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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2014 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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> clashes in islamabad, as thousands of anti-government protesters surround the pakistani prime minister's residence. hello there, welcome to al jazeera. i'm here in doha. also on the programme - the hutu's prime minister accuses the army of trying to stage a coup - they deny the allegations. >> i think we are close to the point of no return. the european union warns of new sanctions against russia if it doesn't stop escalating the
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conflict in eastern ukraine. a change of venue because it the fighting in ukraine, but the show goes on for one of the largest music festivals in the former soviet union. at least 300 have been injured in protests, and fights broke out between police and demonstrators outside the prime minister's house. the protesters want the prime minister to resign. he refused. they've been led by cleric quadri and imran khan. cricketer. >> translation: i will lead the way, i'll stop my people becoming unruly. i ask the pakistani police and army to remain peaceful. >> translation: with allah's help move to your final
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destination, remain peaceful, peace: please mind my credibility. there should be no violence, no destruction, no violence. god willing you will win the war with peaceful meends. kamal hyder has more from islamabad. >> for the past few weeks protesters were peaceful. it came to a head after imran khan and quadr asked protesters to march towards the prime minister's house. without warning from the security forces there was fire from the police using rubber bullets and tear gas, trying to disperse the crowds, with instructions to arrest as mean people as possible. hundreds were wounded. the situation became volatile, after the marchers removed obstacles on the way to the
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prime minister's house. imran khan and others have been negotiating with the government. they blamed the government for showing sincerity. now the situation is critical. the military has been told to protect buildings. and warning people not to enter the building, but at the same time scuffles with the police forces have continued. the situation in pakistan was serious, and it was a threat that the trouble could spread to other cities as well. zac leslie's prime minister has accused the ministry of attempting a coup. he has tape shelter in south africa after shots were fired and the soldiers ceased police stations. we have this report from the capital. >> calm on the streets after the sound of gunfire rang out at
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town. the grandmother accuses the military of attempting to cease power. he told al jazeera that dialogue, not violence should be used to create pursuit. >> i'm calling on the military to put down their arms. and follow the might procedures. that defeat. we spept so much time training. putting together. >> the 2-year-old coalition government, the country's first collapsed in jooup. the military raided police stations to seize onons it believed could by supplied to supporters of the politician. that demonstration was called by the deputy prime minister to demand the resumption of parramatta. they deny he is behind saturday's event. >> it's not a coup.
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let us get that straight. i'll not still be the deputy prime minister. the prime minister not the prime minister if there's a coup that has taken place in zac leslie. the land locked kingdom is surrounded. people are familiar with financial hardship and coups. the powerful neighbour meed it clear an overthrow is unacceptable. the one thing that will not be cole rated is unconstitutional -- tolerate is upcop state ughtsal change of governments. the prime minister has the backing of south africa, saddic and the african union, but not the military support. without that his problems are far from over. 72 filipino soldiers serve as peacekeepers in the golan
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heights are safe. they had been trapped by syrian rebels. they are still holding a second group of 44 soldiers hostage. they were among hundreds of u.n. peacekeepers monitoring the line. and the syrian health area. >> in iraq, u.s. jets and drones can attack the u.s. state group. the pentagon says the strikes destroyed a bunker, vehicle and damaged a building. it says the strikes are in support of iraqi and kurdish security forces. they counted up 115 air strikes across iraq. >> iran's yazidi minority is asking for safe haven and protection. their ancient religion began in northern iraq, and is the tart of what the u.n. classifies as genocide. men are ready to leave their
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homeland. lighting the sacred fires. the keepers of the flame light 365 candles here every day at dusk. this is in the mountains of northern iraq. yazidi believe it's the first place the sun's rays touch. everything here is sacred. including the trees. this man's father and grandfather watched over the shrine. it's normally a place of peace. >> we have been walking the earth for a long time. the sir yarnings and the babylonians. we never accused anyone. >> reporter: with the killings of hundreds of yazidi, and capture of the yazidi women,
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it's a place of desperation. >> rescue us, people are suffering. they killed your sons and daughters. save our lives. >> the normally quiet streets are packed with families who flood from shin jar when the fighters seized their towns. fightersar less than 60km away, young people are desperate to leave. people came because it's safe. yazidi say they have suffered more than 70 massacres in their history. never anything like that, making so many of them want to leave their land. >> reporter: this man broke his back in a car accident two months ago, when the islamic state fighters came to their
