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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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don't forget you can catch one the very latest, the address of that is, and you can also watch us by clicking on the watch now, i con. i can confirm there is a suspect in custody. >> the alleged shooter that kid nine people during bible study. the supreme court reached a major decision, a downpour from tropical depression bill this is al jazeera life
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from new york city. the suspect wanted for the shooting massacre in south carolina church, is in police custody. he was caught across the border, police say 21-year-old sat with the prayer group last night for about an hour, then he allegedly started shooting in the end nine were killed including a pastor, someone president obama knew personally. >> michelle and i know several members of emanuel church. we knew their pastor. who along with eight others gathers in prayer and fellowship and was murdered last night and to say our thoughts and prayers with with them and their families and their community doesn't say enough. to convey the heartache and
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sadness and the anger that we feel all right, mike is live at the white house, bring us the latest on this and the remarks of the president again, clearly touched. >> you are right and it was a fascinating to watch the president on such a grim occasion, he was by tournesol lemn angry you heard him talk remarkable startling something he divulged that he was personal friends with the rev rand that was murdered last night he was angry because this is a place of worship, invoking what herm thed the dark history of attacks on black churches. nine people being gunned down the president clearly moved and he was exacerbated about an issue that he has failed to make any progress on over
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over the 6 1/2 years of his career and that is gun control. >> i have had to make statements of this too many times. two don't have all the facts but we do know that once again, innocent people, were killed in part because someone who wanted to inflict harm had no trouble getting their hands on a gun. while at the same time he brought up that issue of gun control, he conceded there's very little he can do so the president appearing before he take as west coast fund raising trip clearly moving and emotional speech. >> okay, we also heard from the attorney general what didlor rettty lynch have to say? >> well, she appeared before the news was broken that the individual summited of
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committing this act was apprehended in north carolina, just over the border with south carolina, she talked about the need for healing, for the communities to come together, she also made a plea for the citizens of the region to keep an eye out call the tip line if they had any suspicious activity, and to circulate the picture of the suspect as much as they could. and then later in the press conference she was informed that the suspect was apprehended and she broke that news right there. but she also divulged that the civil rights division is going to be investigating this as a hate crime, of course this goes along with the massive law enforcement effort that is already underway. the house has pass add bill that will let president obama move ahead on trade packs.
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libby casey is live on capitol hill the us, today's vote is as you know the second time in a week that the house has passed this fast track authority. they tried a different strategy, they took it out of a larger trade package originally, this authority was paired with a bill to help workers through training and assistance who have been displaced by globalization. because it was the only way they could stand in the way of the overall trade package. which democrats have a lot of concerns about. so today republicans separated it out they got rid of the workers and they just voted. on the fast track trade, and a hand full of democrats who are pro trade, be uh this core group voted against it. the democrat of the house calling this a stale and old
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argument. and we also heard from new jersey democrat bill summing up this feeling that it is deja vu all over again. but today this bill, to provide tax fairness for our law enforcement officers has been twisted. diminished to convene in a vehicle to run through fast track. >> this now goes over to the senate, we will see if the senate is willing to split up fast track trade authority out of this workers assistance, democrats will have a lot of problems with that, the question is can they do some more training and get a promise that that workers assistant bill can be brought up at a later date. >> the president has a long way to go on this. how unusual is that kind of a
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fight. >> it is pretty unusual. we have heard republicans talking about how they are happy to be working with president obama on this one that's because their interests are aligned. not a typical scenario here in washington, and we can can see the democrats who are liberal, democrats who are in favor of unions the ones that are feeling left out in the cold, now speaker boehner addressed this question today about whether or not they are learning something through this process. take a look. >> describe proas of what has gone on in the last few weeks as close to bizarre. i don't think i have learned anything from it. >> and bizarre tony, because the house speakser not in a position of appraising president obama and now the president has been working the phones been taking personal meetings he was here in the capitol grounds last friday, trying to get democratic support that strategy hasn't worked so now they are trying a different avenue, the question is can
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this trade bill get any further before congos on it's fourth of july recess which is right around the corner. >> all right libby casey for us, libby, thank you the supreme court has ruled that license plates are in fact government speech in a 5-4 decision, the justices said texas can refuse to issue certain vanity plates. it was in a battle over the rights of states states to let drivers choose specialty license plates. mow the group says the plates are a celebration of independence and texas deemed the plates offensive jonathon has more on the controversial that led to the decision. >> exercising the right to free speech, verses what others call offensive. >> white power. >> and even hateful. the latest battles about what
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can appear on your license plate, this plate featuring a con fed rate battle flag is at the center of the case. >> different courts have come to different conclusions about how much freedom the authors of specialty places are permitted turn first amendment. >> the organization, the suns of con fed rate veterans proposed the design, but saying that many people found the flag offensive. at the part of the issue is free speech. >> the question in this case is whether a specialty plate that is designed by a private person, but approved by the government counts as private speech, or government speak. >> the state is violating it's first amendment rights. attorney r james george representing the sownes told the court i just don't think the government can discriminate based on content. the group says texas has a history of honoring vets. it is a state holiday in
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texas, falling on january 19th, the birthday of general robert e. lee but texas general contends the state makes the plates and owns them. so these plates are government speech, and aren't protected by the first amendment. texas has it's name on every license plate, and car owners remain free to express any message they wish by attaching bumper sticks. >> specialty plates are big business for texas. bringing in over $17 million last year. the state has approved over 400 different messages from fight terrorism, to choose life. the real question is whether it -- texas really has to allow every license plate and so at the oil argument, a bunch of examples. would you have to have a license plate that says jihad. a license plate with a swastica, and the challengers said yes you would have to allow all of those.
