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tv   News  Al Jazeera  February 28, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> morning in russia after an oingsopposition leader is gunned down near the kremlin. >> i'mshipyi'm shill credity gauche, you're wachtion al watching al jazeera live from dlea. doha. a good day.
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could put it on the path to disabilities. russia's president has condemned the murder of kremlin carettic boris nemtsov. due to lead major opposition rally on saturday. victoria you gatenby reports. gatenby reports. >> a vehicle pulled up, and a couple of men bl are jumped out and shot. a couple of bullets went in his
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back. >> for me the death ofist nemtsov is above all a challenge. a challenge that was thrown to all of us. nemtsov was a priet bright opposition activist and really spoke for all of us. >> he served as deputy prime minister under former president boris yeltsin. after 2003 he helped establish and led several opposition parties. he was killed just prior to a opposition rally he was supposed to take part in. >> he has been a personal nemesis plaintiff putin one of the most daring and outspoken leaders. he personally organized most of
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the opposition rallies going back to 2011. >> russian president you you vladimir putin has condemned the murder. >> fred, this is clearly caused uproar not least because nemtsov said in a recent interview that he feared he would be killed. because he was opposing vladimir putin's policies in ukraine. >> well, yes he has been critical on all ronts. all fronts. as your report said, he is not a typical street agitator, he is a household name in russia and a member of the russian establishment himself even though he was on the outs.
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and his murder definitely is in itself a destabilizing factor in this country. it shows under the surface under those amazing public opinion ratings that putin has, this is a lawless and even unstable and even capricious place. so yes it's simply rearranged all the furniture in one go. and this is a different country this morning. >> yes nemtsov's supporters says he had been receiving death threats. obviously speculation oifer over the exact motives for this murder is very murky. vladimir putin has now ordered a full investigation trying to distance himself from any unwelcome speculation looking his way. >> yes, if you want to point the finger of ultimate blame it was putin who created this one-man rule state.
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with a criminal underbelly as it has. but the murder of nemtsov i think it has to be said is not at all in putin's interest. i mine forensics mean forensics will hopefully eventually tell us who did it. because his facade of stability and total control has been completely erased by that murder literal in the shadow of the kremlin. >> fred thanks very much indeed for that. fred weir in moscow now. heading to damascus for atwo day visit. trying get the parties to agree to a truce in aleppo. he said last week, the government had agreed to a
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temporary ceasefire. >> kurdish fighters backed by u.s. led air strikes fighting its way into a syrian town, links territory droll by i.s.i.l. between iraq and syria. close to where more than 220 crifnlts werechristians were abducted by the group two days ago. president obama is given one more day of funding for homeland security. congress now has seven days to find a longer term solution to the department's funding problems. kimberly halkett has the story. >> a stopgap for the department of homeland security for seven days.
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that means the border patrol, coast guard will go to work as they always expected to but now they know they will be getting a paycheck. what this also means is there will be continued debate on capitol hill how to fund this department for the next seven days. that's because there are many on capitol hill that feel this funding should be tied on an issue on immigration. that that that is the executive order put in place late last year that would many have a path to citizenship to those who entered the country illegally. to roll back this executive action that they say is unconstitutional that the president did not have the legal authority to do and that is why we are having this debate right now. those members of congress feel
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they must deliver on that promise the their constituents. they must roll back this order that's been put in place by president obama they're doing so trying otie this to the funding of homeland security. they were unsuccessful but that's why there will be a lot of debate and arguing on dmol justcapitolhill. wider issue of how the republicans hope to roll back the executive order on immigration. >> cuba and the u.s. have held a second round of talks on restoring diplomatic relations. cuba wants to be removed from a u.s. terrorism list. in december u.s. president barack obama and his cuban counterpartly raul castro announced the intention to restore ties after 50 years of
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enemyity. enmity. >> area is main base of operation for his began. john holman holman reports. >> today we've achieved the most important objective in the fight against organized crime. l gomez known as la tuta led one of the mexican be criminal organization technical knights templar. gomez always maintainhe was a man of the people. >> i proudly represent the knights templar core tell.
