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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 9, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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all about privatizing of nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this destroy people to stabilize the country given enough and i think you can do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. witness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm maryanne demasi this is the news hour live from london coming up turkey arrests a second u.s. consulate official in both countries suspend visa services as
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a diplomatic dispute intensifies. at least twelve ranger refugees drown ten of them children as another boat capsizes trying to cross from man not to bangladesh. and spain's government called in the national police to guard catalans key court as it increases pressure on regional leaders to back down on independence. m p seven in doha with all the day's sports news including a very public statement from the v.p. as mike pence walks out of an n.f.l. game even mealing players i'll have more on that later. a diplomatic dispute between washington and curry is intensifying after reports that turkey has issued a detention warrant for a second u.s. calls you know it work or else we cannot the american consular employee was arrested and as some. allegations of links to last year's failed coup in turkey
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a turkish lira has dropped sharply cents in both countries suspended visa services for each other's nationals mohamed adar reports. in the latest sign of fraying diplomatic relations between two nato allies the us say it was suspending the issuing of visas to turkish nationals twenty four hours later turkey retaliated through its embassy in washington with a statement that effectively immunise the want released by the united states with some exceptions the move effectively blocks turks from traveling to the united states and americans to turkey and definitively. from the americans. or. their warning. at all with. regard to the american interests
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the disputes comes just days after u.s. consulate and pro-u. was arrested on charges of espionage and alleged attempts to damage the constitutional order in turkey mateen to oppose attack each national is also accused of having links with the cleric for. the us denies those charges turkey has also expressed a depressed by its fruitless calls for the united states to extradite guillen he's accused of planning the field july twenty sixth. but denies any involvement. as others have also indicated the coup was a scheme but who planned it who was involved in it. thousands of people have been detained in a cock down since the famed coup including u.s. citizens tuckey remains a valuable nato ally it is home to the indian peace a strategic military facility for the u.s. in the war against isel. turkey is also part of the u.s.
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led coalition against isis but on close ties with washington us three and over u.s. support to the city in kurdish fighters the y.p. . there viewed by turkey as an extension of the ultimate would kurdish workers pertti be k.k. to the us though the white p.d. is the most effective fighting force against i saw mohamed al jazeera. well speaking on an official visit to ukraine turkish president. expressed disappointment at the latest us news. above all this decision is very upsetting. for the u.s. embassy in ankara to take such a decision and promoted it is upsetting. our foreign ministry colleagues have contacted their u.s. counterparts over the issue. let's go live now to patty culhane u.s. state department correspondent of course in washington d.c.
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so a clip there from president john saying that he's upset and disappointed but what can we expect in terms of u.s. pressure in the coming days and weeks. well as of right this moment i can't tell you that because this is a federal holiday in the united states so there's literally no officials around to ask but these are two leaders president donald trump and president or one of their likely to back down they don't like to be seen as anything less than tough and but at the same time it's important remember that these are two very important allies especially as you just mentioned in the fight against the islamic state of iraq in the levant in iraq and syria but this is been a relationship that has continued to sour over the last couple of years really started under president barack obama upset didn't think he was doing enough to target the assad regime and upset about the kurds being armed and it really has continued to spiral from there we saw when erdogan came here to meet with president trump at the white house seemed to have
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a good visit but then that was completely overshadowed because there were what appeared to be peaceful protesters outside the turkish ambassador's residence who were viciously attacked all of it caught on camera by turkish security officers and so that led to the u.s. stopping the sale of small arms to turkey so it has just continued throughout the last couple of years and really there's no sign that that's going to stop anytime soon calling in washington d.c. thanks very much. well tension between the u.s. and turkey started when washington backed kurdish fighters in their offensive against isolated syria that was under the obama administration turkey considers those forces an extension of the kurdistan workers' party or p k k which is waged insurgency within turkey for over three decades more recently a u.s. grand jury indicted fifteen turkish security officials for fighting with protesters during president rush uptight trip to washington in may of two undescribed the indictments a scandalous dozens of americans have been detained in turkey over alleged links
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with the two look good len a u.s. based muslim cleric who in ankara accuses of being behind last year's failed coup not even a personal appeal from president trump is convinced to want to release them well i get all we can now speak to howard eisenstadt an associate professor of history specializing in the turkish republic at st lawrence university joins me live via skype from canton new york thank you very much for speaking to us if we could first of all look at what's been happening in the last twenty four hours how serious an escalation of these mutual visa bans. it's big and in part because it's public there's been a series of steps by both states to sort of pressure on the other but this was this was one that was very loud and and there had been warnings in advance that if turkey didn't. if turkey continued to target turkish citizens working at the
