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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 4, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a second stabbing attack in jeruss israel bans more plns from the s from the occupied old city. >> from al jazeera a's headquarters in doha, i'm sami zeidan. the search for survivors in guatemala. a landslide kills 85. lust. >> these are some of the most intense rapid anywhere in the
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world. for a few short weeks here, people come to risk their lives. i'm gabrielle elizondo, coming up. >> israeli security forces are restricting access to jerusalem's old city after two separate attacks on citizens. another palestinian killed others in a similar attack. mike ha hanna joins us. are the restrictions working? >> well, clearly, the violence we have seen overnight and in
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recent days if not weeks, might show that the restrictions do not work as a solution around the conflict of the al-aqsa mosque compound and the old city as a whole, access to the whole of the old city being blocked to most people, particularly muslims, those who actually do want to pray, well, there's a restriction there, as well. only people over the age of 50 are to enter the al-aqsa mosque compound and not through the normal route, the damascus gate, but through the lion gate. we are told at the arab list at the lions gate, that some who were over 50 were not allowed into the al-aqsa mosque compound. so clearly, these restrictions being imposed are sometimes imposed somewhat arbitrarily,
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and in answer to your question, the violence we are seeing makes it clear they are not a solution to the ongoing crisis. >> the israeli prime minister under more pressure to get tougher. what's ton table. >> he is due to be back within coming hours, we are told he will meet with his security personnel immediately upon return. there won't be a full meeting of the security cabinet until the holiday ends at sunset tomorrow evening. but meanwhile, benjamin netanyahu has had severe criticism from the opposition, saying he can't handle the crisis, and the justice minister in an interview with israeli television before the current round of conflict, says the government is failing ocurb what
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she calls terror. a source close to him says yes, there will be restrictions taken after the violence of the last few days. he has called upon all israelis not to take the law into their own hands to allow the israeli army and the police to do their work, sami. >> all right, air strike on a loss in the afghan city of kunduz could be a possible war crime. the u.s. led coalition in afghanistan has confirmed an air strike happened near the hospital. it's launched an investigation, 19 were killed. live south of kunduz city and so any answers to the question, of away whwhy this hospital were hn its coordinates were known? >> no answers yet. all we are hearing from
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americans that they are going to launch a serious investigation. now some are witnessing a heartbreaking scene, two boys 12 and seven, two brothers that they survived from the bombing of the hospital. the two boys were injured on the first day of fighting by artillery. then they moved to the hospital of borders without doctor. they were telling us it was like a doomsday for them. they were telling us it was not once or twice bombing, it was constantly until morning. they survived because their father took the two boys from the bed and hide under a table somewhere and now they're moved here. now the president of america, president obama and the commander of nato and american forces in afghanistan, offered
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their condolences, whether this family will forgive them or not is the question. >> lot of different reports going on who is in control there. >> heavy fighting is still going on in kunduz, in an area surrounded the center of the residential area, around the center of kunduz. we talked with the government officials as well as the taliban, the taliban fighting in the area around kunduz city, the residential area. now the afghan government officials tell us they are trying to move slowly towards any casualties. the government officers also complaining of lack of coordination, leadership among afghan security forces but the heavy fighting is still going on. >> keis, what is the
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humanitarian situation like for those who must be trapped in the fighting in kunduz? >> we spoke to the only medical facility in kunduz, there are only five nurses, for 300 patients, they are asking for administer surgeons in the hospital, they are asking for medicine, shortage of medicine, overloaded they say, talked with one of the nurses he said over 500 patients and only three nurses there to deal with them. we talked with the visitors who are stuck in their homes. they are telling us that many injured and dead bodies, they cannot move through hospital because there is not a set front line there. one street is controlled by taliban, other street is controlled by afghan security forces. heavy bombardment, artillery
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used by both side, shortage of food shortage of water, lack of electricity is the problem they are facing here. they are saying that living in kunduz city is impossible for them. they don't know what to do. the road behind me is the highway from kabul to kunduz. we have seen hundreds of families, those that can afford to leave they have left already. they tell us the rent of a car, hiring a car to get out of kunduz city is very expensive. only those who are able to afford are able to leave but many are still stuck in their home. >> kais hazimi thanks for that. hundreds are missing and many are dead, after a massive landslide in guatemala.