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our intention is to make this work. we want the people of michoacan to live in peace and move freely through state. >> over the past years the cartel was under threat, then from federal authorities in the state of michoacan. gomez had been hiding more than a year. his capture could give a boost to president enrique pena nieto. >> it is one more nail in the coffin of the templarios, but other groups are taking their place. >> for years security analysts
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have been saying that mexico's problem with violence hasn't been solved by im imprisoning the cartel are leaders. they go beyond jailing just one man. survivors of an avalanche in the north of afghanistan. three days of mourning for victims. more than 300 have been known to have survived. nicole johnston has the story. >> the pansheer is different had year, meters and meters of snow acknowledge turning jagged mountains into smooth mountains
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and valleys disappear. aconvoy of military vehicles blocked the only road through valley. while the commotion president ashraf ghani was flying in to check out the rescue efforts. the problem is the only bit of rescuing we saw was a lone grader struggling to clear the road meter by painful meter. this is as far as emergency crews can get. the road has been blocked by snow and that means dozens of villages have been cut off and right now they're not gettings any help. clearing the rest of the road over 50 kilometers could take over 10 days. mohamed is desperate for news. his wife and children are in a
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village he can't reach. >> translator: i keep coming up here in case someone comes from the other side of the pass. >> reporter: the government says it's doing its best. 1,000 security forces have been dispatched to the area. but people are getting angry how long it's taking to clear the snow. >> 18 members of my family are under the snow. they are getting no help. cars and helicopters are only here for sight-seeing. >> tanshir is dotted with tiny villages. >> the machinery we have is grader for paifg the road favoring road. the grader doesn't have traction. if we can clear the roads we can focus on the villages. >> high in the mountains thousands of countrymen wait
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urgently to be rescued. nicole johnston, al jazeera ton pansheer valley. coming up. why the being country answer being health care system is under be stress. and star trek fans are mourning the death of leonard nimoy.
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a >> campaigning for his release and maintaining hope. >> austin tice is alive. >> find him and get him home. >> a special "talk to al jazeera". sunday, 5:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> welcome back. i'm shilly gauche.
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let's remind you of the top stories. grief in the city of mostly cloudy. boris nemtsov has been gunned down. congress has given department of homeland security one additional week of funding. and police in mexico captured the head of the knights templar cartel. now, fighting in eastern ukraine has forced more than a million people to flee their homes but many thousands of others have been unwilling or unable to lead. local hospitals have been turned into trauma units. paul brennan reports from the front line town of horlivka.
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>> for two-year-old oxana and her sister veronica, too dwrowng understand whatyoungto understand what have happened to them. >> it's frightening for adults so just imagine how the children feel. >> reporter: as the fighting inlsz raged thefightingraged, the hospital was caught in the cross fire. >> 90% of the children have collateral problems. it's the fright with the bombs fall. and the fear after they have landed. they have problems with their speech. stammering and stuttering. they lose confidence in their parents. when adults are frightened the children get frightened as well. >> the current pause in the fighting hasn't stopped the flow of injured and ill.
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it's just shifted the focus. as the guns go silence the staff here being shift to other issues. a two-year-old came in the other date with shrapnel, as a result of a bomb being detonated. this woman came in with shrapnel wounds after a piece of it sliced off her hand. civilian hospital became a front line trauma unit. >> translator: on the 29th of january we received 74 wounded people. most of them soldiers. among them were burned victims from land mine and slap them.
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shrapnel. on that day heavy fighting was going on in debilities. bl debaltseve. debaltseve. they brought us all are their casualties. >> reporter: paul brennan, al jazeera, horlivka. greece's country won't be looking for athird economic bailout. alexis tsipras, yes, sir vote has cause ed a backlash against syriza party. john siropolous reports. >> this is the first backlash, coming from syriza answer left, the communist party. it is still legally and politically bound by its same
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austerity straight jackets. >> the previous government's commitment became this government's commitments. we no longer have a troy troika but the government taking percentages so on. the communist party senses an opportunity. it is positioning itself as the new antiausterity alternative. but the commune is are more radical than syriza. they want greece to lever europe couple the european and technology euro zone. >> tension is already high within the party with one cabinet member refusing to live
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by austere means. priemsprime minister you alexis tsipras is plowing ahead. programs will focus in bringing in tax revenues glees desperatelygreecedispriments desperately needs. >> i call on you all as of tomorrow to work hard, to implement the public mandate of january the 25th, so that the current can turn a page. i call on you to work hard, less comments and more work. less talk and more action. >> syriza may get its partners to agree on a new deal in june which will replace many of the current austerity terms.
