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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello welcome to the newshour in doha. we report from the front line in iraq - australia becoming the latest nation to join a growing coalition of fighters in iraq. protesters call on the prime minister in pakistan to resign. the latest from identify. china says elections can go ahead in hong kong - but it will
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chos the candidate. >> chelsea and everton in a thriller. the us open claims a big-name casualties, access from flushing meadows later in the programme. australia has become the latest nation to join a growing international coalition against islamic state fighters in iraq. >> prime minister tony abbott says his nation will provide guns and ammunition. u.s. fight or jets launched air strikes near the davide moscardelli. hoda abdel-hamid reports na american officials say they never doubted fighting a fighting force like islamic state. >> reporter: the scars of battle. the islamic state group used houses as defense lines before it was forced to retreat towards
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the city of mosul. this man came home to find this. the group's fighters moved into the village in mid-august. they did not only use the house as a base. he tells me theyate whatever food they found and used their clothes. they didn't give up without a fight. this is an organization that u.s. officials say is beyond anything they have seen. those who engaged in combat say they faced well-trained fighters. >> they placed a few snipers in different houses, and they just - all the way, the roads, goods, the tnt. >> the islamic state may have been pushed back from the mosul dam and surrounding areas, but it is far from defeated. kurdish forces and elements of the army didn't win the battle alone.
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dozens of air strikes supported the counteroffensive. air power does damage. it may have been an option here, but it's not always the case. the islamic state group controls cities, population centers. using air strikes there would cause mass casualties. the kurds have been battling on the front, but not na their stronghold. iraqis and former members are fighting alongside the group known as arabs. >> most of the relatives here, they are sunni, and they - they support the people here, where absolutely they were disappointed in government, at the revenge action. i think they supported these people. >> reporter: the air campaign slowed the progress in this corner of iraq. is, which is armed with u.s. equipment stolen from the iraqi
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army controls territory in syria, where the obama administration administration lacks local allies. the war needs to be caught on the ground, on both sides of the border. it is a challenge, since the governments in iraq and syria are not seen as legitimate by the sunnis. >> and jane arraf joins us live from erbil. the international community is scaling up its involvement in iraq. the australians are now also getting involved. how has that been receive, and what impact is it having on the ground? >> it's a major development on the fight for amorally. the ministry for defense say the forces, backed by shi'a militias, they don't call them that, but that is what they are, have reached the outskirts of that town. it's confirmed by sources on the ground, following u.s. air strikes mere amorally in a widening of the u.s. air campaign. that campaign, including
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humanitarian aid drops widened as well. okay, thank you very much for the moment. jane arraf reporting live from erbil. moving on to other world news, the united nations is negotiating for the syrian rebels. the troops from fiji are among hundreds monitoring the line between the golan height and the syrian held area. more on this story, let's go to mike hanna, live from jerusalem. a great deal of concern about the fate of the peacekeepers, and the al nusra front, the syrian rebel group issued a statement. indeed, yes, the al nusra confirmed that it is holding u.n. peacekeepers at an unidentified location somewhere in syria. it is believed it has released the identity documents of 45 fijian peacekeepers captured
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last week when the syrian fighters pulled over into the zone, which u.n. troops have been monitoring in terms of syria and israel. the al nusra front says the u.n. has been backing the calls for the damascus regime and indicates that these peacekeepers will be handled as a bargaining chief. they have not made clear there's negotiation with the al nusra front, but makes clear that the u.n. is reaching out to intermediaries to help the p process. >> we try to use possible ways and means to cope with them. we are trying to get support from the countries, from when they have influence over the
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other groups. i'm more or less optimistic that they'll be released. well, the people who he is referring to, those that may have influence over the armed group - not particularly clear, remembering that al nusra is a sunni organization, to the u.n. clearly in control with countries that may or may not is a degree of direct influence over the al nusra itself. so the situation in the golan heights exceedingly insecure. there has been a number of peacekeepers removed from their bases within the golan heights itself. some 80 - the peacekeepers - sorry, filipino peacekeepers were evacuated in separate operations, one group moved out by a force who secured a safe corridor to the fhas which they were -- base which they were