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u.s. consulates that there would be robber cautions been but it seems like those messages didn't get through and and so we we have the current crisis in it for us and we know that ankara has for many months been trying to convince washington to extradite the u.s. by some as him kyra for to go and have his alleged role in the failed coup how might the u.s. treat that case now well i don't think that i don't think it was in the end of a political decision to the united states the united states has as as i understand it sent teams to to help turkey prepare it case that would meet legal standards in the united states and turkey simply failed to do so and because that evidence has not been sufficient turkey has tried to politicize the the extradition case in hopes that they could get outside political pressure
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but that's simply not going to happen who has more to do from a more permanent longstanding falling out. i think i think inevitably turkey to be both both sides want to have a strong relationship where they're their allies and there's a lot of built in structures round that alliance but the truth is that they don't have a tremendous number of shared interests anymore it's it's shared values are it's not clear what that means in the context of growing up. in turkey and so you know turkey would is is trying to have sort of an equal partnership but in fact they are equals and turkey has very few options it's it's loaded with russia it's flirted with iran but it really has a few options outside of an alliance with united states and its economic relationship with you. what about the united states they have relied very much
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on key and recent is there on military and intelligence time cooperation there is that not something to be lost on that side particularly at a time when we see the u.s. pap's increasingly isolated in many ways on the well stage. i think absolutely i think the united states would much prefer to have strong relations with with turkey . i think that the problem is that that turkish security structures are in disarray and that that turkey has simply not. played by by the rules of traditional diplomacy president everyone has made no bones about the fact that the. american citizens detained in turkey are to be potentially used to trade it has.
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repeatedly bill fide u.s. officials in the united states and in the. j.p. associated press it has worked with. with islamic groups in syria in a way that has left the united states frustrated both sides are frustrated right both sides are unhappy but if in the end the united states can survive without turkey it's not clear what turkey looks like the united states how it isis that thank you thank you. at least twelve people have drowned after a boat carrying ranger refugees from man not to bangladesh capsized ten of those who died were children and it's the third such incident since people started fleeing violence in manaus rankine state in oldest more than sixty people drowned when two boats capsized last month mohammed june has more from cox's bazaar in
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bangladesh. with news that yet another boat full of refugees capsized while it was attempting to cross from me and more to bangladesh comes another reminder of the magnitude of this refugee crisis and the fact that we're going to refugees are still trying to flee and come into bangladesh this area you see behind me these people that are here they all crossed by foot into just earlier today we've heard horrific tales from them about what happened to them was a woman over there who told us that her husband was executed in the past week by me and mars' military there's a young boy over here showed us a wound on his legs that he got out when the mean more army shot at the group that he was with very sad stories more reminders that this exodus doesn't seem as though it will in anytime soon that's one reason why aid groups humanitarian organizations are so concerned about the plight of these people the international committee of
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the red cross says it will reduce its operations in afghanistan seven members of its staff of been killed this year six died in an attack on an aid convoy in february and last month a physiotherapist was shot dead by one of her patients and all the four workers have been abducted. we spoke to the head of the i.c.r.c. monica. she says that a decision had to be made. having lost seven precious colleagues and having had three kidnapped. it's clearly something we had not experienced in such a short period of time. in our thirty years in afghanistan we had certainly suffered security events in the past but not of this entity and this has certainly prompted the situation additionally the last incident that has hit. in the heart of its acceptance in the
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center that has been helping tens of thousands of the most vulnerable people in afghanistan has certainly triggered. more questions but and therefore the decision taken much more to tell you about and the al-jazeera news hour we're looking at why kodesh farm is quite iran is reducing the valuable supply of water to the. protests in kenya police fire on people demonstrating over the post changes to election rules. and in sport juan martin del potro gets off to a winning start at the shanghai masters peta has all the details coming up. with the syrian civil war having raged for six and a half years rebel hopes for the overthrow of bashar assad look further away than
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ever focus is already shifting to the reconstruction of towns and cities reduced to rubble in a conflict many countries are already preparing to cash in especially neighboring lebanon and to have reports from the port of tripoli. tripoli port has been running below capacity for years but operators aren't to supposing that will soon change the huge terminal is just twenty eight kilometers from the syrian border and the lebanese government is positioning itself as a major player in the reconstruction of syria when the giant task of rebuilding the country destroyed by war will begin is anyone's guess fighting continues in northern and eastern syria as well as in small areas around the capital damascus. but after a series of major victories president bashar al assad in the syrian government is looking increasingly likely to retain power over large areas of the country introducing an element of stability into economic forecasts not protected by
