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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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iran's supreme leader signals he may endorse a nuclear deal as world leaders discuss how to get talks back on track. ♪ you are watchingays. i am jame dutton. new help for a peace plan to help resolve the conflict in easternvan. nigeria postpone's presidential elections. we will hear from the opposition candidates and president goodluck jonathan's campaign. what could be the first election lasts for indian india's prime minister.
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we again in germany where world leaders have withholding tauingz on key international security issues. sunday's meetings focused on the fight against the islamic state of iraq in the levant. the u.s. minister held talks. for some years, lawmakers have threatened new sanctions if a march deadline for an agreement on tehran's nuclear ambitions isn't met. iran's supreme leader ayatollah alicom alikhomen alikhomenei says no i support the progress of the nuclear negotiations. i would agree with it if the iranian anything that would not support an agreement in which its dig netty is and interests
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are protected. >> more on the discussions in munich. >> on the final day of the security conference a temporary shift in focus. talks about the conflict in ukraine, the delegates also address another persistent issue issue. iran's nuclear program and the impasse in negotiations. the country's foreign minister stressed it is now time to reach a deal but pushed a key demand. sanctions are a liability. you need to get rid of them if you want a solution and unless they come to the resations sanctions need to be listed we will not have a solution. i think we have made good headway in resolving even that. >> also discussed was the upheaval across the middle east with the former u.n. secretary general kofi annan taking the
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stage. >> if they think their ideology will restore the muslim world'sersst while greatness. on the contrary history teaches us that closed societies decay, open societies are the ones that prosper. >> husband commons followed those of the iraqi prime minister who called on nations to help fight the advance of isil. >> we in iraq are facing a formidable new generation which is not only threatened iraq. it it is threatening the region. it is threatening the whole world at the moment. as far as i know we are the only country that has armies on the ground fighting dash. >> the three day conference brings together some of the world's most influential political players. in the hallways and behind closed doors has been a flury of diplomatic activity with delegates trying to push for
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solutions for some of today's most pressing security issues. >> al jazeera, munich. >> jordan is getting help in its fight against the islamic state of iraq. the u.k. is sending troops to help aman in its campaign against the armed groupma in its campaign against the armed group. after the united arab emirates said it would send a squadron of fighter jets. it is intensifying its fight against isil but said no homes were destroyed. the strikes focused on isil's leadership, particularly isil lead ter abu bakr al-baghdadi. they have conducted 5500 missions since the airstrikesgan airstrikesgan. jordan has participated 946 of them. they say they have destroyed 20% of isil's combat capabilities and killed 7,000 isil fighters.
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>> we started dash garrisons where they sleep and eat. and we successfully destroyed more than 19 delegates. after that the war against dash is going to continue. we are determined to achieve the objectives of this war. not only to degrade dash capabilities. we are going to destroy dash. that is the aim as that target a bosnian is accused of sending money tot. one of six boss kneeians accused of using facebook and pay pal to help isil. according to the indictment this suspect used code words to communicate. the case will be tried in the
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u.s. state of missouri. to yemen where the leaders of the southern adan prove incident have objected the houthi's take over of power. they moved to set up a presidential counsel and whichitional government. people have been protesting against the takeover for the third straight day. they want the houthis to release president al rabiman sahadi. ban ki-moon is calling for him to be returned to power. >> it is seriously deteriorating with the houthis taking power and making this government vacuum in power. there must be a restoration of legitimacy. we have this one through all of the security council and
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initiatives. >>ays continues to demand the immediate release of its journalists. mohammed and fahmy who have spent 407 days behind bars. they were accused of reporting false news and supporting the outlawed muslim brotherhood. charges they and al jazeera deny a retrial ask scheduled for thursday. back home until australia after being deported in egypt following four 40 days in jail. >> the u.s. says nigeria's decision to postpone lesions is deeply disappointing. the vote was supposed to happen next week but has been delayed by six weeks due to security concerns. as mohammed ado reports, opposition parties are criticized for the decision. >> it's after long deliberations. when he came to announce it, the chairman of the nigherian
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electoral commission had this to say about postponeing the elections due to security concerns. >> for personnel and materials as well as elections or observers, the commission cannot likely wave off the advice by the nation's security chiefs. >> the reaction was swift and angry with opposition all progressives congress apc call the decision professiontive. people have been protesting for days against delaying the vote outside the electoral commission headquarters in abuja. >> thatman for election should not be allowed to sit on the eve of the election.
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>> plans top fight the group boka haram in the northeast. it's part of a plan to bring security to the region a plan that the government says will allow the election to go ahead. nigeria's security forces have been struggling to defeat boko haram for the last five years. many are skeptical that the situation in the country's north can be changed in six weeks. >> so they can accomplish this in six weeks, why didn't they do it if it is true they can deal with this situation.