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stationed, moving them out through the ongoing area. a second large group came under fire at one stage. overnight, in some kind of informal ceasefire, they marched out of their base, link up with the u.n. forces and then move back to the major u.n. base which is actually in the israeli occupied part of the golan. the u.n. clearly consolidating its deployment force, its monitoring force in the golan height, and amidst the security and future of the peacekeepers, there's a question about the future of the mission that lasted for four decades. >> thank you very much. that's al jazeera's mike hanna reporting live from jerusalem. and in a separate development. the al qaeda-linked al nusra front linked all soldiers and a police officer, captured a month ago. they say pictures showed the moment men were reunited request
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their families. they were taken on an accuracy-border raid on a lebanese town. they are holding 29 other soldiers and police. israel's prime minister says he will run through another term in office. binyamin netanyahu made the announcement during a television interview, there has been speculation about the prime minister's political future. >> now, to pakistan where there has been more fighting between protesters and the police. it comes after a day of violence that left three dead and more than 300 injured. thousands are calling for the prime minister to step down. let's get the latest from kamal hyder joining us live from islamabad. a tense situation. bring us up to speed with the latest. what has been happening? >> well as we speak the clashes between the protesters and the police continued outside parliament. we have heard that the prime
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minister, who had gone, is on his way back to islamabad to hold a high-level meeting before the crisis. when the protesters were peaceful, tens of thousands of police men were brought in, after the clashes, they tried their level best to bring the crowds under control, but it appears that the protesters were going nowhere. >> in islamabad these protesters stand their ground and staged their sit in for two weeks, but will not go until the prime minister nawaz sharif resigns. >> translation: we will not return until we achieve our objective. the government has no ethical justification for what it has done. it doesn't have a legal justification for its existence. the demonstrators are led by the anti-government cleric, saying
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he's seeking justice for his followers killed by police, and opposition leader imran khan, who accuses the prime minister of corruption and electoral fraud. >> translation: i will lead the way. i will march ahead of everyone else, and stop my people becoming unruly, and ask the pakistani police and army to remain peaceful. >> with allah's help, move towards your final destination, maintain peace. maintain my credibility. there should be no violence, no destruction. god willing, you will win this war with peaceful means. >> that message was disregarded on saturday night. protesters broke through the lines, stairing down the out of walls of parliament. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets. the army was called in to
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protect state buildings. the military has taken over in times of civil unrest. this time there appears to be little appetite for a coup. >> the pakistani military established that they are in any combative position to run the government. when they do that they failed, and left pakistan in a more problematic situation. >> reporter: it's down to people power. it's the fires government tain over by people power, whether it remains peaceful or not is critical to pakistan's future. >> you talked about the pakistani army in the report, and pakistan is a powerful army that stepped in in the past. any indication as to whose side it's on. >> when the crisis began, the military asked the politicians
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to resolve their issues, and said that force should not be used each as a last option. the military will be watching carefully. the military is involved in a major operation in north waziristan, and it's resources are used elsewhere, also on the eastern border. it appears that the military is reluct able to. if the situation escalates, if there's more violence spreading to other parts of the country, perhaps the military would not have any other choice but to step in. at the moment the military is not interested in getting into the political fight that is going on here in islamabad. >> kamal hyder reporting from islamabad. >> you can vote, but we'll choose who you vote for. that's the message from china's
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leaders who insist they have a right to choose candidates. the former british colony wants free elections. let get the details from adrian brown. the standing committee of parliament has been making the announcement, announcing what they want for hong kong. tell us about what they said. >> well, this decision was made unanimously, not surprisingly, by the standing committee of the national people's congression. what they have been doing is essentially clarifying how much democracy they are prepared to tolerate in hong kong. they have ruled that basically hong kong can have an election for its next chief executive in 2017. china will essentially decide who the candidates will be. they have to be approved by a nominating committee that china will vet. this guarantees that there'll be no unpleasant surprises when there is an election in hong kong.
