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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 2, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> translator: we need to fight not only in iraq and the whole region, but throughout the we recalled. >> iraq's lead materials his allies he needs more weapons to stop isil from taking over his country. ♪ hello there. i'm in doha with the world news from al jazeera. also coming up the latest on a bomb blast in a market in nigeria. we'll have more on that. plus a chinese river boat with 458 people on board capsizes rescuers hear cries for help.
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a new billion dollars casino in the philippines capitol highlights the gap between rich and poor. ♪ a bomb has reportedly exploded at a market in northeastern nigeria. up to 50 people reported killed. this follows a blast on saturday where at least 30 people were killed the day after the inauguration of nigeria's president. let's get more from our correspondent in abuja. brings up to date about that blast. >> reporter: well shiulie, these reports are coming from eyewitnesss who have been speaking to news agencies we have managed to speak directly to a source who have been assisting the military in mighting boko haram. and say they yes, a serious
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explosion did take place at a livestock market visited by hundreds of people every day trading in livestock. what is not clear is the exact number of fatalities according to the security and emergency services who we reached out to to try to get further clarification on how many people may have been killed and how many injured. this comes just after attacks that took place over the weekend in the capitol of borno state which has been the epicenter of violence by boko haram over the last six years. we're still waiting for further information about the nature of this attack. it has been said it's a suicide attack but that's not 100% clear, and we're waiting for more details as i say shiulie. >> and the new president who came to power on the backing of security promises.
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what has he done thus far? >> well he was inaugurated on friday, and naturally people are waiting to see what he is able to do to defeat the group. as you said he did campaign on the ticket of beating boko haram and fighting corruption at his inaugural speech he announced that he was going to move the -- what is known as the command and control center the military command and control center from abuja to the capitol of borno state. he said it made no sense that military chiefs were sitting in abuja with the fighting and violence and chaos that has been going on up there for the last six years. today he has been meeting with military service chiefs in the capitol of abuja, and he have been told he plans to travel tamale tamale tamale -- to mali and niger to
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meet with those leaders. so people are waiting to see how he responds to this latest attack. but just as some background he has always said in the run up at least to the election and when he won the election last month that it's going to take time that the new government has to take stock of the situation, try to understand what the issues are, and it is worth mentioning just finally, shiulie, in the last few weeks we have seen a tremendous decline in the number of attacks by the group in the run up to the election and post-election period it has been incredibly quiet, so this does come as a bit of a surprise to many as i said people are waiting to hear and see what the new administration is going to be able to do to finally beat this group. ivan thank you. iraq's prime minister says
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the international coalition needs to do more to fight the islamic state of iraq and the levant. he has been meeting the french president along with foreign ministers from several countries in a meeting in paris. >> translator: we need to disrupt the flow of international combatants we also need to drive the financing sources oil trafficking, heritage antiques trafficking and great number of sites destroyed by daesh. daesh having already sold antiques to get more money. we need to fight all of this. >> mohammed joins us from paris. strategy wise what came out of that summit.
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>> reporter: shiulie what was interesting is in the lead up to this conference, there has been a lot of tension amongst members of the coalition, frustration that had been building especially after the takeover of ramadi these last couple of weeks. hadi blamed the international community for not doing enough. and said they needed weapons and ground troops. when it ended what was announced was there is now an anbar action plan in which this coalition members especially iraq will try to gather all of the combatants all of the fighters and tribes in anbar province together to try to better concentration how they will fight isil. the u.s. will be sending anti-tank missiles to iraq it wasn't specifies when they will get there, and the french foreign minister said there cannot be a military solution
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without a political solution. it was stressed time and time again today that there must be reconciliation in iraq. and what they mean is the shia shia-lead government is really expected to bring the sunni community into the fold. let's take listen to more of what the french foreign minister had to said. >> translator: we supported the iraqi forces with air strikes and supplying equipment and training allowing the iraqi forces so find the necessary scope to strike back against daesh, and the effort will be focusing mainly on the anbar province to recapture ramadi
