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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 17, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> conflicts reports about who controls the eastern ukrainian town of debaltseve where the army said there's been fierce fighting despite a ceasefire. >> this is al jazeera live from doha. also on the program egypt calls for an international coalition to intervene in libya a day after they struck isil targets there. >> more rescues at sea the number this year alone at 6,000. >> kicked out thousands of afghan refugees living in pakistan for decades are being deported.
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we begin in eastern ukraine with conflicting reports about the situation in debaltseve. pro-russian separatists claim they have taken control of the key railway town, while the ukrainian army said they still hold it there. let's speak to paul brennan what are you hearing about the situation there? >> i can hear, maybe you can, as well artillery bombardment right now. i couldn't tell you which direction it's going in, we're sort of behind the field with a separatist artillery talking about whether they are prepared to withdraw anytime soon. as far as the situation in debaltseve itself goes, well,
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conflicting reports, because both sides are claiming they've made progress there. the cranes insist that they still control the strategically vital railway station in the center that have town. it's a central transport hub that the separatists have taken from the army. they have got a track record of premature self congratulations. from what i'm hearing and the smoke that we can see in the distance over the top of debaltseve, there is an intense battle going on for that town still. >> what is the fighting there for debaltseve mean for the ceasefire, which is already extremely fragile and proving difficult to implement?
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>> debaltseve is a crucial town, and along large stretches of the rest of the front line between the two sides the ceasefire has largely held, but it is this strategically important town that both sides desperately want to keep, to hold, and it's because that have that the terms of the ceasefire have largely been ignored. both sides want it. the fact is that both sides say they will not stop the other terms of ceasefire and the other terms of the minsk agreement such as pulling back heavy weapons beyond the range of each other until the guns fall silent. while the town of debaltseve continues to be contested by both sides while the guns continue to fire and fighting continues to rage there then all the other elements that were agreed in minsk none of those can actually come to pass.
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>> thank you very much for that update. that's paul brennan on the line there from eastern ukraine. >> to libya fighters loyal to the legally recognized government in tripoli are trying to re store their authority over sirte. fighters are head to go sirte to confront fighters linked to isil. this comes the day after egypt launched airstrikes in libya in retaliation for the beheading of 21 egyptians. cairo said the strikes were successful but civilians were affected, as well. some viewers may find some images in the report disturbing. >> victims of egyptian airstrikes, jets bombarded the libyan city on monday, killing a number of people. the casualties included children. script says its military had struck training camps and weapon
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storage facilities belonging to groups linked to isil. now it is calling for a u.n. resolution for intervention in libya. the military campaign happened after the apparent beheading of 21 egyptian christians captured in libya. the strikes were carried out with the support of the u.n. recognized the government in tibruk. >> if there were any terrorist groups on the egyptian side and we were ail to hit them, we wouldn't hesitate to fight them. it's the same thing that applies for egypt. for groups who commit such crimes borders aren't going to be an issue. >> libya's leadership is from toward and legally installed government in tripoli criticized the egyptian airstrikes. >> this horrible assault on this terrorism has been conducted by the egyptian military represents a violation of sovereignty in libya and is a clear breach of international law and the u.n.
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charter. >> the attacks draw egypt openly into the internal conflict across its western border. it's beefed up security at home, deploying forces to guard towns and major highways and its facing calls to bring its citizens home from libya. there are conflicting reports that a group of egyptian fishermen were kidnapped two months ago detained by forces loyal to the tibruk government. it's not just egypt concerned about the unraveling security. the e.u. was planning to hold talks with the united states and egypt, while france and italy are calling for an international response warning if left unchecked in libya fighting groups possibly some linked to isil could be at europe's doorstep. >> the egyptian president says the international community needs to step in.