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now, china has always said that hong kong would have an election, and this is its definition of universal sufferage, basically a committee deciding who the candidates would be, and no more than two or three candidates. at the national people's press conference after the decision was made, it was made clear at the press conference, that this decision was in the best interests of hong kong, and in the best interests of china, in terms of its security. over the weekend we have had some reports in the official media, essentially accusing foreign forces unnamed foreign forces of meddling in hong kong affairs, trying to stir up trouble, and trying to turn hong kong into a sort of hub of subversion. china has spoken. it hopes that hong kong will listen. >> will they listen, let's speak to rob mcbride. what is the response to the
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announcement from beijing there? >> they have certainly been listening here, and have not liked what they have heard. the civil society groups what are planning their campaign of civil disobedience, they held a joint news conference with legislators here in the min joy parliament, the -- miniparliament, the legislative parliament, and said that the campaign will go ahead. they haven't said exactly how it will be conducted, but it's likely not to be one campaign held immediately. they are likely to plan strategically smaller protests over the coming weeks. they are waiting to see how that plays out. joining me here is the legislator, who has been involved with this campaign. you have not been surprised by what you heard. was there a hope that there would be a last minute change of heart. >> we were sat and angry.
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we have been fighting for democracy for 30 years, and now comes this decision. and this mends that, the national congression is going to kill all of true democracy, and states that the nomination committee, controlled by beijing, will have a roll of screening a candidate. how can we accept that. and you can accept that, the pandemic, vote it down, and sadly so even if we vote it doup, it doesn't mean we'll have any progress towards the future. by having a civil disobeet yet movement, having a campaign, be will night back. how many people will come out on the street. hundreds, thousands? >> we expect hundreds of thousands. we have half a million people on the streets. now with the killing of true democracy by the national people's congress, not living up
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to their promise, people are angry, and we expect them to come out and some of them will - together with us, will occupy central, even if we are rested, we'll continue the struggle for true democracy. >> they have announced the start of their campaign, it goes on. it has to be said it's a polarizing issue. there are those that want full democracy. there are those tens of thousands that came out on to the street in a pro-government rally. it is a polarizing issue, and we expect to see more in the coming weeks. >> thank you rob mcbribe. still ahead on the al jazeera newshour. south korea is attracting thousands of chinas tourists, plus for the economy, but not everyone is happy about it. we explain why, plus... >> i'm out at sea with tunisia's coast guard. i'll be reporting on the
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conflict as people try to escape the fighting there. >> goals are plenty as chelsea charge to the top of the english premier league. that story in sport. to somalia, there has been an attack on a national intelligence facility in mogadishu. a suicide car bomber rammed the gates of the building and detonated. the blast was followed by gun battles. al-shabab said it's behind the attack and fighters are inside the building. >> staying with africa, lesotho's deputy prime minister reportedly has taken control following what appears to be an attempted coup in the nation. the prime minister is in south africa, and the south african president jacob zuma called a regional security meeting in pretoria to resolve the crisis.
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paim has -- tania page has been covering the story from lesotho's capital maseru. the deputy prime minister will take over the reins of the country and run it while the prime minister is in south africa. he denied that it is a coup. the prime minister tom thabane insists that the military attempted a coup. the military denies it. this is where it started, the police station behind me, where the military came, where shots were fired. a police officer was killed, three injured, and a soldier injured. it seems as if it could have been injured by an attempt by the government to sack the sitting commander of the military. he refused to give up his post. quite a confused picture, particularly for the people here of maseru and lesotho. we talked to some, they are afraid that this is far from
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over. they want a return of the democratically elected coalition government, and do not want to see a repeat of what happened in the 1990s where south africa sent troops on the ground when there was a coup, and dozens were killed. no suggestions that troops will be sent here. lesotho's big brother insisting that it about not tolerate a coup, it must be resolved immediately. >> russia and ukraine carried out a swap of soldiers. russia returned after entering by mistake. it handed over paratroopers, presented at evidence of a russian invasion. more from mariupol. >> reporter: the exchange of soldiers is a positive sign. the 10 soldiers were the russians who, the evidence was placed that the russians were on
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ukranian soil. the paratroopers were paraded, effectively showing the ukranian authorities, what they say was a russian invasion. we had them, and ukranian soldiers, exchanged in return. the signs are positive all around. in the town encircled by spiritist fighters, ukrainian soldiers are trapped. we are told that 14 did make it out. the rest are prisoners of the separatist fighters there. we heard on friday, saturday, that there had been a humanitarian corridor was created but the soldiers were caught in a crossfire. it's an indication of how chaotic the situation in eastern ukraine is. >> one child has been killed and 10 others injured after an
