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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> these are middle-class people who decided it's much better to come back here and they're working to fight to make changes. >> proud to tell your stories. this is al jazeera. hello, everyone. welcome to this newshour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes: >> the paris attack suspect says he was the man in the hat wanted for the brussels' bombing. >> a rocket attack in the afghan capitol after the u.s. secretary of state wraps up high-level talks. tourists are told to avoid turkey as officials warn of a credible threat.
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research that shows how melting ice is shifting the earth on its axis. we will be here with all of the day's sport including barcelona suffer a shock loss as both madrid clubs gain ground on them. bell juchl prosecutors say the paris attack suspect has admitted to being the so-called man in the hat wanted in connection with bombings in brussels. police have been hunting a third man seen with two suicide bombers just before the city's airport was attacked. he was arrested in the belgian capitol ol saturday. here is the latest. >> reporter: now, raid. this time a bell jan safe house that may have been connected to the paris and brussels' attacks.
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no weapons or explosives were found. the country's prime minister praised his security forces >> we feel positive about the latest developments. we praise the security for their efforts. we know we have to stay very alert and be very careful. a lot of military and police are on the ground to maintain our safety and security. >> on saturday, charges were leveled against men alleged to have been in the attacks. abrini was seen at a petro station in northern france two days before the november attacks in paris. late on saturday, a prosecutor said he is the confirmed man in the hat, seen just before the blast. he said to have confessed to prosecutors.
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>> they were actually able to extract this information via interrogation which shows they are taking that more seriously. shortly before the brussels' stakts they used only an hour of interrogation and were unable foil plans for a brussels attack. at this time, they were able to confirm the identity of europe's most wanted since the paris attacks. >>. >> members defendant islamic community paid tribute to the victims. >> this is something we do not tolerate. it's important for us to be present to show our support and thank the bell jan who supported us. >> an express of solidarity they say that's essential to make belgium safer and stronger.
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al jazeera >> two afghanistan where earlier, three rockets hip the diplomatic zone in kabul. no injuries were reported but timing was significant. following meetings with afghan officials john kerry had just left the area. live now from kabul. tell us exactly where these rockets landed. >> kabul police connell firmed three landed in the diplomatic area of kabul. a source inside the presidential palace told us one of those rockets landed very close to the presidential palace. he was telling us about a few hundred meters from the palace. john kerry spent most of the day nsdz the palace meeting afghan government officials t a source from the palace told us
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the specific part of the road where the rocket landed was used today at least four times by secretary kerry's convoy. now, we understand that from afghan, officials, that that could be a security breach. they are telling us that a big number of afghan security forces were involved on a special security measurement for the secretary kerry here and they were not expecting any kind of attack like this >> it has to be explains as any high profile visit from the u.s. secretary of state is unannounced. people aren't told a great deal about it in advance? are they? >> no. it was a very tight security and, also, where this one rocket landed, it's a compound of a very high compound, presidential
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palace. they indicated that specific area and from yesterday even, you could see extra security measurement was taken in kabul. and these kind of whether it's usually -- the taliban tries to make them some message they are trying to give a mention. we talked with afghan analysts here to know what these attack could mean. they were telling us that secretary kerry, when he had his press conference with president ashar afgani. and to respect the afghan constitution. i said u.s. would not allow afghanistan to become a state for the terrorists. analysts here are telling us this attack was a message from
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taliban to sick terry kerry to they will them they are present compound. >> creditability threats in istanbul and in the beach resort area of antalia. the particular focus, they are saying is on docks and public
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squares. in terms of docks, you can see from the heavy traffic, the ferries, the docks are done jested. in saturday evening, there has been al controlled detonation of a bag in one of the main squares of this city, police saying no suspicious materials appear to have been found but it shows how heightened security measures have been in recent days and weeks given the fact that there have been four suicide bombings so far this year alone one day after the israeli government reiterated its warning to its people that any citizens turkey should make plans to leave as soon as possible and no israeli citizens should be traveling to turkey. we are hearing the twin threat, the pkk and the kurdish separatists and from isil is that in the past, they may have
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carried out one or two major attacks but now, the strategy seems to be fairly constant, tick-to be of attacks everything few weeks to suppress the mood of the nation and create concern. >> concern is very present in this city. it's a city on edge if not in lockdown or in panic. >> at least 15 soldiers loyal to yemen's government have beg killed according to sfishlingz in the south of the country. soldiers were reportedly ambushed in an area seized by al-qaeda in february. mean while, 17 other captured soldiers were reported to be wound. al-qaeda has seized more territory in yemen in the past year as the country's war continues. he job description authorities say demand fight italy for access to thousands of phone records is unconstitutional. italy wants more information about the murder of italian student julyia rejurni. his tortured body was found in