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>> what is going on in libya could change this country into a bleeding ground that will threaten the whole region, not only egypt but the method terrainian basin and europe have to deal with this problem because the mission was unaccomplished and unfinished for our european friends. we abandoned the libyan people. >> militias in tripoli say they are heading to sirte to restore the governmental institution stolen by fighters linked to isil. we have this update. >> the rebels and the brigades that is part of the national foundational government in tripoli have already started head to go sirte and taking their location on the outer skirts of sirte and regained
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control over areas that have been taken over by i.s. and i.s. affiliates in the city of sirte. last night we reached the outer skirts of sirte and you can hear all the recitation of the isis and names of the abu bakr al-baghdadi, the head of isis in iraq saying that the situation in sirte is too dangerous. we are getting reports from those on the ground in sirte that foreign fighters have recently joined the fight in the city of sirte. >> military sources told al jazeera that houthi rebels have been shipping heavy weapons in yemen. the houthis are said to be transferring them to their stronghold further note. they are moving fighter jets, houthi's took over the capitol sanna in september and dissolved
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parliament early they are month opinion there's been resistance to the coup. demonstrators want houthi leaders to respect a u.n. security council resolution for them to hand back power and demand the release of the president hadi and the prime minister who are under house arrest. we have more from aden. >> hours after reports surfaced that a shipment of russian weapons had arrived at the port city destined for the houthi stronghold of sanna in the north, military forces confirmed to al jazeera that between 15-20 fighter jets were initially transferred from the capitol sanna ever now been transferred to the houthi stronghold, they are beefing up their military capabilities. the significance of the aircraft is that it now gives the houthis the capability of reaching cities and towns in the east and
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south that they've so far failed to capture that are not under their control. on the other side of the political divide, those close to the group continue to demonstrate ties to other cities and politicians who have already agreed amongst themselves a charter on how to govern those cities and govern are not under houthi control continue to express their disappointment towards the international community and the united nation. they say that the disparity between the two sides the houthis on one side with all the military might and those opposed to them with little of that fire power means that the international community must step up and must support through tangible means those calling for democracy. >> egypt the former president mohamed morsi is to face a fifth trial. he'll face trial for incitement, he'll face incitement to murder charges in a military court and
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stand alongside others. morsi faces four our on going charges that include organizing jail breaks, conspire, foreign powers and inciting the killing of protestors for which he could face the death penalty. >> in syria activists say government forces have taken three towns in the province of aleppo but fighting continues on the outskirts. rebels say they're sending all available reinforcement to say the area. the government was reportedly backed by iranian fighters during the campaigns. >> meanwhile the leader of lebanon's hezbollah called on his military wing to increase its presence in iraq. he says his forces were already fighting isil in rack. he also says hezbollah will not retreat from syria. >> i say to you who call on us to retreat from syria i call on you to go together to syria. we might not have talked about
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iraq before. we have a modest presence in the early phase and a sensitive phase in iraq. i say let's go to iraq and let's go now. >> the italian coast guard rescued 275 migrants from boats in the mid terrainian sea on monday. more than 2400 people ever now been rescued in the last forth eight hours, some of them taken to the island of lampedusa. we are at the port in lampedusa and spoke to one migrant who made the journey from darfur. >> you are here in the reception center how are you treated here? >> i arrived here, i understand that here is freedom justice and equality. since i have been here from the boat and they brought me on another boat and really, they are, i understand that i am alive. i didn't think i would be alive also. they got me food, i am so happy
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because they brought me food and i eat and i drink and they got me a good bed last night and i slept. so really i am so happy. especially again those people, they are very kind people. they are not going to tell us any unkind words. they only tell us kind word, because sometimes there is fighting even between us. >> thank you very much. abdullah is among the thousands here at the reception center. they will be moved on to the mainland all the reception centers that have more capacity and are operational because this center was still closed when they arrived here undergoing major restoration. according to at least looking at the last couple of days, they may not be the last migrants who arrive here on the island of lampedusa. >> taiwan calling upon companies
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to share their profits with workers.
