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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 26, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> thank you, so much beare out of time, until next time
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>> including australia on the correct world cup final action from their semifinal against india coming up later this hour. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪. >> we begin with yemen. a saudi led he cushion has conducted air strikes on houthis positions. they are targeting the air base and center of the country. saudi state t.v. says they left the southern yemen city of adan under saudi protection early on thursday. he is expected to attend an
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arab league meeting on saturday. they plan to reinforce security at it's borders and around industrial facilities. the country and the coalition began a campaign against the rebels. the ousted leader has also denounced the saudi air strikes. this is a show of support anti-houthis protestors marched on thursday after the strikes. earlier this week, popular protests like those against their reasons have continues. there's a different scene which is under houthis control. houthis supporters march to protest against the strikes. saudi arabia says it has launched the air strikes with
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the aim of reversing the houthis coupe and resoaring legitimacy. >> the choice is very similar abide by this process and become legitimate players or they will not -- but they certainly will not be allowed to take over the country. >> operation decisive storm started in the early hours of thursday. saudi arabia says it has launched air strikes with the aim of reversing the coupe and resoaring legitimacy. reports suggest 100 jets from the gulf coalition were involved in the air strikes. they say they want to restore the government. at least four other nations have joined the campaign. the united arab emirates. say they are isn't fighter jets to saudi arabia for this purpose. egypt has also expressed it's certainness to join. the middle of nuclear attacks
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has announced sup bort from the saudi led action. it has created what the white house calls a joint planning cell to coordinate the military, and intelligence support. iran support of the houthies has triggered fears in saudi arabia and the majority of the nations but it might be trying to spread it's influence across the ren joe. the government has strongly criticized the air strikes the the houthies say civilians were killed. we believe they can only plunge into this further turmoil. >> the houthiss have taken part of yemen by force over the past few months. they have held the president under house arrest until this led to the southern port city last month. earlier this week, the houthis began to march to adan in an attempt to remove from the
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last strong hold and whether the air strikes will be followed by a grand invasion. at al jazeera. >> the editor and chief joining us on the phone. in the yemen capitol. what more can you tell us about these latest air strikes that we are getting reported of? >> these have been attacking over the last 30 minutes and attacking any position where they are located or have strong holds. they have hundreds of special force whose are with them, and these attacks are to ensure that anything that -- >> i am going to have stop you there, i apologize, because we are getting a spokes p earn from the gulf cooperation council who is speaking about these air strikes and yemen i
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believe we have a translation let's listen in. next.
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the arab league has put it's support behind the odd someday led air strikes. egyptian has also publicly state it's support and participation in the offensive. the action was announced by joint statement signed by saudi arabia. kuwait, and qatar. jordan egyptian and morocco say the planes have been involved in the strikes. while sudan says it's air and ground forces will take part in the operation. turkey says it might provide logistical support. air strikes will just be the beginning of a much bigger campaign. >> is it may build for many many steps. the air raids as it has to be continued for days or sometimes weeks to achieve the
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target. flashily with the air raids we need to make a sea siege on the sea ports so prevent any hand to our houthies. there are ways lit be done and performed by the special force to control some critical sports because the varied complicated geographic areas is a real lead for using this special force. and after that if this is a need, i think they have to make a new estimation to decide there will sent or not in my opinion, i think they will not lead initially but no one can be said surely they will send. an affairs analyst that we hope to talk to later about this.
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but few now let's go back to that news conference from the gulf cooperation council about these air strikes i believe we have a translation now. let's listen in. >> at the moment, there is no plans to deploy land forces. however, if the order is issues forces and the allied countries are ready and will deter any attack of any kind. >> the duration of operation will continue as long as they are needed. to achieve all it's goals as far as what the popogrophy it
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is quite difficult. topography, it is quite difficult. as you know, such cases we should be there for all the circumstances. we are -- our forces strategic for the different threat. and air threat, or ground threat. and for the time being there is no such operation but if need we will be able to face this kind of threat. necessary. we don't talk about with number, we need to achieve the
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mission. >> firstly, the planes that participated have returned to their bases. if god forbid this happened, we will inform the media immediately. and the forces will not hide from anything from the public.