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cairo. he script's persistent said it can't meet the italian demands. >> italy wants more than a thousand calls around the student's place of disappearance. this is contrary to the kongstitution. we will not allow it because it is a crime. article 57 prohibits it. >> 18 soldiers have been killed and 50 injured in the fighting between the if i philippines and arm separatist. they fought with troops on the southern island of basalan. the group is believed to be aligned to isil. why thousands of people have taken to the streets of poland
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in protest, plus: >> i am adam raney in the brazilian capital. usually, it is a ghost town on weeks. not this one. there have been marathon sessions for the commission of impeachment. thousands have traveled to keep the pressure on the government. >> in sport, find out how this player all but ended arsenal's premium league title hopes. first, authorities in el salvador have raided the offices of the panama law firm at the center of a huge data leak known as "the panama papers" no arrests were made. the state prosecutor has confiscated documents and computer equipment. he has vowed today carry out a thorough investigation. >> el salvador is the latest country to launch an investigation into the murky
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world of off- shore finance as a result of the panama papers leak. the if was raided by police after they suspected it was about to be closed down. the attorney general's office said it took action after the firm's sign was removed on thursday night and an employee said the company was moving. attorney general douglas melende oversaw the raid. >> at this moment, we are unable speak of a crime. we know we have to find information and examine it to determine from the financial point of view, the accounting point of view and the legal point of view. >> the leaked man ma pals were released into the public eye last week. they show how some wealthy people including politicians and heads of state use offshore companies to evade tax. the law firm at the center is in panama. he set up nearly al quarter of a million companies for its
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clients over last 40 years. >> the firm insists it's broken no laws. panama's embattled government said it's seeking a diplomatic solution after france put it on a financial black list. >> the measure is wrong and unnecessary. but instead, there is 9 indication between heads of state and when there is multilateral communication between all countries to face global problems with affect different economies, the un lateral decision like one taken doesn't accomplish anything. >> property cutors say they want -- they are warning potential witness not to conceal data relating to the case. victoria gatengby, al jazeera. protesters have been dem demonstrayi demonstrating outside london downing street. the elections reveal david cameron's father had an offshore
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fund. he revealed he sold shares in his father's fund for $42,000 four months before he took. >> well, it's not been a defendant great week. i know that i should have handled this better. i could have handled this better. i know there are lessons to learn, and i will learn them. don't blame number 10 downing street or nameless advisors. blame me, and i will learn the less options. >> the united states says north for e a should avoid taking any further actions that could destabling eyes the region. on saturday, north korean state media reported a successful test of a new engine for an intercontinental ballistic missile. south korea says the north is years away from developing such
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a missile. more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: clearly, there is concern. l. here we have a statement of progress in north korea's nuclear progress. there is the sense that to give an outraged statement is exactly what the north koreans would want. south korea ens say maps they have perfectly an engine to propel to the united states. however, as far as the south koreans are concerned, they don't think the north koreans have a reliable intercontinental missile to attach their engine to or the ability to attach a nuclear warhead. north koreans say they have that capeability now. we have a major north korean ruling party conference coming up next month. some are wondering whether this
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is more about domestics economics and kim jung un. let's speak to an expert in modern affairs. thanks for being with us on "the newshour." north korea appears to be conducting some sort of test almost every other week now. was there anything significant about this particular one? >> i don't think so. as always, it's outside to tell whether a boastful but dangerous regime which has successfully defined the world and made four nuclear tests, knowing what they've got, how good it is, as your correspondent said, if they fit together. i would see it more as a secret. i would emphasize what he said
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about the upcoming party congress. it's not so much about scarying us, though they do try to do that a lot. it's about bolstering leader. >> why now? >> well, again, there are always more questions than answers with nor korea but i will do my best. he does seem to care about due process in a very limited sense. i would circumscribe that. he does in particular want the party, the normally ruling party
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in the old sort of communist fashion when there were more regimes. china still has a ruling party in the same way. he wants the party to be more institutionalized. it lapsed under his father who favored the army. so, it's not getting rid of generals. he rotates the top brass at extraordinary speed to make sure the party is in charge and the unstated assumption is that he is firmly in charge of the party as well. it's a very interesting move. they managed without the for 35 years. he didn't have to do this. the world watching carefully every step that is made in north korea but i want to talk a little bit about chooi. how is it positioned on north korea? has that changed in the last couple of years? do you think? is there a softening of its support in some way?