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>> start with one issue. add guests from all sides of the debate and a host willing to ask the tough questions and you'll get the inside story. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights at 11:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> there are conflicts reports about the situation on the ground in east he were ukraine. pro-russian separatists claim control of the town of debaltseve but the ukrainian army denies this. a ceasefire has been in effect since saturday. >> the egyptian president is
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calling for international intervention in libya to stop the spread of isil in the region come ago day after egypt launched air raised on suspected isil tares in retaliation for the beheading of 21 egyptians. >> a military source has told al jazeera that houthi rebels in yemen have been shipping heavy weapons into the port city. they are transferring fighter jets to strongholds further north. >> in afghanistan taliban gunman and suicide bombers killed at least 20 policeman. the local government in the province said a guard was killed at the entrance of the police headquarters. at least two suicide bombers blew themselves up inside the compound. eight people have been wounded. nicole johnson hat latest from kabul. >> four attackers entered the headquarters of the provincial police station. two of the suicide bombers all of them wearing police uniforms detonated explosives in the kitchen, as well as the dining room. this was a very big hit by the
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taliban to have killed at least 20 police officers. it's a strong message from the taliban to the afghan government and the security forces that they can hit anywhere, anytime. it's also significant because of the location, the headquarters of the police should be a secure location, and the timing is significant, as well because a couple of days ago, the afghan government launched a military campaign in the southern part of afghanistan, targeting the taliban. this is down in helmund province and kandahar. this comes ahead of the spring offensive when we see the afghan government are taking on the taliban. seems that the government wants to get the jump on the taliban in some respects. this is going to be a big year for afghan security forces. they're left to confront the afghan taliban largely on their own. that's because last year, almost all foreign forces with drew
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from afghanistan. >> in neighboring pakistan, at least five people, include ago police officer have been killed in an explosion. it happened close to the police headquarters in the eastern city of lahore. 25 others were injured. >> in haiti carnival celebrations turned deadly after a parade throat ran into electrical wires in port-au-prince. according to local media reports, 18 died and more than 40 others were injured. >> the german finance minister says it's still unclear whether greece wants a bailout program after talks collapsed. he spoke in brussels where european ministers met for a second time on tuesday. he said he wanted the euro zone to stay together, but that greece needed to do its share of the work. >> taiwan's ruling party is calling for new laws to ensure
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companies share more profits with employees. a generation once benefited from a growing economy is now facing a lock of job opportunities. we have a report from taipei. >> there are end of year office parties and then there's this. as the lunar new year approaches electronics firm pegatron has a multi-million dollar bash for their employees handing out prizes ranging from $3,000 to a new car. it feels like the real winners are getting ever fewer from the economic growth. she has a bachelors agree and a masters. she believes her future lice working overseas. >> it's like a ticket for to you enter the job market, not a guarantee for finding a better
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job. another difficulty is that even if i find a job, it is not good enough for me to live in taipei. >> taiwan's gross domestic project per captain at a has shot up by half. >> the headline economic number hide as persistent problem, low wages and poor job opportunities. with many big companies choosing to base themselves out of mainland china like fox con one of many to make the most of relaxed restrictions on doing business with china since the turn of millennium. most taiwanese products these days are made on the mainland. >> meet a high level have to
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move out. >> on the campus, we meet a banker who moved to hong kong 10 years ago. she misses home. >> hong kong is efficient but all about work. i want to move to taiwan for more balance of life. >> for more to return, taiwan will need to rebalance its labor market. peg tron celebrating with taiwan workers, in china it employs up to 90,000. al jazeera taipei. >> the government of the democratic republic have congo has rejected u.n. support for an offensive against rebels in the east. the u.n. demanded the d.r.c. replace two generals but the government calls it interference. >> people in the province are
