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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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mass protests in pakistan calling for the resignation of the prime minister. ♪ ♪ we'll have the very latest from is last bad in just a moment. this is al jazerra live from doha. also ahead. >> australia has agreed to join an airlift of military equipment to the kurds. >> australia pledges support for an international coalition to tackle the islamic state group. and hong kong's political future, china says it has a right to choose candidates for the territory's next leader.
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♪ ♪ thousands of protesters are standing their ground in front of the pakistani prime minister's residents calling for him to step down. violence between protesters and police has continued in to sunday morning. one man was reportedly killed and more than 300 injured in scuffles between police and protest nurse islambad on saturday. and now they are reports that 4,000 police have been deployed to the capital. let's get the latest with kamal who joins us from islambad. frosters again trying to regroup. kamal. and a very heavy-handed response from the authorities. >> reporter: indeed. as we speak, we can confirm that at least three people have been killed, over 400 have been injured. the scuffles are continuing in front of parliament. one slight correction. the protesters have not been able to reach anywhere near the
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prime minister's house. they were protesting in front of parliament and after they were stopped by the police, they regrouped and broke the fence of the compound of parliament. after that they approached building, the military then told them to stay away because the security of installations has been handed over to the military. interestingly for several weeks as the protesters were in islambad. the government were saying these are just a couple of thousand people making a lot of noise, but it must be understood that the government then ordered 40,000 policemen from the punish jam robins to deal with the rioters, or the protesters who are right now busy scuffling with the police and they have failed to control the situation. 4,000 addition policemen have been called in to the city. we have not heard from the prime minister, the operation is being led by the interior minister of the country. a close confident of the that
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reashariffamily. there is also some talk that because the police has failed in controlling the protesters, that they may use helicopters to fire rubber bullets and tear gas in to the crowd. on the other hand, the others are holding firming and their supporters to step forward and they say that the room for negotiations is now over. and that, of course, the frosts will continue and we are getting reports that there may be now trouble in other cities as well. >> kamal, you say we haven't heard from the prime minister. do we have any idea where nawaz thasharif is? >> reporter: he proved to his farmhouse residents just on the outskirts of the city yesterday before the protesters started marching towards the prime minister's house. in the late hours we were also told that the police then started bar barricading his farm
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residents to prevents them from reach is big house. imran and kadri have told the protesters to surrounds his farmhouse. the so the authorities are not taking any chances. prime minister is not in the city. everyone is questioning if there is a government at all in islambad. >> thank you very much, c ca mal reporting live from islambad the military has frequently stepped in to the voids left by political instability. but as this report states, this time that doesn't appear to be the case for now. >> reporter: this mob went through police lines and tore down the outer walls of pakistan's parliament. the only thing that stopped protesters from entering the building was the military. soldiers had been asked by the knothat leave government.
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the same arm that i removed him from power 15 years al. ago. there doesn't seem to be much appetite for another military coup. >> the pakistani military has established that they are in any competitive position to run the government. when they tried to do that they failed miserably and left pakistan in a more problematic situation. >> reporter: relations between the sharif plus lick league league and the powerful army have soured over issues like governance, security and foreign policy. >> both sides which i mine military and the side. political leadership they are getting more entangled in to it. and imran can and mr. kadri are trying to benefit from that situation i think. i feel that there is some sympathy in the military circles for imran kahn and even kadri.
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>> reporter: imran kahn accuses the prime minister of rigging the may 2013 lexes, that's despite winning 34 seats in the national assembly and forming the government after the same polls. kadri wants a radical shake up of pakistan's democratic setup after 12 of his followers were killed by police removing encroachments outside of his house. kadri himself was an m.p. and they want military ruler of the government but is ineligible to take part in the polls due to his canadian citizenship. this is the first government to have taken over from the apartment lament and says this is uncontusional. but there have been more protests in other cities. and as all sides dig heels, pakistan's fledglings democracy is like there on face more instability. at least for now the military is keeping its distance. al jazerra.
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in other world news, australia is joining a multi-national weapons drop in to iraq. the military equipment and humanitarian aid will be sent to curr litsch forces fighting the islamic state group in the north of the country. >> australia has agreed to join an airlift of military equipment to the kurds. we have agreed to join this airlift at the request of the obamaed administration in the united states. and with the permission of the iraqi government, other countries involved in the airlift of military equipment to the kurds include the united states, the united ding come. canada, france, and italy. i also can announce that australia has participated in a humanitarian air drop to the besieged town in northern iraq. again, we have done so at the request of the obama administration.
