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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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that narcan may be safe and effect difficult. that means that something is at work, and the risk is so great policy makers think they can't take the risk. >> remarkable story. thank you for joining us. that is the show for today. thank you for joining us. [ ♪ ] warm welcome. pope francis immensely popular but sometimes polarizing begins a pilgrimage to the united states state visit - china's presidentin arrives to meet with president obama and top officials, reassuring everyone that china said economy is strong. >> widening scandal. this is a comprehensive fraud
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that i have seen in the united states. the world's top selling automaker engulfed in a crisis after making millions of cars that test, clean, but drive dirtedy. >> backing down, a backlash causes a drug company to scrap plans to raise the cost of the pill by 5,000%. good evening, i'm antonio mora. >> this is al jazeera america. tonight - pope francis is on american soil for the first time. the pontive arrived, greeted pay president obama and vice president joe biden. the pope will visit the white house and lead prayers and finishing the day with the first canonization mass. john terrett joins us now. a lot of people are excited about this. in washington, and around the country. >> absolutely. >> it's been quite the day today
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with his arrival. pope francis's visit, of course, long anticipated, now at last he's here, and just in the first few minutes on u.s. soil, there were first and plenty of symbolism too cheers for the pope as he steps off for a welcome in mary lands. the first time pope francis set foot on u.s. soil. his visit got under way with another first. president obama and first lady michelle obama, and vice president and his wife jill on hand. never before has a sitting president and vp been at andrews air force base together to great an incoming dignatory. the scene witnessed by nearby bleaches from guests from the archdiocese from washington d.c. pope francis arrived from cuba,
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wrapping up a visit with mass at a kooth eid ral -- cathedral in san diego. he had a message for families. >> translation: without family, the warmth of a home, life is empty, we feel the lack of networks that support us in our diversity. back at joint base andrews, another first. pope francis squeezed into the back of a modest car, a black fiat 500, hardly a limo, the image showing his humble approach to the papacy. in his time in the united states, the pope addresses congress on thursday. the united nations on friday. and will celebrate masses in washington, new york and philadelphia. for his first evening he chose a quiet night at home. in part to avoid disturbing the hole yesterday of the year in the jewish calendar. >> and tomorrow, after that rest, pope francis meets president obama for one on one talks in the white house, and the set piece is he'll celebrate
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mass at the basilica at the national shrine of the emaculate conception, up at capitol hill in washington d.c., the first ever canonization in the u.s. then we roll on to new york. >> the pope's desire to be close to his flock creates security nightmares for those charged with producting him. federal, state and local laws are working together to keep him safe. >> u.s. officials say this may be the largest security operation in american history. as you know pope francis is known as the people's pope, and that's the reason it makes it hard to protect him. he likes to get out, mix and ming. that is why he's a security nightmare. this is what makes protecting pope francis such a challenge. his habit of breaking away from his security detail to be with the people. on his visit to the u.s. the
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vatican security force, the swiss guard will be beefed up by a battery of u.s. agencies coordinated by the secret service. the pontiff begins a tour in washington d.c., where streets within a 3-block radius will be shut down for the pope's speech to congress. after a file he travels to new york city. thouns ands are preparing for the visit and the u.n. secretary general assembly. >> we believe this will be the largest challenge that the department and city faced. in addition to the pope, we'll have 170 confirmed rural leaders in this city during the period of time of the general assembly. that's 90% of the rural leaders in the city at one time. >> major streets will be shut down during the tour, and the pontiff will not ride around in the pope-mobile, but will cruise