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there is. china must be very conflicted. yes expect china to sign up to quite such harsh united nations sanctions this time. we got used to a pattern over a decade now, north korea does a test, a nuclear missile test. there are u.n. sanctions. they are usually watered down so as to get them unanimous so that china and russia are support them and china in particular which china implements this them. this time, in early days, yes china has signed up to much harsher sanctions which do ban some regular trade, exports like coal which are very important to north korea and preliminary signs are that china is enforcing they want. i don't think the calculus doesn't want north korea to collapse. i think beijing is finding it difficult to juggle that at the moment but i think they will grit their teeth and support
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north korea. but they are trying to apply at least some of the screws and go along with what the west is doing to show north korea they mean business. >> thank you very much for your time. thank you. ? >> thank you. people are returning to palmeria in syria which was under isil control until recently. it was recaptured last month after intention fighting with isil. the armed group took control of the area last may the russian army has been working to remove land minds. and first fight with pro-government fighters, russian airstrikes have targeted the opposition of the al-nusra front positions in the southern alleppo country side. hundreds have been holding their position on the
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syria/israel border. civil yajz continue to pay the highest price. osama bin javade reports. >> more syrians up radioed from from their homes. hundreds of families have been forced to leave as fighting between opposition rebels and isil-affiliated fighters has intensified. >> mothers were carried out on horseback. those who refused were forced to make the journey on foot for hours. >> the southernmost part of syria straddling the israeli and jordanian borders. local groups joined isil. both sides have pushed back regime forces over the years. now fighting between opposition groups and isil affiliated fighters has intensified.
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>> opening up a front against the rebels which is different from the prior status quo where the move was at war with al-nusra and it's coalition of alleys where now you see an active new offensive and activation, i think, of isil s groups have been fighting to keep darah out of. but now there is a three-way fight between isil, governmental fighters t mahmoud is forced to turn a livestock truck into a new home. >> we are forced to run for our lives. we went through these steep ridges with our children.
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we were made homeless by the regime. what kind of arrive is it? is this a life? >> after five years of war, life in syria is really just a matter of survival. osama bin javade. al jazeera. >> violence at the labor reform protests. police fired tear gas. reforms are being championed by france's socialist government in the hope they will create more flexibility. the workers fear it will erode their workplace protection: thousands have rallied in warsaw to tighten already strict abortion laws. the church has called for pregnancy termination to be illegal in all circumstances. it has angered procetests.
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>> their message clear that tightening abortion laws in poland will be a disaster for women's rights. poland already has some of the strictest laws in europe. under the latest proposes, abortions will be banned almost all together. other mothers whose lives are in danger will be exempt. there will be jail terms for people who perform abortions. >> only education and cont contraception can change things. >> society has become more politicized and issues put forward by different groups have had a polarizing effect. bortion being one of them. changing the law could put poland out of step with much of the eu. a private group is pushing for
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change now. they have had open support from senior government ministers. >> last weekend when a letter from the bishop was red out, it prompted some walkout did and staged demonstrations. ola told her, her priest was applauded. >> i think this is a very good proposal that we cannot select people who are weak or strong. the polish state should guarantee all of its citizens, including those in a prenatal stage a did i have anythingfied life old symbols of back street abortions were being held up. some felt women faced too many obstacles. if more were put in plates t would force them underground. >> it would be a total disaster because it would also force women in later stages of pressure meant that to seek procedures which would be a lot more difficult for them and
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dangerous for them. they would be criminally charged for doing anything. >> both sides are promising to ramp up the pressure. both argue they are preserve human rights. in warsaw. >> it's estimated more than 11,000 refugees remain stranded at idimi in ni camp on the greek/macedonian border. moosedonia has refused passingage for weeks. in response, people have been block, the international railway line. a group of about 30 refugees from syria and iraq are accusing macedonia of forcing them back to idimini. they say they were given permission to continue their journey. >> on march the 4th, we went in legally and were begin maps of macedonia. we went in and part of our group
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crossed the border into serbia where we were turned back. on the border with serbia, they let some in. some others were not allowed to continue. they were service.