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but for now it has to continue on the agreement. john siropolous. al jazeera athens. a bid to east political tension. in august the prime minister accused his deputy and the army of planning to topple him. erica wood, joins us from the capital, m satisfactionaru. you are at a polling station how sit looking so far? >> reporter: it's looking good. the people here seem to be quite optimistic. i would say the word to sum it up is these people are hopeful. as you said they have come here two years early. they are hopeful we can finally have a government where they can have some stability because this 2012 they came here to vote. it was the first time the country had a coalition government. they were hoping that would solve some of the problems because this is a country with a history of political upheaval,
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they were hoping the coalition government would solve those problems it didn't, it was cut short because of the alleged coup and now why are here again at the polling booth. >> security forces and army got involved, are people confident this is going to be a peaceful election? >> reporter: well, they're hopeful that it will be. the african union has observers here. their assessment before they went to the polls before we went to the polls in lesue le sew lesotho. the army will keep their men in the barracks today to relieve any violence. military on the other hand tend ofollow his deputy, that's
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mr. joa mitsi ghrvetion. mitsing. that has caused some tension but so far, so good. the leaders themselves said to us they hope it will be as well. they will not be insighting violence and if they lose they will concede graciously. >> erica thank you very much indeed. >> many the government aims to provide housing for all indians by 2020 and build 100,000 kilometers of roads in the coming years but annals public health system on which millions rely is in peer condition. dlultliddy dutt has more from are
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new delhi. >> for more than 20 years connecting with the health care system. >> when we go to the hospital the doctors give us prescription he and don't even ask us what's wrong. >> they lack access to proper sanitation, food and shelter. and need to turn to the state run health care system when they fall ill. it's a system on which the indian deposit spends just over 1% of the country's total gdp. >> we must enhance the by every poobl way by not providing necessary budgets. we're nurg that there's going to be no expansion no improvement of quality and that poor people will continue not to be able to
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access just basic hearkd services. >> budgets have long been a contentious issue. state run health care agencies are often not able to spend funds they are given, as a result smaller budgets. further weaken india's already ailing public health care system. but people who are engaged in the growth growth of the private sector says there's a need to refocus funds. one of india's most well-known doctors say the government needs to purchase health care from a private system. >> we should not align our assets ever health care providers ton ground. integrate their services to the last person on the grown, that is the villager in the village
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who is not getting any health right now. >> but that's what the health care system aims to do. forcing the care into hands of big companies. liddy dutt, al jazeera new delhi. >> former presidents mohamed mashid to be released acknowledge held unit the country's antiterrorism. fefs. mr. spock, parts vulcan, part human. tom ackerman looks back on his
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career. >> i have a fix on it captain. >> leonard nimoy was an accomplished actor and photographer. but his role in the 1960s star trek series turned him into an international star. a character who always favored brain over emotional brawn. >> spock remind me to tell you that i'm sick and tired of your logic. >> that is a most unstable attitude. >> it was nimoy who came up with the split finger salute. >> what do vulcans do? i suggested this, he said okay.
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that was a vulcan greeting. boy, that just took off through culture. it was amazing. >> leonard nimoy was 83, tom ackerman, al jazeera. >> all the news tall time, on our website >> gone and some say, forgotten. >> all coy do was just -- all i could do was just keep praying and keep praying that's all. >> a year since little relisha rudd vanished. what's been done to find her? >> we have exhausted a lot of resource he. we will continue to do so. >> what has been done to protect other at risk children? >> i have every confidence that


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