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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 25, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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to the terrorists, let me give youe verdict of our nation: your days are numbered. >> pakistan points to terrorists, after the school tack. live from doha, i'm elizabeth koranan. rejects the claim that it shot down the plane. have protests in the u.s. state of another black teenager shot
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dead by police. and rising from the ruins, ten years after, india's credit province is being hailed as a production. ful in the wake of last week's pescweek'speshawar school disas. >> due to the weakness of our civilian courts terrorists kept depaidinpaiding punishment, so , the perpetrators can be brought to justice. these special courts will last
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for two years. >> december 16th attack on a school in peshawar. by men who went from classroom to classroom hunting their victims. >> translator: the terrorist struck the future of this country when they murdered those neninnocent children. >> all political peashts agreed to amend the constitution to set up the military courts. officials say they will only be used to try terror suspects. the plan also includes the formation of a special antiterrorism force and better regulation of religious schools.
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>> there is an antimoney laundering ordinance that has never been enacted into law. i think that should be done. similarly, the medrassas, it is oven clear if the governments will play ball with the central government. >> neighboring afghanistan, islamabad launched an offense offensive of tribal regions in june. since the december 16th are attack on the school that military offensive has increased and it seems that efforts are also being made. charles stratford, al jazeera. >> explosive placed outside a shop, 14 people have been injured.
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to afghanistan now where the u.s.s. winding down its 13 year mission against averages and the taliban. >> in just a few days, our combat mission will be over, our longest war will come to a responsible end. our troops are willing to hug theirs good-bye and step forward oserve. >> when troops entered the country in 2001, their mission was to rid the country of taliban. jennifer glasse reports from kabul. >> reporter: from a mountain top base in kunar province, afghan army soldiers are sending
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a message. keep the soldiers confined to the roads and theirs bases. >> there are al qaeda training centers about 20, 25 kilometers away from us. that is too far for us to launch operations because we don't have access to any air support, we don't have proper artillery. >> reporter: they used to get that support from nato troops. only a small contingent remains in their country. not here. they know the afghan army can not reach them. >> if we had artillery and air force, we withdestroy them. >> reporter: even a top al qaeda jrm member,.
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>> so i think we still have a mission to continue. >> reporter: but that mission will be left to afghan forces but it won't be easy. that will be because al qaeda l forces have intermarried with afghans. >> jennifer glasse, al jazeera, caivel. >> palestinians, member of its monitoring unit in southern gaza. firefight started after a routine border patrol came under attack. now in serious condition.
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jordan has promised to do whatever it can to secure the release of its air force pilot from islamic state of iraq and the levant. the united states denies this claim that i.s.i.l. has shot down other plains. >> this plain came down outside the syrian city of raqqa. his officials are claiming the shooting down a sense of necessary sacrifice. >> the jordanian f-16s are part of the coalition with united
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states. central command issued this statement: the jordanians are highly respect he are pans. we strongly condemn action he of siefl. we will not tolerate i.s.i.l.'s attempts to misrepresent and exploit this unfortunate plane crash. one military expert says there are former iraqi officers in i.s.i.l. capable of using this technology. >> iraqi officers are experienced and would handle such weapon nicely and they need some skill to shoot down an airplane in that regard. but as jordan deposit has also said, it's held the i.s.i.l. responsible for the safety and the life of the pilot. >> this latest incident will have major implications for the u.s.-led air campaign.
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his family has made a direct appeal for mercy. randolph nogle, al jazeera. >> in the city ever berkeley, in missouri, a black teen abler has been shot by police. shia b rarvetiontanzi reports. >> michael brown shot by a police officer in august. protesters were quick to gather at the scene. police say an officer approached martin and his companion at a petrol station. then this happened. >> this individual, backed away to the east just for a few steps. turned back around, the officer started engaging him in
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conversation again, then the individual produced a pistol with his arms straight out, over the hood of the police car. at that point, the officer produced his service revolver and shot. >> since august, americans have protested for what they say is a lack of responsibility of police officers. the mayor of new york has attempted to curtail the protests in his city following the killings of two police officers by gunmen. but that didn't stop the crowds from returning on thursday night. >> it is necessary not to let
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that action become the face of this whole series of events, because it's still young black men that are taking a beating and getting shot and in fact coops are relatively safe. >> reporter: the swift reaction and holding press conferences following the latest shooting, the account believed with enough confidence by the public. shia brittanzi, al jazeera america. >> coming up.
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>> good to have you with us. i'm elizabeth dorano in doha. these are the top stories. jordan says it will do whatever it can to make i.s.i.l. release one of its fighter pilots. u.s. rejects, saying it crashed. in the state of missouri, another black teen aimer was shot. michael brown was killed by a police officer in august.
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pakistan prime minister nawaz sharif, says terrorism cases will now be tried by military courts. >> explaining how the courts will work. >> well, as far as how the military courts are concerned, these are only for two years. and this is how most of the political parties have agreed. and they've also said that these would be restricted to very hard criminals and the ones who have been engaged in terrorism, you know, very hard terrorists and these would not be applied politically because there is a fear that these could be also applied to political sort of are opponents and so on. so has the hammer leadership. actually it was the army
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leadership that was really forted to have these courts, our experience in the past of has been that these civilian courts have not been able to sentence anyone for that matter, motte of the people caught in the swath or for whatever reasons, those who monitored several innocent people so i think they have to take some extraordinary measures. let's hope that these extraordinary measures, the country is able to attack the problem of terrorism and surnt s insurgentinsurgency in this cou. >> david mercer reports. >> it's the kind of message no parent wand to giv wants to giv.
