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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> hello and welcome to the news hour. signs of political reconciliation in iraq, kurdish ministers saying they are rejoining the government. >> hundreds attend if you know release in gaza for the latest victims of israeli airstrikes after the ceasefire collapses. >> the u.s. attorney generaller reich holder is to travel to ferguson, missouri following days of protests over the death of a black teenager.
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>> the man credited with spreading yoga to millions around the word has died. >> there are signs of a political reconciliation in iraq with kurdish ministers rejoining the government, back in baghdad and returning to duty at foreign minister. the kurdish political block pulled out of the national government in july in protest after the prime minister al-maliki caused kurdish leaders of harboring terrorists. later in july,albadi was nominated sidelining al-maliki. al-maliki agreed to step down and back the former rival in august.
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abad al-maliki called for all political parties to be involved in the formation of a new government. >> the keep principle informing the government is how to maintain political stability for the idea that security, construction, economic and social stability of dependent on the political stability where there is no tension, division or struggle between the parliament and government. this has in the past cripple the the state's in substitutions from operating, given grounds for terrorism. >> we are joined from erbil telling us about the signs of
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reconciliation. >> first and foremost, there is a new prime minister,al abaddi, mandated with forming a brought based and inclusive government. the kurdish block has said they are willing to cooperate and take part in the government. only a few weeks ago, they were calling for a referendum for independence from iraq. kurdish officials are really tamping conditions, saying that the new prime minister has to to share power. actually, they blamal key for iraq's current crisis. there are sunnis and politicians in baghdad, but they are not seen as legitimate representatives on the ground by sunni armed groups fighting alongside the islamic state group. you're going to have to reach out to these men if you want to forge national unity and
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national reconciliation in iraq, and that is what it needed, political reconciliation for the security situation to improve and if a national coalition is to be built to help the government fight the islamic state group. the u.s. airstrikes have helped the kurds, as well as elements of the iraqi military take over the mosul dam and christian villages, but they are not going to expand their operation until they see that iraq sunni's and shiites are united. >> ar the city is not at peace. forces have taken up arms against the shia led government in baghdad. more often than not, the civilians die.
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700 have been kid in government attacks since january. >> the situation is terrible, many people have been killed. we want to go back home, but we don't expect a solution, because politicians are just fighting for their seats. >> this is the country's dominant soon any province. the government has enemies in an bar, but also friends. some soon any tribes have sided with the state. >> those alliances are the only thing that has prevent the islamic state group from controlling the whole of anbar province. >> that is the kind of alliance the government needs to recapture lost territory. they need the support of iraq sunnis to win the battle and prevent and all-out sunni-shia war. months before it controlled one third of iraq, there was a sunni
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uprising. >> last year, peaceful protests demanded more rights. the government responded with force and the islamic state group swept in, capitalizing on popular anger and making the fight their own. now there is hope that the new prime minister al abaddi might reach out to all of iraq's political factions. >> we hope the new government will be able to improve the security situation. they want to return home, and we don't want iraq to be divided. >> many in this country in the international community may see the islamic state group as the biggest threat to a divided iraq, but the real threat may be the lack of unity among iraqis. aljazeera, erbil. >> the british prime minister david cameron has cut his holiday short and returning to london after the islamic state group released a video claiming to show the beheading of a u.s. journalist. the fighter in that video appears to have a british
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accent. now, the journalist, james foley disappeared in northwest syria in november, 2012. the group's his killing is in response to what it calls u.s. aggression towards the islamic state. the white house says it's investigating the apparent murder. >> there has been a rise in apparent involvement of u.k. nationals joining the islamic state in syria and iraq. the we were fighters make up only a small part of the larger movement. there are estimates that the majority of the islamic state's 21,000 fighters are from mock rocco and elsewhere from the arab world. 1,000 are thought to be from chechnya and other soviet satellite states, with 500 from britain, france and elsewhere in the west.