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in regard today the outcome of any military operations of this kind. we must be verified and confirmed by automobile parties before they are made public. and the forces here will evaluate this information, and they will be released in a timely manner, as i mentioned to the colleagues that the operateses will continue as
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long as they are needed. as i plained in the beginning of this briefing that the goals of the air operation are clear. we confirm that our allies have worked with us and integrated with the saudi air force to prevent the houthis forces of harming the yemen people for the security of the
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neighboring saints and this rebellious regime will be destroyed. >> .
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>> will concentrate on current in the last military operation of the last 24 hours. what happens in the politic corridors happens there. as far as need, the people need the support of all peaceful nations of the world. the ten 20, 30, countries. goes back to their own desire if they wish to recover stability and security to the country. >> .
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>> as far as operations i mentioned, the latest were this dawn today. they had targeted attacks on the southern border. and it was conducted using air forces and land forces. the allied countries have worked in in coordination with us. and using schedules put by the planning teams. and most of the planes that were participating are mostly from saudi air force. some were from the allied. the movements are always there
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and as long as there's need, for operations there will continue to achieve it's goals. the main goal of the operations as you mentioned the goal of the just is to heap the people dispose of the houthis threat which is now
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threatened the interests of yemen, and the neighboring countries. the main goal is that yemen is secure and stable. and to enable legitimacy. represented by the president and the government to regain control over the regions the cities inside the countries. and to go towards development and service of the yemen people instead of the current situations that they are suffering. >> firstly, in regards to the
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pseudodies i explained that all kinds of planes have participated. those air fueling for example was a massive operations we do not want to mention a number, but we confirm it was a massive operation, the size of the task that is needed and that very use kinds of planes were fueling and the such, the coordinations with the legitimate powers in yemen's continuous. and the members of the people to regain stability and security. >> the cheek of the houthis forces [inaudible]. >> for sure that the strike was done i do -- yesterday night was i think effective
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so we expect that to continue to move, but not combining for what they did in the last few days. we hope that we reach all of the objectives soon. and we deny them to continue to harm the population of yemen as i told you in the last slide, there was some movement toward the south end border of saudi arabia, and we had different strike by the army, and by the air force and we denied them to reach the border. it was the last operation conducted this day. yes, sir. >> .
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>> firstly in regards to the airports, any air attack will need military airports. also requires more opportunistic goals. and then air operations will go back to normal. this will not effect the air operations in the the coming days. the first days may be they have to use some airports but
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norlies thisn't one of the challenges that face air forces and thankfully air forces and other coalitions are able to overcome these obstacles and achieve the goals.
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operations have very clear goals and that is the support legitimacy represented in the president and his government. and to support the yemen people to dispose of the houthis rebellious activities and operations will continue to achieve the goals that have been declared. coordination continues with all supporting states and those that care for yemen and who wish to regain control and stability into the country. work is continuing and no one will be allowed in these conditions to provide the houthis rebellion to harm the interests of the yemen people. we wish success to all operations, i thank you for your patience, and tolerance
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and hopefully i will speak to you again, thank you. >> so that was a spokesperson from the saudi coalition that has launched the saudi led coalition supported by various countries from the gulf cooperation council that's averaged air strikes he was saying that the duration of the operation will continue to the goals are achieved and that the rebellious regime, speaking about the houthies will be destroyed. let's get some analysis on this now. wayyemen affairs analyst who is joining us live from new york so the spokesperson we have been listening to, saying the main goal is to help the yemen people dispose of the houthies threat which is now threatening the interests of yemen. and the neighboring countries.
