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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> we're here in the vortex. only on al jazeera america. mass protests in pakistan calling for the resignation of the prime minister. ♪ ♪ we will be live in islambad in just a moment. hello, this is al jazerra. also on the program. >> australia has agreed to join an airlift of military equipment to the kurds. >> australia pledges support for an international coalition to tackle the is lam islamic state. plus hong kong' political future. china is considering new rules on how the territory can elect its next leader.
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♪ ♪ and partying instead of protesting. ukrainians and russia ans leah side their differences in the electronic music festival that used to be held in crimea. ♪ ♪ protesters remain on the streets of pakistan after a day of violence that left more than 300 people injured in the capital. one man was reportedly killed in scuffles between police and protesters. which continued in to the morning. the protesters are demanding prime minister kno sharif step . 25,000 police marched to his residents on saturday. police responsibilitied with tearesponded with tear gasand r. it's been quite a few tense hours in pakistan, frosters now i understand are to regroup. bring us the latest from that.
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>> reporter: first marching towards the prime minister's house that's when the security forces mostly from the punjab province because thousands of police have been brought from the punjab province tried to stop the protesters. after that the people were asked to regroup. the people broke the fences surrounding the parliament house and this morning have pitched their tents out there. the women and children are right in front of parliament. scuffles are continuing although they started on saturday night and there is no end in sight. there are big question marks being asked as to who is in charge, who is running the government, the interior minister looked very upbeat last night saying that the protesters would be dealt with. but they are nowhere near controlling the situation. and the situation very dire indeed. >> and who precisely are the frosters? are they sport he was inning ran
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kahn and the anti-government cleric or are they not every day people, i mean, are they just people from all walks of life in pakistan? >> reporter: well, one thing that has to be understood very carefully is the fact that imran kahn's party is one of the largest parties in the country after they got millions of votes in the last election. however imran said those elections were rigged. so even though we have about 25 to 30,000 protesters according to estimates. there are 10s of thousands of supporters across the country. we have been told that the prime minister's farmhouse residents on the outskirts of a town has been cordoned after. hundreds of pima rested in other cities, also supporters, we are expecting more trouble in the evening. in other cities as well as the protesters try to regroup.
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importantly, as far as cass are you is concerned he's come here seeking justice for 14 of his supporters that were killed. where the chief minister, the brother of the prime minister nawaz sharif. he wants a case registered against the two brothers. the court has ordered the case to be rebelling officers. but he's not satisfied with the report of the police which has to be lodged with what is called the fir. so indeed a tricky situation. the government has failed to negotiate the peaceful settlement and it appears that the prime minister is more isolated today than ever. >> and also appears that the violence and the unrest is spreading. as you can see. thank you very much, reporting live from islambad. while political turmoil in pakistan is nothing new, the military has frequently stepped in to the void left by political instability. but as this reports states, this time that doesn't appear to be
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the case for now. >> reporter: this mob went through police lines and tore down the outer walls of pakistan's lah parliament. the only thing that stopped the protesters from entering the building, was the military. soldiers had been asked by the nawaz tha sharif government to d government about, the same arm that i removed sharif from power 15 years ago. the military has ran pakistan for half of its 67 year old history. but there doesn't seem to be an appetite for another miller i my coup. >> the government has not established that they can run the government. when they failed to do no. they left pakistan in a more problem at situation. relations between huh veer's league and the army have soured. the prosecution of the tpoerl army chivas well aformerarmly.
