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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 1, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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all of our time. i'm tony harris. the news continues next live from london. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hello there, this is news-hour live from london, coming up, in the next 60 minutes. we have probable cause to file criminal charges, and six police officers are charged, over other the death of freddie gray, and earthquake survivors start going back indoors, as they stop disease and angry and scared, they pick through the rubble, after an air strike hits a
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residential area near the capital. slashes, mar the opening of the event. there's talk, to the richest fight in boxing history, the play weather and pacquiao, and, very latest. ♪ ♪ ♪ six police officers have been charge he, over the death of a black man who has been killed. state prosecutor says that freddie gray's death was a homicide and his arrest illegal and the charges range from assault to second dry murder. he suffered smien nall injuries
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and, he dedied a week later and some of which turned violent. the findings of our investigation, coupled with the medical medical examers that mr. gray's death was a homicide, which we received today has led us to believe that we have probable cause to file criminal charges. the state prosecutor there and in the last hour, the march has condemned the actions of the arrested officers. as mayor, i have said from the beginning that no one is above the law, in our city. i was sickened, and heart-broken by the statement of charges that we heard today. because no one in our city is above the law. justice must apply to all of us, equally. with today's official indictment, i have ordered the
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commissioner to out utilize the full extent and suspend all officers facing felony charges. in fact, war rentals have been executed and five officers are in custody. now, live, from baltimore and as we've seen over the past few days a lot of people very angry, and upset about the death of freddie gray, which they believed to be unlawful. are many people, convinced that justice will be done? well, they are relieved by a lot of people and some vindication that the systemat least as far as the state prosecutor is concerned has comported with what they hope to see and had been disappointed too many times and the specific charge is that, and the most serious charge, second-degree murder relates to the way he was handled in the van, when he was transported after being
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arrested. charges say that he was first of all, falsely imprisoned because he was, there was no reason for him to be arrested in the first place and secondly, that he was -- they failed to shackle -- he was shackled and hand discussed and bounced around in the van and when he asked for medical help, they did not respond, until it was too late. now, the president of the united states has come in, has given his reaction to this, saying he doesn't want to make any kind of judgment about will ultimate verdict here and that is from down the road and, this is what president barak obama had to say. it is absolutely vital, that the truth comes out on what happened to freddie gray, and it is my practice not to comment on the legal process involved,
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that would not be appropriate. but, i can tell you that, justice needs to be served. all the evidence, needs to be presented, and those individuals who are charged, are also entitled to due process and rule of law. so, you know, i want to make sure that our legal system runs the way it should. now, in baltimore this issue is bigger than just baltimore, we have seen similar incidents in the u.s., and after the shooting of michael brown and, at the end of last year, and, president barak obama has set up a task force looking at these cases and what has come out of that. he did mention that. well ironically, one member of that task force is the mayor of baltimore and prior to this,
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she had spoken about things such as having body cameras installed on all police officers and whether that would have helped clarify this case or even have prevented this case from having happened that's a matter to be debated. but beyond that, there are structural reforms that hah lot of people, agree have to be put into place and at the same time, in the state of maryland, there is a law on the books that gives police officers a different standard of due process, in terms of interrogation, which they're accused of wrongdoing, that the ordinary citizen does not get. and there is a structure here which does require some kind of reconsideration and again, this is a local issue. this is not at federal issue and, while the federal government and u.s. justice
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department is offering to recommendations for changes, and if there are violations of civil rights then charges can be brought against individual police officers or departments there's a mail. there's a long road, until we see some kind of significant evolution of the way police department's in too many cities practice their craft. thank you. now, it has reached 6,260 with almost 14,000 people injured and those figures keep rising as rescue workers search through homes and every family, which has lost someone in the earthquake, will be given about $1,000 in compensation and those who can are beginning to return to their homes and but
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there is a growing threat of disease because after severe shortage of clean water and toilets and one medical team, went to a remote village. around the vim language, locals line up to get treated by a team of doctors. this is the first medical team in the village since the earthquake struck on saturday, destroying most of the houses here. they have been suffering from stomach cramps. the water is thick and smellly, but we have to drink it. many have diarrhea and, have been vomiting. some seem to be dazed two-year-old has skin infections. and behind him two-year-old dares on. he had badly ria our house is too dangerous to go back to. army doctors have come to help
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out. we are providing support. we come. the long-term, to break up, and make some other chronic diseases and a lot of times, it has to do with it. the collapse of the existing health system is what concerns the medical officers. the army has coordinated, all the international teams that have come to help. now, the foreign medical teams that are here, they will start moving out western a week or two but our plan is that, other medical teams can come and, stay for a longer duration, 3-6 months and go there and help. back in the village those who are not physically sick are in shock many say they're at trade to sleep. they hope to get some medication
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from the doctors who will be here for one more day and once the medical team leaves, they will be left to friend for themselves. even at the best of times health has been poor, in this vim language, the only health post is half a hour further up and, the only thing that they have is some medicine. water has been contaminated, increasing the risk of epidemics now, in katmandu, and he joins us live, this is what, day six, and we have been talking for the past six days, and getting aid and rescue teams and, because what happened. is it getting any better, and jumping by the report, there are still many people that aren't getting the aid that they need.