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and that the duration will be until the goals are achieved are we looking at a pourtraicted military campaign here? >> first of all my thoughts and prayers are with families and with friends and with the people of yemen. it is very clear today that the coalition that was establishinged last night targeting the militia baseses the going to continue, and it is going to continue for a while, until they stop this oven going aggression by the houthis militia against yemen all across the country so the issue right now we have a lot of issues in yemen. no one would want to welcome any foreign intervention and his or her country but the problem is i think houthis -- the former president has
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completely behind this, and no one wanted to reach that point, there was a national dialog in yemen houthies where are part of it, the group political party was part of it, and there was a outcome basically a roadmap for establishing a new yemen. but because the houthis group doesn't want to see a democracy in yemen they want to weight accountability for the crimes they basically started attacks government insatiety'ses, attacks military bases attacking yemenis, labeling almost everyone who was opposed them, as isis, as al quaida, and you can see it it is very much clear, they were destroying mosques, they were destroying buildings, they were kidnapping empoo. attacking peaceful protestors
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kidnapping them. torturing them, it was a very clear fascist group i think what we are seeing today is very sad. we don't want to see yemen heading in that direction but the international community and the gulf countries have failed. they have failed the demands since the 2011 uprising, they wanted accountability and a new system. and they basically the international community included saudi in the gulf countries gave immunity to a dig stay tor which basically he returned that to return to power. and to do a counter revolution. >> where then does that leave
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them if the houthies -- with the houthies with stand this military intervention? and if they can't where does that leave them? where does that leave -- >> look. at this point no one -- everyone wanted a peaceful outcome. now as a military intervention. military doesn't basically solve anything. but i think in army thes of the attacks since last night the strikes and being the strike and a strike in military bases so i think the coalition is going to destroy all the military capabilities of houthies and now we have to go back to the negotiation table. i think that's going to be very hard at this point -- >> well, the whole thing be at the negotiation table will the houthies president a
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negotiating table if the capabilities are destroyed. >> i think the right thing to do at this point, and it is a lesson for the international community, is to bring these individuals who committed crimes against the yemen people to justice. the right place for the houthis is the international criminal court. i think that the security council need to act now and bring these individuals. i think in order to establish any peaceful negotiations, or any establish a new system in yemen, you need to bring these criminals into justice. they need tor held accountable. this is an important step. bringing baaing to the table is not an option. as for the houthies they will be given a choice to participator, i think they should, they should lay down their arms right now and call to come together to stop this military intervention and go back to the negotiation table.
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otherwise, you will see what you have seen today until houthies are weakened. as the end of the day, they were not the strongest group they didn't have that power. the security forces that were completely loyal to the houthies that were taken over the country. and it was easily -- they took over the country easily because military bases are all across the country. they always defend -- >> i do apologize. we have lost that connection with ibrahim in new york there. let's move on. a spokesperson for ban ki-moon, the security council supports the legitimacy of
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president harvey but says the council has also warned all parties to refrain from actions which might undermine yemen's territorial integrity. ban ki-moon's spokesman said they are obligated to ensure the protection of all humanitarian and united nations and associated personnel as well as the rules and principles of the international human rights law and refugee law. a short while ago the u.s. state department spoke about it's support for the stripes in yemen. let's go to our correspondent. kimberly is joining us live from the state department, in washington dc, kimberly, the spokesperson the u.s. state department very much justifying the support for this action, even if they weren't exactly able to
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confirm the reports of various attacks by houthies on the border with saudi arabia or even cross border attacks. >> i don't know if i would characterize it as justifying. i think what the state department was trying to reiterate was a position that they have said and that is a very strong partnership that the u.s. believes it has in support of mr. hadi and it's views that he is the legitimate authority and their effort to restore resoaring that authority in the eyes of the united states and the international community inside of yemen. that was something that was repeated. i can tell you there also was kind of a junked scoring of many of the things that we have heard in previous hours and that is the u.s. involvement in terms of how it is supporting the saudi led effort we know prosecutor the white house statements this the u.s. is supporting in a number of ways. not directly militarily, but in a supporting role, offering
