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tv   The end of Gambias Yahya Jammehs regime  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2017 11:32am-12:01pm AST

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very fossett is in west jerusalem. we will get to harry fossett in the coming in the coming minutes bangladesh's restricting the movement of more than four hundred thousand on him to refugees from the camps in the border areas i minister is traveling to the un general assembly to ask for help in dealing with the crisis and the un has called for an investigation into the killing of thirty six per indian demonstrators by soldiers in the democratic republic of congo fighting broke out with kong allee's troops after a group which included burundian refugees a storm to jail in the east of the country. more than thirty people have been arrested in the u.s. city of st louis in a second night of protests against the acquittal of a white former police officer who killed a black man jason stokley was cleared of first degree murder for killing anthony omar smith in two thousand and eleven voting is underway in the pakistani city of lahore for a pall of untreated by election the former prime minister nawaz sharif's wife colson nawaz is the front runner for the seat the vote is seen as
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a test of support for nawaz sharif and his p. and l. and party those are the headlines keep it on al jazeera more to come after talk to al-jazeera. without knowledge what do you. think this going to turn. out to speak for all. of this over the. clout of trying to. ban jules international airport january two thousand and seventeen stepping out of the black limousine is going to be as longtime president. as he walks
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down the tarmac on the presidential red carpet for the last time a small crowd of supporters gather unable to hold back their emotions. after twenty two years in power the man who said he would rule for billions of years is now leaving the country forced into exile. he left. the country he left when he said. he left what is still the big chill and the women. but in boston because it's been because. he had refused to accept election defeat and had overpowered west african heads of state set off on a marathon month long negotiation dicky turns to get him to accept the results eventually they gave jimmy an ultimatum either he steps down or seven thousand
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soldiers from the region steps in to gambia to take back control of the country. this is the moment the troops entered the capitol grounds john may go. a final goodbye. for many a moment of victory the moment gambia has decided. this week to talk to al-jazeera meats gambians men and women that stood up to his rule and brought an end to his regime. this is twenty nine year old lieutenant in december. just after he took power. he then promised to restore democracy and bring an end to corruption.
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well yeah. he's just he's doing. what. many gambians did. but he never returned to his bed. he swapped his army uniform for a white traditional robe and change his tune. he ruled the country with an iron fist the president critics and political opponents human rights organizations accused him and his security forces of torture and enforced disappearances. in april two thousand and sixteen members of the opposition held
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a small peaceful march calling for electoral reforms ahead of the december presidential election. among the protesters was too much a send thanks father sold us my father went out. to where every other political party. everybody else. in the gamut to say we need electoral reform at least make it better make it suitable for all of us so we can have a level field we could all play but then the general was one dictator that doesn't want anybody to say this is what i want and you get away with it you were daughter of someone that is politically active under dangerous circumstances you knew that that. were dangerous. what you worried for your father. i was always worried like i.
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just leave them there why don't you go to senegal why don't you that was in two thousand and thirteen when he was arrested then he was taken to board this strike that was like right now you have escaped from least people and told him in his face that we were going to kill you if we arrest you again so i said why don't you just go he said he's not going anywhere so he's got me and said he's going to fight to dictatorship and gambia he was taken to the and i hit that and i ate the sacred. police though sterling you walked with to spy on people and then he was interviewed he was there i heard photographs were taken of them and he was asked questions and then after the questions i didn't know i didn't get to listen to the audio but the police have it so there's an audio recording of the interrogation of your father that was made by the security service exactly they did that not only with him but with all the others that they had arrested and then after doing that day he had to
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take them to these rooms where these men have to come with masks over their head and then be had to torture him they had to beat him to the point that he couldn't say anything again and then. challenging to secure. enough is enough. to stop. this video appeared on the security forces went after them. she fled to neighboring . republic has issued. you sit up in this in this road and and spoke out publicly against yeah jenny risking your own life as well
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why did you do that i mean i i i went to a point where i cared no more i i from that day i wanted to be my father because he knew jemma was still here but he had to go out and say we want for electoral reform he wanted a better future for me and the rest of my family for the rest of the gambian so whom would i be if i had to keep quiet i felt that is the only thing i had to do for my father left now i had to speak up for him i wanted justice my father i wanted gemma to just go i i was i was thinking of what i had gone through within that week and imagining another gagnon family going through that was like it was unimaginable so i made sure i did something to stop another family from losing their father like i did i made sure that i saw another family from leaving like a did so i had to speak up i had to say something to make sure everybody heard what i was saying to make sure people went out on the first of december to vote him out