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well that can't the good news is, while they are being found in bad shape, they are being found alive in another district about 150 kilometers, 67 people were found alive in an area that has been cut off sense the quake struck on saturday. and there are several more areas that need to be done, the officials, they are only scratching the surface. there are many more towns and villages and until now we still have no idea what the devastation is, in those areas or what the condition is. the government, they are going to offer $1,000 for all the families for those that lost a loved one. how quickly would they get it. does it get you anything.
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what are the greater needs of the people? well then, it is slow, and it will take time for the victim's families to get any money, and there's nothing it buy, and there's a shortage of almost every necessity, and the finance minister today made an appeal for 10ths and blankets and as well as appeals for medicine and water born diseases. and we also spoke to some private business associations who have been asking for donations and they've been telling them, do not send money because there's nothing to buy send the goods and the medicine and the necessities because even today after a week after the earthquake happened, we still have people sleeping out in the open tonight. there's jemile with the latest. thanks. we'll have a special
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program, airing at 50600. and it will be 1 week after the earthquake hit the country. new guinea has been hit by a second earthquake and 6.8 quake struck southwest and, there are no immediate reports of casualties and damage. and 6.7 quake hit on thursday. the police say they found 32 graifers, and a bay donned, trafficking camp. police suspect many belong to muslims who were forced toes expaip persecution. smugglers put them in chair areas, and require big ran somes. coming up in this news-hour.
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the president warns of severe sanctions against protestors and, more than 400 have been arrested. stealing secrets, the airbus says it is suing the german government nor spying on it, on behalf of the u.s. and the chicago bulls go on a rampage, in the playoffs, details coming up in sport. he is u.n. is warning that fuel shortage could stop all relief within days, and the lack of fuel means eight agencies are struggling to distrib supplies. in other developments saudi a abe ria says, it left rebels dead, some residents say they
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were wrongly targeted in an air strike. let's talk now and political analyst who lives in yemen and, thank you for joining us. we just heard that the u.n. said fuel shortages could stop all relief operations in yemen. and, how is it, and, what impact would it have? well, the problem is, and the capital of the governments for weeks now and, the recent event or incident and people cannot leave the city, and
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airstrikes and trying to get to the border, where they can leave, and they cannot even leave the city. as far as the aid is concerned, we're not getting any aid because the seaports and the airports have been obliterated. and the past 3 days, they're completely destroyed and so aid cannot get to the country to be distributed to yemen and when they get here, they cannot be shipped because of the conflict. and it is not enough for a population of 26 million people. and the hospitals there's no electricity for the generators.
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and, the machines, and, people are dying because. resident and, thank you. apologyes there for the breakup in sound, there are difficulties in getting lines out of yemen right now. thank you. well, they have been discussing the crisis, in yemen at a closed meeting, and now live at the u.n., from what i understand, it was russia, that called for this special session. why did they do it? well russia, like many countries here, is concerned about the ongoing violence, and deteriorating humanitarian situation, as we just heard that the secretary was sounding
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the alarm with now some 300,000 people who fled their homes and 1200 have been killed and families trapped and, the russians said, that they want to hear more from the u.n.'s under secretary of political affairs, and more about the situation, not only humanitarian situation but security situation. here is the ambassador. we are very concerned about the situation in yemen. civilian targets are being hit and, there are basic shortages of food and medicine, and, they're not allowing to be brought in, and everything is worse and no fuel in yemen and hospitals are not open because of electricity and there's
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nothing. and they are posing problems, for bringing in fuel. he said that they hope to have a statement to the press after this meeting, and the council clearly wants to see the way forward, in the u.n.'s view, that way forward seems to be in a holding pattern, as a result of a new special envoy being named in just the last week and he has just taken over, and expected to brief the council later and, we know that the council does support the president, as the leader of yemen and, russia has been very critical of the bombing campaign and, also, efforts of the gulf cooperation council to hold peace talks, in saudi arabia, and, so there are some divisions appearing in the country and this is an attempt to find out
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how the u.n. plans to lead things moving forward. thank you. the army has launched an offensive to strengthen its control. the government for thes, have attacked rebels, and they saw the troops lose key parts of the province. and, the port, and the capital it's one of the most important government held areas in the country. officials in baghdad, they say isis are using refugees to carry out attacks. and there's been a spike of bombings. and on thursday night six explosions claimed 21 lives, and they pull fighting in the western city. the world's largest energy company is being restructured.
