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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 20, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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special episode ferguson: city under siege only on al jazeera america
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>> but instead have what he considered a bankrupt philosophy. one that is ultimately destructive. he said that all people especially those who are members of the muslim faith need to rise up against this sort of ideolo ideology. >> are there ways to hold the islamic state forces, are you hearing anything about that? >> reporter: there has been debate in the past several days what the government is prepared to do in order to help iraq prepare with the march across
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the country. the president has been adamant since he first announced airstrikes back on august 7th. that the usa would not be sending in ground groups as the peshmerga tried to regain territory from these fighters. the president has ruled out undeniable there would be any cooperation of any sort with the syrian government because the u.s. believes it was syrian's action actions in trying to crush it's own political revolution that led to the development of i.s. so there are these concerns because the administration has been bombing is targets around moi soul dam in the past 96 hours, that was not something that was specifically spelled out when the president first announced these airstrikes, and so the administration is pushing back against jugs from many quarters that it mate be engaging in some sort of mission creep. >> thank you. we have much more on james
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foley's murder and the crisis inside iraq and syria: website for that is sigh mom mcgregor wood has more from london. >> reporter: the man who killed james foley concealed his identity with a black hood. but his voice possibly from the london area. that's has officials desperately trying to find out who he might be. >> first of all, looking to a then katauthenticate the video. >> reporter: up to 500 british muslims are known to be fighting for syria and iraq. there have "r" video celebrating
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the ideology. >> from iraq, cambodia, australia. >> reporter: in february abdul from southern england appeared in this video before he killed himself driving a truck into t . his family thought he had gone to syria for an ho humanitarian effort. >> reporter: the scale of foreign volunteering is unprecedented. we have not seen anything like that since the afghanistan conflict in the 1980's. it could give rise to a new generation of jihadists who become involved in organizations like al-qaeda. the appearance of the video forced david cameron to cut short his vacation to share an emergency meeting in downing street. >> we know that far too many
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british citizens have traveled to iraq and traveled to syria to take part in extremism and violence. we must redouble all our efforts to stop people going, to take away the passports of those contemplating travel, and arrest those and prosecute those who take part in extremism and violence. >> reporter: they are concerned about the shear scale. it seems to be providing additional motivation for many to join it's ranks and perhaps one day return to home countries. european involvement has been limited to air support and the promise of new weapons. that could change. and while this video will be of real concern to europe's leaders it may help to sway skeptical publics that participation over there may keep people safe over here. >> italian applications have voted overwhelmingly to send arms to kurdish forces fighting
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islamic state fighters. the vote took place while prime minister renzi was visiting iraq. well, iraq's ethnic and political divisions have been rising for months, now there is signs of reconciliation with kurdish leaders returning to government. >> reporter: iraq has appealed again to the world for help to fight the islamic state group. just hours after a video emerged showing the beheading of james foley, an u.s. journalist captured in 2012. foreign minister said that the group threatens the entire world and the west is beginning to act. the italian prime minister was the latest european leader to hold talks in baghdad and erbil, the capital of the semi
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autonomous region in the world. >> reporter: the islamic state group must be stopped and the people must be helped, we're in agreement with our partners that we cannot waste aim time. >> reporter: but it was not new weapons that helped the peshmerga capture territories from the islamic state groups. it was the u.s. airstrikes but they have not targeted the largely sunny areas where the i.s. is most powerful. french president hollande is calling for a conference but has not set a date or said who would be invited 37 within a short period of time the islamic state group has become one of the many fighting forces in syria war a group that controls a vast amount of territory in syria and iraq. now it has killed an american journalist and threatened more violence. >> reporter: iraq's kurds who
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have been leading the fight against northern iraq have now decided to join talks over the new government in baghdad but are insisting on being treated as equal partners. the man many blame for iraq's current crisis, nouri al-maliki, appealed to his successor to focus on national unity. >> the government to maintain the security, and social economic is all dependent on security where there is no division, calamities between parliament and government. >> reporter: but his government is still targeting the sunni areas where the islamic states have established a foothold creating even more resentment in the regions where it most needs to win people over. the international community is focused on how to fight the islamic state group but the war can't be won until iraq's