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three rockets have hit the diplomatic zone in kabul shortly after u.s. secretary of state john kerry was in the area on an unannounced visit. the em brassy in turkey reported credible threats to tourist areas in cost istanbul. it follows a violence of attacks in the country in recent months. at least at least three were killed in a car bomb attack in mogadishu. at least 5 other people were
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hurt. >> natasha gname reports. these hectares passed from far to son. following the previous generation's farmer ways are no longer an option. a cycle of drought and an infestation of insects has forced adam mohammed to adapt. recognizing the problem, mohammed has learned the importance of dye versefying the variety much crops he grows and planting in rows. he has learned how to make a more effective fertilize this
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water-spreading dam have helped farmers like mohammed enormously to help control the flow of rain when it does come. farms in the area have doubled their agricultural output. one of the flash points is the texas tension between farmers and those rearing animals. said we need more roots for our livestock to pass through. when herders can't find them, they allow their animals to graze on farmland. this often triggers violence. that's practical cal action is bringing the communities together to negotiate routes for
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lifestock. >> despite the lage of ran, ending this year's harvest with a better outlook because of the dam and the new techniques he implemented. he noses if his 12 children continue farming, they will have to evolve. their livelihoods will depend on it. natasha gname, north darfur state. >> bernie sappeders has won the presidential caucus in wyomings. it is the latest nat string of victories for the vermont senator still trailing his party's frontrunner hillary clinton. per you'veians go to the polls onsurd. the frontrunner is unlikely to win in the first round, 40sing a run-off election later in the
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year. many peruvians are still undecided as maria sanchez reports from lima. this month, 38-year-old was standing outside his home. a young man walked up to him and shot him twice in the head. his family said he died a victim on a rising wave of violence. >> there are seventeen to 18-year-olds who walk around armed and they have become more aggressive. there has to be a new strat degree to change this. >> reporter: crime in peru is getting more violent. shootings and armed robberies happen in daylight. police say one in every three murders is committed by a hitman. solana says she goes to the market carryingote only the money she will spend. she doesn't trust there are enough police to protect the population. >> you go out in a terrible fear. you can't have more money because you walk around scared.
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they kill you for nothing. that's with a i would like the next government to change. >> reporter: the homicide is among the lowest in latin america but the national institute of statistics says nearly one third of limas's 10 million residents have been a dendant victim of some form of crime most say they feel unsafe outside their homes. it will seems it is more important than the economy. >> all of the main candidates have promised voters they will improve security. measures they have pledged include is lathing inmates in prisons using army to protect government institutions. some would favor the death penalty for the most serious crimes. >> the last 10 years have been marked by failure and
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abandonment by the police. the security and judicial institutions haven't received attention. to revert that
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>> a former economy minister or finance minister with 20.3% of the vote and men to dosa, the youngest candidate at all, 35-year-old left wing congresswoman who has 20.1% of the valid votes which means that they are both in a tie. now, wouldn't it be easy for fijumori to win only this first round? analysts don't believe she will be able to. it's 50% plus she would need to win the presidency. it's more likely there will be a second round. but fujamori has lost between 1 and 3 percentage points in the last week only and the one and perhaps one the most important things is that the anti-vote,
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the people whether or not say they will never vote for kaik kaiko fujamori has risen to 51%. >> what's the mood like? are people excited about this election? >> i think it's completely the other way around, felicity. i think people are, in fact, angry. one of the candidates was the answer for the whole anti-vote and he was barred for the election for a technicality really. also, the same tribunal barred another candidate for buying and
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they did not bar kaiko with this race with the same issues that this other candidate had thanks, mariana. supporters of the brazilian president, dilma rousseff are waiting to hear the outcome of an impeachment commission. the commission will make its decision on monday with a vote on the issue next week. adam raney reports from brazilia. a monnume to this this latin america giant. you believe fridays see the political class evacthe capitol.