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explosion this a suburb of paris. the french interior ministry believes the blast was caused by a gas leak. emergency officials are working to pull people out of the rubble, and 10 people could be trapped. >> iceland has raised the aviation warning to the highest level of red following an eruption at the bardabunga vol gaino. there's an air traffic ban around the mountain. government monitors say the eruption has not caused an airport on the island to close. time for a check on the weather with richard. it's the end of summer in europe. >> it's beginning to look that way. you lose the light. if you have decent days, you don't have much of brilliant sunshine. if you look at the satellite, we see a trend. certainly behind this weather system we have colder air pulling in, and we see heavy
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rain associated with it, up towards southern sweden. if we look at the forecast. we are pulling the winds in from the north, across the u.k. temperatures 18 and cooler up north. a swathe of rain across parts of scandinavia, and across the low countries, extending to northern parts of italy. as i run the forecast, you see the area of rain pushing to the south and the east. for-of italy, austria, it looks as though, as we head into monday, it will be a wet picture. we have fine weather across south-east of europe. around the black sea coast. ankara looking at 34 degrees. we hang on to the fine weather. ukraine is not looking too bad. you get further north to moscow. here it will be cooler. going to the other side of the mediterranean sea, fine conditions. cloud is pushing across northern parts of al jazeera, the chance
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of one or two showers. summer hangs on for longer. >> richard, thank you. authorities in senegal are trying to track down people that may have come into contact with the ebola victims. the world health organisation is sending personnel and equipment to contain the outbreak. senegal is the fifth country in south africa to declare a case. we have this report. >> reporter: for weeks a 21-year-old guinean man infected with the ebola lived here. most saw him, talked to him and shook his hand. no one knew he carried a deadly contagious virus in his body. the neighbourhood lived in fear of that. some among them may be sick. he won't come down, it's too dangerousment we are scared of catching the virus. some awe can catch it from the wind. behind the shutters, people
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still live here, locked up inside. this is a relative, wearing surgical gloves. he says the family inside fears neighbour's reaction if they come out. it's not just the family, it's the neighbourhood. this is a working class area, with many migrants going no the city to work. now there's a confirmed case in the neighbourhood, they fear people will be scared. this woman can't get to work. taxis no longer stop here. why hasn't the ministry of help distributed equipment. why haven't officials come to visit us? >> the local health officers left and the clinic closed off indefinitely. investigators are trying to identify and test people that may be infected. some are left.
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there's a growing sense of unease that a killer virus is gaping ground over the -- gaining ground over the neighbourhood. all right, still ahead on the newshour - instead of protesting - ukrainians and russians lay aside their differences at a music festival. >> i'm here with a highway village has been transformed into a hub of japanese manufacturing. in sport, rory mcilroy looks to chase down the leaders of the season-ending fed ex cup. robin will have the details later. stay with us.
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welcome back, you are watching the newshour. australia has joined a growing international coalition against islamic state fighters in iraq. the prime minister tony abbott says his nation will provide guns and ammunition to kurdish forces in the north as u.s. fighter jets launch fresh attacks. soldiers in islamabad stand their ground, protesters are calling for nawaz sharif to resign. 3 are dead, protests continue into sunday. china will not hold fully
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democratics elections, it's decided to preselect candidates. let's return to the anti-government protests in pakistan, for insight into the crisis. we have a retired pakistani army general joining us live. good to have you on al jazeera. pakistan has been ruled by the military for half of its history and will be key. will they take over. >> they will not take over openly. the power increased enormously, and the way they handled the crisis gives them great leverage and advantage. they have been insisting that both the sides. imran khan and others, handle
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the problem politically. by saying that they stay away by doing that, they allow imran khan to stay away. they are saying if the prime minister doesn't rein, there's no way that i'm going. he movement people close to the prime minister's house, office, and, you know, when he goes there, the pressure sure increases with thousands of people, and the army is looking and watching what is happening. it's a failure on behalf of the parties. >> what is the root cause of the crisis. we heard accusations of corruption and fraud. is if just about that, or are there other underlying issues? >> well, i think it's more than that. this is one of the causes, and
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there are other things. the government has been poor at governance, and that has brought about a lot of discontent amongst the public, and that's why they think it's good if the government goes. it is the fact that imran khan has become too ambitious, and i do not know what is the agenda area of mr tahir ul-qadri, who seems to come every six months and create havoc. and they seem to want to destabilize the system. a large number says if imran khan and tahir ul-qadri has administrativance, they should work within the democratic system, which is already fragile. if you damage the system, pakistan will be back to the '90s, when the military has been taking over directly or indirectly. >> a fragile system. how do you see the crisis ending.