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sunnies, shia and curds stop seeing each other as the enem enemies. >> to other news in less than 24 hours after the breakdown in the latest cease-fire in gaza, 21 people have been killed by israeli airstrikes. it includes this attack on gaza where the home of hamas' military is located. his wife and child died and but he's mapped to escape. his actions are in response to rockets fired from gaza. >> reporter: the funeral for the youngest victim, the sun mohammed daf. they were killed with several missiles. officials say at least 45 people were injured in the same airstrike. it's not clear whether the brigades commander was in the
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house at the time. he was israel's intended target. hamas said they missed it. >> the house where the family was targeted is not very far from here. and many of the people immediately ran to the u.n. shelters as soon as hey heard about it, even though they said they still don't feel safe here. >> reporter: many fled at night while airstrikes were intensifying. 16 children live in one of the boarded areas where most of the fighting happened. >> we had so much hope the cease-fire would last. do you think we're happy with this war? w we were hearing about a cease-fire. then every was screaming and everyone started running. >> reporter: an estimated 250,000 people have taken refugee in the u.n. schools before the cease-fire. some have gone back home before the cease-fire, which was short lived. >> i have to come back here for
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my children. i don't know what more, we don't have much choice. either we live or we die. there is not much more for us. >> reporter: here they fear it will happen again. they don't know how much longer this war will last, but for now this is the safest place they can be in gaza. >> let's go to west jerusalem. we've been hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. what does he have to say about those indirect talks in cairo? >> reporter: well surprisingly tough talk from the prime minister. repeating quite often that hamas has been hit hard. he went on to say that operation protected edge, which began in july is an, i quote, not over. he went on to say that if hamas strikes israel then israel will strike back sevenfold.
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he was asked in q and a why no deal was signed. he said it's because no palestinian faction could promise that we would see demilitarization of gaza. now he went on to say that he was open to engaging in talks with p.a. leader mahmood abbas, so not saying that he's going to rule out talks all together completely, but again saying, again that often repeated phrase that hamas had been hit arrested and people of israel were the forefront of his mind. >> tough talk from netanyahu. how strong is public support over there in israel for a continuation of the campaign in gaza? >> reporter: i think it's two-fold. on the one hand you certainly have people who want to see hamas completely irradicated. then on the other hand you have people who are tired of conflict and tired of fighting.
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rockets were heard in major cities including tel aviv and here in jerusalem. whenever the sirens goes off it's a concern for many people. while there are people who want to see this until it's done there are others who want to see an and to the fighting. >> thank you. while hamas military has warned international airlines flying into tel aviv airport. >> firstly, we will warn international airlines against flying into all the ben-gurion airport.
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we warn against large spaces where they may land especially open areas and stadiums. >> in this long period of fighting how are people dealing with the prospect of that? >> well, people are extremely worried. i mean, they had this nine-day hue man tea humanitarian cease-fire. they know that the situation is extremely complicated. they obviously blame israel for not want to go find a solution to it, for wanting to keep their lives so difficult and a desire situation by continue to go impose and not want to go return home. by the end of the day those who are living in the danger areas,
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in the bordering areas from north to south of the gaza strip have left. some of them have their houses destroyed with no prospect of reconstruction any time soon, and others are hiding in shelters waiting to see what will happen next. they do expect much more strikes. >> in gaza, thank you. still to come, more on the we hibeheading of james foley. and deadly landslides and there are warnings that it could happen again. and in sport the illegal transfer of minors with one-year ban on players. >> now the u.s. attorney general federa eric holder has arrived in ferguson, missouri, over the
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death of 18-year-old michael brown on august9th. the police report confrontation compared to previous nights. brown's funeral will be held on monday. let's go to john henry who is in ferguson for us. what is the mood there as as attorney general eric holder makes an appearance? >> reporter: well, it's been a quiet night. there were 47 arrests overnight, we're told. police changed their tactic as little bit. you didn't see the kind of armored vehicles out. they were no longer wearing military-style outfits but don't let me tell that you. we've got someone who has a business across the street. you see red's barbecue right across the street. vernon, let me ask you a little bit about the mood. how are things here? we see your business is back up and running somewhat. >> yes, we wanted a sense of normalcy back. i think that's what everybody in the immediate neighborhood is
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striving for. it's been 11 days. it's been stressful. people are out of school. out of businesses. people are afraid to leave their homes, to come back. what we want to do just to give it a positive spin. we want to send the message this is not indicative of the community as a whole. we want to open up and give a sense of summertime in america. >> reporter: before we give a positive spin we have to explain that your business was vandalize. >> things happen. no hurt feelings. we are still here. we're still standing. we'll be back. >> reporter: what happened to your business. >> we had all the windows broken, and we had some fire damage. they tried to start a fire, but we have a sprinkling system that put the fire out.