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and with the permission of the iraqi government. >> meanwhile, u.s. jets and drone have his attacked the islamic state group's positions near iraq's mosul dam. the pentagon says the latest strikes destroyed a bunker and a vehicle and damaged an islamic state building. the u.s. military says the strikes were in support of iraqi and kurdish security forces. u.s. jets are also targeting islamic state fighters near the time of emerli. the u.n. secretary general says he has raise the i issue of three al jazerra detained journalists with the egyptian president, ban ki-moon emphasized the freedom of the speech and securing the safety of journalists. they have not spent 246 days in an egyptian prison falsely accused of helping the outlawed muslim brotherhood n june mohamed and peter were given seven-year sentences. mohamed got an extra three years because he had a spent bullet in his possession which he had picked up at a protest.
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lawyers for the three men have filed appeals against their convictions. >> the al jazerra network continues to demands their immediate release. china's leaders have insisted that they have the right to choose candidates for hong kong's leadership. the former british colony wants free elections. chinese leaders are announcing this in ba beijing. this is the scene right now as the standing committee of china's partner lamb. national people's congress in beijing with the details of the plan are being revealed. let's go adrian brown he is in jay bing fobeijing for us. no surprises expected in this announcement. tell us about the details, tell us what it said. >> reporter: well, the president conference that's been given by the national people's congas you just pointed out has just begun and they have confirmed that basically there will be no free election for hong kong's next chief executive in 2017.
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they say plainly there will be no public nomination. no one person, one vote. they say there will be a broadly representative committee. now what that means is that there will be a committee of some 1200 beijing appointees who will screen who the candidates will be for the 2017 election to insure that there are no candidates who have anti-chinese views, what the government here is worried about is that a candidate could have been elected who might, for instance, have pro at this bet an views. who might, for instance, invite the dahle los angeles m dahle lo hong kong, they want it to be who china wants. that's slap in the face for people calling for greater democracy for a chance to he let their next leader in 27 own and what we have at the moment are differing did he have anyones of what democracy in hong kong
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should be. >> adrian, thank you very much. rob, what is the initial reaction there? >> reporter: here here where members of the civil society groups have threatened to action pie central a campaign of civil disobedience in response to that. they have been following the press conference and also media are here are here and ladies and gentlemen slaters are following the news of this announcement. this is t*s what everybody whaid and had feared. the hong kong's chief executive will give his response he's likely to welcome this as hong kong's first -- >> will be, we have lost our connection with rob mcbride in hong kong who was giving us reaction to the announce in the china, that china's parliament is seek to go set tighter rules
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on nominating candidates foo its territory hong kong. now, still ahead on al jazerra, reports that lesotho's deputy mime minister has taken control following what appears to be an attempted military coup in the southern african nation. plus. >> i am out at see with tanisha's coast guard i will be reporting on the victims of libya conflict has people try to escape the fighting there. ♪ ♪ >> an eye opening america tonight special report. >> have you ever seen anybody get shot? >> one year later, correspondent christof putzel returns to the streets of chicago. >> i don't like walk out no more... >> why is that? >> a lot of shooting and stuff... >> a community still struggling against violence. >> i dositive... >> have people lost hope? >> this is a grown man that shot a little kid. >> or have citizens made a difference? >> glad that somebody that's at least standing up and caring about us man... >> america tonight only on aljazeera america
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♪ ♪ welcome back. you are watching al jazerra live from doha. our top stories once again.