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village, his brother and father carried him up the mountain. after several days on the mountain, they walked down. they are staying in a school in a nearby town. they tie knots in the silk, asking for peace. and he says to give thanks. jane arraf, northern iran. coming up after a quick break. lawmakers in beijing are likely to dash hong kong's hopes for direct elections in 2017. plus, ukraine's president warns of all-out war with russia as the european union prepares to draft sanctions with moscow. sh
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a difference? >> glad that somebody that's at least standing up and caring about us man... >> america tonight only on aljazeera america
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hello again, these are the top stories - 300 have been injured in pakistan's capital during protests. fights broke out in islamabad. police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas to disperse
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protesters. lesotho's prime minister has fled the country. he fled to south africa basis a coup. 22 trapped in the golan heights is safe. a second group of 44 u.n. soldiers are still being held hostage. they are among hundreds mon forking the line between the golan heights and the soviet held area. >> macau's elect recall committee voted to re-elect the incumbent leader. the election has been at the center of protests. fernando chewy was voted in with support of the pro-beijing electoral committee. others were not able to cast their ballots. >> china warned foreigners against meddling in hong kong politics. beijing is deciding how they
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will choose their leader. activists are threating civil disobedience if they are not allowed to hold elections. >> 17 years since hong kong returned to chinese rule, the deal that made it possible is starting to be threatened. china promised hong kong a high degree of political autonomy. that pledge is being tested. the political temperature is rising. ever since the protest in july. it was organised by pro-democracy groups, demanding that the vote could happen in every election. china said fine. so long as candidates are patriotic. >> critics say it's not democracy and warn of scenes like these. >> they try to give us a fake
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democracy, 10,000 or more will come out and sit on the street of central. >> reporter: that threat to occupy hong kong's central district led to a large beijing protest three weeks ago. it later emerged many of those taking part will be busted - paid and treated for lunch. the protests showed the the mood was heartening. we expect serious polarization in the society. although, certainly law and order will not be an issue, but we expect a very difficult scenario for all parties concerned. >> hong kong's rurnt executive was chosen current chief executive was chosen by members approved by beijing.
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that's the election that china wants. they are in no room to compromise. >> protesters need to keep in mind when you use protests for advancing democracy, you cannot violate democracy and rule of law. >> went the government wants to avoid confrontation, it may feel the time has come to remind everyone of who is ultimately in charge. victor gow is a director at the china national association of international studies, and joins us. welcome to al jazeera. how do you think the chinese government wants the next leader to be chosen. any chance at all of free elections? >> first of all, china and hong kong have a vibrant
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democracy, the fact that people protest and occupy central is a demonstration of democracy. overall the situation is under control. as to what exactly the form should be, the nomination processry will be the basis for the universal suf rim, that will be discussed. i think the protesters cannot conduct themselves in such a way that their demand is the only legitimate way. even in the united states, it's the electoral system. the chinese government is expected to limit the elections to a few candidates. no free elections expected. is the chinese central government trying to exert greater political control over hong kong as some activists fear? >> no, i don't think that's the case. even in the united states, for example, the president has to pledge allegiance to the
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constitution, there's no country, region in the world where the head of the state or region can afford not to pledge allegiance to the country. he needs to be loyal to hong kong and china. hong kong is part of china. i don't think there is any constitutional or legal problem with the demand that the chief yourself need to be loyal to hong kong or mainland china. >> pro-democracy activists threatened an a mass sit in if not allowed a free election, is that weighing on chinese leaders at all? >> as i mentioned, the fact that people are protesting in hong kong is an indication of democracy, that, of itself, is not a problem.
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the fact is that those people who protest and occupy hong kong, or occupy central, they need to do so by abiding with the law. they cannot disregard the police requests for them to abide by the law, if they violate the law, they'll be treated as such. they cannot advance democracy by advancing the law, and legal rights, and more importantly, maintaining stability is crucial for keeping the economic and living standards of the people - keeping hong kong as a vibrant international center. if you lose stability, a lot of stake will be involved, and people will become victims of such protests and demonstrations. >> okay, we'll leave it there for now. thank you for speaking to us. victor gow a director at the china national association of
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international studies. in japan protesters have studied. they don't want the prime minister to let the nuclear power plant renew - they are angry over safety concerns since the fukushima disaster. they have been dormant. under new legislations, southern japan is set to bring the first one back online. senegal has become the fifth country in west africa to be hit by the beach volleyball o-- the ebola outbreak, a young student is said to have brought the virus from guinea. authorities are tracing those that have been in contact with him. for weeks a 20-year-old man infected lived here. many saw him, talked to him, and shook his hand. no one knew he carried a contagious virus.