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will the government be able to five. can they find a political settlement. >> we are wishing that to happen. it doesn't come true, probably, if iran is that inflexible. i get a feeling unless imran khan shows a degree of flexibility, there is in no way out, except that the military will have to intervene, and the structure will be damaged, and so too the politicians, and pakistan will go back into a military direct or indirect dictatorship. >> thank you for sharing your views with us. former islamic general joining us live. in libya 10 soldiers dead, 25 wounded after fighters launch rockets at an airport in
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benghazi. the fighting erupted over an area controlled by forces of the retired general khalifa haftar. the country is split between factions of those that toppled muammar gaddafi in 2011, put has since become rivals. thousands fleeing the fighting in libya by taking boat rides. more than 150 people had been rescued off the coast of tinnizia. in an empty warehouse in a town, these young men are waiting to be registered. some are from eritrea. they can claim asylum. pane were working in a suburb of tripoli, and the fighting surrounded them. >> translation: the first rocket landed. it didn't hit anyone. then a second one came, and 20 were killed. when the third landed.
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we scattered and decided to leave. tunisian coast guard rescued the drifting dingy after two days at sea. this is the border with libya. migrant and asylum seekers can't cross by land. they can't be let in because of security and economic concerns. they are forced to make a dangerous journey across the waters. it's the only way out. there are reports fighters are preparing to battle for libya's border region. the fear is the conflict could spill over, and send more migrants out to sea. we are prepared to secure our maritime borders against dangers, we will confront lawlessness on the seas. that led to this - the red crescent in libya finding at least 300 bodies off the coast
6:36 am
of tripoli since july. and this is why so many people drown. the more a fisherman shows me the ripped tingy, smugglers are using substandard. pushed towards the shores, saving the lives of 70 people on board. >> translation: our message is intervene as quickly as possible. stopping the smugglers sending these people into the sea. the migrants worried about their friends in libya. some have been imprisoned by arm groups, others hiding, waiting to take the next boat. the mediterranean sea remains a barrier to their treatments of a better life. the un secretary-general says he's personally raised the
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issue of three detained al jazeera journalists with the president of egypt. ban ki-moon emphasised the importance of freedom of speech and securing the safety and security of journalists. peter greste, mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed have spend 246 days in an egyptian prison. all three received long sentences after a trial. many observers saw it as politically motivated. convictions were appealed and al jazeera demands their release. >> this is a subject which i have discussed with the president abdul fatah al-sisi immediate after he was elected. and i have been emphasising the importance of freedom of speech, and particularly ensuring the safety and security of journalists for the covering.
6:38 am
newsagencies, when they are working, i emphasised and i strongly urged him to take necessary access. we have not yet seen, and reporters scale. i sincerely hope they'll be released soon, yes. >> there are protests in venezuela over a government plan to combat food hering and smuggling -- food lording and should goling. it would require -- food harding and shopping. it has been called a liberating tool. supplies have been reduced of staple foods that are imported. rescuers in nicaragua are trying to free five workers trapped in a goldmine. 20 miners were rescued on saturday, after crews dug
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through the rocks and mud. >> protesters are angry at plans to bring nuclear power plants online. they have been demanding. since the disaster. safety concerns outweighed the need for nuclear installations. india's prime minister narendra modi is in tokyo to meet his counterpart shinzo abe. they want to build stronger ties, and business deals. they went to the village where the two countries are working together. >> reporter: native japanese food after a hard day's work. at a small diner in a remote village, japanese workers are trading stories about doing business in india. >> they just go from a to z and schedule everything. everything should be done on
6:40 am
time. but sometimes it difficult to do such things in india. >> reporter: honda's indian business partner is trying to help indian and japanese firms work together. >> it's my correction to teach both sides. breach a gap, explain to japanese people that indians are not like others, we are intelligent people. listen to our ideas. adapt. please adapt. >> this is one of more than 30 japanese firms trying to adapt to india in a purpose-built manufacturing hub in the state. >> we are confident the biggest impact will be felt in the future. the more indians, the better for us and then. >> for centuries, the village was known for little more than an old fort that bears its name. from fertile plains to factories of the future.