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>> mothers and fathers of mexico's missing students pleking oreflecting on their mig students. in a country where family comes first the holiday message is a grim are reminder how families continue to suffer. in september, 43 students were abducted by police in southwestern mexico. the police handed them over to a local drug gang. they haven't been seen since. while locals claim gang members incinerated the students, their families refuse to give up hope.
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on december 26th, hundreds of people will meet with the parents here before marching down mexico city's main avenue forcing officials to hear their voices. it's this kind of stubborn innings that makes this situation unique. could be a catalyst for change. >> i symptoms think it has in a way replied us with a very tragic window of opportunity to share the pain with these parents but while sharing this pain also to realize that this is something the whole country is going through. >> reporter: just hours before midnight on christmas eve some of the parents arrive at the home of the mexican president, to show their solidarity and break their silence. >> we will not rest until they find them.
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today, christmas doesn't exist. we can't say happy christmas because there is no happiness in our hearts. the opposite is true, there is so much pain in all of us. >> parents of mexico's 43 missing students determine that they will not be forgotten. david mercer, al jazeera, mexico city. >> the country's greatest asset could be gone. lucia newman reports. >> it's offer referred as the pairs of south america. argentina's capital many buenoss
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aires. the city's oldest neighborhood, st. elmo. >> the cords ordered the city to restore the original cobble stones. >> reporter: puso's organization recently forced the government to stop working on the french plaza that would have provided access to a nearby shopping mall. >> now, the city government is suing us for damages for the amount of money it cost them to stop work for ten months. >> it is a battle between those who feel buenos aires needs to be a more modern city.
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these have less safety features than the mod earned ones, cost more to fix and lot slower. there is no question, they have more charm and that they get you to where you're going. but it's a fine balancing act says the city's top architect. >> the preservation of the old. >> for example, the recently renovated galleria venez looks like the finest in milan and naples. nonetheless, even the staunchest conservationists, is its present as well as in the past, however
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to make sure the past isn't smothered with the future. >> lfnlings continues to insist that its journalists be released. peter greste and mohamed fahmy were extensioned to seven years in prison. baher mohamed was sentenced for an disht three years. large gatherings will be restricted meanwhile in liberia a fourth member of the mission has been hospitalized after testing positive of the r ebola virus. a technician of the u.s.
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centers for disease control is being monitored, a small amount of ebola virus was mistakenly are moved into the many room in which the tick negatives was working. two victims have dived in their homes as twisters destroyed a city in mississippi. there is extensive in marion county and power has been knocked out. talks to maintain a ceasefire have been abandoned. peter sharp has more from moscow. >> in eastern ukraine, fighting between government forces and russian backed rebels in the
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donetsk area. >> finally agreement to end this violence will be paid more difficult by events on tuesday as ukraine opened the door to possible entrance of nato. it was a vote that angered the kremlin only deepened the confrontation between russia and the west since the beginning of the cold war. there were reasons for kremlin to seek an agreement with ukraine. >> the west would be quick to interpret this as russi russia's enrollment. new hiccups of the old cold war
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which actually we don't need. >> reporter: the talks broke up without reaching a formal agreement. they'll resume on friday. it's been months since the envoys have met, i minsk. much will now depend on whether the envoy can reach a larger agreement. peter sharp, al jazeera. s. >> delivering his end of the year speech, came to power in may following a coup as military governmenter was supposed to organize elections by late 2015 but now says they will be delayed more than one year. it's pen a year, since the indian ocean tsunami.
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170,000 people died in the indian city of vanda asa. 1step vasson reports. >> more than 130,000 house he will rebuilt, 1300 schools and classroom terse ever road. >> more bustling and vibrant than ever before. but while people have picked up their lives, it still seems there that moment, december 26th, when that tsunami hit. >> the last thing my child received was mommy, the only
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sounds i could hear were sounds of banging. the. >> reporter: i meet her again ten years alert. not only did she lose her baby, most of her family including her husband and parents died. two days after the tsunami she shows me the body of her dead sister. >> translator: clearly can i see the face of my sister like there. the tsunami was a long time ago but it feels to me as if it just happened. >> she wrote a poem back then. >> translator: children have lost their mothers and fathers. we, the new generation of ache,
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will pull back ache, as a city of peace and welfare. my lovely, lovely ache. >> now she says she wants to look at the future. >> in these last ten years, if i compared the situation before, and now, there are many changes. now, ache is very beautiful. although we have lost so much we have resurrected. >> sofrisa studies english and wants to become a television producer. she lives there with mer new husband and three-year-old daughter. an international aid organization paid for her study and now she works as a nurse.
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>> translator: i's wonder why i'm still alive when my baby and sister died next to me. maybe there is a reason for that, maybe i've become a new person. >> a stark reminder is this boat pushed 5 kilometers inland. ache wants to show the world that even the wofers disaster can be overcome. step fasson, al jazeera, ache. >> a van spilled millions of dollars on the motor way near the city's financial districts. as you can imagine, traffic ground to a halts, everyone eager to claim an early and
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unexpected ar gift. a reminder, you can always keep up with all the use on our website,


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