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and that's a prospect that troubles a lot. >> financial turmoil, greece has just two weeks to reach a deal with it's creditors we will explain what that means for the rest of us that's next. why the pontiff is asking the 1.2 billion catholics to be morally responsible when it comes to our common home.
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>> talking about managing expectations, lowers expectations to nothing, what is this even before the meeting that a deal is unlikely? >> exactly. and it is crunch time now, make no mistake. now, cue the finger pointing between greece and it's
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european creditors over who is to blame for the impasse to unfreeze $8 billion in bail out funds greece needs that money now the imf piled the pressure on, saying it would consider greece in h default if it failed to make a $1.8 billion payment on time meanwhile demonstrators took to the streets wednesday urging their government to hold the line on new pension cuts and tax hikes europe is demanding in exchange for a deal. now the demonstrations came the same day as the central bank urged the government of prime minister, to accept europes conditions warning that the country can crash out of the euro zone and possibly leave the european union if it defoughts on it's debt. but there are no indications that sip press is going to and instituting catastrophic austerity measures. now this has hammered the
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markets and greece has rushed to withdraw the savings but make no mistake the fall out of a greek default could stretch beyond greece and europe appoint underscore yesterday by fed share who warned that the global economy could experience significant disruptions if the creditors fail to reach a deal. there are a i have key meeting of european leaders all eyes are now shifting to that, but it is absolutely crunch time, the i.m.f. has definitely put the pressure on. >> patty appreciate it, thank you. a world price have climbed back to months of decline but they are still far below previous years that has had a big impact on economies. one example is the canadian province of alberta.
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it is struggling with a lack of jobs and business. an empty factory now with prices low, welcome everybody has been layed out there will be no one here at all. >> very disappointed i guess to have all of that growth, chopped off just right at the knees here, just when things were getting good, we were getting a good reputation, and we had a very good crew at the local food bank, it is certainly busy, they are worried that donated supplies won't match demand all because unemployment is growing in an area that had too many jobs and not enough workers. here yes 80% of our clients are clients that have been layed off. everybody that was coming to us has been layed off. >> more than 30,000 have lost
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jobs already, more are expected even if prices continue to stabilize and here is part of the impact, an election in early may brought a landslide victory for the socialist new democratic party surprise end the 44 years of conservative government in what has always been the most business friendly province. >> if you look at alberta's history, one thing stands out when there have been changes and even when there have been periods in which there was more political unrest, with say the rise of an opposition party, those do tend to correlate with economic hard times and that usually means low oil prices. >> oil is more than just a main stay, through boom and bust, it is part of the heritage. commemorated here at the site of the first strike in 1947. >> this' both concern about a
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declining economy, and relentless optimism that oil prices will rise again, good times will return, as they have before but we know that once again this will change. it is just a matter of timing. >> low prices don't stop or even slow the extraction of oil, whether it is the tar sands of the north or conventional wells. company pros deuce more to keep their cash flow up, the reliance some say overreliance on this controversial resource, isn't going to change any time soon. daniel lack, al jazeera. >> the faa can soon be making a final decision on drones officials say the agency expects to finalize regulations by this time next year the rules would likely only apply to local flights. the burger chain known for
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super sizing is now slimming down. mcdonned thats says lit close more restaurants than it opens. that is the first time it has down sized since 1970, mcdonalds currently has more than 14,000 stores across the country. the vatican has published pope francis' letters on the environment. now the head of the church is taking the view that humans are behind climate change and government should do more. reports from the value can on how the prayers of environmentalists have been answered. pope francis called for dramatic changes in lifestyle, and consumption to prevent what he called the
