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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> get the international news you need to know. al jazeera america. >> celebrations as mohammed is declared the winner. >> also coming up on the program, the military says it is targeted houthis vehicles. another attacks in yemen. >> with the deadline for agreement on the nuclear program just hours away, russia's foreign minister says the chances are good. and a courthouse under siege.
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avenue a prosecuteser held hostage. fie jeer yeah has a new president, opposition candidate has been declared the winner of the hotly contested confession. good luck jonathon, the victory marks the first time in nigeria's history that a ruling party has been democratically voted out of power outside the house and the the capitol she joins us live now, a lot of people celebrating behind you. i guess in this case their votes counted and democracy itself was a victor today. >> i can barely hear anything you are saying as you can hear
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the crowd here is absolutely crazy. i think they are acting about the react. they are very excited that that has been the democratic transition. the first time we are seeing a peaceful handover. from power from one lead tore another millions of people voted. and more than 25% of the votes in 2000 nigerian states. >> okay, calm down, calm down. >> why did you decide. >> but the thing is, most of the leaders.
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they are looking for a better -- to come on and bring them. >> what are the problems you want to tack until particular? >> we have the problem of control. that is the corruption in nigeria. they have the finalist and the president. >> so we need -- for nigeria. to that's why we are here. >> why did you both vote.
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>> because he is a good leaker. a military leader, he is good force. and -- we are today. and -- only this year, and -- and every leader -- to describe like general [inaudible]. >> matthew. i want everybody to calm down. yeah. calm down. why did you vote for the general, and what are the issues that you wanted toking tackle? >> one is the issue of insecurity. insecurity is what -- number
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one. number two, corruption. a lot of money so we need somebody that we will come and companying the economy to reasonable some level of pay little money, so you want him to tackle corruption. >> yes number one corruption. >> yes create jobs and security. >> about the security situation? >> we want -- boko haram to be wiped away. we don't want emthis. you understand. for institutes to the north that we get we fight for
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liberia, but now calm down, calm down. do you think they can defeat boko haram? yes, we have done it before. he takes away the bo caha ram. i know that. i read it in the book, you understand. and i know they can do it. >> thank you very much. >> we know that the president -- [applause] >> [inaudible] [cheering] the
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president elect, and we are expecting to hear from him at some point now let's go to the city and who joins us now. why do you think, in an election that was considered so close why do you think he was able to beat him? well, it was a very tight race, and a lot of people know that. it is a strong hold, the opposition, but the ruling party came close to beat the a.p.p. there are people that are partying in different areas. but we see something quite interesting too. we seep supporters coming up saying all nigerians at the end of the day and they say
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they find it wonderful that jonathon called him and said congratulations they are saying this could be a smooth transition. so it is a momentum occasion. corruption, security creation of jobs how difficult it will be to change all these things in what kind of differences do you think we are going to see now. >> everybody knows it will be a huge challenge. he does have a track record he was known as someone that was not corrupt.
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he tried to deal with corruption, tries to deal with people that basically were stealing money from the country's coffers. so people are hoping when he comes in and is finally intag rated me will deal with corruption and clean out what people call a very dirty system, when that is done, other things. before that infrastructure security, etc. a lot of high poets in nigeria. people watching to see how smooth the transition will be. people saying they want to come back, and they want to see this excitement, they want to experience it and breathe it. and hearing what he has to say. >> with the latest from leg goes. thank you. >> staying in nigeria it's been a week since the military there detained two al jazeera journalists in the north. they were embedded with the military before they were detained last tuesday.
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they have been held in their hotel since then. al jazeera is demanding their immediate release. in the southern city, nearly two dozen fighters were killed bombed an army division. in the city, eyewitnesses have told al jazeera that cement workers have been killed injuries and trapped after houthis shelled their factories. along the border, the president and tribal leaders say saudi helicopters were reportedly seen flying overhead. the u.n. has confirmed that a saudi air strike was
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responsible for killing at least 29 people in a camp for internally displaced people on monday. at least 41 were injury which is was home to more than 1,000 families many of whom have now fled here inside the ref joe catch, when al jazeera visited in 2009. these refugees fled their homes in the north six years ago, for the same reason they have now been caught in the cross fire. a war between the houthiss and the government. houthis rebels are blaming each other. a humanitarian worker says there were many fighters among the casualties. >> houthis have moved we stress that we do our best to prevent civilian casualties. we reply to a source of fire, we have no confirmation this was a refugee camp.
