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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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[ shouting ] >> israeli jets kill three top hamas commanders in gaza, but civilians have also paid the price. ♪ i'm in doha with the world news from al jazeera. also coming up, a record settlement, banc of america is to pay nearly $17 billion over its part in the 2008 financial crash. consolidating power. turkey's president elect nominates the new man to become
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the next prime minister. and the music of protest, a concert in support of al jazeera's journalists imprisoned in egypt. ♪ funerals have been held in gaza for three hamas commanders. they were all in one house when it was hit which israeli jets. they were all described as senior hamas military figures, but at least seven other people were killed in that strike. at least 26 people have died since wednesday night. that brings the total to 2,075, but hamas is still launching its weapons too. it says it fired a rocket at
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tel-aviv's airport. jane ferguson has more. >> reporter: this is the site in gaza strip which was struck close to 1:00 am local time on thursday morning. and the entire building has been absolutely destroyed. the neighborhood has been very much effected with homes that are pretty much uninhabitable. locals say they heard six explosions in the early hours of thursday morning whenever israeli airplanes hit the site as well as the three hamas come maen -- commanders that were killed at least seven civilians were also killed. nay will be able to say now so far they have something to show for this war. up until now nothing has been made public about senior hamas commanders being killed.
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these were three men that the israelis have tried to kill before, and made several attempts on their lives. >> kimberly joins us now from west jerusalem. hamas has lost three commanders. is there a change in the israeli strategy in terms of targeting high profile hamas leaders rather than sending in more troops? >> this is definitely a change in strategy, and that's because there is this view that in fact up to this point, the israeli military strategy has not been working because it has not been able to stop the rocket attack from gaza. there is a feeling that these hamas military commanders are directly responsible for those rockets, for those deaths that have occurred in southern israel, and as a result, the defense minister issuing a statement saying these rocket attacks -- or rather these
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targeted assassinations will continue as long as they are rocket attacks saying the israeli military continues to pursue hamas leaders at anytime. this is really an effort to weaken the command and control apparatus if you will of the hamas military wing, but it's also in domestic or political strategy to appease the israeli public who has been putting a lot of pressure on prime minister benjamin netenyahu to stop those rocket attacks. >> well there are reports that the brigade has fired a rocket towards israel's international airport. now how has israel responded? >> well, to be clear that rocket did fall about 15 kilometers south of the tel-aviv airport. but there still has been a barrage of rockets into southern
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israel. all reports are for the most part the airport is still operating business as usual although with stepped up security. there were still roughly 60,000 that came throughout the day, but there were cancellations of two different airlines today. obviously this is having a tremendous psychological effect. this isn't the first time this has been a concern about the airport. last month the airport shut down international flights for roughly 24 hours. this also has a very damaging economic impact. because as word spreads that there is concern about the airport in tell avee, this obviously has a damaging effect on israel's tourism. >> kimberly thank you. banc of america has reached a near $17 billion settlement for its role in the 2008 financial crisis.
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the u.s. justice department announced a deal today. the largest imposed on any bank since the meltdown. tom akerman has more. >> the attorney general said this settlement does not preclude possible criminal charges against some bank executives, but apparently not at banc of america. this settles the case with them. one former ceo that one of the banks that banc of america took over, countrywide which was found guilty of numerous miseventations of their loans that they put out based on mortgage-backed securities that were actually very toxic, he stands to be indicted in a civil case. that man, angelo zillo has already paid more than $50 million of his own personal fortune, and now the government saying that it's looking
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for -- or apparently will be looking for further charges against him. however, he too had been the subject of a criminal investigation, but those -- that investigation was dropped. so right now there are no executives targeted for any kind of a criminal indictment. >> the united states has launched new air strikes against the islamic state group in iraq. despite the warning that more hostages would be killed. the i.s. said it murdered james foley because of its involvement in iraq. the white house said they tried to capture foley and others when they were held in syria. >> reporter: james foley's execution was posted on line as a message to the united states, get out of iraq.
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the u.s. tried to save him. former cia former official said they must have had strong intelligence for the president to order the mission. >> the chances of you getting a helicopter or two or more americans in a situation where it would be very difficult if not impossible to extract them would give a lot of pause. >> they went into a remote location, and the hostages were not there. the announcement came just hours after the family of foley was asked if the u.s. did enough to save him? >> what we have been doing to date was not -- >> it wasn't enough. is >> reporter: there are other two american journalists missing in syria. this man is being held by the islamic state group.