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from tsa katarin santa katalina, david mercer. >> all they found were lifeless bodies. a hard reality for many years e-year. >> translator: six of my family members are missing. they are buried under 15 meters of dirt. >> reporter: following nearly constant rain. many did not escape.
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>> translator: my neighbor's house was there, along this edge, when it was hit, everything was pushed back two meters. they haven't found any survivors. >> heavy machinery was brought in by the automate, and more than 1600 volunteers were brought in to help search for survivors. every few minutes, everyone stops to check if they layer noises of survivors. they are running out of hope. they could suspend the operation once the rain begins again. >> translator: we can see that the hill opposite the slide also runs the risk of a landslide and on the side that already collapsed there is a friar that could bring odown more earth. some say this was a disaster
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that were foretold. they were warned this was a risk zone and no one should be living the. david mercer, al jazeera, santa katarina pinula. >> russia says it's targeted nine positions held by i.s.i.l, including its main stronghold, rak cea province. raqqa province. rejected a u.n. initiative to get all sides of the conflict
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talking. zeina khodr has more. >> u.s. president barack obama is calling the air strikes a recipe for disaster. urging the russian government to stop attacking troops in options to the syrian government. facing way to political talks sphwhrp there is no incentive 94 as a result many rm and no s announced that the warring sides were not holding rare show of united nations, the image ma opposition i in exile, it is
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demanding the international community makes it clear the head of the syrian government is not given a role in the transitioning processing. are full transfer of for minimum triz snooungs institutions cannot be partly of the opposition army. the opposition tells us they do not reject a political solution, they just believe it's a waste of time to engage in what they call brainstorming. they are ready to join the geneva 3 peace conference but government holding over power and not in their words reproducing the geem, no mood to compromise. it will not many accept bashar r al-assad's turning over of power as a position of talks. can demanding international allies show seriousness.
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>> we need to have a coalition. at the time be arab, turkey and the international community to stand up to this aggression. >> reporter: the u.s. and western countries have voiced concerns that wors a words that have little effect on the ground. zeina khodr, al jazeera, beirut. >> stay with us, still to come, a modern day zorro. mexico's endemic organized crime. plus, j.p.'s olympics committee insist the 2020 games are underway despite dispute over design.
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>> welcome back. let's recap our headlines here on al jazeera now. israeli police have restricted access for palestinians to the old city in east jerusalem after two attacks. a palestinian who stabbed an israeli teenager has been killed by police. another man shot hours earlier carried out a similar attack which left two israelis dead. suspected u.s. air strike on a hospital in kunduz could be a war crime. at least 85 people have been killed in a landslide in guatemala. hundreds are still missing in the town southeast of the
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capital, guatemala city. >> at least ten people have died in flooding leadership the french riviera. more than 27,000 homes have lost electricity. some people drown in a retirement home when the river brague burst its banks. kii kirgestan's interim government brought in proportional representation to ensure a fairers distribution of power. many candidates are aligned with parties now vying for a share of the 120 seats in parliament.
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stk is predicted to gain the largest section of the vote. the government has brought in a new electronic system. some people may not be able to cast their ballot at all. robin forester walker is in the capital. >> biometric voter registration, i detect a degree of excitement. lots of people queuing to come in, get their fingerprint recognition, they can pick up their ballot, do the usual registration here, mark their ballot and then is post in the ballot box. gone are the ballot boxes, we have a system that reads it and
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collects it at the same time. it's only been introduced just over a year ago, and lots of people haven't had sometime oar wanted to submit their biometric data. there could be as much as a million voters throughout that are unable ocast their ballots today, especially migrant neighbors in places like russia. those who do come out and vote have the big issues in their mind, how to solve this country's problems of age old corruption. >> polls are open in portugal, voters have the choice of giving soicialists thsocialists a chang ruling coalition to the vote. bailout from eu and imf.
