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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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a man the police say is a key suspect in the paris attacks is arrested in belgium. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up saudi arabia plans to build a bridge across the red sea to egypt as a boost for trade. djibouti's president of the past 17 years wins another term. >> you said you would do me no harm >> you said you would do me no harm and how two women are using
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perjury to raise awareness about sexual abuse one of europe's most wanted men is now in custody. he is suspected of taking part in last year's paris attacks. the belgian prosecutor is investigating whether he is also connected to the brussels bombings in which 32 people died. our correspondent reports from the french capital. >> reporter: belgian police arrested a man on the street in central brussels. one of five suspects rounded up on friday, part of the investigation into the recent attacks in paris and brussels. among them this man, on the run for five months he was wanted in connection with the paris plot. >> translation: this afternoon he was also arrested plus another, and two other people. their digital prints and their d.n.a. was identified, but also in the car that was used in the
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paris attacks >> reporter: he was last seen if this cctv footage in a petrol station in northern france two days before the november attacks in paris. he was with his childhood friend, paris suspect salah abdeslam, also arrested in brufs last month. they were driving an renault used by the attackers. it is too early to say if he is the so-called man in the hat. the suspect seen with two suicide bombers at brussels airport just before the blasts. what is clear is catch possessing him is being seen as a major break through for belgian authorities. >> it is better to have them alive or dead because at least then you can get intelligence from them. that's one of the things that the belgians pride themselves on. whereas in the raid in paris where they could get the attacker, everyone in the cell in that raid was killed. so the belgians say we take longer, but we're capturing them
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alive >> reporter: also arrested is another man believed to have helped the bomber at the metro station. as the investigation continues, these latest arrests reveal once again the close links between the paris an brussels attackers. -- and brussels attackers saudi arabia plans to build a bridge over the red sea to egypt and is promising 1.7 billion dollars of loans for the country despite lower oil prices. the kipg is on i array five-day visit to egypt. >> reporter: historic was the word used by both the vau deking and egypt president. there was an historic announcement. a plan to link saudi arabia and egypt across the red sea. >> translation: this step to connect the two continents is a transformation that will
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increase trade between the two continents to unprecedented levels >> reporter: he made the announcement during the second day of his visit. a physical link between the two countries would be a powerful symbol of mutual solidarity. >> translation: the unique quality of the relations between egypt and saudi arabia, the extent to which they're strong and deep rooted would allow us to face mutual challenges. our cooperation will certainly allow us to resolve all of our regional crisises, sauchs in palestinian, libya an syria >> reporter: the visit was also politics and economics. a warning that they would stand together in the ambition in the region. the two nations are signing agreements including a multi-billion dollar deal whereby saudi arabia will
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finance egypt's oil needs for the next five years. saudi arabia and other gulf nations have provided the president with important supports. this package from saudi arabia to egypt dwarfs all previous agreements people are returning to the war ravaged city of palmyra. it was captured in march after intense fighting with i.s.i.l. which had controlled the area since last may. a russian army team has been working to remove land mines planned all over the historic site. i.s.i.l. says it has leafed 300 kidnapped factory workers in syria. a local government negotiated the agreement. the workers were taken after an i.s.i.l. offensive on monday. the syrian government has freed an american photographer who was abducted in the country in 2012. he was released with the help of
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russian and czech republic dposhtors who represented american diplomatic issues in syria. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has warned iraq's government against political infighting. he told a meeting of the country's leaders in baghdad that unity is the key to winning the fight against i.s.i.l. al jazeera's correspondent now reports. >> reporter: coalition air strikes destroy i.s.i.l.'s headquarters in the city of mosul while iraqi troops conduct preparations for the eventual assault to retake that city. nearly two years after i.s.i.l. moved into iraq, the u.s. secretary of state told reporters in baghdad the situation is slowly improving >> d.a.e.s.h. is getting weeker by the day and our support is working >> reporter: even as he was speaking, i.s.i.l. set-off eight