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saudi will be separated from the oil ministry, a decision that will make it more des parrot and, it will be run by a council, headed by the newly promoted crowned prince. it comes just days after a reshuffle of the government. the president has warned protestors that they will be punished if they protest against his decision to seek a third term. it turned violent. at least 400 people have been detained during the past 6 days, and the president his decision to run for a third term violates the constitution, and endanger a few things, and, now the update. they said, the number of people now arrested by police is over 400 and we haven't been
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able to confirm this, and on tuesday, and a press conference, and they arrest he had 250 and he did give another press conference and didn't give any numbers and, they don't allow any questions and a few more protests continue, and burned out car and they haven't been destroying much property. just one car burned here, and garage full of cars, and the protestors only burned this one that was for scraps. and some level of organization, and owners of the garage, to make sure that they make the road block, that doesn't have much value to anyone. mexico's government spokesman, has confirmed, that one person has been killed, in the second biggest city, several trucks have been set on fire, to block roads. they were started by a drug
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cartel the violence coincides with the announcement of a federal security crackdown in the state. and now, following the developments, and would a drug cartel set fire to the trucks, have they done it before? they have and usually it's a way for a cartel or a criminal organization to show strength and, they're not intimidated. and i would like to mention that just moments ago, the state officials, confirmed, that a helicopter was fired on, by gunmen in at least 3 people have been killed in that attack, and another one injured. the helicopter had to make an emergency landing. and the death that you mentioned, there are no other reports of casualties and this is a little surprising because of the drama of it, because it is a federal holiday like it is
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in much other parts of the world, and it is meant to be dramatic and trying to show, that whoever is doing this. they suspect it's a drug cartel, because there have been a lot of law enforcement attacks and sting operations against this group, in april just 3 weeks ago, 15 police officers were killed in the same state and that was the bloodiest attack, in the presence. so what we're seeing is, perhaps, this dramatic burning of these buses around the city, and, to show strength, and intimidate authorities who have been targeting this cartel. adam, thank you. european aviation giant airbus is to file a criminal complaint against germany, the
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report suggests the agency has been involved in industry as pea anaug at the request of the united states. the suggestion, airbus is considering legal action over reports that it may have been he's dropped upon, by the germans, follows on from a newspaper, which suggested that the security services have been monitoring and eves dropping upon the conversations and other digital recordings of large institutions of europe. and other large corporations. who authorized this eavesdropping? and the interior minister has been the subject of some newspaper articles, the german newspaper printed, an article with a picture of him aspen no
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keough, the child's character with a very long nose, and said that he lied, and he said he followed the rules and, he said there was no suggestion of impropriety by himself. he is considered to be a loyal left-hand of the chancellor, and she would not wish to see any kind of scandal. he is a relative of the prime minister of east germany which emphasizes the closeness and the reason why this scandal, would be perceived very highly and critically by the government here in germany. still ahead on the news-hour, car company tesla packages out with batteries for homes, and the way the world uses energy. plus i'm charlie, they are
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taking on the burden for search and rescue mission for migrants. find out who is the first pick in the nfl draft robin will have the answer and much more in sports. >> al jazeera america international news. >> people here are worried that this already serious situation may escalate. >> shining a light on the
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untold stories. >> believe in yourself and you might get there. >> making the connections to the bigger picture. >> shouldn't you have been tougher? >> feeling the real impact. >> separatists took control a few days ago. >> get closer to every story. >> how easy is it for a fighter to get in? >> get the international news you need to know. al jazeera america.
