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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 23, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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>> egypt's interior minister is caught on tape talking about how to crackdown on protesters. hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead diplomats gather for talks at the u.n. as an agreement to pull back heavy weapons from the front line in ukraine breaks down. a kenyan court throws out sections of a controversial security law saying it undermines basic freedoms. >> this oscar. >> and eddie mehman wins at
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hollywood's biggest award ceremony. >> al jazeera has obtain what had appears to be a recording of a meeting of egypt's central security force led by interior minister. he's heard discussing a staty for dealing with up coming demonstrations, which involves cracking down on protesters using everything from water canons to live rounds. he said that there will never be another revolution backing the police and military. he goes on ways to shoot protest protesters without causing death, and he goes on at a say that to describe protesters without throwing them into martyrs, the meet something pleased to have taken place.
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we have listened to that audio recording. there is no doubt that this is genuine. what do you make of it? >> well, first thing--the first thing that came to me, also it's in arabic, is that the security apparatus in egypt is both confident, comfortable and of complicit in the sort of chaos and disorder that is going on in the country today. there is also a sense that this is going to go on for a long time. but there is ashoring one another, especially in the minister of interior saying, look, we the military, we've been there in the first revolution and secondly use and second revolution, and there is no other revolution. we're comfortable and here to stay. he basically gives tips and how
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to hide from the media and how to manipulate the hoard not to fall into the trap to be in serious coverage of what is going on in egypt. it's a casual meeting between the minister of interiors and the generals, but it continues on and if it wasn't so tragic what is going on in egypt it would be funny. >> you and i have been sitting here talking about the extraordinary presidential address, the highly produced address to the nation put this leak into context for us. given all that is going none egypt right now. >> in the cycle of 24 hours what we've had is--you know, two very different phenomenons, the packagics prows doing a president. almost like a fictional scenario. and then we have the bitter
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facts of alaa al fattah, one of the young peaceful protesters, and one of those who actually led the peaceful protests in egypt being imprisoned for five years. it's a messy security-type long-term--we don't care what is going to happen, but we can remain in power because we're not going to allow another revolution. we're not going to allow street protests. we're going to rule with an iron fist no matter. >> i'm sure we'll be talking more about the implications of this leak. many thanks, indeed. we'll stay in egypt. the court as you heard there was sentenced to five years in prison for breaking the protest law. he was a prominent voice in the
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revolution, and human rights groups say this is more of a broader crackdown on dissent. >> angry activists could not believe the verdict on monday against alaa al fattah, a prominent egyptian blogger and activist. theythe court said that they broke the law. >> the court senses allowed sentences them to five years of hard labor and $30,000. >> the families hope forgive justice were disappointed. many criticized the decision to punish peaceful protesters. >> this is an oppression and continuation to stifle dissent. they were only holding a peaceful protest. these youth did not have any criminal or violent record. this is one of the ways to oppress the youth.
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>> many outside of egypt have condemned the law. alaa supporters were expecting leanty after president el-sisi el-sisi's peach on sunday. he said over the next few days some in detention would be released. some analysts believed that alaa would be among them for his secular views for playing a party in anti- anti-government demonstrations. he was first arrested in 2011. >> for them to have committed a master in front of the world's eyes, and on camera, and all sorts of witnesses. then they try to turn it around and accuse us of instigating a
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crime. >> alaa was given a 15-year jail term in 2013. he was freed after spending nearly four months in jail and retrial was ordered. alaa al fattah will appeal against the verdict in one more attempt to seek justice. his lawyers says that he continues to believe people have the right to peaceful protest. al jazeera. >> the retrial of two al jazeera journalists in egypt have been adjourned until march 8th. they appeared in court on monday to hear their case has been postponed because of an absence of witnesses. they're accused of helping the outlawed muslim brother, charges that they and al jazeera deny. peter greste, the third journalist in the case was freed and deported to australia. libya's recognized government say it will boycott a
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new round of talks in the future of the north african state. they have been competing for the legitimacy of the court-backed representation in tripcally. the u.n. brokered talks are due to begin in morocco. u.s. special envoy said that they'll resome talks in political factions on monday. this will include houthi rebels. it comes as gulf states say they almost the move to welcome the move. they appeal to yemenis to remain patient and rally around president hadi, who has rebased from sanaa to aden. there have been a number of protests. human rights watches are concern concerned that houthi fighters
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have regularly beaten and detained protesters. >> russia's foreign minister certificate guy lavrov and his ukrainian counterpart are attending a meeting at the u.n. >> this is a meeting called by the security council of china. it's supposed to take stock of the security of the united nations u.n. charter, 70 years after it was first created. but as you say although that's the formal agenda for the meeting, and that is what they'll be discussing in all their speeches, we suspect behind the scenes one of the main things that will be dominating the conversations and it may make it to some of the speeches as well is the situation in ukraine.