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economists since the war started six years ago then the close function of said he die mention has been so much in the news lately this has given a lot of hype if you want to get on that lebanon and that to put it can play and this hopefully will. serve our interests tripoli port is nearing the completion of the first phase of an expansion project first drawn up in two thousand and nine and revised last year with an eye on syria's reconstruction regeneration of the port hasn't gone unnoticed by allies of the assad government including russia's ambassador to lebanon if you keep is it or on a recent government organized tour of the world bank estimates it will cost around two hundred billion dollars to rebuild syria for lebanon that could be just the economic stimulus that it needs for the past five years its economic growth rate has hovered at around one and a half percent and it's hoped that this port will lead the way and bring it goes
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numbers up the lebanese government estimate serious construction boom will create a demand for thirty million tons of cargo capacity annually which has already led to around four hundred million dollars of capital investment in the port i thought that was the market tripoli pullet is one of the most important ports in the mediterranean sea so this pole will attract a lot of workers from this area and it will also attract a lot of investors. tripoli is widely associated with poverty and the reports revival could bring in thousands of new jobs and millions in revenue to the area as well as stimulate overall economic growth but that hinges on a peaceful settlement in syria that will pave the way for reconstruction and despite president bashar al assad's gains in recent months. still seems a long way off m.p.'s are just your tripoli in the region but the. iraqi forces have launched a mine clearing operation in how we just are driving fighters out of the city u.s.
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back to iraqi government troops and iranian trained shia forces declared victory on the first day after a two week offensive since the military operation began thousands of civilians a fled the city including hundreds of men with or to be fighters with the fall of how the only area in iraq that remains on the ice hill is a stretch along the western border with syria. while iraq has taken measures against a semi autonomous kurdish region for last month's independence kurdish farmers that now say they're being punished by neighboring iran they say tehran has stem the flow of water to border towns abdel-hamid reports. it's been a tough season for many kurdish farmers and there is concern that this is just the beginning of a series of bad ones so lumber usually produces watermelon string beans and now he has to make choices as the quality of his crops has declined.
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if there was enough i could plant this land but now we only work on two out of ten . we need to estimate how much water there is before working the land and we have to make a choice if they continue like this we will have to abandon the land. the problem started a few months ago when across the border you aren't close. on the little river which is shared by both countries some here say it all started when the kurdish referendum was first announced but iran says. for its own domestic consumption. here it meant that. farmers couldn't. and most of the harvest went to waste farming. but since you've been shut down the well.
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underground water is becoming scarce faced with this problem. third deeper well to save his fish farming business. also depends on the quality of water. and clean water we don't do that anymore from the first and it goes out from. but this is not sustainable for much longer many subscribers have also gone dry. the water is trickling back again but the flow remains at less than eighty percent of what it used to those living in the area say they only get three hours of water . you can see what the water level used to be we build these dams. it's primary emergency reactions so we can stock some water that can feed the city
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and the areas the pumps need a certain level of pressure to function water is not something to be neglected and it's not replaceable i think the crisis will grow. the little zab river also feeds into can lake one of two that produces hydro electricity into kurdish region here to the level is going down so far negotiations between iran and iraq's kurds haven't gone anywhere and kurdish authorities have now been threatening to cut off water supplies to central and southern iraq to provide for their own but at the coming in nordan. iran is promising to give a crushing response if the u.s. names its elite revolutionary guard as a terrorist group the pledge comes a week before president donald trump is expected to announce his rejection of the iran nuclear deal and the prospect of new punitive measures but iran says it is taking threats of fresh sanctions very seriously same bus ravi has this update from town. in the last few days the headlines here have been dominated by defiant
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rhetoric from iranian leaders who say that any actions by the united states to impose new sanctions or to abandon the two thousand and fifteen nuclear deal will be met with a strong response at a news conference iran's foreign ministry spokesman backroom hasa me has said that it would be a strategic mistake for the white house to place the country's revolutionary guard corps on a list of terror going to citizens and that he hoped for a more rational response from the u.s. president the language in recent days from the revolutionary guard itself has been much stronger chief commander has said that if the united states was to take such an action then its bases in the region would be considered strategic targets and that its troops in the region would be given the same status in the eyes of the iranian forces as isis fighters and even as countries who helped negotiate the nuclear dealers the united states not to take any actions to abandon it iran wants people to know that it will meet any new challenges from a position of strength it's posturing on both sides that is putting the obama
