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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 14, 2016 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> a powerful car bomb in the kurdish area of ankara. 30 people killed and more than a hundred injured. this is al jazeera live from doha. also on the program, gunmen kill 4 people in an ivory coast resort town. al-qaeda claims responsibilities. angela merkel's policy makes itself heard if, and her party loses out in key states.
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worth more than gold in hong kong where conservations are trying to save. >> beginning in turkey where a powerful car bomb has left 34 people dead and more than 100 injured. sunday's explosion happened near a busy bus terminal. the turkish court has banned access to facebook and twitter after images of the blast were shared online. al jazeera reports. >> the second car bomb to hit the heart of turkey's capital in less than a month. the blast ripped through a densely populated transport hub when early evening crowds had gathered, and the aftermath was chaotic. >> there was a woman sitting behind me. her seat just blew away. something hit me here.
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there was a car, i think it was a black car. five or six people died in the car. something pierced me through here and i have one in my arm. >> while there was no immediate claim of responsibility government officials say they've completed their initial investigation and will announce monday whom they believe to be behind the attack. in february, 29 people mainly military personnel were killed in a suicide car bomb attack claimed by a group calling itself the kurdistan freedom falcons. as a result the country has been in a heightened state of alert. >> tight security measures were taken, instructions were given. unfortunately, terrorist attacks cannot be prevented 100% in any country. >> turkey is now facing multiple security threats as it is engaged in a war on two fronts. it is fighting isil, syria and iraq and the pkk in its southeast. now with the findings still to
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come, the country worries and waits as concerns about the over all security situation in turkey grows. also important to note this attack comes just two days after the u.s. embassy in ankara issued a warning asking its citizens to avoid certain areas of the city. al jazeera, ankara. >> the director of the turkey project at the center for strategic and international studies. he says that turkey is facing multiple threats. >> turkey is facing twin threats posed by the islamic state, isis or isil, and depending on which you prefer to use, and the pkk, or it's affiliated syrian kurdish component the ypg. the last bombing mentioned in your report in ankara a month ago. the government being the ypg and
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then an obscure kurdish group claimed responsibility. and as you noted the one before that was the one in ankara was done by isis. we won't know until tomorrow, but what is clear is that turkey is facing a very serious threat. partly emanating from the war in syria. >> an attack on a beach resort in the ivory coast. 14 people were killed along with six assail with respects. respect--six assailants. >> a witness to the attack on a popular beach resort on the ivory coast explains what he saw. >> i was surprised to see three people who were heavily armed.
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they had bullet round in their pockets. >> people started to runaway from the area trying to reach a safer place. six armed men had started shooting people on the beach. the attackers targeted people in three hotels. >> some tried to similar away. they started shooting at them. i was 60 meters away. i don't know how i managed to get out there have. >> the security forces intervened after 40 minutes. they evacuated the area and went after the assailants. but about by then a number of people had been killed. >> i want to say that these acts will not be tolerated on the ivory coast. >> it will will take a lot longer for people in this weekend retreat to recover from this violence.
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>> this is the third attack in the last few months. in november gunmen targeted the radisson blue hotel, 20 people were killed there. most of them foreigners. then in january there were attacks on a hotel an and in a cafe where to 03 people died. >> african borders in general and in in particular pretty porous. also, the the african countries don't have very good navies, so we we need to find out where the attackers came from. but this is right on the beach. we have to figure out where they came in from. but i'm not surprised that they got all the way to the south of ivory coast.
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and the prudent thing to do is to assume that this will not be the last attack. therefore the authorities, the military authorities, the intelligence people, even the united states i think will want the situation very carefully because there are nationals, and ghana took in two guantanamo refuge detainees. i think to get their attention as well. yes, so i think all the authorities will be in their interest to think that more attacks are coming, and to try to get ahead and on top of it. >> hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of brazil to demand the resignation of president dilma ru rousseff. she also faces impeachment proceedings. we have reports from sao paolo. >> in the largest gathering yet,
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demonstrators in brazil say they want it to be the last time they call for president dilma rousseff's impeachment. they're upset at the poor state of the economy, most of all they want an end to corruption and clean up of the government. >> numerous allegations have surfaced involving high-level politicians. last week rousseff's mentor, the former president, was charged by sao paolo prosecutors for allegedly hiding his wealth. during his presidency he was seen as a people's champion bringing millions out of poverty. now many here want to see him in jail. even more people came out than
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originally expected. organizers put that down, saying that he's an opportunistic politician, and he's being hailed as a national hero. >> millions came out including in rio de janeiro where the olympics will be held in august. other ruling parties say they're using this as a gauge. the tide seems to be overwhel overwhelmingly against president rousseff, and it may be time to breakaway from her government. but many say this goes beyond political affiliation. it's anger they say towards a deeply entrenched system of corruption. they know it will take years to correct, but they're out on the streets to demand a move towards change. al jazeera, sao paolo.