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we have our guest join us. it's quite difficult to know the exact numbers and exact figures of these fighters joining groups like the islamic state, but why do they join them in the first place? >> i think it's a very important question. i think the foundations for this utopian islamic states has been set in london and the u.k. and across europe for decades now. the process by which somebody is recruited starts with personal crisis. that could be identity, racism, they can't get a job, whatever it is. the leader, his personal cries was he wanted to marry his girlfriend and not have an arranged marriage. what these recruiters do is form a lens or a prism through which they are guided through one of four pathways and from that can find the answers to whatever their crisis is. the first one is that they believe that they have to set up
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an islamic state and govern with their version of sharia and spread that around the world. secondly, they are given a warped form of theology that actually said not only should you do it, god wants you to do it, allah wants you to do it. people generally are affected in terms of they have some personal loss, whether in afghanistan, pakistan or iraq or somewhere else. finally, they target people with mental health problems. in london, one of the killers of john rig by was being treated for mental health issues before he carried out the murder. this has been going on for a number of years. there are many people in the u.k. who ascribe to this islamist ideology, someone from the islam brotherhood and other organizations. there will be a number of people who have been thinking for a while that they want to do this, but now that isis has set up this so-called islamic state,
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some feel it's their duty to go out and do it. >> it's very interesting. it's not only fighters that are going to fight with groups like the islamic state but seems to be a phenomena. you have recruits report that there are recruits from outside countries joining established mill tears, as well as terms to fight. there are reports of soldiers who don't hold dual citizenship go into israel and fight with the israeli army. why is this phenomena taking place right now? >> i think there are a lot of people who are immigrants that are in the west that actually have this original link to their origins, some from an israeli perspective, there are also people who have a dual nationality going out to fight in pakistan. people are in essence trying to go out and defend their country
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of origin. as far as the u.k. is concerned, there is legislation in place that makes it clear if you hold dual nationality and go out to fight with a state, a legitimate state army that is not in conflict with the u.k., that is actually allowed. if you go out and fight with any organization that is deemed to be a terrorist entity, supporting them or fighting, that is criminal and you can be arrested and charged under the terrorism act. there are people that are going to fight, but it depends depends on the reaction and response from the british government will depend on where the fighting and who they are actually fighting for. >> governments, for example, like the british government, where you're sitting, say that and a lot of analysts say there is this big debate going on over the danger and fact that the fighters oppose to their home countries.
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>> we've been saying this for a while, one of the -- if you look at the video from last night, you'll see the person who killed james foley his identity was concede. the video itself was very symbolic, dressed in orange, representing gitmo and he used the knife to make is as barbaric as possible with a british accent. why would someone conceal their identity? the only answer that one could come up with is a person wants to move freely in other parts. we have 300 people that have actually come back to the u.k. after fighting in the region. we have many more that actually support or are recruiting for isis. overall it's a small number personal wise, but they are there. it annual takes a small number to commit terror.
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the numbers themselves don't have to be large, but certainly, these people will and do pose a threat to the u.k. and countries of origin. lets not forget that baghdady, the leader of isis wants to become the number one jihadie leader, the emir every calls himself. he wants to make a statement, what better statement than causing some form of terror in the west, and this poses a genuine, clear threat to the security of the u.k., u.s. and other countries around the world. >> thank you for joining us, speaking to us from london. >> hundred was people attended if you know release for the latest victims of israeli airstrikes. 19 people have been killed, including the wife and child of
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a hamas military leader. the peace negotiations collapsed with each side blaming the other for break be the truce. israeli carried out airstrikes after rockets from hamas in gaza. >> tanks patrolling the area as fighting continues on both sides. jane ferguson joins us live from ferguson. we understand that a hamas leader's wife and child were killed in an overnight strike but he was not there. >> that's right. just north of gaza city in the northern part of gaza city is where we are. you can see the extent of the damage, basically the building completely collapsed into absolute rubble. there's an enormous crater there right now. his wife and child were killed,
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one other person killed in the attack. it's not clear who has person was. locals say there were multiple air attacks on this building yesterday evening, that would have been tuesday evening, and that basically at least five airstrikes hit the building, obviously turning it into absolute rubble there. a scene of completely devastation here, now, he would of course have been a major target for the israelis, being the leader of the armed brigade of hamas. it doesn't appear that he was here at the time. there's been no confirmation about his whereabouts then. right now, there's still a question mark over that, but there's been no other bodies pulled out of the rubble so far. >> what about the movement of people in gaza, jane? have you seen much movement of people leaving areas that had been beamed by the israelis previously to u.n. shelters and schools in anticipation of an