6:41 am
it is located at the heart of a special japanese economic zone. the first of its kind in india. its founders say the unique trade model attracted one billion worth of investment, and transformed the local economy. one hour on, the story is different. a partnership between indian car manufacturer and japanese firm suzuki was plagued by strikes from local workers. locals are cautious much development. >> translation: when we sold the land we received $1,000 per heck tare. we can't buy anything for that money. >> reporter: trade is heating up. manufacturing could help to revive the economies of both countries. it may be some time before either side can toast to
6:42 am
long-term success. south korea is set to become the number one destination for chinese tourists. some are going not just for the scenario, but the economic opportunities. harry fawcett reports. >> reporter: on the slopes of one of gentlemen ju's landmarks, tourists file up for the 50 minute hike and a photo op. the dominant language is mandarin. >> the people are friendly. the place is beautiful, the air is god. everything makes me feel comfortable. >> translation: lots of korean dramas are filmed in jej u, so we wanted to come ourselves. >> reporter: since jej u allowed visa free entry, numbers have boomed. it's the number one film industry. >> translation: chinese tourists account for 75% of foreign
6:43 am
visitors. the money spent contributes to a significant portion of the local economy. it's not just duty free shopping, they are buying property, thanks to a deal rewarding permanent residency. many are wholly or partly backed. that is a source of controversy. some fear too much development is planned on an i would whose key selling point is its bea beautry. environmental deg re days tips. >> the next phase of this resort is on home, over concerns about the environmental impact. for the benefit that chinese money has brought. there are concerns about less welcomed side effects. the governor ordered reviews of
6:44 am
two projects backed by money and singaporean and hong kong, and examined large projects across the island. work on the complex has been stopped as its details are reviewed. a property said deals need to be honoured. it's right to ensure it benefits owners. >> it could be problematic. it's a concern at this stage, if the chinese vest, develop and operate and keep the profits. a review is needed to prevent that in advance. attracted by the environment, the ease of travel, the warmth of the welcome, the chinese presence is set to grow further. already it is causing undercurrents of concern. >> we have a sports update shortly. alonzo making his debut for bayern munich.
6:45 am
action from the bundize league e after the break. stay with us.
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welcome back. breaking news from iraq. officials in iraq say security forces and militias entered the northern town of amorally, that had been beseemed by islamic state fighters. let's speak to sue turton, 20km north. what are we hearing about this? >> yes, well peshmerga fighters here at the base camp, 20km to
6:47 am
the north - nine if you can hear the gunfight, the battle moved north of amorally, 5km to the south. the peshmerga forces say they have taken the town of amorally. they have moved forces away. they have been beseeming the town, and have freed the people there. they've been struggling without food, water, electricity. they are push out the. >> s forces. they are up to the north, pushed to the south. there's a battle going on in the south on the road to tikrit, where they believe the is forces have machine-guns and snipers. >> there has been u.s. air strikes in the area. tell us about the significance of amorally, and the iraqi forces recapturing it from the
6:48 am
is fighters. >> 12,000 turks were inside the up to. they have been defeated all this time. they've been quite desperate. we have had some people, like my colleagues, digging graves, with the is trying to get into the towns. the significance is the iraqi arm has helicopter strikes. the u.s. from saturday noon - we are hearing stores that iranians may have been involved in softening up the targets and positions all around amorally, and clearly softening up the strip for the peshmerga forces. militia men, and they managed to retake the town of amorally. >> sue turton on the line there. time to catch up on all the sports. here is robin. >> good to have you along. we'll start with the ten us from
6:49 am
the u.s. open at flushing meadows. where players continued a push for the last 16 places. another top player was duxed out. richard nicholson has the access. the top women's seeds may tumble. in the men's draw it's not the case. novak djokovic booked his place for the i think year in a row. he'll take on germany's cole schreider for a place in the semis. they'll be joined by 2012 winner. we have a shaky performance. the agency needed four sets to beat the opponent. 6-1, 7-5, 6-2. they'll face joe wilfred tsonga next. >> i have had a lot of close matches and won a lot against him as well. so, yes. i would say it matches up well.