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but there are other objectives as well and the iraqi government announced a plan to bring together the tribal forces in the province. >> reporter: all of the participants today stressed they remained committed to supporting iraq through this crisis, and at one point we heard the u.s. representative say that 25% less territory in iraq was now not in the hands of isil; that it had been taken back from the hands of isil in the past year and they considered that to be success. all also participants stressed that everybody was in this for the long hall and that setbacks had happened but at the end of the day, they all seemed resolute. and although iraq really was the headliner today, there was mention of syria at the end of the day when the french foreign
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minister added that in syria, everybody at the conference was calling for a political solution in syria. >> mohammed thank you. in paris there. in china, relatives of more than 400 passengers who are missing after their river boat capsized are demanding explanations from the government. rescuers have heard cries for help from the sunken hull. 14 were rescued. rob mcbride has more. >> reporter: china's mighty river has seen tragedies before. what is uncommon in this case is the expected loss of life. hundreds of tourists were taking the trip of a lifetime to the
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popular three gorges dam area. the captain who was rescued soon after it went down said it was struck by a freak storm, what he described as a tornado. most passengers were asleep and had little chance to escape as the vessel sank in just two minutes. as other vessels and rescue teamed rushed to the area hopes were raised and sounds and shouts for help were heard coming from inside the hull. >> translator: the next step is to continue strengthening efforts in our rescue operation, not a second will be wasted as long as there is a little bit of hope we will try our best. we won give up. >> reporter: one woman was pulled out from inside the vessel raising hopes that more passengers somehow found air pockets to stay live. the scale is likely to raise fears about safety on china's
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rivers a number of people on board will have been taking their first-ever vacation and as more people have time and money to spend on traveling, so the increased risks in tragedies like this one. hundreds of migrants found drifting in their boat off of the coast of myanmar have been escorted by the military. navy commanders say they won't be taking further action until the identities of the boat people were a verified. they were found four days ago. florence looi has more. >> reporter: the myanmar government hasn't revealed a lot of information about what it plans to do with the 727 people found on board a boat in its waters on friday. the minister of information said they would be taken to an
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undisclosed location. they will be held there until all of their identities have been verified. but he told us earlier that they would be taken to bangladesh suggesting that the verification exercise has already been completed. so there is a lot of confusion surrounding this matter and a lack of transparency in the way the myanmar government is handling this matter. we do know that reporters who tried to reach the boat and speak to the people were turned back by navy boats. cameramen and photographers had to delete what they had on their memory cards. this comes days after there was a regional meeting in bangkok. myanmar is seen as one of the problems because of the way it treats the rohingya an at nick
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high norty the government doesn't recognize. but the myanmar government says it is not the problem, because these people are not from here anyway and refuses to recognize that it is its policies that is driving tens of thousands to leave the country. it has been a year since hamas and fattah formed a unity government, but they still haven't put aside their differences. stay with us.
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♪ welcome back. i'm shiulie ghosh let's remind you of the top stories. a bomb has exploded in northeastern nigeria. up to 50 people are reported killed. the attack follows another major blast on saturday when at least 30 people were also killed in the capitol of borno state. hundreds of migrants found drifting in their boat off of the coast of myanmar have been escorted to an undisclosed location. iraq's prime minister is describing the advance of isil fighters as a failure for the world community. he is accusing the u.s.-lead international coalition of not doing enough to stop them. the u.s. say there is
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reports that the syria regime is help isil target rebel-held areas. government troops have faced setbacks which is now under rebel control. >> reporter: the commander longing to al-nusra front urges his fighters to stand ready for their next battle. he says defeating the syrian president is just a matter of time. these are fighters from the army of conquests. the coalition that includes al-nusra and other opposition groups. they are on the offensive. they recently captured most of idlib province and are now focused on the coastal city that is the heartland of president assad's support. the army of conquest has made gains in the last few months
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forcing government troops to withdrawal. fighting has intensified on several fronts. in idlib the rebels face hezbollah and assad forces backed by iran. in another area isil has expanded its influence, and in and around aleppo the syria government and isil fighters are attacking rebels together. in areas like maria, the u.s. government says it has heard reports of what appears to be joint strategy by isil and the assad government. >> the regime is aiding isil on their attacks. >> reporter: the syrian observe store for human rights says isil controls half of syria.