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they have threatened to kill him if the u.s. did not stop its bombing campaign. >> we'll continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what is necessary to see that justice is done. >> reporter: u.s. officials are not ruling out going in after the people responsible for foley's death if they can find them, but right now the focus is on finding the other missing americans before they meet the same fate. this man was an advisor to five ambassadors in iraq, and he says the execution of james foley is part of a long-used strategy by fighters such as those of the islamic state group. >> the fact is whether americans like to admit it or not, we are
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at war. they have today you will drown in pools of your own blood. they have beheaded mr. foley now, nicklas berg several years ago, and daniel pearl in pakistan. this is just a continuation of a long exosistential movement the world is facing. isis is a create of misrule and the campaign of genocide that bashar al-assad has waged, and also the hezbollah mission out of lebanon. a new foreign minister has been admitted for turkey.
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this man will take the office of president next week. bernard smith joins us from turkey. bernard was nomination a surprise at all? >> well there have been speculation that he was going to be the choice to be the chairman of the party, and therefore, he'll become prime minister. in the end we have somebody who was a close friend of the outgoing prime minister, the president elect. they are peas from the same pod. they share the same political philosophy. so he has overseen the selection of somebody who is like minded, but one of the challenges, the first challenges for him is to fill the shoes. he has dominated the political
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landscape in turkey. he enjoys adulation from his he gones of supporters. his successor doesn't enjoy that political base, and has to find his own beat domestically. >> the inherits a divided nation that shares a border with syria. detail for us the challenges he is likely to face. >> well there are several foreign policy challenges for him. he began this policy with having no friends around all of turkey, and turkey has troubled relationships with a lot of countries. egypt, israel, and this ongoing conflict in syria and political
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turmoil in iraq as well. but at least domestically, he inherits a strong economy and also an ongoing peace process with the kurds. >> all right. bernard thank you for that still to come on al jazeera, fear and fighting in liberia after police put communities behind barbed wire to stop the spread of ebola. >> i'm in melbourne, australia, at a soldout concert in support of al jazeera's imprison's journalists.
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♪ you are watching al jazeera, a reminder now of our top stories. funerals have been held in gaza for three hamas commanders killed in an israeli air strike. they were among the highest-ranking palestinian fighters killed in the offensive. the u.s. military say special forces failed in an attempt to rescue detained journalists including james foley. the u.s. says there will be no let up on the strikes of the group in iraq. the banc of america is to pay close to $17 billion for its role in what lead up to the
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financial crisis. that is the largest deal the justice department has reached with a bank over the meltdown. two american aid workers who were infected with the ebola virus in liberia have been discharged from think hospital in the united states. they were treated with the experimental drug z-mac. >> today it is a miraculous day. i am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and to be reunited with my family. as a medical missionary, i never imagined myself in this position. when my family and i lived to liberia last october, ebola was not on the radar. we loved to liberia because god called us to serve the people of liberia. >> while in liberia, riot police and the army have used barbed
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wire to keep 50,000 people inside a shanty do down -- quarantined because of the virus. >> reporter: the injured are rushed to the hospital after police used tear gas to disburse an angry crowd. they are furious at the government for fencing them in with barbed wire as part of its attempt to stop the spread of ebola. families are separated and people are hungry. >> i can get nothing to eat! and there is nothing i can do. there is nothing i can do. >> reporter: the rain storm leaves the nearby streets deserted, but soldiers and police aren't letting people pass anyway. the road is blocked, and relations between residents and the go have gone from bad to worse. communication campaign are crucial in stopping the spread of the virus, but they have been
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ineffective. on saturday angry residents ransacked a medical facility sending patients orn -- on the run. the government is defending its decision. >> no [ inaudible ] can be issued without clear instructions from the commander in chief to the [ inaudible ]. so once again, i want to make it very clear [ inaudible ] had not been issued any orders of shoot to kill anybody. >> reporter: earlier this month, residents of another nearby township got angry at authorities for burying dozens of bodies ebola victims in their neighborhood. soldiers were deployed. meanwhile the death toll is now more than 1200. implementing the precautions in
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some of the world's poorest communities is proving difficult. yemen's president has warned houthi rebels against carrying out any tacks as the deadline approaches. mohammed has more. >> reporter: yemen is bracing for a serious deadline. friday marks the end of a five-day ultimatum given by the houthi for the government to resign or face confrontation. the president convened his parliament to discuss a way out of the standoff. various participants called for a revamping of the army. the president announced the formation of a ten-member committee to negotiate with the houthi's. they will try to convince the houthis to end their demonstrations seeking to force the government to resign.
