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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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united nations during the general assembly first session. >> i think i have one of the best jobs in the u.n. more news on the website viewers in the united states - ali velshi "on target", is up next for you. for everyone else, a round up of the international headlines. we just concluded another week of intense political theater in washington, theet theatrics, tripping up and undermining hillary clinton, at the same time clinton's fellow
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democrats fauned praise on the democratic front runner. letting politics get in the committee's real mission to investigate the incident while clinton was secretary of state. we're seeing more drama and theatrics. last week paul ryan, the wiz republican said he didn't want the job. this week ryan changed his tune and said he would consider the spieker's job. he got the closest thing he's going to get from tea partyers, and other gop, a show of supports but not an official endorsement. paul applauded the movements to a unified team. a huge challenge is coming very soon. on november the 3rd, the federal government will hit another debt ceiling.
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it's the moment when the u.s. treasury expects to exhaust special accounting measures designed to keep the country's debt below the legal limit. threaten to do so with complete disregard for economic ripple effects. and again congress is flirting with another possible default regardless of the consequences. a lot of politicians would rather try too damage a presidential contende contender, and a growing number of americans feel all this is more than political theater, it is political tragedy. having said all of that, politics in a democracy is often messy loud and confrontational. so let's start there, here are some of the memorable moments of
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the benghazi hearing, feempg the featuring the testimony of hillary clinton. she acknowledged she was the architect of the policy, but argument over a clinton thread. >> you want to make sure the entire record is correct. do. >> go ahead. >> i want to tell you i move that we put into the record the entire transcript of sydney bloom enthal. let the world see it. >> i second that motion. >> motion is seconded. >> mr. chairman i have discussed this with the parliamentarian, they said we have a right to vote on that motion. we ask for the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. >> i think where the clinton done trick is, for a political win
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for hillary rodham clinton. three times that year before khadafi was killed and turn your attention oother things. i yield back. >> well, congressman, that is only a political statement. >> i don't know what we want from you. do we want to badger you over and over again until you get tired until we get the gotcha moment he is talking about? we are better than that. we are so much better. we oar better country and we are better than using taxpayer dollars. to try destroy a campaign. that's not what america is all about. so you can comment if you like. i just had to get that off my chest. [applause] >> you had two ambassadors that made several, several requests, and here's basically what happened to their requests. they were torn up.
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>> that's just not true congressman. i know that -- >> madam secretary that didn't them. >> al jazeera's libby casey joins us from barn what's been the reaction to both sides of the aisle? >> as trey gowdy the chairman left the marathon 11 hour hearing yesterday, he admitted that the committee didn't learn anything new from hillary clinton. that sums up a lot of what republicans were able to yield from this hearing, david. they may certainly develop some ads or scenes from this in months to come but hillary clinton was the clear winner and she was able to let democrats and republicans duke it out. elijah cuxtio cummings and trey gowdy, while she was able to sit back
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and on the theme of four americans died, i don't want this to happen ever again. she could be a grown up about all of this and i don't think anyone's minds were changed from yesterday's hearing. the if you went into the hearing thinking something shady was happening, that hillary clinton was trying to hide something, you probably still felt that way. but an alleged witch hunt or prosecution of the secretary of state, after 11 hours you still had that perspective. the real question what does it mean for americans who may not know how they feel about hillary clinton now? does it help her to have stayed the course, to have kept her compose your composure and to, that poor lady, the taxi driver who picked me up, that poor lady, that's
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the take away that some people have that only helps hillary clinton david. >> libby what about this country that is facing enormous challenges, the debt ceiling, is there a sense on capitol hill that everybody got the benghazi stuff out of their systems, she got the opportunity she is presidential, and democrats red coould republicans fro ridiculed republicans for having the hearing. >> calling for panel that's investigating benghazi to be disbanded and we've all been watching to see if some of these democratic house members on the committee would threat down. some of them threat.ed to do so which is saying, we don't think
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this panel spending $4.5 million taxpayer dollars is doing anything. they do not want to step down they want to continues to be a presence in their opinion to create some balance on the committee but they are asking republican leadership to stop the committee in its tracks. you won't see that happening any time soon because i think republicans would see that as sort of folding. democrats are still talking about benghazi but you bring up a point, there are battles looming. one month later in december the country has to come up with a budget plan or we risk another shutdown of congress. these are two significant deadlines and between now and those deadlines a new house speaker likely needs to be chosen. paul ryan does seem to have that in the bag although it does seem to be a rocky and unpredictable road to get to the next
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house speaker. we do anticipate a closed door session next wednesday and unless something ruffles the situation, he still inherits the mess john boehner walked away from. how can americans solve this problem of the debt limit and will they be willing to risk the full faith and credit of the united states over a political fight david? much. michael shure joins us from los angeles. let's talk about elections the 2016 kind. you were there on capitol hill, hillary clinton was calm and cool at the hearing. that is a huge contrast from a couple of weeks ago when clinton faced the same questions on the today show and responded to this? >> this committee was set up for the purpose of making a partisan political issue out of the deaths of four americans.