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to be strong. >> i can't get bent down because my family's lookin' at me. >> to rise, to fight and to not give up. >> you're gonna go to school so you don't have to go war. >> hard earned pride. hard earned respect. hard earned future. >> we can not afford for one of us to lose a job. we're just a family that's trying to make it. >> a real look at the american dream. "hard earned". premiers sunday, 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> part of our month long look at working in america. "hard earned". six police officers have been charged, in the death of a black man, theyy, it was a homicide,. the death toll has reached 6 rchtion 260 and survivors are facing the threat of disease and water toilet and aid and more than a dozen people have been killed in an air strike, of yemen. some residents say it was wrongly targeted by saudi forces two more boats full of my
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grants have been rescued after they put out distress called, they were pulled off the two boats and now more. returning to port after ten days fishing in the mediterranean, these men have tales to tell, but on this trip, they only caught fish, and others are haunted what they have seen,. and he fished it for 38 years and he's pulled more than 1,000 migrants alive and a number of dead. when you say about you get a lump in your throat, because you know what you're going to see, we want to save everybody and sometimes, it makes it impossible, and you feel sick, and you can't save them. fishing boats are regularly called onto rescue my grants at sea, and, to the traitors and those gaps are many.
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e.u. promised to send more boths, and that was more than a week ago and that was only one that arrived. this is how many fish, it's a me ger catch because they are dwindling, it is under strain, and now they are taking the toll emotionally, our fishermen are exhausted every time they're involved in a rescue. they're losing money, more than 3,000 uros a day, it's not fair. some of these boats are within sight of the coast and this carries other risks and been detained, three times accused of fishing in their waters. he tells me, at the time his boat was hit by machine guns. it was the lib we encoast
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guaranteed, that told me to stop and, i had been kidnapped before in 1996, and had my boat sink, and i spent 6 months, in prison and lost kilos and, i thought i was not going to surrender. and 5,000 my grants. and and they must have more for that plight. i'm very worried, and i i don't know if they understand the issue they're only dealing with the immediate emergency not the root of the problem. these men will soon be returning to sea,and they'll play the hero and perhaps euro relies too heavily on them. we can speak to charlie angela live, i guess when tragedies like the one when hundreds of people died, it captured the media attention but i guess having arrivales like the one you just depicted,
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there's a lot more, and everyday occurrence in sicily. yes, well,if we go back to what happened in the last few hours, which is the picking up of may grants, and luckily no women or children on poured and no one needed any medical attention and, that was a successful operation by the italian authorities. they didn't need any intervention. and it does happen, and it is taking its toll on the people of sicily and italy as a whole. as regard to those migrants who have been picked up and they'll be taking ever taken to the nearest port, the island. and once they disempark they'll go to security checks and medical checks, and, they will try and identify them, and, i migrants many of them don't want to be fingerprinted because
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they know if they are, they'll have to start their asylum process here and, they want to continue to other countries to find work and make a better life. benefits being a lot greater in northern europe, and italy was bearing the brunt of this, that asked europe to help it out have you managed to send more resources? well, if you remember, that emergency meeting, that was called over a week ago after more than 800 migrants drowned and they said that they were going to enforce immediate actions to make sure they didn't see those kind of deaths again and they were going to triple the budget and deploy more forces and we spoke to them, and the border control and they said those pledges of more money have not yet arrived.