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escalation? >> some people had moved away. those who are the most vulnerable, right on the ems close to the buffer zone, those areas, we took a drive up there, actually doing live shots just like this one, yesterday, that's tuesday afternoon an air strike hit, only 500 meters away. those are the people who live in places like the refugee camp right on the edge was gaza. many people had evacuated, we were hearing last night when things started to become violent again. many people hadn't returned to their hopes yet. there were at least 200,000 palestinians sheltering in u.n. schools. they were waiting to see if this ceasefire would result in a peace deal, so many hadn't gone home yet, because given the violence over july and early august, they just couldn't trust going home and then also, we mustn't forget well over 70,000 people have had their homes destroyed, so are unable to go home. to a certain extent, the
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civilian casualty rate was kept down because people had been hunkering down in u.n. schools, but that doesn't mean no casualties. we're hearing 19 dead since the ceasefire was broken tuesday afternoon, seven of those were 13. >> jane, thank you very much, reporting from gaza. speaking of those who had been killed, the palestinian health minute city said the death toll in the gaza strip has risen above 2,000. 66 israelis, two civilians as well as a thai national have been killed since the operation began in early july, compared to a total of 2,033 palestinians who have been killed, as well as 10,309 who have been injured. there is so much more to come, including iran's parliament
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vote. >> battling for union recognition, workers in guatemala's cut-throat banana industry. >> coming up in sport, the illegal transport of minors cost bars arena a one year ban on buying eclairs. >> first the u.s. attorney general eric holder is set to visit ferguson, missouri later wednesday. president obama has sent hold tore investigate the fatal police shooting of a black teenager. tuesday night saw another night of pro tests. we have the latest from ferguson. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> relative calm returned to ferguson tuesday after nights of unrest. instead of the stench of tear gas or burning shops, the air was filled with the chants of peaceful protest. the family of michael brown, the 18-year-old who's sleigh at the hands of a ferguson police
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officer while unarmed touched off the racially tinged uproar, announced that his funeral will be held on monday, august 25. that's the same day that area schools are due to reopen, after a week's delay. welcome news for students like 17-year-old maya austin. >> this is affecting us horribly, because we're expecting to be in school and school has just started. this is not helping the grade point averages go up. >> other long time residents of the town believe it's time for the protests that have disrupted life here to end. >> this has been 10 days now. it should have been over with several days ago, in my opinion. >> with a grand jury expected to meet wednesday to consider evidence gender ron wilson, the officer who shot brown and with a federal civil rights probe underway, missouri governor jay nixon called for respect for the law and justice for the brown
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family. >> a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued. the democratically elected prosecutor and attorney general of the united states each have a job to do. their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of michael brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly, and correctly. >> the mayor of ferguson said he would make stronger efforts to recruit african-american officers to the town's nearly all white police force. young people here say few black youths in ferguson dream of a law enforcement career. >> everyone's seeing how the cops are treating us now. the kids now run up and say ok, i don't want to be a police officer. some kids still want to abpolice officer to change the diversity in police and the whole situation, but now it's like the ratings have went down for as i said saying i want to be a cop. >> the risks will take a long time to be closed, but a night without violence is a decent start. aljazeera, ferguson, missouri.
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>> let's go to ferguson. tell us what we expect of the visits by the attorney general eric holder, john and what's on his schedule. >> eric holder left washington, d.c. about 20 minutes ago at 9:00 eastern time. he is en route here. he sent out a message saying that at a time when so much may seem uncertain, the people of ferguson can have confidence with the justice department intends to learn in a fair and thorough manner what happened. eric holder is an african-american with a background in civil rights, so he is somebody that can speak with some authority and may be well received in ferguson. if you look behind me, those two ladies are picking up trash. that's because it was a fairly quiet night, not a lot happened. 47 people were arrested.
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those two ladies just told that you say they were buddies out here volunteering to pick up trash in the area. holder comes here after a night that was not particularly ruckus, much calmer than the night before. we can expect holder to come and offer remarks and reassure that the justice department is going into look into what happened here and perform an investigation that will come up with conclusions. the justice democratic says will satisfactory the people of ferguson. >> is the grand jury still meeting on wednesday to hear evidence into the killing of michael brown? >> that's our latest information. we are told that there have been three autopsies, all of the information from that and the fact that the victim was shot six times, all of the testimony from any witnesses, all that have will be heard. then the grand jury, of course, will rule on that.