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in a modified jeep wrangler. the last city he'll visit is california, where he'll draw a crowd of 1.5 million for the festival of families. security fences are up, and surveillance in place. every tool available is being used. philadelphia is the venue where there will be the most people, a venue where if things go wrong, it will be here, because there's going to be millions of individuals. >> in all three cities the federal aviation administration is restricting the air space and banning drone flights. anyone hoping to get close to the pope will have to leave the selfie stick at home. pope francis wants to stop the motorcade and mix and mingle with people on the streets. they'll set up security here in new york, for people screened for weapons and explosives can gather and interact with the pope when he stones the
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motorcade. he has a whirlwind agenda. let me rattle it off. he'll be at st. patrick's, all the way uptown to harlem, downtown to central park through to madison square garden for a mass on friday. >> thank you. >> richard g scott, a high-ranging leader in the church of jesus christ of latter day saints had died. he decide in salt lake city from natural causes. he served for 17 years as a member of the powerful governing body. they are revered as profits by 15 million mormons worldwide. he's the third member of the quorum to die. the leadership void in the church is described as the worst in more than 100 years. >> the scandal surrounding volkswagen is growing. the company admitted it desiffed customers and authorities with software designed to cheat on
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emissions test. 11 million diesel engine vehicles worldwide may be aspected. lisa stark has more. >> translation: are outrage growing, the head of volkswagen, the top selling car company issued a video apology. c.e.o. martin winterkorn said the deception violates everything volkswagen stands for adding "i'm endlessly sorry." martin winterkorn promised a quick and thorough investigation to uncover how far vw would uncover software allowing them to cheat, turning on emission controls when the vehicles are tested, turning them off when cars are on the road. the result, vw's 4 cylinder engines, spewed up to 40 times the allowable nitrogen oxide, a pollutant into the air. >> this is a scandal that not only cheated consumers, but
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harmed the environment. consumers took the anger to the internet. as a long-standing vw owner, this makes me sick. another complaint - vw made the cars test clean. as a vw owner, i can't express my outrage. >> eric, a crisis management consultant says the company needs to act fast. the problem that's happening is there's an element of premed face and mellay. this didn't happen by accident. in our business it's a character crisis. it's a legal crisis for the company. two class action suits have been find. the u.n. attorney launched a criminal investigation, so, reportedly has the u.s. department of jurisdiction. the environmental protection agency did its probe and could fine the company $18 billion. tyson slocum a consumer advocate
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believes it does not go far enough. >> reporter: should someone go to slal. >> absolutely, this is a comprehensive and complex fraud that i have seen in the united states. >> other countries, france and south korea are looking into whether volkswagen diesel engine with the deceptive technology violated their regulations on capitol hill, a committee is promising a hearing into the scandal. no doubt the first of many. meanwhile owners of the vehicles, the vw jetta, beatle, golf, and the aurdy a -- audi a 3 have been told to sit tight until volkswagen comes up with a fix. >> lisa stark in washington. >> today the european union approved a plan to relocate 120,000 refugees across 28 countries, it's an effort to show unity in the face of the largest in decades, while relieving some of the pressure
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on countries like italy and greece, that had been flooding with asylum seekers in recent months. >> the biggest solution would be a peaceful situation in the country of origin, that is something that we strive for. we are realistic enough not to see it as a short-term solution. we have better refugee shelters in the region. >> four former soviet block nations. czech republic, hungary, slovakia oppose the plan. finla finland ab stained. e.u. leaders will continue discussions on how to implement the plan a 50 fold price hike on a drug has a pharmaceutical company in retreat. it sheets light on drug makers doing the same with other medations. >> another head of state arrives. what china's president has planned for his visit and why
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he's spending some in the pacific north-west.