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we boarded up the windows but we're here. we're here to serve the community. >> reporter: having suffered from some of the problems with this, how do you feel about the protests, as someone who works here every day. >> let me--that's a very interesting as a young person i'm always up for fighting what you believe in. having said that our thoughts and prayers go out to mike brown's family. i don't think any parent should suffer that way. i grew up in india so there is going to be an attitude to it, we're quite non-violent. i think in a peaceful effort we can still get the message out you loud and clear, and i urge people to not take any violent path. let's not forget what they're fighting for. , etc. keep it forward in a much more positive way so these things can get back to normal so we can believe in what we believe in. >> excuse me sir, you've been here--thank you. you've been here for a while.
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how has mahmoud changed. >> i'm owe sorry, sorry, i want to say we know everybody on a first-name basis. people who work for me-- >> i'll have to wrap it up. some of the protesters who are here are angry. they don't understand the perspective of the business owner, vernon, whatever he's saying he thinks they have a legitimate right to protest, and that protest continues to go on. >> thank you very much. john hendren in ferguson, missouri. now pro russia splittists have shot dowseparatists
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separate--the city has faced shelling from both sides for weeks now. the military has taken over large parts of the city of luhansk. emma hayward is in slovyansk. >> there has been more shelling and fighting in the town of 70 kilometers away from donetsk. now the governor who was appointed by kiev has told us today that there should be more autonomy for the region. he also said he believes that fighters and equipment have come across the border from russia. he also said that he believed that his city, in his words, would be liberated in the next couple of weeks, and he said that president putin and president poroshenko need to come together to try to find a solution to this crisis here. >> the whole of ukraine is waiting for peace.
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the de-escalation of the crisis depend on the two men. it depends on whether the bloodshed will end or whether the war will go on in which brothers will kill brothers. this is why we want our president to have a robust conversation with putin, and argue and do everything possible to stop the bloodshed. >> reporter: well, the humanitarian situation in donetsk and luhansk is deteriorating. there is aid but it's on the russian side of the border. the international community of the red cross which will oversee the delivery of that ahead says it has now received security guarantees that it needs. we may see momen movement of some of the trucks over the next few days. >> a lan slide landslide in the japanese city of hiroshima.
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harry fawcett has more. >> reporter: this was one of the most worst hit neighborhoods. two boys were buried alive, victims of the sheer speed of which this disaster exploded. heavy rain on wednesday, i woke up in the mill of the night and the corridor was already flooded. i heard the sound of the water coming in, and then the river rushed into my house. i took the car and got away. >> when they realized what was happening there was mud flowing around and cars were being washed away. and then everything started sliding away. >> reporter: rescue workers have been on the scene throughout the day. initially the government dispatched 30 military personnel to assist them, and then raised that number to 500. the prime minister cutting short a holiday to oversee the response. >> in order to strengthen the
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search relief an operations i've ordered troops to be deployed. >> reporter: he was criticized for starting a game of golf five hours after it began before cutting it short and returning to tokyo. the first emergency calls came in at 3:00 a.m. the first evacuation orders not until 4:20. immediate focus is on search and rescue. in the hope of finding at least some of the missing still alive. harry fawcett, al jazeera. >> still to come, above or below the poverty line, why it seems to make little difference in india. we're in brazil's capitol while campaigning continues after the death of a leading combined in a plane crash last week. and in sports football teams meet their most high parole file
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>> consider this: the news of the day plus so much more. >> we begin with the growing controversy. >> answers to the questions no one else will ask. >> real perspective, consider this on al jazeera america >> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera news
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hour. let's update you on the deadlines. president obama has promised to be vigilant against the islamic state group after the beheading of a journalist. james foley was kidnapped in 2012. 21 people have been killed by airstrikes in gaza. including the wife and child of mohammed daf. he was not killed in the attack. no. missouri u.s. attorney general eric holder has arrived to address unrest. >> let's go more tlet's go to more on the death of journalist james foley. >> it looks like the islamic state has decided to tend a message to the western world.