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thousands of protesters in islambad are standing their ground calling for prime minister ma was sharif to resign, the violence has left more than three dead and 300 injured and the violence is continuing in to sunday morning. australia is join think a multinational drop in to iraq. the aid will go to kurdish fight in other words north country fighting the islamic statehood. and kind's parliament has decided against holding fully democratic elections in hong kong. it may the decision at a meeting in beijing early on sunday. now, the united nation is his negotiating with serial rebels for the release of 45 u.n. peace keep presser fiji. the troops are among hundreds monitoring the line between israeli occupied area. ban ki-moon says he's worried about their safety. but is optimistic they'll be
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freed. >> negotiations are going on. between the united nations and the ca captors. they are the armed groups. we really try to use all possible ways and means to talk with them. and we are also trying to get support from the countries who may have influence over these armed groups. so i am more or less optimist take that they will be released. well, ban's comments come after the release of 72 soldiers from the philippines who were serve i go as part of that u.n. force. they were trapped by syrian rebelrebels near the israeli bo. for more let's go to mike hannah who joins us now live from jerusalem. before we talk about the circumstances of the freeing of the filipino soldiers, first the
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al nas rah front the rebel group has issued a statement on the peace keep presser fiji, what more do you know? >> reporter: certainly we heard ban ki-moon referring to negotiations with he said broadly armed groupings. it appears that the group is al-nusra who has released a statement as you say. it says that it is holding the 45 peacekeepers because of what it called the u.n.'s support of the syrian regime. it says the peacekeepers are in good condition. it has they would are held them for a few days. the war of syria has spilled over in to what is called the zone the us engage. this is golan's no man's a land between israel and syria which are technically still at war. the conflict spilled over in to
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the area involving the hundreds of u.n. forces deployed in the zone of disengagement in various bases. the fijians were captured in to the i miles per hou initial thr. they are still in good condition but may be used as some kind bargaining chip by the arm group. >> 72 peacekeepers, mike, from the philippines are free now. do we know how they were able to escape? >> reporter: well, there has been conflicting reports about what was happening there. essentially there have been a number of peacekeepers who were essentially trapped in the ongoing fighting between -- within the region. one large group, 30, was evacuated by the u.n. quick reaction force who moved in and secured an access route. and as was able to get the peacekeepers through the secured
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root out to safety. another group of peacekeepers had been trapped in the base in which they were deployed. ifor a long period of time. there were reports they came under fire. however during the course of the night during what pierce to be aappears to bean inning form the this group left the base and marched for an hour and link the up with other u.n. forces and then escaped back to the safety of the major u.n. base which is in the israeli occupied of goal golan. >> thank you very much. mike. the fighting in syria has forced more than 3 million people to leave their homes and seek refuge outside the country. turk is a hosting about one-third of them according to official records. but there are many who are unregistered. al jazerra's bernard smith
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visited one of the turkish funded refugees camps near the board we are syria. >> reporter: a makeshift classroom in an istanbul neighborhood sports center. for these syrian children it's the only education they have ever had. every week at least 25 children are turned away according to the teachers. there are just no room. >> translator: we have seen children who have seen their fathers being shot. children who have witnessed massacres. kids from places who were there during the chemical attacks. and children who have seen and you had attacks on aleppo. we have noticed some psychological problems that we have started treating. >> reporter: there are 67,000 registered syrian refugees in istanbul and the children can go to government schools. but the language barrier puts them off. aid groups estimate there are another 140,000 unregistered
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syrians. fleeing from war they have no documents to prove who they are. one of the biggest challenges for the teachers here is discipline. because these children have never been in an environment before where they have to do as they are told and as one teacher explained to me without the schooling, these kids are on the streets and that is a potential breeding ground for another generation of fighters. in this cramped apartment in another part of the city, there is no money for bus fair to hist the children to school. 10 people cramed in to two rooms. they have been here for 18 months. the air is foul. he can't find work the strain of trying to provide for his family is difficult to bear. his children don't know any other life. >> translator: we haven't been able to go home for two years. we feel like strangers. we don't know who is dead or who is alive from our families. it's been two years since i last saw my sister in aleppo. i don't know anything about her at all.