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administration's hard one nuclear deal in jeopardy spain's deputy prime minister is warning that the government will act on any cattle declaration of independence catalans president is due to address the regional parliament on tuesday and the government is worried it will vote to unilaterally declare independence catalonia as high court has asked the spanish national police to provide extra security at the court building in case the declaration goes ahead. you know yes but you know if the country on president declares unilateral independence we will have to take measures and that decision will be made by the government of spain will try to have other political groups join us but as i'm saying that declaration will have a response john hall has more now from barcelona on the decision to deploy spanish police to the high court well arguably this move has more symbolic significance than it does political significance because there they are a line of national police vans lined up outside the high court here in barcelona a substantially unusual sight on the streets of barcelona on the streets of
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catalonia a hugely provocative site for anybody in favor of independence and it points to the level of anticipation ahead of the speech by carlos bridge to mark the regional president of parliament tomorrow evening whether or not he will unilaterally declare independence from spain and the question of independence of course leads to the question of what happens the day after nobody really knows but among the things that will change and change very quickly is that institutions of state like this court will change hands which is why the president of the high court here appealed to the supreme court to say look send us some additional reinforced security to stand alongside the most hostile squadron couple of his own police force just in case to protect the integrity of the building in those inside so this is a judicial decision it's not a political decision as such yet having said that though it is very clear that the use of section one five five of the constitution which would revoke catalonia is
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autonomy it's never been used before but the government in madrid has made it very clear they may well be prepared to use it the day after any declaration of independence here or the vast majority of spaniards outside of catalonia italy opposed to any independence declaration many say the claim by some kasra nationalists that they were the only ones who suffered under franco's thirty six year dictatorship ignores history or as the reports from central spain. across the her emma river valley you can see madrid away in the distance. the people here maintain the relics of war in tribute to the vicious history of spain. eighty years ago the forces of fascism try to encircle madrid the battle of her armor is legendary this incline was called suicide hill by the anti fascist brigades twenty thousand died stopping franco from taking the capital. basis was eleven in nine hundred thirty seven at ninety one his memory is undimmed. your
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number there mockery and the like of what my mother and i run to a house looking for shelter we thought it was the end of the world we heard the explosions they made a great impression on me i understood then that we were at war. at the local museum you can see how outgunned the empty fascists were faced with the aircraft and tanks at franco's disposal these men and women came from across spain and far beyond to protect york from fascism only two years before the outbreak of world war two. if we go after madrid was called the heroic city they fought tooth and nail if madrid fell the next poets agree franco would have won the war sooner they want to talk all about this here because it's so important not only for historians what happened here eighty years ago plays directly into the sense of outrage that many spanish people have about what's happening in catalonia right now the capsule as they say are using the campaign for independence as
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a historical crutch to cover up their own sense of entitlement and victim hood the sense that the cats lands were the only people who suffered under franco when actually much of the rest of spain did too. in the nearby town which is nothing like as rich as much of modern catalonia the spanish flags are out in force large parts of spain suffered starvation after the war they will do it but the claims of the council on leadership for special sympathy. look you up in april but here we are sad and worried we can't repeat history during the civil war the town square was washed in blood it wasn't only one region that was suffering history can be read in more than one way. the legacy of franco is used in catalonia for a new sort of nationalism here though in an age of new european divisions they say it is a reason for unity lawrence lee al-jazeera in the her on the valley. so i have for you and the news out of parliament this week and and mickey mouse job for tennis as
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well too in shanghai into our back and much more. with. with. hello there we're seeing some very heavy showers over parts of turkey recently so we now have this weather system here the southern parts of turkey is where we've seen the heaviest of the rains and here some places have we reporting over fifty millimeters of wet weather that system is continuing its journey eastwards not it does so it's also causing a few showers to sprout up a bit further south so lebanon's seeing some fairly wet weather at the moment that gradually will ease there was the whole system runs its way eastward so still the risk of want to show it it during the day on tuesday but the main focus of the rain will be further north over the northern parts of turkey and it looks like it's going to be fairly wet here at times during the day even that low begins to ease as
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we head through wednesday in the snow a great deal of what weather left a tool as we head into wednesday we well for the east is a return to the woman weather force in tuscon where we are to around twenty six now bit further south and here in doha definitely not feeling as hot as it has been over the last month will say when the temperatures will continue to ease as we head through the next few days we're going to see the winds really begin to pick up later on during the week and that will bring down those temperatures somewhat still on the thermometer reading around thirty nine but it's a dry heat so not feeling so bad just at the moment further south you can see this whole area of cloud to giving us some very very wet weather particularly in the eastern parts of south africa. with. a rite of passage through the generations my cousin was laying down there screaming she was helpless the woman who after indoors as if i cold of pain for one.