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now the neighbourhood lives in fear. he won't come down, he's too dangerous. some people tell us we can catch it from the wind. we live so close to his house. behind the shutters, locked up inside people live here. he is a relative, wearing surgical gloves for protection. he feared the family fear infection if he comes out. the family feels ostracised and the neighbourhood. this is a working class neighbourhood with families that go into the city to work. now there's a confirmed case, there's fear that people will be scared to enter the area. this woman can't get to work. taxis no longer stop here. >> translation: why hasn't the ministry of health distributed heath equipment. if it's safe, why haven't
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officials come to visit us. >> local health officers left and the clippics are closed off. investigators are trying to identify and test people that may be infected with the virus. some have left. there's a growing sense of unease that a killer virus is gaping ground over this -- gaining ground over this neighbourhood. african union forces launched a new offensive against al-shabab in somalia, it's the latest face of operations against an armed group. u.n. peacekeepers say they are trying to cut al-shabab's action to the sea, cutting off trafficking routes. >> the european union is planning to draw up proposals for sanctions against russia over actions in eastern ukraine, the ukrainian president says the situation in the east of the country is close to the point of no return, saying there's a risk
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of full-scale war. simon mcgregor-wood reports from brussels. >> reporter: president petro porashenko came to bruceles seeking reassurance and help from his allies. he made it clear how close the crisis has become. >> i think we are very close to the point of no return, full scale war, which already happened from the territory controlled by those separatists and regular russian troops. any action which would be undertaken, if it happened would be a point of no return. that's why we undertake the enormous efforts. >> we spoke to all 28 heads of government. the rhetoric on the crisis is heating up. >> we have to address the
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completely unacceptable situation of having russian troops on ukranian soil. countries in europe shouldn't have to chink long about how un -- think long about how unacceptable that it. >> it is, at stake a war. it is clear that means against countries that are closer to you. after hours of deliberations, the final language was moderate, tougher sanctions on the way. the european council is ready to take steps in the light of situation on the ground and requests the commission to urgently undertake preparatory work, together with the action surface, and presented proposals
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for consideration within a week. >> back in july e.u. leaders imposed sanctions on different sectors, the finance sector, energy sales, arms sales, the russian responded by banning european agriculture imports. they'd do more if the swags on the ground escalated and it did that. russia's actions shocked leaders. the momentum to tougher sanctions is unrel label. -- unreliable. doing nothing is not an option or e.u. leaders, but finding measures that influence president putin's decisions is hard. >> during that meeting in brussels, e.u. leaders name say two top jobs. katherine ashton will be
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succeeded. and the polish prime minister will be the europe yeep council's next president. despite the ongoing conflict in eastern ukraine, several thousand russians will put aside their differences. the electronic music festival has become a victim of the fighting. >> robin walker has this report. >> welcome to the cassan tip rub like. more than a music festival, it's the spiritual heart of russia. this is a party in a time of crisis. held in crimea for 20 years. russia's annexation of the territory, and the conflict forcing a relocation to georgia. the self-styled president says the world can learn a lot from
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his republic. >> translation: the least i could have done was gather the g20 summit. we don't live in a perfect world. it is not a festival. it's an attempt to create a perfect social model. i think i succeeded in doing that. the citizens must agree to play by the rules. be fun loving, peaceful and be themselves. people caused the fifth season. others, russian ukrainian after that. for others, it's a place i can be myself. >> local businesses hoped 40,000 would descend on the sleepy resort. ukraine's war may have spoiled the appetite. nobody wanted to talk about that. it was on many people's minds.
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>> all the conflict of the war is not about people, it's about government. people like each other. >> this is musical escapism. georgia's breakaway region is a few kilometres down the coast. there's no touble here. russians, ukrainians, all dancing to the same beat. true citizens create their own fun. there were complaints about too many police, too few drugs and overtaentive males. this refugee may have to seek now horizons again. that's it from doha for now, for our viewers in america. for everyone else, we'll have more news after the break.
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