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the lithuanian foreign minister is also in new york. we have expect some of these countries to raise what is going on in ukraine and to criticize russia for it's ongoing anextation of crimea and for the tension that continues in eastern ukraine. >> in chad more than 1,000 soldiers are training for the offensive against boko haram. forces from chad, niger nigeria are preparing a joint task force. they have killed thousands of people. >> the board had been closed for borders have been closed.
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some will reopen pending a presidential order. striking down parts of a security law putting restrictions on moot. the court said that it violated the constitution and under minded basic rights. we have reports from nairobi. >> kenya basically already has existing laws that highlight how officials should deal with terror isn'ts. they say they don't need any more laws to compound the situation as it is already. they say the journalists know how to do their work. you can't expect them to report before they investigate an incident. you can't expect them to ask for permission before they publish certain photographs or reports. when it comes to refugees, the judge said it is unconstitutional for the kenyan government to element the number of refugee who is can enter kenya.
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>> some say the kenyan government perhaps isn't doing enough to deal with terror attacks in kenya in particular to al-shabab. they say that maybe they need more power to do their work. ment. >> another deadline looms for greece as it prepares a list of
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he's out there. there's a guy out there whose making a name for himself in a sport where your name and maybe a number are what define you. somewhere in that pack is a driver that can intimidate the intimidator. a guy that can take the king 7 and make it 8. heck. maybe even 9. make no mistake about it. they're out there. i guarantee it. welcome to the nascar xfinity series.
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>> hello again, the top stories on al jazeera. we haven't obtained what appears to be a recording of a meeting in egypt's central security force. >> violence in ukraine is the top of the agenda as the united nations security council's open debate on peace and security. sergei lavrov and his ukrainian counterpart are attending.
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u.s. secretary of state john kerry and iran's foreign minister have met for a second day of nuclear talks in geneva. these are live pictures now of john kerry. kerry said that significant gaps still remain ahead of a march deadline for a deal. the parties have already missed a november task. meanwhile, the president has announced laws discriminating against states trying to develop. they have long maintained their nuclear program is not for weapons. >> this domineering behavior is discrimination. any developing country could be the target of such behavior, too. >> the afghan army has launched
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a series of long range againsts. >> the government is aiming to strike before the spring offensive. >> our troops, our forces have proved they're capable of defending the country. as you're aware we have planned many independent operations. right now we have a very good operation going on in helmand. >> for years the police have trained to fight the taliban but a shortage of fund have led to a decrease in numbers to 228,000. the government has allowed 14,000 international troops to remain, but now the u.s. is
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rethinking it's withdraw strategy. >> president obama is considering a number of options to reinforce our support for president ghani's strategy. including the change of the timeline of the withdrawal of the troops. >> and this may be why. taliban fighters preparing for war. al jazeera was given access to them. they say that their mission is unchanged, to fight against foreign invasion and those who support it. >> they're fighting in difficult situations to please the almighty. >> talks between the taliban and the afghan government have stalled. meaning for these fighters, war
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more likely than peace. >> france has seized the part ports of six of its citizens. it's thought that they are plan forgive fight against grills we don't know the identity of the six french citizens, but we do know that they are alleged to be planning to leave the country 40 french citizens are having their passports examined, and it's very likely that they, too will be panned from traveling to abroad basically. this is all a result of legislation brought in, in last november. to counter the real concern about the number of people in this country. this is the biggest community of muslims in europe, the prime minister put that figure at around 14 money, and this is why
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these measures have been introduced. >> australia's prime minister tony abbott has announced new husband to combat measures against what he calls homegrown terrorists. >> walking back from the doctor with her younger sister, they found a man blocking their path. >> he kept coming towards us, and he just whacked me with his shoulder and called me a bloody terrorist. >> she said she's increasingly concerned about how muslims are perceived. >> when people look at me, they think, oh, she must be an terrorist. it breaks you inside. >> on monday, as they announceed new measures to counter the terrorist threat, the prime minister suggested that muslims could do more to help.