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>> the director of the brazil institute at the which will ford woodrow center. >> the economy was growing, and people had a sense of hope. obviously the situation has already the environment the background has already changed. the brazilian government under dilma rousseff failed to adapt the economy to the new conditions of the end of the super cycle of commodities, and to attract more investors from brazil, from abroad.
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she doubled down on the state intervention in the economy, and produced a disastrous, absolutely disastrous economic outcome. on top of this, you have the corruption can exactly that now involves directly both her and former president her predecessor. tomorrow it is expect thad the supreme court in brazil will validate a plea bargain agreement of a former leader incriminating her and former president directly into the petrobras scandal. >> a teaching prize for work teaching children traumatized by violence. she beat nominees from japan, canada, the u.s. and the u.k.
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she grew up in the dehatia camp and now teaches in the occupied west bank. still to come here on al jazeera, china clamps down on protesters in march demonstrations by coal miners in the northeast. calling on the european union to open
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>> hello again, the top stories here on al jazeera. a powerful car bomb has left 34 people dead and more than 100 injured in turkey's capital. a blast in ankara is the second attack to hit the city in less than a month. al-qaeda said it carried out an attack on the ivory coast. 4 civilians and two soldiers were killed. the government said that six of the gunmen were also killed. hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in brazil demanding the resignation of dilma rousseff, an estimated 450,000 people turned out in sao paolo, and there were demonstrations in rio and in the capital of brasilia. police in china have made arrests over large and rare protests by coal miners in the northeast along the siberian border. thousands have been demanding to be paid. there were successful with
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police as workers marched in northeastern area. the miners say they have not been made in more than six months. let's go live in beijing, what is this all about? >> well, this was a very big protest. we haven't been able to verify some of the pictures on social media. but there have been protests. they gathered outside of the offices the mind on saturday demanding to be paid saying in many cases they've gone more than 12 to 6 months without being paid. if what we've seen over the weekend a sign what have may be to come in the months and years ahead as china embarks on this delicate task to shut down on some of this loss-making
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inefficient steel mills. in the past the government has poured cheap money into these state-owned enterprises to prop them up and keep them going. but that had the effect of creating even more death. the government said that that model can no longer continue. so the question now is how hard they wheeled their axe, and it may well be in this particular town they wielded the axe too hard. now the governor of this province had denied that the workers were owed money. he actually made that statement at the national people's congress here in beijing, china's parliament, which is meeting at the moment. but then he backtracked a few hours later saying what he said was, in fact, a mistake, which caused more anger. the timing of this protest is not good for the government. at the moment it's discussing its next five-year plan. it's economic plans the next five years, and that includes what to do with some of these big loss-making state-owned enterprises, but certainly this
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remains a very, very sensitive issue in china right now. >> in regions such as this in the northeast where you have these inefficients, these loss loss-making industries, is the government doing anything to transform the economy, to modernize it and give people other opportunities? >> well, i think in the past it has been buying time and pumping money in these state-owned enterprises. but that can no longer clearly continue. this province suffered economic growth of 0.3%, minus 0.3% last year. that's one of the lowest rates of economic growth in any province in china. that's a reminder of how difficult the economic pick remains at the moment. this remains the economic belt, the economic district of china, one of the most industrial zones in the country. and very much the focus of the
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government's effort at the moment to transform its economy. but it's going to be, you know, a very difficult balancing act. and the government does face some very severe challenges at the moment. does it shoot down these state enterprises and risk mass unemployment or does it do it gradually and go over more time. >> thank you very much. and right winged party made inroads in three parliaments in germany's re-elections. dominic kane has more now on the implications of supplied's vote. >> these are the supporters of the right wing party. it's become the focal point to angela merkel's opposition. on sunday it brought elect traditional success across
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germany. but the high point. >> the result was fantastic across the board. here we have the top result. >> outstanding. the result is for us to take the voices of the voters seriously and talk straight to the parliament. >> no matter how successful they have been, and across germany, no other main party is prepared to work with them, so they will not enter government, which means the vote they received is just a protest vote against the policies of the coalition government. for the ruling cdu, there was consolation in remaining the largest party. the state premiere is from the cdu. on sunday night he hailed his party showing in his own state.