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people here have not been waiting for the grand jury results. as happens here, people are protesting on the basis of their feelings about what happened, and on the basis of what the family has said has happened. what we hear from the grand jury, that may be a long way down the line, but what happens here in the streets of ferguson is based largely just on the feelings of african-americans about the way they are treated by a largely white police force. >> all right, so john, thank you. reporting from ferguson, missouri. >> 33 people died after a series of land slides in japan. rescuers have been searching for survivors in damaged buildings. heavy rain and deforestation are blamed for the land slides. let's find out if there will be more heavy rain in japan. let's speak to steph. >> let's see why we had the
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landslide in the first place. the extreme clouds stretching all the way through north and south korea and across japan, this is the monsoon. it's normal at this time of year. you get pulses of heavy rain along that and shifting toward the northeast. this whole system works it's way a little more forwards and south ward. it meanders around to make sure nobody gets too much wet weather. that's the idea, at least. over the last couple of dice, it's got stuck over some areas of japan and southeastern china. we've seen heavy rain and flooding, as well. this is where we've seen a phenomenal amount of wet weather. we saw 204 millimeters of rain in three hours, that's eight inches in three hours. half of that fell in just one hour alone. that is more than you would expect here in the entire month. on top of that, weaver also got
9:25 am
the ground already water logged. we're in the sixth month of heavy downpours. we do expect more rain over the next few days. it's very mountainous here. there's always the risk of land slides. as the rain stays heavy thursday and friday, there could be a few more triggered. >> steph, that you can very much. >> thousands of protestors demand the resignation of pakistan's prime minister in front of countries parliament. they want a resignation. we are joined from islamabad. now that the protestors have reached outside parliament, how much purchase is that putting on al sharif? >> tremendous pressure. we are getting reports that there will be a meeting at that
9:26 am
protest. earlier, two members from the protestors went to the prime minister and he said he never turned down whoever was intercepted in a settlement. enron con has been promise that go his protestors will be marshing on the prime minister's house. we also heard in the last few minutes that fresh containers have been brought in, all access roads to the prime minister's house, the president's house, most of the government ministries, that they have been shield off and the police taking charge. in spite of the fact that there is now some room for optimism, it appears that there is still very high tension in islamabad. now the government has also blocked all entry points into the city in order to prevent further supporters of enron con.
9:27 am
>> imran khan has been saying e wants justice because of massive allegations of corruption, he wanted those probed and the government, neither the judiciary was in any way helpful. he had been building momentum, asking for the prime minister to resign. earlier today, there was some news that imran khan's party was ready for talks, however that was shot down, saying that the demand would still be for the resignation of the prime minister. as far as cadre is concerned, 14 of his followers were killed in
9:28 am
lahore in oh june and wants the resignation of the prime minister. now that talks are underway, that may ease tensions, but the political tensions are sometime high. there are reports that prime minister's own party might bring its supporters on the streets, and if that was to happen, then of course the situation would become more complicated. for the first time since this cries began, it seems it is heading for some sort of a conclusion. >> thank you. >> police in liberia fired tear gas to disperse the testers in an area that has been quarantined because of the ebola outbreak. people wanted to leave the neighborhood cordoned off. they are angry about a nighttime curfew announced by the government on tuesday. liberia has recorded the biggest number of new ebola deaths with 53 people who have died in the
9:29 am
past two days. >> still to come, the bottle collectors of berlin, german recycling becoming a popular extra source of income. >> waiting for a new president, indonesia looks forward to a court verdict on last months disputed elections. >> the most successful olympian of all time prepares for a return to international competition. details later. ition. details later. when you compare the top speed of dsl from the phone company with the top speed of comcast business internet... well, there's really no comparison. why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps.
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>> the top stories, signs of a political reconciliation in iraq with kurdish ministers row joining the government. >> hundreds of people have come out on the streets of gaza to power play the latest victims of israel airstrikes. 19 palestinians were killed. each side blames the other for breaking the truce. >> attorney general eric holder will go to ferguson, missouri. there is an investigation into the death of michael brown. >> conservative politicians say university teachers support add seeing as pro western. he is accused of appointing people involved in opposition rallies in 2009.
