested in them, they are given away for flee they have to pay for the restoring and not allowed to bring the bricklayers so good for the work force. >> over 700 potential buyers expressed interest. among them are dominic, both are australians. it is on the market for one euro and taking $35,000 to restore it. >> you can't buy anything in usaustralia for $35. this is more realistic to acquire a place to share with family and friends. >> other towns across italy could be following the example and hoping to rebuild the
2:50 pm
local economies one brick at a time. >> one of the world's is having a makeover. it is the big ben. the hands frozen at 12 o'clock for a good scrub in and out. >> now with smart sport. >> thank you so much. defending tennis champion nad nadal is withdrawing from the u.s. open. he has wrist injuries. nadal has not completed since being knocked in the 4th round of women bell don.
2:51 pm
>> the grand champion entering in good form. federer never last to ferer in the 16 meetings. >> it is a great year so far. i love the tournament in cincinnati. i need some rest and getting ready for new york. >> federer busy winning the titles, serena williams picking up her first. she now heads to new york and two time defending champion at the u.s. open. >> yeah, not an easy week, but a couple of former no. 1's and champions and yeah, it was very well to get through this difficult week. >> to football now, hoping to
2:52 pm
get off to a winning start in the english match in a few minutes. he's confident they'll finish at top of the table. >> i i have to expect that the other clubs need to impro already top teams but to tell what we feel in this room i discuss this morning yes we all feel that we are title contenders. >> taking on the city rivals in the first leg of the spanish super cut on tuesday, the champions showed off the new signings. the spanish holders have already won a trophy this season and the coach is saying
2:53 pm
they must maintain that momentum. >> we have to look at this as one match and playing well to the second part. it is clear that tomorrow is not a decisive match, it is played on friday. we can take advantage tomorrow with a good match and that is what we are going to try. >> after losing the players in the off season, the rivals in madrid spending big over the summer and securing a number of new players. the coach is hopeful that the new signings will help to replicate the success and become the spanish champions. >> this squad is four players that is different from last year's. the characteristics are not the same. we have to see over the year which direction that the team will take. >> one of the all time greats
2:54 pm
of cricket ended the 17 year career. he bowed out with a half century on the home ground on monday and leading to a series of victories. he scored 34 centuries from the matches and finishes with 39.84 batting average. he is playing through until next year's world cup. >> most valued day would be the day i got my -- and receiving the cap from the captain and with all of the other guys being there, that is the best day of my life. >> celebrating the first women's rugby title after
2:55 pm
beating canada in paris. the women's game is experiencing huge growth. >> 2014 could be a turning point for women's rugby and the final in paris ended the mark of a tournament and seeing a record number of peopling watching in the stands an on tv. on the pitch, england winning. the inclusion in the 2016 olympics is seeing increase in the game. it was a large crowd. so great joy for england and this world cup is the most successful yet, can the women make a living from rugby.
2:56 pm
women play for free. one has been training alone for the coming season and juggling a job with a passion for the sport. >> if women were paid the same way and show our professional they can be, the little girls also playing rugby at 12 could be professional if i do my job today and do my best on the field. >> saying money is key. >> we have developed a few stars of the game. look at the canadian and a few other girls in the tournament and they have stepped up, especially to become professional it needs more and more people want to watch it and come to matches and watch it on tv and when people want to do that there is the economy provided for the girls
2:57 pm
to turn professional. >> the moment that the girls will remember for the rest of their lives and now back to jobs and families until the olympics. >> and there's much more sport on the website. for all the latest check out aljazeera forward slash sports and how to get in touch with the team using facebook and twitter and we have blogs and video clips from around the world. >> that is all the sport for now. >> thank you very much. don't forget, watch aljazeera online at do check that out. we have much more at the top of the hour in a couple of minutes time. a full round up of today's news. please stay with us.
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>> richard gibson is leaving his dairy farm in devon, england to work as a samburu cattle herder. >> this isn't going to be my usual day then; obviously. >> in an arid land where warriors fight gun battles to defend their cattle. >> he's prepared to give his life for his cows, because if they haven't got them, they've got nothing. >> he'll be faced with some unusual traditions... >> i just don't want to be rc