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>> we were in a different situation in a different party landscape. >> with many suggesting the vote was a referendum on the policies of angela merkel. her popularity has slumped as the influx of refugees has grown. in recent weeks, though, her approval rating has recovered somewhat, but not in time to save her party leaders where the cdu's main opponents were victorious, and candidates won seats in of the established parties. one scientist told me why he felt that voters chose them. >> they fear they will be the losers of the refugee crisis, and i don't think that is the real threat, but people feel it is a threat, and therefore they
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voted for these anti---these anti-parties. >> the questions for the federal government will be what to make of the voter's verdict, and where it leaves their policy on refugees dominic kane, al jazeera. >> some 12,000 refugee remain stuck on the border of macedonia. merkel's name could be heard as hundreds of roams protests at the border crossing. the refugees demanding macedonia open its borders so they can travel on through the balkans into western europe. the greek government plans to relocate them to better facilities. we have more from that board crossing. >> days adding on to the refugees. most of them living in flimsy
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tents surrounded by stagnant pools of water. medical workers say they have treated 70 children for respiratory problems as well as digestive diseases. there was a confirm that a 9-year-old girl has been con firmed for hepatitis, a very contagious disease. they're looking into how the rest of the children population in the camp. they have ma ruined thousands of refugees is a source of concern for the greek government. they've been trying to urge the refugees to go out of this camp and into camps that are more hospitable. and only 800 refugees have heed thad call. the rest of them are here waiting, with the hope that the
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macedonian border might reopen for them. so far we're not seeing any sign of that. >> doctors in yemen say 17 suspected al-qaeda fighters have been killed in aden. they say helicopter guns hit areas of the city. >> the u.s. secretary of state accused of disrupted talks aimed at ending the conversation. in geneva talks are scheduled to take place later on monday. >> just hours before the talks were due to begin in geneva. u.s. secretary of state was me meeting with counterparts. he told reporters that the cessation of authorities had
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reduced violence but one side was not fully complying. >> the syrian people strongly supposed the cessation of hostilities because it has made their lives better. and to date the single biggest violater of that by allegation is the assad regime. >> he also has hit out at the syrian prime minister who was in a news conference in damascus, who said there could be no negotiation about the role of say sad. >> the comments made by the foreign minister of syria clearly trying to disrupt the process. clearly trying to send a message of deterrence. and to others. >> his comments were clearly aimed a support for the main opposition block, the high negotiating committee whose members have been arriving for the talks. >> we want to see an end to the
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bloodshed in syria. we hope that we see a serious partner. what is different about these talks is that the u.s. special envoy said that he's straight away going to get to the substantive issues. who is going to be in a new transitional government taking syria towards new elections. that, of course, takes us to the key issue of president assad and those around him. and on that it seems right now no one is prepared to compromise. james bays, al jazeera, geneva. >> 200 people have protested against presidential candidate donald trump. urging people to choose the most peaceful candidate. for the past several days trump's own rallies have turn violence with heated exchanges between supporters and protesters. in florida transmission said
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avenues not responsible for the action of his supporters. named the fragrant harbor century ago. but the tree that gave hong kong it's name could be extinct. >> the wood lands are protected. but these residents are not here for a hike. they're on patrol. >> i think they will come along. >> he runs an ecofarm on the edge of the park. he and a team of local villagers are witnessing the disappearance of one of the prized trees the
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incense tree. >> i think they cut down more than 50 trees within two weeks. >> the trees wood oil or resin is sought after for aromatic fragrance used in incense and perfume. the oil fetching more than gold. with the tree now all but wiped out in china, hong kong has become the target of illegal loggers. >> it not only take the wood out of this beautiful tree. they picked the root of hong kong out of our earth. >> the problem is not just in this park. it's in a number of country parks across hong kong. villages are increasingly reporting signs of illegal harvesting of what they believe is the work of gangs across the board in mainland china. if this kind of activity continues, the fear is that this tree will become extinct.
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this is the last commercial plantation of the trees in hong kong. there are 6,000 plants. mostly young. they hope to replace the illegal trade and feed an industry they say is worth up to $12 billion u.s. a year. >> it's a value that $1 million u.s. dollars. it's the older trees that are considered the most valuable. as well as incense, it is used for luxury wooden artworks. demand falling well short of supply, conservationists want the government to step in and protect what is left. >> i think that within this few years the trees will be disappeared in hong kong. >> with just 16 people arrested for illegal felling hast year, the state of this rare scented
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wood doesn't look bright. al jazeera, hong kong. >> well, there's plenty more video along with the latest news and sport. and analysis and comment on our website. take a look at