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intelligence logistics as well as coordination. what isn't clear though, from those states we have been hearing is whether or not that intelligence is in fact helping to target. in temples of air strikes on targets inside of yemen. what i can tell you right now though, is it is the view of the united states that when it comes to control over yemen they still see this as very much being a very fluid situation. well, there are concerns that the situation in yemen may impact talks being held in switzerland between iran and world powers. the french president urged iran to work towards a lasting robust and verifiable deal. our editor sent this update. >> with the delegation from the u.s., close allies of saudi arabia and iran with
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close links to the houthies are obviously a phone calls on the sidelines about the crisis in yemen. but around the negotiating table, recall the effort is focused on trying to get a frame work deal before the deadline and the last day of this month that's next tuesday. they say although these are very tough, they are making progress they made more progress in that round than any other round during this long period of negotiation. it isn't just the u.s. that is negotiating there are a lot of over players. one of those is france we thank you the french foreign minister is on his way to new york to provide over the security council will be coming here on saturday we believe others will follow and come here in the coming days. as this deadline gets closer. >> the latest on the plane
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that crashed into the french alps from lauren taylor in our london news center. >> thank you very much. this is now thought that the german wings plane was deliberately grown into the mountain side. a french prosecutor who has listened to the voicerd aring says the co-pilot crashed the plane on purpose after locking the captain out of the cockpit. the co-pilot has been named as 28-year-old a german citizen with no known links to terrorism. as those onboard visited the scene of the crash in the french alps. the latest a certain team and forensic experts make use of the remaining hours of daylight to comb the vast crash site, analysis of the black box recovers from the site on tuesday has revealed the plane's time moments. listening to voice recorders prosecutors say the pilot was locked out during the flight's final moments. the co-pilot apparently
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conscious was at the controls and deliberately put the plane into a steep dissent. just before it crashes into the mountain, passengers are heard screaming. >> the most likely interpretation is that the co-pilot deliberately refused to open the door to the captain. he then activated a button that triggers the altitude. it can be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to crash the plane. >> lit salt lake known about co-pilot. he was a 28-year-old gentleman citizen with over 600 hours flying experience. german police said he had no terrorist background. his employers are shocked. >> of course this is a big big shot for us, i can only repeat we are shocked and very sad, i think in our worst nightmares we would never have imagined such a tragedy to happen in our group.
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>> airbus, say there are safeguards in place for situations when crew need to enter the cockpit. seen here in an airbus training video an emergency access pin can open the cockpit door, but not if achieveds is is denied by the pilot inside. >> search teams here have started retrieving body parts of the flights victims and dna testing is underway. the families of those victims will be asked to give dna samples to help speed up the grim process of identification. the families of the victims the news of their loved ones was deliberately killed is distressing. this has been felt throughout europe, in germany a moment of silence was held to remember the 150 victims the the country's leader later had these wordses this news effects me the same way as most people, it is beyond imagination, we don't know the
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whole background, therefore it is important the investigation is conducted. the tongue in western germany was particularly hard hit by the tragedy, 16 children were on the plane to know their deaths were caused deliberately will be even more disstressing. >> they searched the property and took away evidence, one neighbor said he is struggled to believe allegations that the pilot took his own life and those aboard the flight. >> i simply can't believe it yet, a young and healthy man or at least he appears to be, in good physical condition he has been jogging regularly simply suddendy dying and i don't believe he killed himself in claimed other people's lives i can't believe it until it is 100% confirmed. so how it possible for one pilot to lock the other out
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nadine barber explained. >> since the german wings crashed there has been speculation about what could have gone whereon a key question is why it would suddenly decent for eight minutes and smash into the alps. investigators analyzed the tape of the flight'd last minutes that sort of attention purposed to the front of the plane, ard aring suggest the captain left the cockpit probably to use the bathroom, but the co-pilot prevented him from getting back in, locking the door. but how is that possibility? this is a training video, here they explain how a locked door can be opened by entering a security code. captain. captain. do you read me. >> she decides to use the emergency access, on the code she enters the code, then