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i would have never done that and if i were president and there were republicans or democrats who were thinking that, i would have done everything to shut it down. >> michael the contrast is remarkable. explain the differences. >> the passion that was shown, she showed the passion in front of the today show cameras, she showed the passion when she first appeared before the committee, talking about what happened in benghazi. but the political calculus, i'm coming off the debate, i was well prepared and calm. do that again and let them look like the prosecutors, let me look like the prosecuted even unfairly so. it worked for her. there is a million calculus that goes into being above the fray. >> a lot of democrats wanted her to take off the heads of some of these republicans, instead she sat back and thought about the bigger picture.
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how with this play with the voters? >> exactly. i mean she is now a candidate. she's much more of a candidate than even she was a month ago. she's running a little bit harder now and she has that momentum coming out of the debate. one of the things that libby said that was really true when she was talking about these democratic members of the committee who stayed on the committee and will be staying with the committee, adam schiff said, one of the purposes of us being there was to support her, to be her sounding board. she didn't have to, she wasn't alone there, she had these panelists to defend her and that's important of what happened there in the dynamic. >> republicans and democrats maybe nobody lost, they had so many republicans and one of them went after hillary clinton the way they did, democrats satisfied with their performance and everybody went back to their
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base and said, we tried. >> you know that remains to be seen david. if you were a republican all the republicans on this panel are republicans from safe districts, mike pompeo, trey gowdy from south carolina they are almost unchallenged at this point all three of them. and yet when you look at the politics for them it's a no brainer but the party politics, the party brand, there are definitely republicans that are upset, republicans in the hallways yesterday who said to me when i was in washington, this isn't playing out the way it does for a party but they have this committee set up and going to go forward with it. there is a lot of reluctance on the part of the republicans doing this kind of a hearing with such a prominent witness. >> wisconsin democrat paul ryan, you had a chance to speak to him a couple of weeks ago and he told you he didn't want the job of house speaker.
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what does it say about his view of trying to govern the house now? >> it was late at night, just after speaker boehner said he wasn't going to remain as speaker, going to resign from congress. i was walking downstairs in the basement of the capital and paul ryan was there, i started walking with him, recording our conversation, and i said, will there be a lyndon johnson like comment? he said i don't want the job, i mean what i say, i don't want to paraphrase, but now he's running for speaker. a lot of politicians make shifts like that. when you are called upon by your party, to run for vice president, even though you said i'll never run for vice president, when you are called in to save face for the party that changes a lot of minds and that's what's happening to paul ryan. >> do you havefully sense that
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from paul ryan he can get the congress to deal with some very big issues like the debt ceiling and the other things that can cause the government shutdown? >> i didn't talk to him about that, but the people who have spoken with him and colleagues of him said that yes is he in fact sure he can do this, he made some demands and it should be noted that even though he got the support completes say of the freedom caucus last night he didn't get their endorsement and didn't get them to say he was going to allow them to eliminate the chair, to eliminate the speaker, he didn't get those demands, interesting to see how ryan deals with not getting the demands he wanted. >> indeed. al jazeera's michael shure, thank you as always, we appreciate it. what exactly was gained from the benghazi hearings, we'll put that to a republican political strategist coming up.