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>> translator: they should stop being driven by sinful pride which can lead them to adopt practices which have failed in the past and will continue to fail. >> reporter: but there are scarcely any signs that houthis are about to comply. thousands of supporters march almost on a daily basis. the integration of 20,000 of their armed militia, delaying their disarmament of the ma -- militia, and expanding their presence. on the other hand the government has asked the houthis to lay down their arms and participate in a national unity government. >> translator: they have their own agenda with domestic and external goals which they
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endeavor to achieve. >> reporter: fierce fighting continues. for quite a few months, houthi fighters and government forces have been trying to drive one another out with little success. more than 50 fighters on both sides have died in the last few days. a government delegation sent to negotiate talks fell back when nothing was achieved. the red cross says a huge russian aid convoy could enter ukraine within the next 24 hours. russian trucks are being expected in donetsk. moscow is hoping to send the aid to civilians in the hard-hit city of luhansk. ukraine wants to be sure that the trucks are not carrying weapons for the separatists. indonesia's high court has
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rejected a request to challenge the presidential election. police fired tear gas to protest the losing candidate. he wanted the result overturned claiming the vote was rigged. the election was won by the governor. steph has more now. >> reporter: the nine judges at the constitutional court have decided that all of the claims put in about massive cheating could not be proven and are considered invalid, which means that officially the governor has become the newly elected president. because the decision of the constitutional court is legally binding and can't be appealed. the question now is what is he and his supporters going to do? a few thousand has showed up here earlier, and many others in
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other cities have also been protesting. 47% of the indonesians have voted for the governor. but they say whoever is going to be the next president of indonesia, we will support him. we want the country to move on. talks to end week-long protests in pakistan calling for the rez -- resignation of the prime minister have broken down. they say that the prime minister rigged last year's election. kohn says his party is pulling out of negotiations. malaysia is getting ready to receive the remains of some of the victims of mh17 which was downed over ukraine last month.
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so far 30 victims have been eventfied. rob mcbride reports now. >> reporter: at the international airport, they have been rehearsing to ensure the ceremony will be conducted with military-tile precision. the remains of the victims will be received before a fleet of ambulances and helicopters takes the caskets to their final resting places around malaysia. this is a country still numbed by this loss. authorities have called for friday's ceremonies to be simple but dignified. flags will be flown at half mast and there will be a minute of silence. and for a country dealing with the double tragedy of lost airliners, it provides a moment for reflection and remembrance for those on board the flight. the search for that aircraft is still ongoing nearly six months
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after it vanished. organizations like this one were already assists in the counseling of relatives from that flight when mh 17 was lost. this day will be important, but it is only part of the process. >> it's not just to have closure and be able to say good-bye, but we have to help them remember the people on board, and celebrate the lives to be able to actually, you know, recontact with them in a spiritual way. >> reporter: but many families are still waiting for positive indication of their family members. this and his wife last saw his aunt when she left for a trip to the netherlands. >> translator: although she didn't been identified, we are sure she will be. as far as we know, all of the victims have arrived in the
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netherlands, and we just have to be patience. >> reporter: after the pain of the ceremony, malaysia will still have much private pain to endure. iceland has ordered the evacuation of a portion of the country being impacted by a volcano. the area shut down much of europe's air space for six days. hundreds of people have gathered for a benefit concert in the australian city of melbourne to show their support for peter greste. the event was organized by australia's legal fraternity, which is calling for justice in the case. andrew thomas has more.
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>> reporter: 900 tickets sold out fast. the crowd is here not just for the big names on stage, but for the cause, supporting the family of a man those here firmly believe has been wrongly imprisoned. peter greste, jailed for doing his job. >> i was stunned by that sentence. it was one of the greatest mischaracters of justice i have ever seen. >> i was horrified. >> watching rehearsals was peter's brother. peter he said new all about this. >> he is jealous to see the talent that we have got on tonight. >> reporter: the event was organized by musicians and lawyers incredulous of what they see as a travesty of justice. by day this man is a supreme court judge, but now drummer for one of the lesser-known bands on
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stage. >> he was imprisoned for doing his job as a journalist, so we had to find a way to support him and his family and maintain the awareness of the situation. >> reporter: ticket sales and donations will raise thousands of dollars to keep the campaign fresh. australians were baffled by the trial of al jazeera's journalists when the verdict came in june, they were greeted with disbelief. the campaign has been high profile all year, and this gives it another boost. that something peter in a letter from prison read by his brother appreciates. >> i know though noise of this place is being heard. ♪ >> reporter: fun for a cause. the hope is that this one will have a follow-up soon that is just fun. one peter and his colleagues will be able to attend.
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andrew thomas, al jazeera, melbourne. >> if you would like to join in the campaign to get al jazeera's journalists in egypt releases send a tweet to the hashtag free aj staff. hi, i'm lisa and you are in "the stream," comedy legend mel brooks talks about how he pushed the boundaries for more than laps and comedies stars. native troop the 1941s break down how they are tackling serious issues facing their community with humor. ♪