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jaime valdez rodriguez challenging the political elite. >> his nickname is el bronco, which roughly translates into untameable. jaime rodriguez's heroes are zorro and the lone ranger. prosperous border state of nuevo leon, getting himself elected as the first ever independent governor. >> people wanted to know how we managed to defeat the system and i tell them we were characters of star wars, defeating the empire with a legion of citizens
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who organized. it made them more powerful than their political parties. >> a social conservative who curses and rarely takes off his cowboy boots. rodriguez belonged to mexico's most powerful and long serving party, pri for 33 years until he resigned a year ago to run as an independent. winning against all odds to take off the governor opposite office. as mayor of garcia on the outskirts of monterey, the mayor took on corrupt police with a network of citizen informants who reported criminal activities on the associate networks. >> i'm addicted to facebook. people tell me their rights to be angry.
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>> reporter: at his home in garcia, he shows us the picture of his 22-year-old son who died after being kidnapped by drug cartel. as governor he continues the use social medisocial networks. >> i have a network of 78,000 volunteers on the web. only i manage it. only i yello control it. all of them will monitor the government including the public servants including me. >> reporter: some describe rodriguez as a naive eccentric with an oversized ego. yet in nuevo leon, they see him as a leader of a new movement. lucia newman, al jazeera, nuevo
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leon, mexico. are two time champions destroyed england 33-13 in switzerland. a australia secured their spots in the quarter finals. wales have also qualified. preparations to host the summer olympics in japan continue to run into problems. after the original stadium design was ditched due to spierltinspiraling costs. robert mechanic bride explains from tokyo. >> organizers are still dealing with the international embarrassment of scrapping the original plans. likened by some to a joint cycling helmet, by others to a turtle or even a toilet seat it was cancelled because of costs.
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but some members of the architectural community do not agree with the way it was handled. >> translator: it still hasn't been explained why it was scrapped especially after such a major competition. for all that work to be wasted is such a shame. >> reporter: the olympic organizers insist the 2020 games are still on track. >> there is no delay in the games preparations except for the emblems. >> reporter: now hanging in their offices the logo that was used in the bidding process are not that other emblem. the controversy over the stadium come amid the problem of the symbol of the game itself. the original emblem had to be withdrawn and in controversy of
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what should take its place. a creative list of suggests. designer takauchi is somewhat of an emblem expert. >> in the from the 1960s to the 1980s, the designs were simple. then became more organic. the tokyo emblem didn't like like the newer ones. we should not make one that the people don't love. >> we'll make the process as open as possible and transparent as possible. >> reporter: with the new stadium design and a new logo for the tokyo olympics, organizers are hoping to have a new start. rob mcbride, al jazeera, toky
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tokyo. it's considered the most daunting rapts. gabrielle elizondo reports. >> with paddles in hand they are geared up to face one of the world's wildest rivers. it's the gauley and it is particularly ferocious because for six weeks every fall flood gates of a nearby dam are opened wide acknowledge sending a huge amount of water gushing down the river. >> it makes the rapids really optimal for white water rafting. >> they came all the way from the u.k. >> for the challenge for the thrill. >> a few minutes in and the force of the gau gauley gauley e evidence. every paddle stroke is critical. they make it out.
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but there's more to come. rapids are ranked based on their difficulty, 1 being the easiest, 5 being the most difficult. here on the gauley there are 14 class 4 rapt 4 rapids and six c. they say it's the ten most exhilarating rapids than anywhere in america. >> it doesn't always go as planned. in the last ten years 14 people have died on the gauley. but there have been no fatalities in the last two years. they say the guides are the key to safety. >> with every company on this river, these guys are highly trained. they know this river backwards and forwards. they are very adept at reading
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water. when situations change they can adapt to it. >> for thrill seekers it's easy why so many choose the gauley. the river is more than 41 kilometers long, 100 rapids in all. they tie break and it's all smiles. >> on a river where the only guarantee is that everyone will get wet. gabriel elizondo, al jazeera, on the gauley river in west virginia. >> the u.s. space agency nasa has put more than 8,000 photographs taken by apollo astronauts from the moon online. taken during the mission he of the 1960s and 70s. every photograph taken on the
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lunar surface can be interviewed. candid photographs of astronauts shaving o in space on the moon. if you want more information, go to >> i'm russell beard in northern kenya where local hero martin wheeler is taking elephant conservation to new heights. >> i'm jasmeen qureshshi in monterey bay california where researchers have discovered that sea otters may play a key role in revitalizing our oceans.


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