9:32 am
some suggest his impeachment was by hardliners trying to sabotage the president's efforts to reform government institutions. an iranian journalist and political analyst joins us via skype. good to have you with us. looking at the numbers of the iranian lawmakers. there were 145 who actually voted to impeach him and 15 abstained. radio these the numbers that the hardliners wanted to see? >> well, it's not about who really is or against the impeachment of the minister. i think he deserved every minute of it, because he wasn't qualified. he made many mistakes. he appointed many university heads without any approval from the intelligence ministry and other official bodies, at the same time, he appointed many
9:33 am
university heads without even consulting the intelligence ministry and other political organizations. >> but nearly half of them are -- ok, but nearly half of the lay makers said that they didn't want to impeach them, are these the numbers that the conservatives in the parliament wanted to see? >> well, it is not as they expected, but they have damning evidence against the minister. i think he did a very poor job over the past nine months and he is not the only president that needed to be impeached. we also have to impeach the economy ministry. he hasn't done anything except giving beautiful words in front of the camera to the people, the protesting power of the people and consumers has gone down drastically over the past year. the government has done nothing to control the prices of goods and services and gives promises after promises without giving back to anything to those who voted for the president in the first place. this is just the beginning of the story --
9:34 am
>> -- you think is being sent tory hatoaretorhini on his vari. >> i think we should say hats off for empeaching him for raising the question at the same time, i don't think this is just the beginning, there are so many men appointed and have to go. this man purged 58% have the university officials and the staff over the past nine months and replaced them with political affiliations to president rohany. he is politicizing everything, even the centers and universities -- >> but this same argument has
9:35 am
been put forth by others. >> some say this is all about the nuclear negotiations and passed on because they are unhappy with his negotiations over iran's nuclear program. >> it is important to understand that he has no say in the nuclear talks. he keeps telling that he should take the credit for what is happening. we have people behind the scenes managing the talks with the west. he has to stop talking and getting credit for this. people are not happy with what is going on. he said when we have the talks, when we begin the talks, the economy situation will improve over the course of the talks, but we haven't seen anything that hes that there are no new
9:36 am
sanctions, but he is lying. i myself had my bank accounts closed down by the european banks, so i'm just an individual. i don't belong to any country or organization, or any government, you know, official body, but they closed down my bank accounts. what does this mean? the sanctions order, especially the banking orders. nuclear talks haven't taken us anywhere at all. >> we'll to have leave it there, thank you. thank you very much. >> at least 34 civilians and nine soldiers have been killed in the past 24 hours as ukraine battles pro-russian separatists. some citizens have tried to escape donetsk and some have taken refuge in their basements. >> it's been a week since the
9:37 am
plane crash in brazil killed the presidential candidate eduardo campos and six others. with campaigning now back in full swing, the party set to announce his replacement on the ballot. we report from the capitol. >> at first, there was a disbelief and shock and then the mourning at the funeral. a week after a plane crash killed presidential candidate campos, it's now back to a campaign that is more competitive than ever to see who will be brazil's next president. incumbent donor running for reelection is buoyed by the fact sh leads the latest poll, but her popularity has dropped in the last year and she is vulnerable to defeat. campos running mate silva will likely take his spot on the ballot and is polling more than 10% higher than campos was at the time of his death. in one poll, it indicates that
9:38 am
she would defeat him. >> i believe she is a good brazilian. they exchanged a lot of ideas about how to represent. >> another candidate is a successful governor from a brazilian state with an economic message. >> if the government doesn't recognize that inflation is getting out of control and that food prices have gone up 10%, they won't take the necessary measures to fix it. what worries me is all gained up until now will vanish. >> no doubt, a lot of uncertainty on who will win this election to occupy the presidential palace for the next four years. most analysts believe it's become more difficult if not impossible to achieve 50% of the vote on the first ballot. this is an election most likely will be decided in a runoff. >> for now, it's back to
9:39 am
campaigns and an election so suddenly and unexpectedly throne in for turmoil. aljazeera, brazilia. >> nine people held by the shining path have been rescued and in joint military and police operation. they may have been been held captive for more than 20 years. the group was disbanded in 1992 but officials believe members remain at large and involved in drug trade. the latest operation has been underway for two weeks. >> they are from peru, like us, subjected to terror to serve the shining path, so cultivate their illicit drugs. the children are subjected to political in dockery nation to
9:40 am
make them join. >> here on guatemala's pacific coast, banana workers meet to talk about alleged violations. this man was fired and black listed for complains about missing wages. he wants local workers to formal an association to help protect their rights, but guatemala is notoriously anti union and his colleagues are worried. >> guys are 100% to speak out for fear of losing their jobs and the way they support their children, but the payment is not right. >> guatemala is the world's third largest banana exporter. more than 40,000 men and women worked in the industry, but international groups accused some banana producers of explosive conditions that are among the worst in the americas. >> guatemala is one of the world's original banana
9:41 am
represents, a century old industry born from inequality and oppression, a legacy that thousands are now working to change. >> over on the countries caribbean coast, banana workers unions have won important advances, but a wave of violence accompanied the changes, leaving guatemala to become known as one of the most dangerous countries for trade unionists. >> since 2007, 12 union leaders have been assassinated. before that, our executive committee was kidnapped and forced to resign and renounce our union. they're still living in exile. >> now he is worried the workers he represents might lose their jobs as banana producers move to pacific coast where labor is cheaper. he and others say the key to stopping the loss is to equalize salaries through unionizing workers on the pacific. the association represents 80%
9:42 am
of banana growers say they are not opposed to workers forming unions but told aljazeera it's simply not necessary. we offer salaries way above the minimum wage to workers from various regions of guatemala. we're engaged in the dignity and well being of workers and observe all legislation involving labor standards, including freedom of association. if that's the case, then they say they should be able to negotiate without fear of retribution. he said perhaps all banana workers here will truly be able to get ahead. >> after a long and heated pros, indonesia presidential elections coming to a close. the constitutional court will deliver a verdict over alleged voter fraud. we report from jakarta.