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turnquish police have used, teargas to disburse the play day demonstrators ins taken ball, more than 10,000 police were deployed and illustrate tors matched, and stones and, bottles, and, the turkish government and giving police more powers to crack down on demonstrators, and an estimated 13,000 people turned out for the mayday march and it and, even joining the marchers, and, to prompt their you a stays
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atymission sampling, and the government is locked in negotiations with creditors and, john, has this update from the athens demonstrations. this day celebration is especially important it serves to remind those of its promise to revoke labor deregulation. they want to restore minimum wage. and at the present times to reintroduce collective bargaining and it refuses to allow mass layoffs and disagreement between agrees, and its yes tors, and they don't form part of the agreement. immigration is one of the most debated policies in the leadup to the u.k. election. and as lawrence lee reports it's
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an issue, that has taken center table, with voters, who have migrated aboard. still quiet and soon enough the bars and restaurants will be full of europeans and half population here is, british, and, the bar know found some of them and plenty wrong with the u.k. people from romania and under camps, and they move to australia, no. can they move anywhere in europe? yes. where do they want to go? britain. yes. they want to go to britain and, to be fair, so would i. but, wouldn't you. over the road, dean shows us his contribution to spain and he found the contribution, and the money goes to the spanish
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port and this he says, helps define the difference between the rights and the wrong sort of my grants. and, a immigrant is someone who takes the next place and somewhere else, and gives them back and that sends to be the perception of most of the people that i know locally. none of these people would regard themselves as racesism, rather that the sections, and frustrations and miss placed priorities and range and that comes from reading, too many british newspapers. if there were ever an election on the costing take, and the conservative party would wait, the numbers reserve for a central asian dictatorship, and the u.k. would do well, if they had their way and they left the european union, they would have to go back tomorrow to the
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country they gave p as a lost cause and, it is no stranger to outsiders and the arracks and. the chief executive of the electric car maker has his
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site's the electricity market, and, they have unveiled batteries, for companies which can store sole all right energy, and be used for backup power and for a plan to reshape it, and formed of solar panels and batteries in garages, and it might be too expensive for many, costing a minimum of 3,000 u.s. dollars. i think battery what does this provide you it gives you peace of mind, if there's a cut in utilities you'll always have power, and you don't have to worry about being out of power if there's an ice storm. you can actually go, if you want, off grid, you can take your solar panels and charge the battery packs, and that's all you use. now, joining us, is the
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professor. thank you so much for joining us here. now, he said that this could help change the entire energy infrastruck sure of the world. what do you think, it would be a danger? i mean the big issue is we can't store many amounts of it, and the demand is huge between the cold windters, and 4:00 in the morning in the summer, so we have to have a lot of power stations that might generate for a few hours a year and, still have to be maintained, and since, he, himself and, in fact invented the electricity system, the "holy grail" has been scoring electricity which would reduce the number of power stations and bring renewables, and, the difficulty is, they depend on the weather so we can't rely on them. as i was just looking at this this would affect
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developing companies and the grid would need to depend on generators and, in the developed world, and all on gas and yes, i mean, if this house potential, it's very difficult and it wouldn't, and oil and gas and coal, which have the wonderful advantage and start to use that edge, and you could restore erig history and neurk kle aras well, it comes all the time it's not flexible and, it would benefit. i do sense a skepticism, what is it that you are skeptical about. and, somebody, announced something, like this, massachusetts and explaining why the breakthroughs in battery technology that get announced have not gotten anywhere, and one day and, it has to be a matter of scale and a matter
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of the coast and at the moment, and, and then uses the station and, that's more than 99% of the world's energy storage, we would have been using batteries a long time ago. we'll have to wait and see if there is an amazing discovery, that is there is, and,, for the most, thank you so much. and all the days of sports is coming right up, including,. i'm in vegas as the countdown begins agency the countdown of the century and look at the entertainment capital
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and larger than live, and fans are excited, as the fight of the century, and, the division. and, there's so much, and no better place and and the biggest money fight of all time. and last vai gas nevada. and, live for us, in vegas as they countdown and seat, inside and any hope, for those
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that don't have a ticket. well, not unless you have pockets full of cash, and some much them tickets have been going up to 400,000 and, and many more, and simply just turned up in the hopes of buying something, and, i havemy ticket here, this is a press ticket, and, people have been, and 300 of them, and some sense of the excitement and really want to be a part of this event, anyway that they can. and excite meant and give aussense of the atmosphere, who long to be in vegas. i mean, it's gone crazy vegas is a place, that is larger than life, and sin city, and even here, and 55 storm and thousands of people, and looking around, and.
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some people, andand winners here and both fighters, and millions of dollars and counting down also hours and checking with you and, thank you very. and check it out and early setback, in the opening one against the west indies, and bar bay dose, and bell, the early
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casualties and evening language and 151 and. and two and scored 19 points and eight rebounds. and the bulls are ought of sight by halftime and 39-point lead, and rose leading and chicago went on to win 120 points. and in it, and heading to the tampa bay big ka neergs pick the tampa bay buccaneers, select james jameis winston. he chose to watch from his
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home and he is already a contre virtual figure, and he has a civil lawsuit pending and a sexual assault and shoplifting, and shouting obscenities. that's the sports. thank you very much. now, the american singer, ben e. king has died at the age of 76. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the soul senger, famous for the song stand by me, died of natural exhausts, he was working in his father's restaurant and he went onto join the drifters and, solo career, his song, standby me, is to be the fourth most broadcast song in the u.s. more on all the stories and, coming up
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go back on doors to stop disease from spreading angry and scared, they pick through the rubble, after an air strike hits the rest a area ♪