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presses the hash key. this triggers the timer for 30 seconds. >> after that timer if there's no response from the cockpit the door unlocked itself for five seconds, but there is a way for a pilot to lock the cockpit if they suspect anything is wrong outside. >> i don't think this is the normal procedure i prefer to lock the door to you agree yeah i do. >> the captain moves the switch to the lock position, the open light remains extinguishes now if we look at the code pad the red light is lit confirming the door is locked. be careful automatic door opening the code pad and are inhibited for five minutes. they realize that it is inhibited and has to use the phone to contact the crew. >> in the german wings plane we know the co-pilot doesn't respond either to the intercom or to loud knocks on the door. some airline do have what is call add rule of 2. meaning if a pilot leaves the cockpit for any length of time, another crew member has to replace them. which owns german wigs doesn't
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apply that rule. cockpit security procedures were tightened following the 9/11 attacks in the u.s., clearly though the system has an unintended weakness, for one pilot decides to crash a plane. >> so just so go back to this issue the rule of two. they are going to bring in that procedure, which means an extra crew member goes in if one goes out. but this is -- presumably not something which is full proof, is it. >> well, no. you don't have to -- you pay pilots to be in the cockpit so why is one leaving after 30 minutesminutes in you can say well he has go to call of nature, well, sort that out before you get air born, so people will be a lot tighter about this. you can't just bring anybody in, if somebody is going to kill everybody, you need somebody alongside who can recognize what the pilot is doing, not just bring in a
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flight attendance in for example, he or she won't recognize what it is about until it is too late. >> and so just back to the -- they said he has passed all the psychological and physical training how much emphasis is there on mental health. >> there isn't that's the trouble. at the end of the day, you are a pilot, you have gone through all the procedures you generally slightly extrovert and stable. you don't go for geeks and introverts. he had everything going for him, socially, physically, mentally, he has his life ahead of him so you couldn't put him on the couch and say tell me all your hidden secrets to cult that number of people, you are talking about a serious mental problem. >> do you think lit be one of those things which will remain
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unexplained. >> lit be interesting. i can't understand why a 28-year-old young man who has the top job in the world you can't get much more glamorous and he has everything to live for. why would you do that? and yes have to dig and find out what in his back ground to cause that could you have identified that? the captain that left, he must noticed whether he was tense irritability he obviously didn't notice anything who would he go from calm and vain, to become a killer. >> you have been a pilot and piloted all sorts of planes what the idea that he is outside the door trying to get back in, must have been horrific for him. >> and he also might be thinking the other pilot has collapsed he has had a heart attack. unless, of course, you can hear something but otherwise if the pilot isn't saying anything, he is not going to think suicide, he is going to think the poor man is lying
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dead, bleeding dying whatever. it must have been dreadful, you then how to think how do i get through this door, and then the door design as a vault to stop a hijacker doing that. so it is one of those terrible situations if it happened been 9/11, it would have been a normal door and you kick it open now it is built to with stand entry, you can't enter it. >> thank you very much indeed. for coming to talk to us, appreciate it. >> oh news, the passenger bus said the land mine killing four people and injured 20, it happened near the government controlled town north of the rebel strong hold. officials say the bus driver who had driven through rah field to avoided a check point, before running over the mine. >> is there's been a heavy exchange of gunfire ukrainian soldiers open fire as they try to evacuate an injuries office
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fresh a land that separated them from rebel positions. news from europe for now, back to elizabeth. >> thank you very much. now to nigeria where presidential candidates have urged not to engang in violence during the election. good luck jonathon and mohamed called on citizens not to jeopardize their vision. security has been a big concern in the build up to the vote, now that papers and result sheets have been sent under police to a depo. unemployment and poverty are major issues. to fund important development work, but with the massive fall, this funding has gnarly dried up. heidi reports now from the delta. >> they know what they are doing is ill heel. but they don't care young unemployed men steal crude
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oil, then rephone it in the creek of the delta. they say this lucrative resource belongs to the commute, not the nigeria government, or oil companies. it is our money. where you have something and somebody is taking it. the men claim to produce around 60,000 litter as day from the improvised respineries. look at what this business is doing to the environment. this place used to be lush and green, more than 200 refineries in the area, but they say they need the money so they can look after their families falling global oil prices means the less currency is earned. the problems keep piling up. prices of basic commodities are rising. >> when you go to the market,
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you can't buy anything. >> a well armed joint task force made up of forces from all security sectors patrol the creeks. oil accounts for 50 teen% of nigeria's gross domestic product. but it makes up to 75 of government revenues. finances have been hammered by the oil prices. >> 47840%. with the amount of doll mental work this administration has gone into has to look at so many cost cutting strategies to help us continue to stay afloat. >> for those struggling to get by, this cheap low quality fuel is affordable one use they have powering upray tors. despite being one of the largest producers of oil in the world nigeria is still battling to meet energy needs.