6:50 am
he's obviously playing well just now. >> i'm aware that it will be a very tricky match. >> defending champion serena williams is through to the fourth round beating her opponent. >> the 17-time grand slam champion bidding for her third had to put up with windy conditions, and edgily took control of the match, taking it 6-3, 6-3. >> yes, i mean, i can't believe i'm in the second week. it's like a dream come true. >> another player expecting to make it through to the second is wimbledon champion. she became the latest big name casualty to exit the adjournment. the number three speed beaten by
6:51 am
serbian qualifier, 6-4, 6-4, the first time the 145 had beaten anyone beside the top 70. richard al jazeera. >> bayern munich dropped points, held to a draw. debut for bayern, it was his side that made the better site. they were put into the lead. 10 minutes out. fought back. grabbing the equalizer in the second fafl. 1-1 the final score. opening on four points after two games. >> the challengers. bayern leferb cuesen came from behind. two wins out of two. top of the table 6 payments.
6:52 am
chelsea have gone stop of the english premier league. jose mourinho's side did so. scoring for a third straight time. the two goals helping chelsea to a 6-3 win, maintaining the perfect start to the season. if anything, getting on to the score sheet. >> they play to win, to score. we play to win, we play to score. so when you have two teams like our teams, it's possible to happen lots of votes. >> three games to look forward to on sunday, the stand af out fixture at -- stand-out fixture. tottenham against liverpool. two signings, barra tellie, and arsenal away to lester in the late game. barcelona and real madrid with a chance to go top of the spanish league. real madrid travel to sociedad.
6:53 am
spanish champions have been promoted 2-1 to bounce back from the opening week draw. atletico, and gore doba held to a 1-1 draw. >> overnight leader palmer has been joined at the top of the leader bore. an even par round shot to add to a 63 opening score, closing 8-under. joined by ipp form australian -- inform australian jason day. 3-under. world number one rory mcilroy is five shots behind in a tie for 17th. the northern irishman 69 leaving him on 3-under par. >> i struggled to get some shots. putted well. lot of saves.
6:54 am
as it grinded i didn't have it all. >> india taking a 2-0 lead over india, with victory in a one tv day international. three wick its from ashton, helping to limit the hosts to 227. an unbeaten half century seeing them home with seven overs to spare. the first openly gay american footballer in the n.f.l. has been dropped by his seam. michael sam was picked up by the rams and dropped. the 24-year-old failed to make a 53-map ahead of the openers. sam was one of 23 players released by the rams. >> there was no destruction. if someone perceived or thought that it may be a distraction, they weren't in the building. i've been staying that all
6:55 am
along. this was a decision. mike fit in well. he was fun to be around. he was a good team-mate. there was no issue there. again, i was falling for him. it didn't work out. >> that's the sport. thanks for watching. >> despite the ongoing conflict, several thousand put aside differences in georgia. >> welcome to the kazan tip republic. more than a music festival, it's the spiritual heart of russia. this is a party in the time of crisis. >> held in crimea, russia's annexation of the territory, this year force theed the event to re locating to georgia.
6:56 am
the world can learn a lot. >> translation: the least i could have done was gather the g20 summit and given them a lot of advice. we don't live in a perfect world. it's an attempt to create the model. >> the citizens must agree to play by the rules. be fun loving, peaceful and themselves. >> people call it the fifth season, others - it's a place i can be myself, no matter what. local businesses hoped 40,000 would descrpd on the sleepy resort. ukraine's war may have spoilt the appetite. nobody wanted to talk about that. it was on many people's mind.
6:57 am
>> all the conflict, he's not about people, it's about governments, people like each other. >> this is musical escapism for a troubled region, crimea and ukraine may be on the horizon. the breakaway region is a few kilometres up the coast. there's no trouble. it's altogether georgians. russians and ukrainians, dancing to the same beat. >> reporter: the citizens create their own fun. there were complains about the police, too few drugs, and over tapedive males. another refugee of the conflict might have to seek new horizons again. that's it for this newshour on al jazeera, from me, and the team. thank you for watching. jane dutton is with you next. i hope you stay with us on al jazeera.
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>> al jazeera's investigative unit has tonight's exclusive report. >> stories that have impact... that make a difference... that open your world... >> this is what we do... >> america tonight only on al jazeera america iraqi forces say they have taken a besieged iraqi sound from the islamic state group -- town from the islamic state group. coming up, a syrian rebel group said it took 45 peacekeepers because the u.n. has been supporting the government. mass protests in pakistan calling for the resignation of the prime minister. and hong kong's political future. china says it has the right to choose candidates for the territories next