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you have attacked us, taken military action against us, we'll retaliate and make it painful for you and those in our custody are in grave danger for what you have done. there are some politics, it's a message of deterrence and defiance and it's upped the antae because this is the first time we've seen action like this against a western journalist. we've seen it against many iraqis and syrians, of course this is a political statement. >> and the man who appears in the video along side james foley has a fluent english-speaking accident. authorities are investigating his identity and experts are trying to identify where he's from. why is a british man? why has he been involved? >> i think it was designed to make sure that the message got to the intended audience, and sending a message to barack obama, it's better if it's done
2:32 pm
in fluid english. they're using social media, twitter, facebook and instagram and also all my days of the having the media officials. and this is all part of the slick campaign to send messages out to the west, also to say to muslims living in western countries you're now under attack as well. this is about all muslims. your better to come to us. it's a recruiting tool and it makes them look more powerful. >> how likely is it to be a recruitment tool? something like this is likely to appeal to a small group of individuals. >> obviously, look, your average person is not going to be attracted to someone who cuts someone's head off. this is not going to be a successful tool. foley was in isis custody for
2:33 pm
nearly two years, now they've taken the decision not to execute but murder him. it was a rushed decision. this is not going to appeal to the vast majority of people in the western world or, indeed, in other muslim countries who might be thinking of joining isis. it might be a deterrent, but it shows that they rushed the decision. >> and you said that foley had been held by the group for two years. what do you make of the timing of his murder coming perhaps--the group, the islamic state, said it was in response to u.s. airstrikes in iraq. did it show that perhaps they are a little bit on the back foot? we know they've been losing territory to kurdish fighters? >> yes, i think they have. it's direct liqueur lated to the fact that yesterday they tactically withdrew, which means they lost and had to pull out of the area of mosul dam, and this is a way of striking quickly saying we have the resources necessary to fight this battle against you. we've got leverage that we can use, and this is not over yet, this is going to get more
2:34 pm
serious and more painful for the west. >> michael stevens, thank you. >> thank you. >> now the number of people killed in the west africa ebola outbreak is now up to 1,350. this is according to the latest figure pushed. 106 people died from the virus on sunday and monday with 221 more suspected cases reported. kenya's largest hospital has now set up an isolation ward for suspected ebola cases in the country. the country has stopped flights from serie a and sierra leone. and the ebola virus may have spread to the democratic rebel of congodemocratic republic of congo. they have announced a night curfew to help stop the spread of the disease. they have fired live rounds and tear gas to stop people from leaving the areas that just have been quarantined.
2:35 pm
people have thrown stones to police and said they were given fl no warning when roadblocks went up and they have no way of working or buying food. violence broke out after the minority muslim community accused the european union force of shooting a man deaden ghana's national health service is the envy of africa and decades since it started. it helped tens of millions of people get access to free healthcare for the first time and on won international international. >> a new membership card is
2:36 pm
proving very popular. there are now 10 million subscribers which means free access to healthcare and medicine for those most in need. waiting for they are chil her child to see the doctor. she has been using the national health insurance scheme for seven years and said it's been a benefit but is not efficient. >> i have to get here at 8:00 a.m. and then you have to go to the insurance desk, fill out forms, all these waste time and sometimes it's 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. before you see a doctor. >> reporter: as it grows it's facing major funding challenges and it's compounded by ghana's deteriorating economic situation. the government has not paid its bills to those providing the service. this is one of the busiest pharmacies. it serves nearly 3,000 health insurance patients every month, and they have not been paid by the government since the beginning of the year. it's a similar story for this private clinic just outside of
2:37 pm
the capitol. the medical director said he's struggling but he continues to see health insurance patients because he doesn't want to abandon them. >> it's very difficult financially. they have not paid,. >> reporter: the boss of the national health insurance authority said the government is committed to paying those who provide the service but the scheme was too ambitious to start with. >> it's quite challenging. challenging, one, because our benefit package is quite huge, covering over 95% in the country. perhaps in hindsight we could have begun with a number that is a modest package and increasing this package as we got along. >> reporter: the scheme is
2:38 pm
financed by national insurance tax of 2.5%. plus an annual flat membership feet of $6. it's won international recognition for bringing free healthcare to millions. however, critics argue it is not sustainable and it's hard to see how the service can remain viable unless people pay more. al jazeera, ghana. >> thousands of protesters continue to demand the resignation of pakistan's prime minister in a huge demonstration right in front of parliament. demonstrators have been streaming into the city for the past six days led by khan, a cricketerer turned politician we have more. >> reporter: even though the stakes are very high the mood at the site of the protest is festive, pakistan's military chief general urged the politicians to sit across the
2:39 pm
negotiating table and resolve this crisis as soon as possible. now for the first time the government would immediate kadre. he said at that meeting he never refused the option of negotiation, but that the government was not serious about that. however, today for the first time a government delegation was to meet and agree to the fact that talks will now get under way. khan has warned that he and his supporters will march against the prime minister house. the government is not taking any chances. they've blocked the roads leading to the prime minister's house, and there is still some hope that some sort of political decision is possible. however, imran khan is insisting that the prime minister nawaz
2:40 pm
sharif has to resign. >> al jazeera is demanding the release of its three journalist who is have now been imprisoned in egypt for 235 days. mohamed fahmy, bader mohammed, and peter greste were falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. in june they were given seven years sentences. bader mohammed was given an extra three because he had a spent bullet in his possession which he picked up at a protest. peoplin india the government is trying to help those living in >> his job pays enough to keep him above india's poverty line of $0.35 daily.