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car bombers in a town. his visit came at a critical time. the economy is struggling thanks to the tumbling price of oil and thousands of residents have been protesting what they call corruption and political favoritism in the government. analysts say that after investing years and billions of dollars in iraq, the obama administration is nervous >> i think there's a very clear understanding in washington that we need baghdad to essentially be healthy, that the iraqi government is a very critical component to our counter insurgency success within iraq. so right now the fact that there is a bit of domestic turmoil going on is not just a domestic issue, but it's very much an international one that kerry is
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certainly aware of and concerned about >> reporter: 155 million dollars to buy food, medicine and shelter for iraqis displaced by i.s.i.l. and a word of caution to all sides. this is not the time to partisan infighting. >> it is important to have political stability and a unified and functioning government as rapidly as possible in order to move forward so that all of these operations are not affected. >> reporter: there is little the u.s. can do to ensure that political stability there are reports that saudi arabia is ready to halt its military campaign in yemen following a u.n. brokered agreement by the warring parties to cease hostilities on sunday. an army spokesman says the kingdom will commit to a truce on condition that houthi fighters lay down their arms and pull out of areas under their control. a fragile ceasefire collapsed in
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september with both sides accusing each other with violations. talks are scheduled in two weeks. another 200 refugees and migrants have been sent back to turkey. protesters tried unsuccessfully to stop the two boats carrying many pakistani migrants as they left the island of legals boss on friday. -- lesbos on friday. >> reporter: the most popular landing spot for those travelling the danger occupies journey are escorted back to turkey. they made their way to the ferry. taken from a detention center they arrived at the port of lesbos where there was a heavy police presence. as with the first deportations, officials asaid these people, the majority of them pakistanis didn't want to apply for asylum. observers from turkey were the
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last people they spoke to and they didn't appear to resist deportation. the only sign of disturbance came from a small group of european activists who were protesting against the e.u.'s solution to the migrant crisis. they were unable to stop what they believe is an inhumane policy. journalists are being kept at a distance and we are not allowed to speak to those who are boarding the ferry. it was a similar case when the first group was deported on monday. the e.u. has come under criticism for a process that some say lacks trance parn seep and human rights groups has criticized the lack of criteria in determining whether turkey is a safe country. >> today we saw the second round of returns under the agreement. the situation was calm this morning before people were escorted out by frontex, but our concerns remain regarding the
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protection of safeguards that are not fully introduced both in turkey and in greece. >> reporter: one of those safeguards is access to the greek system for claiming asylum. the procedure has now formally begun with the arrival of more experts to help the authorities in greece. they will decide on a case by case basis if it is safe to return individuals back to turkey >> we have the capacity of analysing 50 dayss a day. this work will increase in the coming days. we plan to double the workforce, but then it also depends, as i said yesterday, on the number of arrivals. >> reporter: for now more than 350 people have been deported back under the deal between the e.u. and turkey, all of them voluntary returns. it is a small number considering that a few thousand could still be sent back if their asylum requests are rejected and considering since the deal was
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put into practice, thousands more have arrived on europe's shores one of the world's biggest camps in nooirnlg. a university education there is being denied to many there. >> reporter:-- camps in kenya >> reporter: after three years of waiting, he finally gets to leave the refugee camp and the restricted life he has always known. he got a scholarship to study in can dap and wants to pursue a degree in petroleum engineering. in the meantime he volunteers here. >> when i was a student, i had the hope that one day i will finish my degree and master in a university where ilget credited education and then in return to
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have change on my life and then my country. >> reporter: but thousands of other young people who are eager to continue their studies are not as lucky as him. the sponsorship programs are limited. only a small fraction of students here end up getting the highly competitive scholarships to travel abroad. there are a lot of opportunities, but in reality many young people end up stuck in the camp with no chances for a high education or even a decent job. in one of the camps this man teaches his daughters the skills he acquired when he came here in 2005. they've all completed high school, but their father himself a former teacher is frustrated that he can't give his children more and better opportunities. the main problem, he says, can is kenyan travel restrictions especially for students who want to pursue further studies.