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doctors without borders say the injuries of the women and children, suggest there was an air strike. >> most of the people that are there are civilians. >> the war in the poor ohs country is hurting people who were already suffering. according to two u.n. agencies 14.7 million yemen need humanitarian aid. 10.6 million don't have enough to eat and only about half of the $596 million in promised humanitarian aid has actually been received. the saudi led coalition says it is making progress with the air strikes at least nine provinces including the houthis controlled capitol have been hit. coalition forces are also advancing by sea to try to control the ports.
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witnesses tell al jazeera houthis forces bomb add cement factory in the city, killing and injuries dozens of workers. the saudi coalition hopes that with each day, they are getting closer to defeating the houthis but they have been fighting for control since 2004. and so far have shown no willingness to join talks to end the violence. am al jazeera. >> a spokesman for the sobbeddy military has been commenting about casualties and again, blame houthis for hiding in heavily populated areas. >> . >> the militias as i mentioned are under pressure, they are trying to enter cities and transfer the pattle as a violation of international law. >> we have not identified who
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is responsibility for this attack. whoever is responsible, this is a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law. this camp as well as the hospitals that have also been hit, are under protected status and should not be hit. so whichever forces are hitting them, are in violation of the law there should be accountable for that, and ultimately, they all such attacks have to crease. >> still more to come, including iraqi security forces reach the center of tikrit in their push to retake the city from isil. and the south african inquiry into the deaths of dozens of striking minors killed by police in 2012 what lessons will be learned.
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there have been celebrations after the country's main only six candices was declared the official winner of the presidential election. the victory marks the first time in nigeria's history that a ruling party has been voted out of power. in other news, nearly two dozen houthis fighters have been killed in air strikes in the southern yemen city as saudi led air strikes continue for a 6th day. >> the iraqi prime minister says security forces have pushed to retake the city from
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isil. this is the latest footage where iraqi security forces say they have stormed the house, being used as an isil hide out. military officers say they are not also in control of the governors headquarters and the main hospital. >> the security forces raise the iraqi flag over the building and they are now purging other parts the group planted bombs government offices and destroyed all their installations. >> activists in syria say isil fighters have killed at least 30 civilians. this accused of attacking a village which is controlled pi the government, the observatory says people were shot burned and stabs before government forces repelled the attack. two gunman have been killed after a hostage crisis. armed men stormed the courthouse and held one of turkey's chief prosecutors at
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gun point he is now undergoing surgery after being injured in an operation to rescue hip. bernard smith is in istanbul with the details. >> a dramatic end to a hostage situation in the main courthouse. the center center of the drama. his 9th foul on a drama that began just after lurch time, we heard a couple of explosions and then gun shots come from the 6th call of the court building where the prosecuteser being held hostage by three members of a outlawed markist group explosions followed by gunfire that lasted for five or ten minutes the we understand that as a result of that the prosecutor was left with injuries the prosecutor was investigating the death the 14-year-old boy who was hit by tear pass canisters.
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he died 269 days later. but the complaint from parents and others has been the investigation into how he died has taken too long they say they wanted the police officers responsible and they wanted them to publicly acknowledge their guilt. there was rah period of negotiation. and sometime after that, the gunshots were heard. what will now be a priority of the investigator is to find out how those armed men got into the court and al jazeera understands from might sources that the only people who get into the court building without being searched are lawyers everybody else is searched bring a scanner and manually when they go into the court. so the focus of the police investigation is on the lawyers. bernard smith reports there.