2:41 pm
>> education for his children means he's above what it describes the empowerment line. 300 families live in this illegal slum. new as well as conventional measures against poverty identify some of themed a empowered and others as power. but on the ground it's hard to see the difference. their homes and lives are practically the same, but the government said that she lives below the poverty line. this gives her access to cheap food and gas.
2:42 pm
>> i've lived here my whole life and my children were born here. maybe i will die here, too. the governor has give me a card that says i am poor but has done nothing to make my life better. ironically it's hard to prove that you're poor in india. these women want to apply for russia ration cuts, documentation that will give them access to food. but they say a strong economy can provide benefits for many more. >> we would expect in future that 90% of the improvement in living standards will come either from income growth to jobs, or more effective delivery of services rather than spending more money on subsidies alone. >> reporter: but staying alive is a full-time job justified by the government card she holds. and staying above the poverty line is just as big a challenge.
2:43 pm
a delicate difference that hundreds of millions of indians struggle with every day. al jazeera, new delhi. >> now campaigning for brazil's presidential elections have resumed a week after a plane crash killed one of its leading candidates. he's been replaced by narina silva, an environmentalist who has surged ahead. but silva faces a tough challenge. we have more from the capital brasilia. >> reporter: at first there was a disbelief and shock and then there was the mourning at the funeral. a week after a plane crash killed presidential candidate campos, it's back to a campaign more competitive than ever to see who will be brazil's next president. incumbent running for re-election is buoyed by the
2:44 pm
fact that she still leads the polls but her popularity has dropped in the past years and for the first time she's vulnerable to defeat. campos' running mate environmentalist silva will likely take his spot on the ballot and her poll shows that she would defeat rusef in a head to head. >> i believe she is a good brazilian. they exchanged a lot of ideas of how to represent us. >> reporter: there is the successful governor and senator from the brazilian state with the second most votes, and he's honing in on an economic message. >> if the government doesn't recognize that inflation is getting out of control and that food prices are gone up more than 10% they won't take the necessary measures to fix it. so what worries me is that all these gains up to now will
2:45 pm
vanish. >> reporter: no doubt a lot of uncertainty on who will win this election to occupy the presidential palace for the next four years. but most analysts believe it's much more difficult if not i am pop for rusef to receive the votes on the ballot. and it will go to a run off. for now it's back to campaigning that so suddenly and unexpectedly was thrown into turmoil. >> the world of yoga is mourning one of its most fun influential figures. he died in his home in india at age 95. >> reporter: this is one of the few times these yoga students will ever sit still in class. they're here to mourn the passin passing of.
2:46 pm
>> he has brought new techniqu techniques. >> he began to study yoga when he was a child with health problems. he popularized a solely indian tradition through his books, studios and videos. today the style which can include the use of props allow students to practice the many facets of yoga. iyengar retired i. but continue writing. his style of yoga the world over bears his name. >> reporter: at this government yoga school the teachings of the
2:47 pm
benefits of theio go are practiced in the studio. he's credited with making yoga accessible. >> people who found yoga difficult and could not practice it, it has been made easy for them, too. >> reporter: he was awarded two of india's highest honors and his influence in the yoga world will long be remembered. >> still ahead for you on al jazeera. it's europe's richest economy, where are people in germany having to collect bottles to make ends meet? plus. >> i'm lee wellings at the english midlands to ask if electric is the future of car racing.