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>> i died and came back to life... but yet still wanted to get high. >> i have prostituted. >> for drugs? >> for drugs, yeah. >> we're dealing with the worst drug epidemic in united states' history. >> she said "dad, please don't leave me here". i said "honey, i don't have any choice". china's president xi jinping arrived in the u.s. for his first state visit. earlier this evening he spoke to
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top corporate leaders in seattle and emphasised china's commitment to maintaining relationship with the u.s., and called for more trust and less suspicion between the two nations. he indicated a willingness to work with the u.s. on cyber security issues. xi jinping will meet with president obama later this week. allen schauffler joins us now from seattle with more on xi jinping's visit there. protesters outside after all these hours? > that's right, they are wrapping up behind us a small group from the larger gathering that we saw through the day and most of the night. we expect to see more than that. president xi jinping will be busy with a focus on high tech partners chps and trade. >> reporter: chinese president xi jinping is headed to washington d.c. and high level talks with president obama, his
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first official state visit to the u.s. he'll meet with members of congress and address the united nations. he'll first spend three days in seattle area, meeting with business leaders. the former ambass disor to china served under president obama. >> there's a through of $1.5 billion of goods and services flow every day. millions of jobs depends on that trade. >> his only scheduled public policy speech is tuesday night. today we have come toal historical juncture. let us work together to bring about a better future fewer china-u.s. relations. to the two people and the well being of the people, the world over. >> american tech firms are looking for assurances of doing
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business with chinese without cost interference. >> a concern about cyber security, lack of a level playing field in china. discrimination against foreign firms, and the lack of a rule of law. and inadequate protections of our intellectual property or trade secrets. >> xi jinping is the fourth consequtive chinese leader to visit the north-west. long time tech writer and ccurrent seattle times columnist sees the area as a stop over. >> they want to encourage entrepreneurs to build companies that drive in china and internationally. what better examples than to come top seattle, looking at microsoft and starbucks and boeing. >> it will be a host landing in the west before substantive talks and a harder line back east.
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>> we are we preparing a number of measures that will indicate to society that this is not just a matter of us being mildly upset, but is something that will put significant strains on the bilateral relationships. >> it's a good cop, bad cop situation. good cop here, talking about entrepreneurialism. and good relationships, talking about trade relationships, and hopefully president obama will play the bad cop. and will take a firmer line. >> the visit at a time china is flexing its military muscle and solidify territorial claims in the south china sea. those issues, cyber security and trade expected to be on the agenda when the two presidents meet. tomorrow the chinese president will tour a manufacturing plant of bowings, and see how jet airplanes are made north of seattle. he will gather with high tech leaders from america and china at microsoft. >> thank you. just as the chinese president headed to the u.s. china
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arrested an american citizen, accusing her of spying. sandy has been in detention for six months. she was placed into custody in march when in china for business. the houston representative was travelling with a trade group from her city. she wasn't formally arrested until sunday. the white house said it is disconcerting that inquiries into this case are unanswered. >> touring pharmaceuticals said it will lower the price of a drug for severe infection in responds to outrage over a price increase. the c.e.o. made the announcement earlier today and game under fire on monday after the company jacked up the price of a drug. the wost went from the 1350 to 750 per pill. 5,000% increase. they are yet to announce the new price. joining us, the chief of the
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subdivision of infectious diseases from the school of medicine at mt sinai. the increase of price cam as a surprise when hospitals and pharmacies tried to order it. >> that's right. thank you for having me. i became aware of this when my hospital pharmacist went to reorder and essentially hour line of president was not lining up. normally what you do is you have a purchase order, and it was up 5,000%. >> you simply didn't have a line of credit to cover the huge increase of cost when it's that kind of money per pill. i understand how supply and demand works. there's danger if you are dealing with a drug that is effective or the only treatment for a condition. is there no consumer protection for price gouging? >> there actually is not in the united states. we really do not have strict drug pricing regulations like
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they have in canada and throughout europe, that they can negotiate and, you know, set a sfarned price. so -- standard price. essentially people can increase it here, because they can. >> the company c.e.o. argues that cher making no -- they are making no money, and some profits will be used to develop better treatments. does he have a point? >> well, i think there is two perspectives on this. one is it's true that companies spend tens of millions of dollars doing research and development, and yet they have to regain costs. but that is a new drug development. in this situation you have, you know, old medication that's been around since 1953. it's been effective, and there is no change, and i'm unaware of any other time that we have actually inflated the prices on the people who currently are
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treated, and a promise of investing in something. >> to your point. it's been around for decades. it could be manufactured in generic form. is there a danger of regulating prices, discouraging manufacturers from making existing drugs that are not profitable. >> i think, again. you are overinflating a drug that you are making for penny, and charging, you know - if you think about this, a month's supply for a patient is $60,000 a month. >> incredible. a person going on for eight months at least. some patients going on life-long suppression, i don't see where that type of profit is actually helping anyone. >> this is not a unique case. there's a number of other case, one that i found striking is an
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antibiotic that has been around for 50 years, seen as an essential medication for the world health organisation, and went from $20 a bottle in 2013 to almost 1900 a year later. it happens with a drug like that, that is widely used, the consequences could be devastating. >> well, absolutely. i mean, if all the companies increase prices pon generic-type drugs that cost pennies to manufacture, health care will be unobtainable for the large portion of society. the bottom line is who is paying for this. many of the patients, for them, are ln federally and state-assisted programs. ultimately it's the taxpayers that are paying for this. >> dr judith. thank you, appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. have a good night. >> you too.