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still ahead in sport. >> i didn't wake numb 95. i didn't wake up speaking italian. >> as he gears up to race again. >>
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>> it was far from a solo effort. earn finch also chipped in. that hundred and 28 for self. india may have fancied their chances conditions were in their favor.
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as 76 run opening stand between know from them. it was stony who had them nervous. india eventually dismissed for 233 australia power into the final looking their fifth world cup kate rielly al jazeera. he was repeatedly asked about his future, but he was playing straight back. >>dy appointed we couldn't go into the finals but when you have one team, and they played better correct on that day and i think you asked me about the future, it is up to you guys. the media should do a nice research on it. take a few days. and my advice will be whatever you decide write the complete opposite yeah, that would be the facts. >> so anyway it is up to you.
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>> the semifinal phase representing about 1 billion people back home. they have been beiging the news on the street. >> we heard personal stories of businesses allowing them to watch the match at work, just so they would continue to be productive. we have also heard the story of children take the day off school to watch their super heros. markets like this that are usually teeming with people and traffic, of all kinds and activity have ground to a halt, there is not much going on roads that are usually full of traffic are a breeze of the to drive on, and we perhaps they will be for some days as india comes to the realization that it has lost the semifinal of this world
2:53 pm
cup despite the expectation india has not been able to make the two final appearances in a row and two victories in a row so time cough contemplation and disappointment. >> mclaren driveser hours away from making his return to the sport, in first practice for the malaysian grand prix. it is just over a month since he suffered a head injury in a pre-season crash. but he has already contradicted his own team, and is blaming the crash on mechanical failure in his car. >> there is anything clear that we can say but definitely we have a problem in the middle of turn 3. a lock, and to the right and i approach the wall.
2:54 pm
>> the coach of world cup winners germany has promised an improvement from his team ahead of the crucial 2016 qualifier against georgia on sunday. they were speaking after a size 22 true with asian champions australia in the international family. they were trails after lucas equalizer the team trail in euro qualifying group by 3 points after four matches. >> well, more games coming up on thursday, more friendly, in just over an hour's time, the same venue will beat bra dill in the 1998 world cup final. earlier there were friendly victories the african champion ivory coast and qatar. cage fighting is one of the most violent and painful sports in the work. it is banned in many countries
2:55 pm
be uh the combination of skill and danger atrack a hundred paneling base, and it is also becoming increasingly attractive to women. is mixed martial arts to violent for women? as a southeast asian woman and a muslim, she is smashing stereotypes as the first professional female cage fighter. people do say that oh, just another female fighter just another eye candy for the show. that hurts. >> the 28-year-old has earned her fair share of critic as country increasingly known for it's religious conservativism. >> i may not be the perfect muslim, but i always try my best, and sometimes to me what i do is just a job. >> and success is inspiring
2:56 pm
other women to take up the sport. she is really tough and strong pave. >> in the state they train at the tribal squad where women are breaking other boundaries as well. like anoas tribing partner. >> a lot of people would say that being a fighter does not go with being a mother. >> it's not true. i think i am a good example for that. i am a wife, a better soul i'm a fighter. >> what do you think when you see an event? >> crazy. >> we are like yeah, mom. >> let's go girls. >> the defense is one of the main reasons women take up mixed martial arts and started four years ago after being followed home in her car she
2:57 pm
has become an unwitting role model. mixed martial arts was hardly known three years ago. but the promoters say that 35% of fans fans are women and that more women are signing up to get into the cage. >> definitely a lot more male fighters. all around the world and so i think we are in the early stages but fighters will really good inspiration to consider this as an opportunity. >> a good left hand for the egyptian. >> once you are in the cage it reveals your true self. are you a fight or flight kind of person, if me i am a fighter. >> and a winning one at that. al jazeera, kuala lumpur. >> if you want to see more, it is on the air in just over 3 1/2 hours time rat 22:13 gnt. >> adrian is here with another
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full news bulletin, in just a few minutes.
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