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concerned about an imminent conflict and the democratic republic of congo's decision to go it alone isn't helping. the government decided that it does not want the united nation support for an offensive against rebels called the democratic forces for the liberation of radio wanda. people fear the rebels who operate in the great lakes region bordering several countries. >> i am scared of clashes. the population will suffer. i will have to flee to uganda. it will hit the people more than the fdlr. >> there will be problems if they attack. people will die. they will fight in the fields. civilians will suffer. >> fighters of the fdlr are predominantly group based in bnrc there since the again site in neighboring rwanda and are accused are carrying out rapes and killings in congo. many are displaced after almost
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two decades of violence and political unrest. any military offensive in heavily populated areas would be a major challenge. >> they are mixed with the population. when the people move, there is a risk that they move, as well. we don't know who is fdlr and who isn't. when they move, this causes problems. there will be insecurity. >> many see the decision to refuse u.n. help as political. there's been a war of words between the government and the u.n. special mission. two generals are accused of human rights violations and there is a call to replace them, but the government sees it as international meddling in affairs and the fallout expected to affect civilians. >> if the congress lease army is acting alone we need to be sure there is necessary logistics and equipment to see it through to the end. if this is not the case, it will
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be difficult. if abandoned the consequences are going to fall on the population. >> the hundreds of thousands of displaced people do not seem ready to face yet another conflict. al jazeera. >> trade in west africa has taken a significant hit because of the ebola outbreak in sierra leone, guinea and liberia. despite this, senegal is reopening its borders. >> it's a long and dangerous journey for him and his men. they've traveled across ebola infected regions carrying two tons of fish. >> we don't want to hear about ebola anymore. it has destroyed everything, including our trade. >> they're head to go senegal hoping to sell their fish. they are not sure if they'll be
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allowed in. for the last eight months, senegal has closed its border with guinea to prevent ebola from spreading. the route is used by traders and the closure has hurt trade. >> closing borders is not a good thing in order to fight a disease. you're causing panic, you're causing a lot of stress on the economy, on people to go through moments of tensions, so there are reasons to criticize the closing of the border. >> measures have been put in place to stop the spread of the virus. there is no temperature checks here, just a request to wash their hands before they step into senegal. customs officers do a thorough inspection of their load. >> we've seen so much traffic coming through. they're carrying coffee, spices,
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honey, fruit and vegetables, essential goods for senegal. >> their destination is a few hours away, one of the largest wholesale markets in west africa. in reopening the border, senegal is boosting trade for those who suffered economic loss because of ebola, sending a strong message to the rest of the world saying it's open for business and it's safe to come here. >> there is no ebola in senegal, but just 400,000 tourists came to visit last year. >> ebola is as much of a health crisis as an economic one. even if we get rid of the virus tomorrow, it will take months if not years for some of us to get out of the economic loss caused. >> they hope people won't afraid to buy their fish. as ebola spreads, for senegal, the risks of reopening the
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border outweighs the cost of keeping it closed, at least for now. al jazeera at senegal's border with guinea. >> thousands of refugees in pakistan are being dough ported, coming to the forefront following a deadly taliban attack on a school in peshawar in december. 22,000 undocumented afghans returned to afghanistan last months. that's more than all of 2014. we visited one refugee camp in pakistan where even registered refugees are being pressured to leave. >> situated on the outskirts the refugee camp has been home to over 3,000 afghan families. they have been living her here for decades. however after the attack on the
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army public school, many were told to leave. many who have registered here and can stay here until the end of the year have also been told that they will not be able to stay in pakistan. >> olive branch was given at adequate time on both sides so that everyone can make an easy move. >> while the pakistani government said it wants to improve its relation witness afghanistan, a lot will depend on what pakistan and afghanistan are able to do with populations that have been living outside their country for decades. these people have set up small livelihoods, businesses, and they will have to pack all their lives in order to go back to an uncertain future in afghanistan. >> when we have to leave this country, we will go, no future for our kids. >> if the government of pakistan
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and afghanistan are sincere and want to solve the problem of these refugees, then they will have to do much more than what is being done right now. >> there's more news on our website, .com. important not to sexualize the female characters in entertainments that are made for very little kids. there is not good reason why you will. >> the actor found the institute that represents female representation on screen. >> unless a character is having sex with somebody else in the


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