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to make sure the world knows what he's doing to tell us about this role of this incredible role in this in this. overthrowing i gem it seems that the social media what's facebook mobile phones played a crucial role that really changed the history of this country social media was a great tool in the president barroso is that he says read and have access to the radio the t.v. when we had to go on something that is a correlation team but then just knowing when the meetings of the coalitions were going to be it was up on facebook it was in the what's up so that people can go out right so all the other networks like even international calls were blocked at some point and everybody knew that. but we facebook and then and what's. the before they blocked it it was like it was too late information was going out already so everybody was grateful for social media being there because without it we wouldn't
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know how to communicate how to talk to anybody so it is one thing that held the dictatorship that was in it was one tool that many of us used because personally i have over five six thousand friends and people following me on facebook so most of those people are in gambia so writing on facebook they would read it having to do live video they would have to watch it so all those things that we used so i would look for someone else who also has more than five thousand friends or so we would just be like that that much you need to speak up on and we had prominent people gambians and young people listen to. this missing. out and we need the people of the gambia to dig up the responsibility unfortunately i don't know what happened it was just a miracle calling someone in gambhir by then was risky because they could arrest you or they could put you in trouble so you try to avoid but then with what's up on facebook being secure a little especially what you could send people messages you could tell them i had
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my list of friends and i sent them to send the messages they knew what i was going through they knew what happened in the gambia so some people just knowing me made them dislike what you were doing there like the government population those cared to say anything against germany just i don't know that things change they change overnight and everybody was like you know what i don't care whatever happens this is my right and also the company period was very important because people were given immunity you were not going to be talked if you say anything so people use that do come to put on the shirts of the coalition does reach out to their families personally people had to hold their families back home to say. coalition candidate for the presidential election. united behind him hoping to once and for all. held his own
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rallies convinced no one would dare to vote against him. as usual he put on the show. believes he has magical powers. and could cure people from each i.v. and aids he created the treatment centers inside the state he showed al jazeera street a mixture of prayers and repaired personally. of those that followed the full fare of the survivors. few would speak about this not any more. contract of the virus in one thousand nine hundred ninety she joined an h.n.d. prevention support group becoming a vocal advocate she encouraged people to get medical help but in two thousand and seven john mayer notes he found a cure against the virus he then selected and other members of the support for
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treat. it was not easy for us because. you know you want to know what i mean because. i marked my. most us. and. it was our name that was given to our research. so all we have to do is. go to determine if you had refused his treatment what would have happened to you. if you. have. what i mean you would think and also i was it was not my intention and secondly i am on medication that i was. describe to us your first day in the treatment center all were. it was very because
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for me. throughout my life up to that very day i was not used to have my medicine it was not my real i was not used or it saw the very force to give me. where i started to get really. though i was not have an idea what i was. up to try it you know let's backtrack to to poor treatment you got what exactly happened in in the treatment center the yeah germany hiv aids treatment center what was that your days like what the doctors do how do they treat you in the morning. vital signs that. you want to every day to see where you are losing weight or you are gaining. your
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b.p. . and the like. then from. you start drinking. so it was it was a potion of some sort of almost full of different different types of medical what for me on my own. for me. even if i see you mix in the medication i start vomiting. or he would mix medicine and makes you know pointed i started one meter. or sometimes i just don't look at it and if i am drinking it i have to close all my eyes and hold my breath what does it taste like arts or somewhere very very bitter. because you cannot if you remember the best of the hardest.
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how long did you take this herbal treatment for. how did your health cope with her. when i would there. i was dr because i. have no appetite you know i was even people. many people think that i'm going to die there. and if you would do that i'm going to die because i was. what affect me was that as i said before i was not used to have i mean he was he helped by medical doctors by foreign nurses.
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and we have. here. in the clinic. to take them from the clinic. and we have a medical doctor who was then by. by then who was the director of medical was the minister of health and he. was assisting him so the cuban nurses. a certified medical doctor who is also the minister of health and me were all administering you this herbal medicine. that jimmy said would cure for hiv aids you knew that this was not true it was natural definitely. right then you're going to say anything. where. you see soldiers' lives were in the medical facilities where we are. at nobody can
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escape you were being treated against your will at any time did you feel like you and others were getting yeah that's what i said before i said it was a trial. try and. tell me it's not because after that i have to go back to the hospital. before i. was. dropped. for me i don't know but for me i believe that. until it add another parish president. thousands took to the streets calling for an end this is a regime. apathetic about politics him out to vote in numbers.