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urn precedenteddy traction of the ecosystem. and accusing governments of not doing enough to tackle the problem. the pope's unprecedented stance is announced as prayers to environmentalists. >> it is important that the pope says climate change carries an ethical and moral burden. we agree, it is an ethical issue because it effects the poor, who are also those that bear less responsibility, the pope's call for action will have an impact on the 1.2 billion catholics around the world, but we also hope that it will push politician to act while pope francis based the conclusions by the finding of the international community, the vatican claims it was among the first to belief that global warming is caused by humans. the vaticans academy f osciences was the first exclusive scientific academy in the world they say we
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follow what the american scientists are saying, but it is us, who first claim in the 1990s that the disproportionate use of fossil fuel caused climate change. the vatican is trying to set an example, by aiming at becoming the first carbon neutral state. not an impossible task for thele thattest state in the world with no industries. ironically, it pollutes the most on the day the new poll is elected. >> a nonprofit organization even released a hollywood style launch prayer. in it, the pope fights big oil and gas corporations.
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now the real pope has been urged to use his power of persuasion, to make the world a cleaner place. a u.s. bill will feature a woman. the treasury secretary says the new bill will include the image of someone who has contributed and represents the values of america democracy, the government is asking the people for input as to who that work should be. still ahead a look at today's top story, an emotional statement from president obama on the deadly shooting. a church in charleston south carolina.
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surprise us... >> wow, these are amazing... >> techknow, where technology meets humanity! only on al jazeera america 21-year-old dylan was caught across the border.
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the massive man hunt looking for him, and the emanuel a. m.e. church in charleston, police say he sat with the prayer group at the church's wednesday night bible study for about an hour and then opened fire. the justice department has opened a hate crime investigation, earlier president obama with the vice president spoke about the charleston shooting here is what he had to say. >> this morning i spoke with joe rielly and other leaders of carlton so expressed our deep sorrow over the senseless murders last night. michelle and i know several members of the church. we knew their pastor who along with eight others gathered in prayer and fellowship, and was murdered
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last night. to say our thoughts and prayers are with them and their families and their community, cupn't say enough to convey the heartache sadness, and anger that we el foo. any death of this sort is a tragedy. any shooting involving multiple victims is a tragedy. there is something particularly heartbreaking about death happening in a place in which we seek solace. and we seek peace. in a place of worship. mother emanuel is more than a church, this is a place of
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worship that was founded by african-americans seeking liberty. s? a church can that was burned to the ground because the worshiperring worked to end slavery. there were laws banning all black services they conducted service homicide secret. when there was a nonviolent movement to bring our country with our highest ideals. this is a sacred place. many the history of charleston, and in the history of america. the fbi is now on the scene. with local police, and more of the bureaus best are on the way to join them. the attorney general has announced plans for the fbi to open a hate crime investigation, we understand that the suspect is in
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custody, and i'll let the best of law enforcement do it's work to make sure that justice is served. >> until the investigation is complete unnecessarily constrained in terps of talking about the details of the case. but i don't need to be constrained about the emotions that the tragedies like this raise i have had to make statements like this too many times. we don't have all the facts but we do know that once again, innocent people were killed in part, because someone who wanted to imflick harm, has no trouble getting their happens on a gun. mow is the time for mourning and el haing let's be clear at some point, we as a country, will have to reckon with the fact that this tight of mass violence does not happen in other advanced
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countries. it doesn't happen with this kind of frequency and it is in our power to do something about it. i say that recognizing, a lot of those avenues right now. >> all right, i will be back with more from the tragic shooting in south carolina, tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, we have of course team coverage for you with our robert gray on the ground, and guests providing context and incites and of course stay tuned for our continuing coverage all afternoon here on al jazeera. that's all of our time, the news continues next, live from london. in new york.
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello, i'm lauren and this is the news hour live from london and coming up and dylann roof was charged with killing nine people in south carolina and has expressed his anger. >> at some point we rz an as a country will have to recon with a fact this type of violence doesn't happen in other advanced countries. >> displaced by war in prosecution of almost 60 million