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so innocent people continue to be killed? is that what they are telling the world? the chiefs t i think they should honorabley resign. >> on the nigeria's constitution elections must take place by the end of april and that is what many are pinning their hopes on, that it won't be moved again. mohammed ado, al jazeera, lagos, nigeria. >> the leader of the on zip party, former military mohammed abd ahrar says the reason to delay the poll seems i am plausible. >> it is a disappointment because the counsel of states the chairman of inek independent nigh yearian electoral commission gave a detailed brief of the activities from 2011, to then and they
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clearly said or he said that they are ready to hold the election. if the same military cannot secure in six years how can we be sure local governments six weeks. >> wasn't heard from campaign spokesman for the current president gluck jonathan. >> obviously most nigerians feel a sense of disappointment about what has happened. we are ready to go and looking forward to the 14th. the reality is we must take seriously the concerns of the military and security agency. i think they did the rights and proper things by putting the lives and property of nigerians, you know, before anything else. i think this prem is that you seem to have that we are somehow frightened of elections and that
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jonathan is scared of an election is false. we are ready to go. however, we are a nation that is guided by-laws. we are also a nation that takes very seriously the concept of life and property. we need to protect our people. if we had proceeded with the election and people were slaughtered because the military cannot do a job to protect officials, you would vit size us for this. as for people like the general speaking about the army not being able to do the job when he was head of state, he didn't buy one 3wu89 for the military. i think it's right to understand the well win this election and put them to shame. >> a lot ahead on the program. greece's new prime minister goes before parliament to present his plan top ease the country's economic woes. we head to the yukon in northwest canada where athletes are preparing for an ultra mayor ton lasting up to 10 days.
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>> top stories on al jazeera. iran's supreme leader suggests that he may back a nuclear agreement with the west as long as it takes the cust tree's interest into account. this comes as world leaders in munich have been discussing how to get the diplomatic talks back on track. jordan is getting more help in its fight against the islamic state of iraq in the levant the u.k. is reportly sending rooms try to hem amman against the armed group the united arab groups has said it will send a squad ron of f-16 fighter jets.
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nigeria's main opposition party criticized the electoral commission for delaying presidential elections over security concerns. the u.s. describes the decision to postpone the vote by six weeks as deeply disappointing. the new greek prime minister's program to ease grease's austerity. alexa sipcyprus to ease from the bail-out program that may expires on february 28th. john sirapolous. >> the prime minister is expected to divide his speech two into two parts. >> the first with government priorities over the immediate firm the next four to six months, a period during which greece says it needs to renegotiate its bail-out package with the mean central bank and the european commission and the international monetary fund. for that period of time grease would like to have a little bit
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of assistance in its state funding and it will in addition to home grown tax revenue ask for permission to sell $11,000,000,000 worthy of bonds on the open market raise money on the open market. it sut allowed to do so at the moment because it's already exhausted the amount of money that it can raise in this way under the current oversight program. grease wants to shore itself up financially and make sure that it can last through the negotiation period so that it doesn't come under pressure to buckle to demands from its creditors. the second thing that we expect to hear from mr. cyprus over the longer term are some detail to his plans that he has already announced in the election period to lighten the tax burden on the middle class and blue color workers and to shift some of it over to wealthier taxpayers by more aggressively pursuing tax evasion corruption within the state and also buy in stages
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removing the property tax that has been levied during the crisis years and has become one of the most appearbhorred symbols of aust tearty. is a tax that is levied that has been paid for, fully owned by largely middle class taxpayers in which people feel is simply unfair imposition because it isn't based upon current income. it's based upon past wealth. >> is a tax that mr. tsipras said he wants to remove. >> the leaders of france german and russia will meet to discuss ways to ends the conflict in eastern ukraine. they made that decision after a phone conference. pro- reportedly expected to attend the new round of
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talks. >> the ruling party is trailing behind the taent corruption in delhi's state elections. more from new delhi. >> most opinion polls are projected the common man party will in fact win the delhi state party. final results are on tuesday. two ways of looking at the projected numbers. on one hand, a symbolic loss for
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the djp party which has until now, many suggest, ridden a modi wave following last year's landslide national election victory individual indication for the newest party that it has. perhaps the numbers it needs to governor the state of delhi also a platform to look at things to come in terms of its development in indian politics and we have to mention the congress party. it's been a big dominant part of indian politics for about a century now. but it looks like it's been absolutely an aisliated in this election interesting to see where it goes. >> joining us a biography for modi. what seems to have gone wrong? >> well i think if it turn out
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the verdict is going to be a huge political lot for two primary reasons. one is that it comes with eight months of an astounding victory. second most important thing regarding the political election lost if it turns out to be one would be the entire campaign has been driven by mr. modi and is argued the state government is going win an extension of the central government. the fact that the people decide not to work for his party, not so much an endorsement for the common party which might form the government but it's actually the first sign of a sentiment, huge negative in fact sentiment setting in against mr. modi coming in within just about eight months is bad news for them. >> has he not been able to deliver on his election promises and, you know, he's been