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>> it can be only education. i hope my daughters, all my children, to become a doctor or engineering or anything. >> reporter: she has a diploma. she wants a degree, but is struggling to get a travel permit to visit her university of truce. >> i have nothing to do because i'm here i have not studied. it's hectic to stay here. this life is boring. >> reporter: government officials say that because of a security threat posed by al-shabab group, refugees must be thoroughly vetted before being allowed to go anywhere outside the camp >> most of these people never come back and that is when they worried we release people and we do not have a system to ensure that they come back
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>> reporter: so back here final year students prepare for their last exam. they all hope to get a scholarship. it is one sure way out of this camp they tell us time for a short break here on al jazeera. when we come back, people in venezuela working a shorter week, but some fear the president's plans to parcel lies the economy-- parcel lies -- paralyse the economy nomy
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welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. a key suspect of the november paris attacks has been arrested in belgium. he is also suspected of playing a role in the recent bombings in brussels. saudi arabia plans to build a bridge over the red sea linking the country to egypt. the king made the announcement during a second day of his visit to the egyptian capital. it will be named after the saudi king. saudi arabia is ready to hold a military campaign in yemen following a deal by parties to cease hostilities on monday. a condition to truce on condition had the withdrawal of houthi fighters. djibouti's present has been reelected to office extending his 17 year rule over the nation. he was expected to win.
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opposition groups boycotted the election. >> reporter: it was an election with tension. with the benefit of income, the president is in victory. >> translation: tonight the people of djibouti have decided to entrust me with the highest authority again. i thank god for his almighty. it is the second president the cup has had since it gained independence from france in 1977. the 68-year-old former chief of intelligence ran for a fourth term after amending the constitution in 2010 to remove limits. it picked up as the day progressed. the electrical commission was forced to add an hour more to voting time to accommodate
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voters waiting to cast their ballots. parties are angry they were not allowed a say in the appointment of the commission. before the vote was held they considered the elections fait accompli. >> it's also the winner. everything is done. it's already decided. >> reporter: the election was monitored by local and international observers >> i think it's high time that they adopted it and establish a commission to manage all the elections, announce the results and also allow for election sdpult resolution mechanism which is fair. >> reporter: the president has been a front runner in these elections. attempts by the weak and frail opposition to fill a single canned gate against him failed earlier in the year. with a five-year term he joins
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the league of longest serving african leaders it could be a long weekend for brazil's politicians. members of the impeachment commission have been moulding a marathon overnight session. it is the last meeting before announcement on monday recommending dilma rousseff face impeachment on corruption agencies. >> reporter: a monument here to modernism and the power of this latin american giant. usually friday and saturday see the class see vacuum ewe eight the weekend >> normally no working on weekend, but we take this weekend in brazil is here. >> reporter: the congressional impeachment commission dug in on friday for its final marathon session debating into the early morning hours on saturday. on monday the commission will likely recommend president dilma rousseff's impeachment.