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>> no. monday the commission will likely recommend dilma rousseff's impeachment support has almost reached the necessary 2/3 threshold their aim there is no option for us except the military. >> strong words from a country that only saw democracy return in 1985. such thoughts finance are frightening to many poor brazilians who stand by the l t leftist president. i want her top stay. >> this square sits at the very heart of brazilus power
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structure. over there, the congress. in front of me, the supreme court, and behind me, the presidential palace, literally hanging in the balance herb her opponents could be closer to pushing her from power. >> research has reprevioused the impact climate change is having on the way the earth spins. scientists med what they are ca polarmation, the way the earth moves on its accessises. after moving toward canada, the direction of polar motion is now east, heading towards the u.k. joining us live from pats dena in california by skype is with nasa's jet prop pulse authority.
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start by climate changes the way the earth wobbles on its axis >> to understand, we have to understand the fundamental principle basically. so imagine we have a sfier and if we take some type of material out of this sphere and the spin axis or the poll, in other words, to head toward the location where you remove the mass the reason you lose the mass, for example, essentially the loss of the mass is trying to pull the poll toward the axis itself.
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green land, iceland is one major component of the redistribution model that we have analyzed in this particular paper. >> should we be concerned about the fact that this polar motion has effectively changed direction if you like? should we be worried about that? >> it is affects the daily ol a global scale, no. but in terms of some type of every day application, for example, to get more accurate results from your gps, for example, so this kind of motion is very important to understand scientists have been measuring it for more than a century now. how does that monitoring and rye search help scientists? >> that's a very good question.
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it is e stab englishing a powerful connection of how the poll is moving and what that means with that, i mean and we also have a very accurate measurement of the motion of the poll that goes back in time to the year 1989 meaning we have more than 115 years record of polar motion data. this is such an accurate set of data. what will come based upon the results in this paper, so this data you utilize to constrain or to fine tune the morals of the past climate change. >> way, we will have more confidence on the moral of the future of climate change. so, it's a very powerful kind of
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finding in terms of constraining the global scale model. >> that's extraordinary research. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. thank you. bye. now, poetry slam, the act of reciting poems is picking up a huge following among young people in nepal. two young women using the power of poetry to fight sexual abuse and violence. last night, you came home to me and said baby, what if i hit? a poem about domestic violence. >> you said you would do me know harm. you said you had do me know harm. >> her friend joins in.
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>> by now, the two have been known for their bold poems which often make people squirm on their seats. >> so we started back in 2010 december, when there was a spoken word workshop and a competition organized. >> we were writing poetry as well. but seeing the performance, the words were almost like it came alive and it was on stage. i remember being very nervous as well but also feeling very liberated sort of and then it was like a hook. >> since then, the two got together with other participants and started word warriors. now spoken word has spread across the country among young people. they are involved in training more people in spoken word poetry. >> spoken word poetry has ch captured the imagine nation. several hundred thousandswar watch the word warrions often.
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>> trainings like this one are being held all over the country in the word warriors get more requests. >> i call it being struck. we see that happen to people, to younger kids than you. they just eyes light up and it's like we are seeing mean who are really shy or awkward. they go on stage. it's sort of like a validation that you get when you are telling your own story on stage that empowers you in a certain sense. >> that sense of empowerment can be seen in the poems of the slam poets. in this one action they raise the issue of women's rights to pass on citizenship to their children. they ask: if mother nepal's children are nepal then why aren't nappali children nepali? and the crowd cheer on.
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al jazeera, nepal. >> in canada, board games going where only computer games have gone before. >> a crunch game, trying to keep on course.