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>> political leadership are becoming -- getting more entangled in to it and imran kahn and mr. al kadri are trying to benefit from the situation, so i think there is some sympathy in the military circles for imran kahn and even kadri. >> reporter: kahn accuses the prime minister of rigging the may 2013 lexes, despite winning 34 seats in the national assembly and forming the government in the first degree kp province after the same pol polls. cat respite wants a shake up after 12 his followers were killed by police for moving encroachments outside his house. he was an m.p. in the government. but is ineligible to take part in the polls due to his canadian citizenship, this is pakistan's first government to have taken over from an elected parliament
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and it says protesters demand for the prime minister to resign is unconstitutional. but there have been more protests in other cities. and as all sides dig heels, pakistan's fledgling democracy is likely to face more inning fability. at least for now, the mill stair keeping its distance. al jazerra. in other world news, australia is joining a multi-national weapons drop in to iraq. the military equipment and humanitarian aid will be sent to kurdish forces fighting islamic state group in the north of the country. >> australia has agreed to join an airlift of military equipment to the kurds. we have agreed to join this airlift at the request of the obama administration in the united states. and with the permission of the iraqi government, other countries involved in the airlift of military equipment to the kurds include the united
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states, the united kingdom, canada, france, and italy. i also can announce that australia has participated in a humanitarian air drop to the besieged town of amli in northern iraq, we have done so at the request of the obama administration and with the permission of the iraqi government. >> meanwhile u.s. dressed and drones have attacked the islamic state positions near the mosul dam. the pentagon says the latest strikes destroyed a bunker and vehicle and damaged an islamic state building. the u.s. military says the strikes were in support of iraqi and kurdish secure if i forces, u.s. express are also targeting islamic state group fighters near the town of emerli the latest military action comes as the yazidi minorities are asking the united states and europe for
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safe haven. they are a kurdish organization in what the u.n. believes and be classified as attempted genocide. jayna reports. >> reporter: lighting the sacred fires. the keepers of the flame light 365 candles hear every day at dusk. this is the mountains of northern iraq. yazidis believe it's the first place the suns rays ever touched. to the yazidi, everything here is sacred. including trees. her father and grandfather watched over the shrine. it's normally a place of peace. >> translator: we have been walking this earth for a long time. since the time. sue marians, and the back loan vinnies and we never abused anyone.
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we have always tried to live peacefully. >> reporter: but with the killings of hundreds of i can't seeds is by islamic state fighters and the capture of yazidi well, it's become a place of desperation. >> translator: rescue us, your people are suffering, they have killed your sons and daughters, save our lives. >> reporter: the normally quiet streets are packed with family who his fled from sinjar when the fighters ceased their town, even here islamic state fighters are fewer than 60-kilometers away. the young people especially are desperate to levi rack. this place is sacred and the people came here because they are safe. they are not sure for how long. the yazidis say they have suffered more than 70 massacres in their history, but never anything like that that makes so many of them want to completely leave their land.
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he broke his back in a car accident in sinjar two months ago. when the islamic state fighters came to their vellum, his father and brother carried him up sinjar mountain. after seven days on the mount they walked for 12 hours again in to syria back in to northern iraq. they are stale in a school in a nearby town. inside the temple he ties knots in the sill to be ask for peace for the gentleman read is and he said to give things that god gave him run last chance to visit here. the u.n. secretary general says he has raised the issue you of three detained al jazerra journalists with the egyptian president, ban ki-moon emphasized the importance of feed freedom speech and insuring safety i and security of journalists. they have now spent 246 days in an egyptian prison falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood. in june, mohamed fahmy and peter
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agreesster were given seven years, mohamed got an extra exta three years because he had a spent bullet in his possession which he picked up at a protest. lawyers in the three men have filed appeals against their convictions, al jazerra don't demands their immediate release. china's leaders are meet to go decide the political future of hong kong. hong kong wants a free election, a standing committee of china's parliament and the national people's congress is expected to reject. that live in by jinx fo beijing, when do you think we can pictures an announce and any surprises do you think? >> reporter: i don't think there will be any surprises, this will though, be a keenly and anticipated announcement in hong kong, pictures tha expect that t to come within the hour. the decision has been made.