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that will send it to congress. it has almost reached two-thirds threshold. while congress hundred kerred down, protesters camped out across the street. their aim, to push for impeachment or more. >> translation: no translation. >> reporter: strong words after two decades of military rule. such thoughts, of course, are frightening to many brazilians who stand by the leftist president. >> translation: no translation. >> reporter: it has all the will makings of an entrenched political and social battle. this sits at the heart of the power structure. over there the congress, in front of me the supreme court and behind me the presidential
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palace which is hanging in the balance for dilma rousseff. after this commission finishes the talks, the opponents could be closer to pushing her from power police in el salvador have raided the office of the panama law firm at the center of a huge data leak known as the panama papers. documents and papers have been seized. prosecutors say they're looking for evidence of citizens who opened accounts through the firm. last week information was leaked showing how some wealthy people use offshore companies to avoid tax. >> translation: at this moment we are unable to speak of a crime. what we do know is we have to do a job and find information and examine it to determine from the financial point of view the accounting point of view and the legal point of view for thousands of years farmers have prayed for rain, but in venezuelan they also need water to generate electricity. for the country struggling
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through drought, measures have been imposed. >> reporter: until the rains come and end in el nino related drought, the government has declared that fridays are a nonworking but paid holiday for most public sector employees. the decision is part of annest to curb power consumption-- an effort to curb power consumption. it is also cutting back on small business. for this man, a motorcycle taxi whose clients are mainly public servants, the measure has meant less work >> translation: i made hatch of what i usually make. this won't work because people still use energy by staying home. >> reporter: it is also having a demoralising effect on a population battling the world's highest inflation and shortages of all kinds. this building houses several ministries. these corridors are usually busy with activity but this friday
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they're virtually empty. many fear that if the country does not solve its electricity problem, the whole of the city could feel this way. working from home, this woman a human resource consultant says that a three-day weekend is more a sign that the country is worse of than she ever thought >> translation: the news came as a surprise. it made me feel very restricted in my own home. i have no money to go on a holland instead i will now have to do in four days what i did in five. >> reporter: those who helped build the country's hydroelectric plant more than three decades ago only ratify her fierce. >> translation: we're only producing enough energy to survive not to generate activity. one way to measure a country is by the amount of energy it consumes. this is a dying country.
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>> reporter: clouds have hovered but no rain has come. as a whole nation waits for el nino to end, many wonder that governments measures are doing more harm than good. the concern is that reducing working hours would only paralyse a country whose economy is already grinding to a halt 13 north koreans have defected to south korea. it is the largest group to defect since leader took power five years ago. they're working at the same restaurant. north korea state media has reported a successful test of a new engine for an inter continental ballistic missile. a video shows the leader supervising a missile test and military drills but it doesn't specify the dates. it was conducted near north korea's west coast. the south korea says the north is years away from such a missile. propose francis has published
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new guidelines on family values saying the catholic church should show more understanding of modern life. his report doesn't change catholic doctrine but insists the church shouldn't criticise those who don't live up to the ideals of marriage and family. >> translation: we present the ideal marriage situation finally, poetry slam is the act of resiting poems to the audience. a report on how two young women are using it to fight sexual abuse and violence. >> last night you came home to me drunk and said, baby, where have i hit you >> reporter: a poem about domestic violence. a slang for it. >> you said you would do me no
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harm. >> you said you would do me no harm. >> reporter: her friend joins in. >> is that easy to forget when you said last night? >> reporter: they have been known for their bold poems which often make people squirm on their seats >> we started back in 2010, december, when there was a spoken work and competition organized. >> we were writing poetry before that workshop as well, but seeing the performance aspect of it, the words are almost came alive and when i was on stage i remember being very nervous as well but also feeling very liberated sort of and then it was like a hook. >> reporter: since then the two got together with other participants and started word warriors, now spoken word an slang poetry have spread and they're involved in training more people in spoken word
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poetry. it has really cap fewered the imagination of young people mere. several hundred thousands watch the word warriors on line and can even mime the words. hundreds have followed to become warriors themselves. trainings like this one are held all over the country. they get more requests for trainings. >> i call it poetry struck. we see that happen to younger kids than you that eyes light up. we've seen people who are really shy or are not kind of awkward, but they go on stage and it's sort of like a validation that you get when you're telling your own story on stage that empours you certain sense >> reporter: that sense of empowerment can be seen in the poems. in this one they raise the issue of women's right to pass on citizenship to their children.
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they ask if children are not nepali's. the kroupd cheer on all the news, of course, on our website. there it is on your screen. the address crowd all the news, of course, on our website. there it is on your screen. the address britney, there wasn't a cure or anything that would change the fact that she would die. the manner in which she died, that's what he sh control over. >> inside the debate in california - that could ripple across the nation. should medically assisted suicide be legalized. >> we cannot legislation morality. this is a matter of personal choice. thanks for joining u'm


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