9:43 am
>> emotions are running high, even a month and a half after the july 9 presidential election. former general who lost the election said the irregularities happened at 250 polling stations a understand is appealing the result. >> we believe in constitutional judges. we demand justice for the sake of our nation and for the sake of democracy. >> jakarta's governor must declare the winner with 53% of the vote. according to law experts, evidence of systematic cheating is very thin. >> if cheating has happened, it is because these are one of the most complicated elections in the world, but there is no single party in indonesia that can achieve the result. if cheating has happened, it is on both sides. >> tens of thousand us will go to the streets when the verdict is read on thursday.
9:44 am
>> the election needs to be repent. we will be very disappointed otherwise. this election will make our country unsafe. >> i indonesia awaits the verdit of the constitutional court. security forces are preparing for the worst, many hope the verdict will be accepted peacefully. >> away from the protest in neighborhoods where he won the election, there is reconciliation. >> he has to accept the verdict. what can he do when the other person has already won? police don't have any feelings of revenge. don't make trouble. i want indonesia to move forward. we don't need anymore conflict. >> the appeal of the constitutional court is the last legal step before a new president will be inaugurated on october 20. aljazeera, jakarta. >> still to come, we look back
9:45 am
at the life of the biggest name in yoga, who has died at 95. >> in sport, south america's champion football team meets their most high profile fan. details coming up.
9:46 am
>> collecting empty bottles for a fee in germany is boosting recycling and helping the elderly make ends meet. retired people can't survive on their government pensions, so picking up after others goes a
9:47 am
long way. nick spicier reports from berli. he athletics a pension because he suffered severe disabilities since a car ran him over when he was a child. collecting bottles five hours a day brings him a little over $200 a month. >> i started collecting bottles in april, 2001. the main reason was because my pension wasn't enough, but i also started because my mother died after i cared for her during seven years of illness and i needed to keep busy. >> staying busy is another motivator says this graphic designer. he created a free website for empties willing to give them to people for deposit. >> they can do it in a clean way, they go to private people or to little offices, who have
9:48 am
got bottles there with deposit and for us, we are hoping that it's always like an exchange, like a human exchange that people meet each other. >> this little bottle is worth 35 cents if you take it back for recycling with that germany has deposits on containers that are amongst the highest in the world because of a law passed to protect the environment but has had the effect of allowing people to live on the margins of society to improve their lives. >> one in 10 pensioners in berlin lives in poverty. collecting bottles is one way out for some. what the rain turns to snow, the extra money comes at a price that is often bitterly cold. aljazeera, berlin. >> let's get a sports update. >> barcelona banned from signing players until 2015 after their
9:49 am
appeal was rejected of a transfer ban. the spanish giants penalized for the transfer of players under 18. while the signing of suarez will stand, they will not be ail to sign for the next two periods. they will appeal. >> real madrid and athletico madrid renewing their rivalry in the spanish super cup. the signing of rodriguez celebrated by scoring his first goal for the club in the 80t 80th minute, giving real a 1-0 lead. striking back with two minutes left to earn draw for the spanish chance, the two sides meet again friday. >> athletic owe has its own advantage, we have to score.