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we just don't have the details yet. they will be confirmed at a press conference being held at about 4:00 local time this afternoon. now, what this is all about is clarifying the rules for how much democracy china is prepared to tolerate in hong kong. especially when it comes to the election of the next chief executive in 2017. pro-democracy groups in hong kong say what they want is a free vote. one person, one vote. they want an election that adheres to the accepted standards of universal is off ridge. china says it can't go along with that, what it wants an election where the candidates are officially approved and where there are just a handful of candidates. what china is worried about is a situation that a candidate could be elected that could be openly critical government and might even invite the dahl dalai lamao come to hong kong the media has
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been making dark warnings about foreign powers trying to turn hong kong in to a bridge head of subversion. and so this is an important moment. not just for beijing but also congress hong. and we expect there to be protests today in hong kong, probably small ones, but if as expect beijing decides to limit the scope of the election in 2017, which we could see a sort of campaigning we could see civil disowe brea disobedience. >> thank you adrian. willie is an associate professor. thank you very much for speaking to us. as adrian said there, no major surprises pictured out of beijing. how is hong kong likely to receive this decision? they are going to announce it very soon. pro-democracy protesters there had threatened civil
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disobedience, whirl they go ahead with this and is this the case for the entire population? hong tpopulation in hong kong. >> it is four days now that beijing will announce a very conservative and highly restrictive. [ inaudible ] most of hong kong's pro-democracy activists, ladies and gentlemen slateers, professors, students, are very angry about the fact beijing is making promises made in 1997 upon the handle for the hong kong is off at this to china. so there will not be university lexes according to university rules. there will be substantial protests, starting from tonight. and in the coming few weeks, the opposition might unlink a so-called occupied central movement. that means civil disobedience in the central district. which might paralyze
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paragraphing and business activity activitie activities fa few dues to pro it test against the harsh tactics against hong kong. >> in bay jeeps they are saying they are colliding with britain. how are they responding to those accusations in hong kong? >> it is obvious that after the president took over, power in. [ inaudible ] beijing has been super sensitive about the issue you of national security. so they have accused the pro-democracy legislators and politicians of colluding mainly actually with the u.s. to turn hong kong in to a base of subversion, however, there is no evidence that beijing can must tore demonstrate the accusations. what beijing seems to be doing is that they want to persuade
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hong kong people to submit to the inevitable and that is beijing is the big boss and whatever liberty and democracy beijing choose to his give hong kong, it is totally at beijing's discretion. it is truly a cost that hong kong consists of people that are economically minded. so that is also a substantial sector of the population that thinks that they have no choice but to accept what beijing is giving us. and this group will not be taken heart in the protests. >> thank you very much for taking to us there live from hong kong. >> thank you. macao's electoral committee has vote today reelect it's incumbent lead never a controversial ref run dumb. the election has been -- voted in with 95% support of electoral committee mechanics. still adhere on al jazerra,
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the military denies allegations of staging a coup, we find out why the prime minister is sheltering in south africa. committed is journalism... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile
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situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press
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♪ ♪ welcome back, you are watching al jazerra live from doha. a reminder of our top stories now. protesters remain on the streets of pakistan after a day of violence that left more than 300 people injured in the capital islambad. pro at the timer are we membersing that the primdemands.
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australia going to aid kurdish fight in other words the north who are fighting the islamic state group. and china's leaders are meet to go decide the political future of hong kong. they'll determine how the former british colony selects its next leader. but pro-democracy activists say they'll shutdown the city if they don't get free elections. lesotho's prime minister has taken refuge in south africa after what appears to be a attempted mill carr military co. they denied they are trying to out of the thoust the leader. >> reporter: calm on the streets of lesotho after the sounds of gunfire range out at dawn, the prime minister is now in south africa where he accuses the military of attempting to seize power, he told al jazerra that dialogue not violence should be
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used to solve disputes. >> if anyone does not obey a government and that creates a crisis, i am calling up on the military to put down their arms and sit down and follow the right procedures. inning the arm that i we spent so much time training and putting tote and so on. >> reporter: his two-year-old coalition government the country's first, almost collapsed in june and parliament was suspended. >> reporter: the military raided police stations to seize weapons it believed could have been supplied to supporters of the leading politicians ahead of a march planned for monday. that demonstration was called by the deputy mime minister to demands the resumption of parliament. but he denies he's behind saturday's events. >> this is not a coup. let us did he had that straight. this is not a coup. he is still deputy prime minister now, he must still be a prime minister if there is a