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attacked recently in the press because of demands of trips that he has done gone on abroad and expensive clothes that he is wearing? is he out of touch? >> i think as far as mr. modi is concerned, he has lost the basic battle of perception as far as the people are concerned. the same people who perceive him to be a go-getter to be able to do and deliver on each every promise he delivered throughout campaign in 2014, now the people are actually beginning to finds fault with everything he says. they find he nazot been able to deliver on promises. the most symbolic that he promised each person to be given 1.5 million in the rupees in their bank account unaccounted indian money lying in various foreign accounts outside the
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country. the entire campaign saying within a few days he has set a specific time and he will be able to outside of indian prices have not come down. figures in control. as far as the people are concerned, when they go out and try to purchase anything they have not declined from what they were last year. >> that's what really activities the perception. here is a prime minister who makes tall promises but does not actually deliver when it matters. >> it took us a couple of days to find out. at least six people have been killed after a bus was attacked in bangladesh. bombs were thrown at the vehicle crowded with people in the northern city of it ranpol. 30 people were injured. >> was the latest in a string of attacks fueled by an ongoing transportation strike called by the main opposition party last
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month the unrest is now hurting the country's economy. raw hide has been here for some time. >> that's because there has been a transportation strike since january 5th, and there are no trucks willing to take it to port. >> over the past month, i haven't been able to ship one foot of raw hide. i have about 250 square feet of raw hide sitting here that's worth about half a million dollars. they say their businesses are being hurt by the block aids and general strikes caused by the bnp which wants to force prime minister sheik kasina to resign and call new elections. the main entrance to give some idea of the economic impact
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defendant opposition blockade by many accounts it's closer to sten to 20 % of the normal traffic. there have been attacks including this one on a bus the bnp is accused of it creating a atmosphere of fear. >> when we used to go on general strikes we used to go to the small business owners. we went to the general public and said we are protesting. will you join us? we got them on our side. a bomb gets thrown. can you call this politics?
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obvious situation activists say they are victims. abu lives in constant fear of being attacked. a year ago, al jazeera spoke to his wife. one of thousands of opposition activists in jail. he is in free but always in hiding. >> after i was released maybe i got past the four walls of the prison but then all of bangladesh became my prison. >> the government of prime minister hesina has refused to sit down with the opposition blaming it for the recent violence. >> backty factory, a hope that the blockade comes to an end soon so he can sell his raw hide. until there is a political agreement, many say the strikes and violence on could continue. cephar, axis. taka. >> late on sunday about 100 men and women will begin a gruelling series of races on foot, mountain bikes and cross-country skis across the territory in
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canada. competitors of the arctic ultra will face temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees celsius. the prospect of know storms and tracks of wilderness. distances will very from a traditional marathon to a 690 kilometer run taking up to 10 days. sleep out in the wild and get hot meals at infrequent checkpoints. daniel reports on how human beings prepared so for such an extreme endeavor. >> minus 30 degrees celsius on a winter's afternoon. thet yon is pouring. early 20s, regularly run marathons and try agent loans. they are also on their honeymoon here. >> we go together the first one 00 miles. holding her hand and enjoying the romantics of the trail yeah. minus 48, snuggling up in a
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sleeping bag. >> i am starting to be scared a little bit. but actually looking forwards as well here. >> that's your house? >> yes. >> sleds drag carry safety gear to them them survive unimaginable extremes of cold and endurance. the real enemy, they say, is within. >> i know if my head would let me down i can be fit. you know. if your head let's you down there is no way you can keep going. >> as we start to head north, the wind is in our face. >> she willly teaches the mandatory survival clinic foraysers who haven't been in the extreme cold before. they discuss fears and burden of being saloon at night in deep winter. >> it's not going to be fitness that takes you out of the race something else. you make a poor decision or start to get too tired or you start to let the decommons in
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your brain overreact. then people start miss judging. >> it's a race, yes, but safety is everything. there's why organizers make sure people have all of the right equipment and put first timers through mandatory cold weather training. >> a final test outdoors before the race begins. first timers lighting stoves pitching tents and making a fire. all of the things they will spend the next week or more having to do just to stay alive they will carry satellite devices as well so they can call for a rescue but the key is to be self-sufficient so they won't have to. >> forb their safety but i want to be able to say the people out there can handle themselves and i don't have to risk anybody's life rescuing somebody who did something wrong. >> this is what it comes down to: sur arriving the long dark arctic nights somehow on whether on foot, skis or mountain bike this is truly one
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of the coldest and toughest athleticets in the world near white house in the yuko. n. >> my overriding thought is y if you want to find out more about any stories, log on to our website. the address at the bottom of your screen are you prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice? >> you can do anything except for politics. >> when you kind of imagine what a nuclear disaster would look like, it's something like this. so how long have you been coming and getting pedicures for? >> you gotta take care of these bad boys.