2:48 pm
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>> welcome back. time now for your sport. >> thank you so much. barcelona will be banned from signing any players until 2016. the spanish giants have been themmized for the illegal transfer of players under the age of 18. this means while the recent standing will be able to stand, barca will not be allowed to sign any players for the next two transfer periods. european football governing body uefa for allegations of
2:50 pm
racism. it caused controversy during his election campaign after calling african players banana eaters. he has already apologized for his comments and insisted he is not a racist. real madrid are waiting for the test results done on christian ronaldo's back injury before deciding if he'll play in the super cup. readrodriguez celebrated his debut by scoring in the 80s minute that gave real the 1-0 lead. but striking back with two minutes left. the second is on friday. >> atletico have advantage because we have to score. we have the possibility to score, we will do so. if we can repeat the game we
2:51 pm
played today we could win the super cut. >> city wanderers have up staged the city champions in their asian champions league quarterfinals. scoring the only goal of the match for the wanderers. the club is only two years old and making its debut in competition. it was down hill for its chinese opponents who had two players sent off. michael phelps is on the come back trail after 18-month retirement. he entered into five events at the pan pacific championships. on utah's gold coast. the 29-year-old failed to win any events at the recent u.s. national championshipsish and asked if he would make the finalist this time around. >> you're setting the bar high for me, gee. >> reality check there. >> you know, after nationals,
2:52 pm
not winning, it is what it is, and i hate to lose, but you know, i also do understand it's not going to come back instantly. it's not going to be overnight where i'm going to be able to come back and be the best that i can be. i know it's going to take some time and some energy to get back. >> next month the new car raising championship launches with a big difference to formula one. the cars will be electric. the project is not just about competition. the idea is to help image and sales of electric cars. lee wellings reports. >> reporter: it's time for a new era in car racing. and this one is electric. it's thought to improve perception of electric cars. beyond the selling point of being more sustainable than those who use fuel. final tests before the opening
2:53 pm
race in china was the english racetrack where all the technology will be based. other car racing projects have tried and ultimately failed to challenge the domination of formula one. this is not just racing. it's beyond sports. being part of an environmentally friendly project has the advantage for companies, but how do the cars work? >> it's quite simple. you take a normal car. you remove all the power train, the engine, and all of that. >> each driver will use two cars per race. thit will help that two famous names are in the driving. >> we know each other quite well. he's a super nice guy and i hope i can beat him, but i hope at
2:54 pm
the stay friends. >> i think regardless of where it goes, it's a fun championship and very competitive. i think we can assume it's going to be very good. >> one of the ten venues for the inaugural season is still to be announced, but the first event is in beijing on september 13th. putrajaya, and per lynn at the end of may, and the final race is in london in june. it all sounded good. >> i think it sounds brilliant. >> it sounds like a small jet plane. >> the sound is just unreal. >> the oil consumption and co2
2:55 pm
down, they'll need to find sustainable interest in the actual racing. lee we willingslee wellings, england. >> recently crowned sam lorenzo met their number one fan, pope francis. he is a member of the site. for the first time in their history last week he welcomed the squad to the vatican on wednesday. san lorenzo has enjoyed the most successful spell in history since pope moved to rome last year also winning the national league. that's all your sport for now. it's now back to miriam. >> now in germany collecting empty bottles for money is helping elderlies make ends me meet. >> you could mistake him for a man out to enjoy a summer's day on his bike.
2:56 pm
in reality,'s scrambling to pay for food and medication. he's only 51, but collect as pension because he suffered from severe disabilities since a car ran him over since he was just a child collecting bottles for five hours a day bring him over $200 a month. >> i started collecting bottles in april of 2001. the main reason is because my pension was not enough. but i also started because my mother died after i cared for her during seven years of illness and i needed to stay busy. >> staying busy is another motivator. said this graphic designer. he created a website. >> they go to private people or to little offices who have bottle there is for deposit, and for us, we're hoping that it's always like an exchange, how you
2:57 pm
say, a human exchange that people meet each other. >> reporter: this bottle is worth $0.35 if you take it back for recycling. germany has deposits upon containers amongst the highest in the world because of a law passed a decade ago which was meant to protect the environment, but it has had the affect of allowing people who live on the margins of society to improve their lives ever so slightly. one in ten pensioner in berlin is said to live in poverty. collecting bottle is one way out for some. but when rain turns to winter snow that money comes at a price that is often bitterly cold. >> that's it for this news hour for me. but i'll be back with all the latest on the murder of journalist james foley in syria. president barack obama has offered his condolences to fol foley's parents and the u.s. is determined to fight on in iraq.
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we'll have more on that later.
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