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and the region is to blame. the prime minister says always possible causes are being investigated. now, just a few hours remain before a deadline to reach a deal on the nuclear program. the french foreign anywherester says that while talks are continuing they are complicated. germany has warned that it is questionable that talks will succeed. >> working toward as preliminary agreement. where the talks are taking place and simon there has been more developments from the u.s. just in the past fewn't minutes. el the us what they are? >> -- we understand from the
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state department the last few minutes the spokesman says and confirming what we have been hearing. and talks will rate the deadline, it is only 2 1/2 hours until midnight but all the indications are now that the talks will go into wednesday, and that spokesman said that there are several difficult issues that remain unresolved but there has been enough progress to merit the talks going beyond this midnight deadline into wednesday april the first. we haven't had much information from any of the parties themselves. we understand that a five hour session with the foreign ministers of the p 5 plus 1, and the iranians has broken up, we believe for dinner, the only person we have heard from is an iranian deputy foreign minister who took a bread and had a walk, he was quickly surrounded by journalists and fortunately our camera, and this is what he said about the progress of the talks so far.
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>> worker have a deal. when all issues are resolved. there are issues at this moment, which have not been dissolved, we are concentrating on finding the beth solutions. which are mutually agreed by everyone, and this -- these efforts would be continued until we have those solutions. so we do not have any artificial deadline, sick o'clock, 9:00 o'clock, for us the whole day can end in the next morning. so we are sparing no effort to find the best solutions. >> we heard there from a member of the delegation talking about the search for the solutions but just remind us what the main problems are? what are the main stumbling
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blockens that are causing these to go over the deadline? >> well, as we understand it, the general understanding is that the mange issues remain from the iranian's point of view the speed from which the sanctions regime is lifted if the deal is in place. how fast those sanctions are lifted particularly from the iranian point of view, essentially once the deal is signed they want the sanctions lifted immediately. want as faced response to keep the pressure on -- so they abide by the details of the agreement the other issues rett, we understand, to the americans particularly wanted some mechanism in which the sanctions can be put back into place very quickly without any great delays if the iranians are found to be in breech of the deal.
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all of this is designs to prevent them from breaking out from what we understand would be a very closely monitored regime for at least ten years and getting towards this process of enriching you rain i am that's what this is all about, but clearly they are a long way from this deal, this frame work deal, one thing we have been hearing is that the parties may fall short of this frame work agreement, the they may in the early hours of tomorrow morning who knows exactly when, announce something a little bit short of that. a half deal if you like. emphasizing what has been agreed upon, and that would allow a new phase of negotiations to start with this deadline so and idea we may get some declaration of understanding that will focus on the positives and at least allow the process to continue.
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the prime minister was dismissed after being accused of misleading parliament about government finances. a spokes man said he was sacked following complaints by the central bank and other ministers but his dismissal should not impact u.n. sponsors peace talks. president obama says the u.s. will lift it's hold on delivering fighter jets to egypt. obama's decision will allow the delivery of the f 16 and other military aid which has been suspended following the 2013 coupe in the country. obama said he would continue to ask the congress for $1.3 billion in military aid for egypt each year. >> an inquiry into the deaths of 34 south african miners
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killed by police, has submitted the findings to the president. police say they opened fire on the striking miners in self-defense. to the hundreds of arms officers. erica wood reports. people had already been killed including security guards and two police officers. by the 16th of august, the journalists and cameras watching. 34 were killed and more than 70 others were injured it was the single worst incident since the end ofar pay tide.
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and understand the tangled relationship between the government union it is about improving conditionings. 80% of the platinum comes from south africa, and much from diend mos foo the mining companies are usually foreign
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owns. they have called for labor laws to be changed but they want opposite things. >> when the people stood up demanding the government shows it's true colors and was willing to spill blood to defend profit and privilege. >> south africa >> is suffers from an electronic crisis. >> the government is carrying out a review of the national mining charter. the question is whether those learn willed be applied. the victims say they want those behind the killings held responsible so that nothing like that day can ever happen again. >> erica woods south africa. >> and you can find out much more on everything we have been covering on our website. the address you can see our front page there, and of course our top story the election results in
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nigeria. securing a historic election victory the first time that power has been transferred democratically in nigeria. we are expecting to hear in the coming hours.