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>> democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton ended her silence on the keystone xl pipeline saying she is against it. she refused to take a position because she did not want to interfere with white house negotiations over the project. today she said she decided to go public because debate was becoming a distraction to larger efforts to fight climate change. democratic activists are against the project. >> pope francis has been an outspoken supporter of migrants rights. a group of women finished a 100 mile march to washington to lend support to the pope's message. their story is next.
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pope francis begins his first historic visit it the u.s. arriving at andrew's air base, many hope the pope will use the visit to speak with the nation's leaders and speak out about
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issues like immigration. 100 women, 100 miles are among the group, the members working from new york pennsylvania to the capital to call attention to the broken immigration system. jonathan betz has more from washington. >> reporter: in front of the basilica where pope francis will canonize an 18th century spanish missionary, activists urged help for the struggling immigrants. over the past week, 100 women marched 100 miles, arriving in washington d.c. at the same time as the pope. to echo his message of tolerance for america's undocumented workers. >> we have the right to live in this country with dignity, and with our families, like every other single human being. >> the first latin american pope backed migrant's rights cross the world and is aspected to encourage congress to pass
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reform in the u.s. something that they said they need. as one of the country's 11 million people that came illegally. >> i don't have the resources to go to college. i have not finished my bachelor's, doesn't mean i will stop. that passion kept her marching for seven straight days. women bound by common stories. this woman came to the u.s. illegally as a child, buts built a life outside philadelphia, something she worried she'd lose when her undocumented husband was arrested. he was released, but could be deported. >> my hope, my faith in god. never ever ever lost. >> it's that hope that pushes the women now, as they end a long journey to see his holiness, with their bodies weary, but their faith strong a washington d.c. soup kitchen is on the pope's
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itinerary during the visit. he'll be the guest of honour on thursday, and a team of cooks has been working hard to prepare a special meal. catholic charities serve more than 4 million meals, this one is special. >> definitely puts the jitters in he a little bit. at the end of the day i believe that it's going to be a meal he loves. >> i'm excited. the level of excitement and beyond a 10. i'm excited. this puts the frosting on the cake. >> in case you are wondering the menu includes terry arky chicken, green beans, carrot and pasta salad a judge ruled the "happy birthday" song is not protected by copyright. happy birthday to you is the world's most popular song. the music group had been charge the royalties on public performances for decades, a film-maker challenged warner's ownership rights while making a
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documentary about the origins of the song. the judge ruled the authors, two sisters never registered a copyright. warner has been collecting $2 million in royalties every year. i'm antonio mora, thanks for joining us, goodnight. . >> after break towns in trust between police and the public special commissions study the problems and try to recommend solution, that was the case in ferguson, missouri after the killing of michael brown by a white police officers. conceding from the get go that talking about race makes people uncomfortable the commission says honesty confronting the problems was the only way forward. and it issued its report. what does it recommend, and will anyone listen. fixing ferguson is "inside story".


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