9:50 am
we have the path to score and we will try to do so. if we can repeat the game we played today, we will win the cup. >> in two or three days, we are going to play against a team with very good attacking opportunities. >> european football's govern body have launched an investigation into the new head of the italian football federation over allegations of racism. 71-year-old who is elected last week caused controversy during his election campaign after calling african players banana eaters. a report will be submitted before a decision is made. he has apologized and insisted
9:51 am
he is not racist. >> australia western sydney wonders have upstaged in the first leg of the asian league final. scoring the only goal of the match in the sitting minute, the club is only two years and making his debut in the competition, it was all downhill for their chinese opponents who then had two players sent off. the winning coach was ahead of him. >> on tuesday, the american emritz beat saudi arabia 2-0. the deadlock was broken in the 48th minute. they scored their second in 51st minute. >> the only goal of the game scored to give the host a 1-0 win.
9:52 am
>> the 20 team vying for the final positions in the champions league including scotland celtics, the qualifier late on wednesday, they consider themselves lucky to even be at this stage. they were beaten in the previous run by warsaw, later disqualified for fielding an in eligible player. >> if we don't beat, then we have to fight in european league. >> fine tuning the game ahead of the final grand slam of the year. the men's seedings have been reds. federer secured the number two slot at flushing meadows.
9:53 am
djokovic has reached the final in new york for the past four years, last winning the title in 2011, but the certain has been in shaky form since winning wimbledon last month. >> i think novak had an incredible run at wimbledon, and he sort of to me is waiting on the open a little bit. i don't think what happened in the summer mattered a whole lot in terms of his results, so i would still put him as the favorite coming in. >> the most successful olympian of all time will make his return to international competition on thursday. michael phelps is on the comeback trail after an 18 month retirement. he's entered into five events at the pacific championships on australia's gold coast. the 29-year-old failed to win any event at the recent u.s. national championships and asked whether he would even make a final defined run. >> wow, you are really setting
9:54 am
the bar high for me. jesus, wow. >> reality check there. >> you know, it's after nationals, after not winning, it is what it is, and you know, i hate to lose, but, you know, i also do understand that it's not going to come back instantly. it's not going to be overnight where i'm going to come back and be the best that i can be. i know it's going to take some time and energy to get back. >> organizers hope that next month's asian games will represent a rare moment of unity between north and south korea. the delegation from north korea's olympic committee arrived in south korea to attend build up for the games. north korea will send 150 athletes that it had been in doubt last month after talks between the two nations broke down. >> i believe that the asian games will be a great
9:55 am
opportunity for strengthening friendship and unity, exchanging culture and promoting mutual understanding and respect through the sports culture of athletes representing all cultures in asia. >> meeting their number one fan, pope francis for the first time welcomed the squad to the vatican wednesday. they enjoyed the most successful spell in their history since the pope moved to rome last year, also winning the national league. >> check out for more. i'll have more later on. >> thanks very much. one of the world's best known yoga guru's has died. he popularized yoga in india and around the word especially the west. he died early wednesday from
9:56 am
renal failure. he was 95. he had been practicing yoga for nearly 80 years. we have this report on the yoga guru's legacy. >> this is one of the few times these students will ever sit still in class to mourn the passing. >> the last days, he practiced yoga for more than six hours every day. every hour, every minute, he thinks about yoga and he has so many new techniques and will come to the rescue of the modern medical problems. >> he began to study yoga which he was a child with health problems and popularized yoga through his books and videos.
9:57 am
he allows students with various levels of still and fitness to practice i don't go i can't. >> he officially retired in 1984 but remained active through writing and occasional classes. his style of yoga famous the world over bears his name. >> at this government yoga school, his teachings on the health benefits are studied in the classroom and practiced in the studio. he's credited with making yoga accessible. >> yoga has been made simple for us and people who found it difficult and could not practice it, it has been made easy for them, too. >> he was awarded two of india's highest ors and his influence in the yoga word will long be remembered. >> thanks for watching the aljazeera news hour.
9:58 am
>> on the stream, >> the usda pulls 770 inspectors from poultry processing plants. join us on the stream to find out what that means for your food safety. >> the stream on al jazeera america
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>> al jazeera america presents >> just because you're pregnant, don't mean you're life's ended. >> 15 stories one incredible journey edge of eighteen premiers september 7th only on al jazeera america >> tensions rising in ferguson as outside agitators make a volatile situation worse, and the islamic state group releases a gruesome video of a beheading of an american. those stories and much more it straight ahead. you saw what happened yesterday. as soon as the sun went down, it became violate with shooting at the police. >> we're not.