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as polls closed the chairman of the election commission you enjoy i saw the numbers calling it. he was responsible for the final official tally on december first news and giant announced that yeah john had lost the election stunning. you're the first. that's. made public. tell us what went through your mind when you decided to announce that he was the loser of this presidential elections well i was just transmitting the will of the people. he never thought that. through we lose the election he will talk about he will but for the tory. but also for me i feel that if the gamble decided to say this is it i need to assess the will and times with that.
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and announce it assumes. that of of course many people would would say that the person who is in your position under his rule is probably the one that house too. to announce the results that yeah dummy wants well i don't want to go through the process again but it was difficult telling it was very very difficult i had undergone stress. because there were moves really to. get me to resource and call you when you had to. survive it and the five years at which point did you realize that yeah jimmy had lost the elections. but because he knew he had lost. before i was older this was because i'm the last to know
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because it is always a quality any different than yours unless and by facts to me here but you need there are parties. and there would be for their respective offices to in the demo do the sort of the particular politician and this would be always call it and he knew in advance that he had lost and there was a person would be to increase the number of votes in to continue. and i fish. what was his reaction when you refused because i was in seattle i was here but again. as you ordered the following the in the evening he came out plain and i said that he was he had lost the election but once you saw the tally and you saw that he had lost did you pick up your phone call the state house in all you know that he had lost you that. he knew you had lost him
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before and you you know lost because we. created. by his own people as well when he knew not last and that's the world out there that they had made for music industry how did they put pressure on you how did. his people put pressure on you to change. something i don't know what or whether they do well they were here anyway here as in here in the building of the election commission or how were they menacing or threatening you they were and that's what i consider. did they threatened to kill you did they tell you they were here so i can say yes. and yet you stood up i stood up against them i guess as to.
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what i wanted my life. i stood up. i guess i stood up. at first just make step to the outcome and then changed his mind a week later calling for you election west african heads of state try to convince him to step down but he refused saying the elections were rigged against him. and yet this is what he said to the can i let's also start with his approach is to really give this part you cannot make our letter and i want you to go to the counter to see our elections are done in this country then you know that that is a fight about the good of. the security forces deployed on the streets leading outside the election commission. fearing for his life and joy i fled the country. coming and we're going to. that's for sure when you say that you mean
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the security the gammon security forces in iraq and about how many put out of what was their lives here i was one i was told this morning. so i had to it was to prove to his ambassador that i was able to leave the country and when i went i was hoarse you can put in production. to. the president elect to left the country he was sworn in as the new head of state at the gambian embassy in senegal i had a little seven thousand west african troops deployed to the border. fighter jets flew over the capital. under pressure jamie was forced into exile he left for equitorial.
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adam a barrel was once again sworn into office this time in front of his people. the horrors of johm his regime are now being. political prisoners have been freed. the stories of those that suffered under his regime are now being told. this is a nation still reeling from twenty two years of one man's rule. the new government promises to set up a truth and reconciliation commission. so that the wounds of the past can finally here. we have stories. some that enrich our memories.
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others to define al futures. in a breathtaking new season al-jazeera stuff members opened their hearts and didn't fight us into that extraordinary lives al-jazeera correspondent coming soon. a deadly attack destroyed her family and left her badly wounded. the last time from gaza to california and little girls journey of love through adversity. over time progress should become our family. that would touch the hearts of the people around her ever i was excited when i saw this is. an al-jazeera wild at this time. in the house trying to era when news coverage consists of a punch she had like
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a five second sound bite not an easy solution. dellums deep a says challenge the status quo expose double standards and debate the contradictions join me mad the hot sun for a new season of the show the frank. up front. about this time well just there. when we managed the financial system between one nine hundred forty five one thousand nine hundred seventy one it was not a single financial crisis anyway in the world and then in one thousand seven hundred the bank has beat and they said no no we don't need to know the market will discipline us banks love to make loans to suffer why because behind the suffering a millions of taxpayers we can see the reaction to the. they should fight just as we saw in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it's going to be going to already is ugly in many parts of the world where
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people are saying if my government when took off to my interest then i will look for a strong if he's a fascist i don't care if you promises to secure the stability of my life and my people i will vote for him i think that's where we are heading and i don't think our leaders have the vision to understand that's the threat that we face. the. leaders in both iraq and turkey want kurds against going ahead with an end to pendants referendum. richelle carey this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a second arrest following.


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