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i've often heard western leaders describe islam as a religion of peace. i wish muslim leaders would say it more often and mean it. >> authorities have 400 investigations going double the number from a year ago. they say more than 110 australians have traveled to syria to fight and could prove to be dangerous if returned home. >> if there is a choice between latitude and of support it would go to the security agencies.
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>> further proposals to ban certain muslim groups if they make excuses for islamic fanatic fanatics. >> so this issue of whether with us or against us is very george-bush like is very unhelpful. it's going to impact australia's security interest and long-term security interest. >> some say the measures to tackle threats may alienate those the government needs help from. >> greece will create a list of proposal for international lenders to secure a four-month loan extension:
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>> although, it's the end of a three-day public holiday here the government has been working hard right over the weekend trying to come up with a list of reforms, which it has until the end of monday to submit to its creditors. that was a condition given when they agreed a four-month extension to the previous buyout. now reports to include combat tax evasion and fight corruption and to stick to their red lines of not cutting pensions and gradually increasing the minimum wage. >> i trust this government,. >> our government will have
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reactions because it's opposite to what have been promised before the elections. >> now even if the list of restorms is accepted by the finance ministers it will still have to be approved in parliament and many european capitols. in the longer run, it's still far from clear whether in fact the greek government can do enough for the european union the european central bank and international monetary funds in terms of reform. >> bangladesh's government has ordered an investigation into what caused a ferry to capsize on sunday killing at least 70 people. it happened around 40 kilometers northwest of daka. it's believed that 150 people were on board the vessel when it capsized. we have more now.
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>> right mindset ill-fated behind me is the ill-fated boat. every year this is a common phenomenon. dozens of people are killed in fatal launch accidents due to lack of safety standards. since then there have been requests for better control but this has gone unheard year after year. most do not carry passenger names on logs, whichs why it is unknown what the number was and how many are missing. >> former president of the moldives taken to court accused
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of violating the constitution. >> student twists activists have been sentenced to two years in for insulting the monarchy. a ceremony that south korea calls a provocation. the disputed islands are a frequent source of tension between the two countries. they've been controlled by south korea since 1952. north korea has banned
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foreign runners from participating in a marathon scheduled in pyongyang. it's boards have been closed due to ebola and the fear that it might spread. >> you bird"bird man" won at the oscars. we're in los angeles with the highlights. >> the oscar goes to "bird man. >> well, no surprise there. it was inevitable. it would be this or "boyhood" that took the big one.
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there was an indication that "bird man" would get the best picture, the two often go hand in hand, but the best actor went to eddie redmayne. you can see this is a man just getting ahang of the business. >> this oscar--this oscar this belongs to all of those people around the world battling als. >> and the oscar goes to julian moore. >> she's been storming through award season taking everything she comes across. it was never really a doubt she would get best actress. her performance in "still alice" uniformly praised. and patricia arquette, best supporting actress.
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12 years in the film, and she had one big speech ready. >> it's our time to have equal rights for women in the united states of america. [applause] >> i'm not going to leave you. i'm not going to go anywhere. >> this is a snapshot of the volunteers who man the phones talking with war veterans struggling with post traumatic stress syndrome out of taking their own lives. best documentary fighter went to "citizen four" edward snowden's leaks about the nsa program. and so hollywood's big night is over for another year. was it an evening of surprises? quite honestly no. the predictions were spot on. yes, there have been controversies over some of the movies that there have been
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controversies, but ultimately the academy did what the academy does. al jazeera at the oscars in hollywood. >> there is plenty more of our brand of real news at our website at web web. >> ...i come around that corner... >> you don't want this? >> no, i think we should do it how we would normally... no exceptions >> should i also be in the picture? >> yeah [laughs] are you alright with that? >> no, i'm alright with that... >> ok, we're just gonna have t


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