5:50 pm
hello again. in this digital age, most people play games on smart phones or computers but the canadian city of toronto is leading the way back towards an older definition
5:51 pm
of games. trying out the atmosphere in the city's gaming cafes. >> reporter: it's the weekly settlers of catan at toronttoroa game. catan as fans call it is played by millions around the world. in toronto, some play in places like this, the newest board game cafe in town. >> we started coming every monday. it's a lot of different elements that there is something for everyone in it. >> who is going to win here? >> i am. >> all of the city's 13 board game cafes offer food and hot drinks. some even serve alcohol but the main attraction are the colorful boxes on the shelves around the room. >> attorneys of games, that i never knew existed like pandemic, where you deceive each other, trying to fool somebody in a game of bluffing the first
5:52 pm
cafe was snakes and lattes in 2010. now, it's got two locations. one, the largest board game establishment. there are more than a thousand games to play here as well as people known as gurus. >> curate the collection, make sure it is full of games that our customers will enjoy and as head game guru, i am in charge of training the staff to make recommendations and teach the games to our customer. >> it's not sure why toronto is the leader. it could be the next he will climate or maybe just a critical mass of residents who want to go analogue, leave the dictal world at home. >> it's a good place to come and be aware from computers and phones? >> my favorite part is to win and show my family how superior i am to them.
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>> so far, it's been wildly successful. the trend is spreading across north america as people rediscover something that our grandparents probably knew already. every now and then, everything old is new again. daniel lak, al jazeera, toronto. just like fashion really. isn't it? all of the sport now with farrah. >> fell it'sty, thank you so much. we start with football. spanish leaguer's barcelona suffered a shock defeat. conceded five minutes in on route to losing 1-nil. they were unable respond despite to do with late efforts. the top of the lead has dwindled to just three points. earlier, third place real madrid thrashed i. ibar. cristiano ronaldo scored his
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league leading 30th goal of the season and set up two more. this is how those results leave la liga looking. athletico madrid three points mind bartsa after beating espanol they are-1. six games to go for the top three barcelona have a 3-point advantage. arsenal's hopes had a blow. blowing a 2-goal lead against west ham as andy coral scored a hat trick for the home side. the game finished 3-3. the result that will leaves arsenal 10 points behind lester who play on sunday. >> third in the league. 59 points that's not where we want it to be. we made it more difficult for ourselves to win the championship.
5:55 pm
no matter. we have to keep going and hope. you never know what did happen. >> aston villa lost again but they are not relegated just yet because norwich lost as well. chelsea suffered a defeat, beaten by swansee. manchester beat west broom. they was a very important game. in the those positions, they were able to draw arsenal. it's important to our team. i repeat, to try to always look forward and always think you can do it better. >> in spite of a 47 scottish league title, they beat motherwell eight points clear at
5:56 pm
the top. two from griffith and helpful goalkeeping securing a 2-1 win. an 8 point lead at the top of the bundeslige. second place contractman play on sunday and we will be looking to go close that gap. we take you on rival shaka and go into the match following a 1-1 draw against liverpool in the first leg of their europa le lead. on the run of less than games without defeat in the league. >> we want to win this match but be diligent. there are players whether or not have been intense this time and therefore, they are going to be a few switches. the third round of the fares major year of the masters is going on august youa. jordan spieth leaves the way. he is trying to written the tournament for a second time in a row. rory mcilroy has dropped down a little. he is in a 3-way tie for 6th.
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manny pacquiao and timothy bradley made the weight ahead of their welterweight contests in los angeles pacquiao says this will be the final fight. that's what it looks like at the moment. the address is for the moment, that's it from me and the news hour team but we are back in a couple of minutes. bye-bye.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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>> al jazeera america - proud of telling your stories. >> i wanted to dance, and eventually i started leaving the gangs in the street alone. >> we're pushing the envelope with out science every day, we can save species. >> i'm walking you guys! >> all i wanted to see was her walk. it was amazing. >> these were emotions that i had been dreaming about for so long. >> getting to the heart of the matter. proud to tell your stories. al jazeera america.
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in this this this. >> it themselves equip and train people to document abuses. the renowned musician reflects on a life event that infliences his work now. >> i was bullied by a group of kids. they took my clothes out and these were people i thought were my friends. >> he is half the brakes behind the creation of elders, a group of global leaders that worked for human rights.


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