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coup that has taken place in lesotho. >> reporter: the small landlocked kingdom is entirely surrounded by south after chasm it's people are familiar with financial hardship and attempted coups, but it's powerful neighbor made it clear than an overthrow would be unacceptable. >> the one thing, however, that they will not tolerate in south africa, as well as the african union, the entire continent is unconstitutional change of government. we can't have coups in 2014. >> reporter: the prime minister has the fullbacking of south africa. the regional body, and the african union. but he doesn't appear to have the military support and without that his problems are far from over. >> let's get the latest now from tanya who jones us from lesotho. a lot of confusion there. tell us about what he's been happening. >> reporter: yes, still a lot of confusion, but this is where, you know, the police station where all of it happened on
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saturday. this is where the military came first, where shots were fired, where once police officer was killed, three injured. and one soldier injured as well. we are told there are bullet holes in the walls, but they weren't let us film inside because they keep armory here. still confusion the prime minister still out of the country rim the military insist that go this was not a coup attempt, so does deputy prime minister but the prime minister has you heard in my story there believing that, yes, this was an attempted coup creating a lot of confusion particularly among the people here. now, i am going to be joined now by leon who heard the gunfire yesterday morning. tell us, you came down here, what exactly did you see? what happened? >> at first heard gunshots at around 4:00 in the morning. after the gunshots, -- after about 30 minutes there was
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silence. thereafter around 8:00 when i passed here, there were -- there was an armored car there with men looking soldiers around with big guns and nobody was allowed to do whatever, just had to walk, you were not even allowed to take a picture. because you could see that normally when they are like that, you can just see a broken phone on the floor. if you try to take a picture with your phone. they break your phone. so we didn't do anything, we just passed like we didn't even have to look what was happening. >> reporter: who do you think is in in control of your country right now? >> really we don't know. but it's like it's the army. because there was the speaker of the government said the army has been controlled by mr. . [ inaudible ] i don't know him. then the other one the army
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spokesperson said that the army is being still controlled by t the. [ inaudible ] so we are really not sure who is in charge. >> reporter: what do you want to so happen next. >> actually, we would like to have peace, that's all. also to know exactly what is really happening in our country so that one says this and the other says that. and when this is happening all the time, we don't know how it happens. we try to go to the radio station to try to understand what is happening. the only operating radio station was radio lesotho. which is formally controlled by whoever is in charge. so the other free radio stations they were all out. >> reporter: leon, thank you so much for being with us. i really appreciate it. but as you think see, there are -- you know, indicative of the level of confusion still among many people here in lesotho. >> thank you very much, and a government minister has just
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said that the deputy prime minister has now taken the reins in the absence of the prime minister who as you heard is in south africa. moving on in the european union plans to drawn proposals for a new sanctions against russia over its actions in eastern ukraine. ukraine's president says there is a risk of a full-scale war if the conflict with pro-russia separatists isn't resolved. despite the ongoing conflict in eastern ukraine, several thousand russians and ukrainians have put aside their differences to party on the black sea coast. the most celebrated electronic music festival always helped -- used to be held agent rather in the an ex-sai annexed region of. >> reporter: welcome to the republic. more than just a music festival. it's the spiritual heart of rub a and ukraine's rave scene, but
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this is a party in its time of crisis. held in crimea for more than 20 years. russia's annexation of that territory and the conflict in ukraine this year forced the 10-day events to relocate to georgia. the self-styled president says the world can learn a lot from his republic. >> translator: the least i could have done was gather the g20 summit here and given them a lot of advice. we don't live in a perfect world and this is not a festival, it's an attempt to create the most perfect social model. i think i have succeeded in doing that. >> reporter: the citizens must agree to play by the rules. be fun loving, be peaceful, and be themselves. ♪ ♪ >> translator: people call is the first season, others the russian ukrainian amsterdam form
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me it's just a place that i can be myself no matter what. >> reporter: local businesses had hoped 40,000 would dissent on the sleepy resort. ukraine's war may have spoiled the appetite. nobody wanted to talk about that. but it was on many people's minds. >> all this conflict of this war is not about people, it's about government. people like each other. >> reporter: this is musical escapism for a troubled region, crimea and ukraine might just be on the horizon, the breakaway region here is a few kilometers up the coast, but there is no trouble here. he has brought together georgians, russians and you crane vinnies all dancing to the same beat. true citizens create their own fun here. although there were complaints about too many police. too few drugs. and over attentive local males.
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at refugees of ukraine's conflict, might have to seek new horizons again. robin, al jazerra. and a reminder that you can keep up-to-date with all of the news and plenty of analysis and features on our website >> in the remote jungles of myanmar, lives a creature known for centuries as the lifeblood of the country's timber business. >> if you use elephants, you don't need wider roads, or a car, or a heavy duty machine.