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>> reporter: local aid groups estimate about 40% of the syrians who make it to istanbul live in similar circumstances. since 211. turkey has opened his border to displaced syrians, but no one, including the government, thought they would be here this long. bernard smith, al jazerra, istanbul. to africa now. there are reports that lesotho's deputy prime minister has taken control following what appears tonight an attempted military coup. the country's prime minister went to sound africa shortly before the military seized police is stations and military outlets. he they deny that they were trying to out of the him. >> reporter: calm on the streets after the sound of gunfire range out at dawn. the prime minister is now in south africa. where he accuses the military of attempting to is seize power, he told al jazerra that dialogue, not violence should be used to solve disputes. >> if anyone does not obey
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government then that creates a crisis and i am calling up on the military to put down their arms and sit down and follow the right procedures. that that defeat the arm that i we spent so much time training, putting together, and so on. >> reporter: his two-year-old coalition government, the country's first almost collapsed in june and parliament was suspended. the military raided police stations to seize weapons it believed could have been slide sphrao*eud to supporters of leading politicians ahead of a march plan today monday. that demonstration was called by the deputy prime minister to demands the resumption of parliament. but he denies he's behind saturday's events. >> that is not a coup being let us did he had that straight, this is not a coup. i would not still be deputy mime pinster now. the prime spinster would not mia coup that took place here. >> reporter: the small
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landlocked kingdom is entirely surrounded by south africa. its people are familiar with finance hardship and attempted coups but its powerful neighbor made it clear than an overthrow would be unacceptable. >> the one thing, however that, we will not come tied in south africa, as well as the african union, the entire continues next is unconstitutional change of government. we can't have coups in 2014. >> reporter: the prime minister has the fullbacking of south africa. the regional body, and the african union. but he doesn't appear to have the military support and without that, his problems are far from over. and tanya paige sent us this update a short while ago. >> reporter: a government minister has said that lesotho's deputy prime minister will take over the reins of the country and run it while the prime minister remains in south africa. he has denied that this was an attempted coup. however, the prime minister
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insists that the military did attempt to launch a coup. the military denies that as well. but this is where it all started. the police station behind me here. this is where the military first came, where shots were fired, one police officer was killed, three injured. and one soldier injured as well. it seems as if it could have been triggered by an attempt by the government to sack the sitting commander of the military. he has since refused to give up his post, so still quite a confused picture, particularly for the people here. we have been talking to some of them this morning and they say that they are afraid this is far from over. they want a return of their democratically elected coalition government and they do not want to see a repeat of what happened in the 1990s where south africa sent troops on the ground when there was a coup and dozens of people were killed. no suggestion that troops from south africa will be sent here,
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but lesotho's brother insists it will not tolerate a coup aura tempted coup that this must be resolved midly. russia and ukraine have carried out a swap of captured soldiers. russia has returned 63 ukrainian soldiers in across in to russian territory last week by mistake. and ukraine has handed over 10 russian paratroopers it captured last week and presented as evidence of a russian invasion. you crain's military has also struck ideal with pro-russia at the point testrussiaseparatists. soldiers were allowed to collect their dead and injured. there are protests in venezuela over a government plan to combat food hoarding and smuggling. the measure would require all grocery shoppers to get fink printed to limit their food purchases. about 200 people marched against what president nicholas mo due owe calls a liberating tool.
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controls have reduced the supply of imported staple foods. rescuers in nicaragua are stick trying to free five workers drapped in a gold mind near bonanza. 20 miners were rescued on saturday after crews duggan opening through the rock and mud. the mine collapsed on thursday. now to libya where thousands are fleeing the fighting bay taking dangerous boat rides to other countries. they can cross land to true newer a report. >> reporter: in an empty warehouse in the town, these young men are waiting to be registered. some are from somalia. they can claim asylum in tunisia if they want to. many were working in a suburb of tripoli when the fighting
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surrounded them. >> translator: the first rocket landed, it didn't hurt anyone. then a second one came and 20 people were killed. when the third landed, we all scattered. we decided we had to leave. >> reporter: tunisian coast guard rescued their drinking dinghy after two days at sea. this is tunisia's maritime board we are libya. migrants and a sue lu asylum ses can't cross by land. tunisia and egypt say they can't let them in because of security and economic concerns so they are force million dollars make this dangerous journal a cross these waters, it's the only way out. there are reports fighters are preparing to battle for libya's border region. the fear is the conflict could spill over in to identity newer i can'near itunisia andsend mor. >> translator: we are prepared to jew our maritime borders
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against any dangers including suspicious boats, we will continues front any lawlessness on the seize. >> reporter: that lawlessness has led to this. the red crescent in labia says it's has found at least 300 bodies off the coast of triply since july. and this is why so many people drowned. a fisherman shows me this ripped rubber dinghy, smugglers are used overcrowded and under inflated boats, they managed to poopull it to shore savoring the lives of more than 70 people on board. >> translator: our message is intervene as quickly as possible. and stop these human smugglers sending these poor people in to the sea. >> reporter: these migrants are worried about their friends in libya. some have been impressed by armed groupings, others are in hiding, waiting to take the next boat.
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the mediterranean sea remains at a barrier to their dreams of a better life. al jazerra, southern tunisia. and a reminder that you can keep up-to-date de lo with all e news all the time on our website >> i'm mei-ling mcnamara in canada here to discover how the great bear rainforest is being protected. >> i'm amanda burrell. i'm in london to find out how to make old houses green.