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battle hardened and well equipped fighters from the islamic state of iraq and the levant storm an army base. isil has recently seized the ancient ruins of palmyra, raising fears they might destroy the sight. in april, isil blew up artifacts of the ancient ahere is -- asyrian capitol in iraq. government helicopters drop more barrel bombs. rescuers search for survivors. despite wide-spread condemnation assad denies his army is using barrel bombs. more than 200,000 people have been killed and last areas destroyed since the uprising and there is no sign of an end
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to any of it. it has been a year since hamas and fattah formed a unified government. one year on have the two reconciled to take a unified stance with israel. our correspondent takes a look. >> reporter: abraham is proud of his job. he rarely ever misses a day off work but for the past several months he has received only a fraction of his pay, and he is not alone. around 40,000 other workers employed by hamas have not been paid their full salaries despite promises from the unity government. >> translator: the president keeps making promises to us but we have faced three wars are israel and now aren't even paid
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for the work we do abbas should show us mercy. >> reporter: it has been a year since hamas and fattah formed a national unity government. but since then the two sides have failed to put aside their differences or solve the many problems facing palestinians. in gaza alone more than 100,000 are still homeless. the israeli go continues to blockade the coastal territory, and the relationship with egypt continues to deteriorate because of the alleged connection with the outlawed muslim brotherhood. >> translator: unfortunately hamas isn't cooperating for us. it sets back the palestinian
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cause and the only one who benefits is the israeli occupation. >> reporter: recently various representatives from qatar, turkey, the united nations, and the european union have travelled to gaza as part of attempts to reconcile hamas and fattah, but none appear to have enough influence to do so. >> i believe what is needed right now is the intervention of a third-party, saudi arabia or another party who can immediate' date a new agreement. >> reporter: but with every attempt having failed so far, there are few signs of those caught in the middle will improve. national elections will be taking place in turkey on sunday
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and for the first time a mainly kurdish opposition party is threatening to loosen the ruling party's grip on power. >> reporter: this candidate is trying to broaden the support of turkey's main party the hdp. one way is to have women make up 50% of the party. another tactic is to reach out to poor voters. >> translator: their main concern is to get a fair wage for their labor. those with kids are particularly concerned about being able to provide for their children. >> reporter: the hdp leader is taking a huge gamble with this election. his party must win at least 10% of the vote to get any representation in parliament. in previous elections candidates ran as independents their
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overall share was never more than 7% but if the hdp wants to advance a stalled kurdish peace process, it needs more influence in parliament. >> with this decision to run as a party in these elections they forced many turkish voters to realize their kurdish issue and their own lives are intimately connected. >> reporter: for more than 30 years the turkish state fought armed kurdish separatists. 40,000 were killed. so many ethnic turks still regard kurdish political leaders with sus -- suspicion.
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>> reporter: bernard smith, al jazeera, istanbul. south sudan's government has expelled a top u.n. official saying he expressed an extreme view in a television interview. he was the humanitarian coordinator and deputy envoy. the u.n. has condemned the expulsion. in a statement ban ki-moon's office said: catherine soi is in south sudan's capitol. >> reporter: he has been the u.n. humanitarian coordinate since 2012. he has been a very powerful voice especially in this
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conflict. his expulsion come as a survive, but he is not even in the country anyway. he was expelled because of his activities against the government. >> the expulsions came as a result of the actives he has been carrying out against the republic of south sudan. he has called the leadership as failure when he was talking to the cnn in geneva and [ inaudible ] south sudan is now on the verge of economic collapse and is now printing its money. these are the things that undermine sovereignty and no country can allow interference of mingling in the affairs of their country to continue. >> reporter: the u.n. and the government have had an uneasy
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relationship since the conflict started. they have accused aid workers of being too critical. the president's spokesman says he understands the critical role of the u.n. he says the state expelled the person and not the organization. he says the u.n. is welcome here but the sovereignty of the country cannot be understanding mined. at least five soldiers have been killed in the democratic republic of the congo. the government says it is now back in control as the local militia was behind the attack. manila is now getting into the casino business. margo reports. >> reporter: it stands out like a golden oasis, the city of dreams. it is the third and latest
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billion dollars gambling result to move to the capitol in manila's new gambling strip. >> the vision was always to find the greatest locations in asia to build integrated resorts. it's no wonder that philippines is one of the fastest-growing economies anywhere in the world in the last two years. >> reporter: the government has been inviting investors hoping to fashion it's a the next gaming capitol of the asia pacific region dis -- despite other casinos taking a hit in profits lately. >> this is our hopefully meaningful contribution to elevate the recent industry as one of the main engineers of economic growth but also the point about the employment.
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for permanent jobs. >> reporter: there are five resorts planned all in all. and the government estimates 30 to 40,000 people will be directly employed by them. officials are also counting on indirect employment. security guards maintenance people taxicab drives vendors. the expectation is around 100,000 jobs will be created around the gaming industry. richard has been ferrying passengers along this street for seven years. this cap is all he has. he and his family of six take turns sleeping in it at night. he was looking forward to the new edition of the neighborhood but he is not allowed to get close to it. >> translator: business is actually slower now. i earn less money and there's more competition. >> reporter: like many other philippineo's he feels the city of dreams is out of rich.
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the income gap is only widening and though visitors are being courted many feel it shouldn't come at the expense of keeping already marginalized pill -- filipinos at bay. >> you can keep up to date with all of the latest on our website, security failures at the tsa, the acting administrator is reassigned after federal agents are able to sneak weapons through check points. iraq says his country needs more international support. and hundreds missing when a cruise ship capsizes off of the coast of china, the desperate search for survivors. ♪