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>> no matter who won or lost at this week's benghazi hearings republicans have long been convinced that the obama administration's libya policy has been a failure and that hillary clinton as the policy architect at the state department deserves the blame. judgment was wrong could be
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crucial for republicans if hillary clinton wins the democratic presidential nomination. in that context the benghazi hearings could be helpful to the gop. joining us is tom daugherty. what do you think? about setting up clinton's judgment for next summer? >> no i don't think so. i think the focus was completely lost on what seemed to be just a political committee. you know on the backdrop of the mccarthy comments a couple of weeks ago, this added nothing new to the conversation. and i think that you know, the way that american politics is laid out over the last couple of months is that people are really tired of the politics of usual. >> but the politics of usual infects most of these hearings. you can look at the way the democrats held the hearings, and how hillary clinton handled the hearing, politics was infused throughout it all. >> no question. but we are focused on these hearings not other hearings and
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the democratic nominee for president 11 hours on tv yesterday. so the fact is that most americans and americans i spoke to this morning you know across party lines said this was a waste of money it's been going on since may of 2014 and as a republican who would not vote for hillary clinton, my judgment is this was not a good day for republicans. >> at the republican national committee, talking to folks over there when hillary clinton is the likely nominee they now have as you pointed out 11 hours about her on the record for benghazi and if she was misleading or false on one little thing they can now argue that they can use that as an attack ad against her reminding them of benghazi and the administration failures. >> the issues are baked. they have a candidate that's flawed,
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untrust worthy and what have you. what we do know is yes, i think congressman duckworth kind of hit it, what should we be doing going forward? you had from ambassador stevens the security issues, those are the things that are focused from. several of those requests they went through appropriate channels but what about the main argument, from the republican colleagues a few years ago, 2012, the obama-biden ticket who's trying to make the claim, we've got al qaeda on the run. then there's benghazi, two months before the election and hillary clinton as we found out yesterday, she told her family this was al qaeda but she was saying publicly like other members of the administration it was this film, it was because of the film this happened it was spontaneous.
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isn't that disconnect get right into the politics republicans feared back in 2012? >> i think that is the one problem she faced yesterday, the problem she told family members, she told the egyptian ambassador this was clearly like an al qaeda like attack and plowed it to go on days after. the argument she will make i wasn't president of the united states, i was towing the party line. that really is a approximate for the obama administration because clearly they misled the american people days before a presidential election. >> that the hearings was a waste, others would agree with you, clearly felt that they needed to pursue this because of their own inter-party politics what's going on in the gop? >> look i'm really hopeful that next week we turn a new page with the speaker ryan. we need to move forward with jobs, the economy, things that really affect the americans on a daily basis. these hearings they have not
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touched the nerve of the american people. they have been going on for a long time. and not touching the nerve of the american people they should have realized move on to something else. >> is there something that might have the same impact in the next presidential election making a fair vigorous debate over hillary clinton's policies at the state department and put that on center stage about she does get the democratic nomination? >> there's no question her record should be scrubbed and scrubbed thoroughly. i just think benghazi based on what we have heard over the last couple of years has not resonated with the american people. she was not president of the united states, she was secretary of state. other ishes issue issues of the amerin people, the gop's got to focus on real issues affecting american people and whether we
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do that i think we'll win the election in 2016. >> thomas daugherty republican political strategist. often not toeing the party line. thanks david. >> here is something you don't hear often, a man of integrity, who may decide hillary clinton's fate, by the way, someone who has got complete integrity in washington, we'll tell you about him coming up. >> governments secretly paying ransoms. >> we were told never to disclose that they actually paid. >> are they saving lives or putting more at risk?
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>> while hillary clinton supporters believe she has regained momentum for the democratic presidential election there is still the potential for trouble stemming from her private e-mail system and server. the fbi is investigating whether clinton or anybody else mishandled classified information. we've now gotten a glimpse of the approach. fbi director james comey refused to coming but underscored his active management of the case. >> this is one i'm following and getting briefed on closely. i'm confident, in the way we do all our work promptly professionally and independently but i don't want to do anything that would compromise my ability to do it that way by commenting
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beyond that. >> promptly professionally and independently. towering independence has long been a hallmark of james comey's career. this person who stands 6'8" doesn't give a lick about politics. at the time in march of 2004 the bush administration was engaged in a secret program, the program was illegal and should not be reauthorizes. well then ashcroft became sick with pa pancreatitis. card and gonzalez trying to
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convince a disoriented ash croft to sign documents authorizing the program he and comby opposed. comby intervened and the white house hench men left. a day later, the warehouse reauthorized the program without the justice department. after the meeting president bush overruled his own white house team and agreed with comey to change the prap. program. when robert muller stepped down , president obama nominated comey. >> there ill will be nothing that president obama or the rest of his administration will be able to do to stop a criminal indictment. james comey is considered that independent and that
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directed. took the case against david petraeus, passing classified material to his mistress. against robert menendez. , commi comee comey will be independent and fair. dynamic clinton supporters are exhilarated and nervous. a reminder there are still some figures and organizations in washington with integrity. that's our show for today. on behalf of ali velshi and the entire team here at "on target," i'm david schuster. thanks for watching.
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