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meets the women affected by a g.m. and those reshaping perception do you think people will abandon. them to take al-jazeera correspondent the con this time. in the hard to. believe family has put their lives in peril to harvest brazil not. getting the cargo to the capital isn't even. risking it. at this time on al jazeera.
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come back you're watching the news our quick look at the stories making headlines a diplomatic dispute between washington and her as intensified with turkey arresting a second u.s. consular official the u.s. is suspended visas to turkish nationals turkey retaliated by doing the same to american visitors. at least twelve people who drowned after a boat carrying ranger refugees from myanmar to bangladesh capsized ten of those killed were children. and the international committee of the right cross says it will reduce its operations in afghanistan after seven members of its staff were killed this year. now angle of merkel is to capture monies refugee intake two hundred thousand a year in an attempt to unite the coalition partners following last month's election the german chancellor made the announcement alongside host c.
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hoffa the leader of coalition partners c.s.u. bavaria one of the strongest critics of merkel's refugee policies merkel's christian democrats have been forced to pursue coalition to go shake hands with several parties following a worse than expected election results. it for me. i'm happy that we found a compromise we didn't make it easy for ourselves yesterday for many hours we discussed all facets of asylum law refugee law and immigration law in detail we also analyzed the current situation and it was clear that it is all about an overall concept an overall concept and a regularly true framework for migration. let's get more on this now joining me in a studio is annie who is a legal coordinator for the humanitarian aid agency help refugees thanks very much for coming in to us thank you first of all what do you make of this cat from germany i mean i suppose many would see say it's quite a turnaround from merkel's initial policy but of course she's doing what she has to
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do to put this government together but is two hundred thousand realistic. what we're really worried about is the fact that there are so many new arrivals who don't really have much of a choice in greece in september there are there have been one hundred sixteen boats carrying over four thousand people arriving in greece and the system is already so overwhelmed and they have no other options and wait so many months to reunite with their families a lot of them in germany but also in the u.k. so we're really worried that this will set a precedent for capping numbers that are already so low in the u.k. and even if it does set a president when they say we're capping refugees at two hundred thousand what does that mean in practical terms how difficult is it to enforce something like that. in terms of it for enforcing it they can simply not assess that many people what we're seeing on the ground however and greece is families being torn apart having to wait
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months on end trying to reunite with each other it's destroying families but that's just to be clear when you say that they can simply not process claims that that that right to asylum is still there in germany absolutely and it should be an. but my point is that that will there's no reason to think that that's going to stop because of this cat it's not going to stop more people are coming every single day and all they want is to be with the families and it's it looks like it won't be happening at the same rate as before which are the most popular routes coming to europe still the mediterranean route is still being used but over the summer the numbers that have arrived through libya and into italy have really been astonishing and it doesn't seem to get as much attention and and why is that because of course migrants and refugees are still facing horrendous conditions in libya i think it has to do with the general got
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a lot of media attention over the refugee situation lately it's been going on in europe at this rate for a couple of years and unfortunately to some it seems like all the news and i know that you spend a lot of time in your work in cali and you have been monitoring or examining the cases of many children and of course reuniting them with their families is one challenge but tell us what else you've you've seen you've witnessed there are currently around seven hundred refugees in cali and perhaps around five hundred and dunkirk as well the conditions in which they live now that the camp has been dismantled is are absolutely horrific there are no sanitation provisions and the ones that do exist are so minimal and we even had to take the french government to court to put those in place lately we've been seeing a huge spike in cases of scabies even trench foot and among all these
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conditions with no formal shelter whatsoever or over one hundred unaccompanied children in kalak in cali alone a lot of whom are eligible under both three family reunification and the dubs amendment which the government is not really following their legal obligations on you know thank you very much annie gather lisc regional manager for help refugees. now a court in sorry of a has acquitted of all zinni and commander of war crimes now so r.h. and another military veteran were found not guilty of crimes against three so prisoners of war eliminated in one thousand nine hundred two in srebrenica the ruling was greeted by both celebration and condemnation in bosnia many poles and muslims regard the former commander as a hero for leading the defense of shepherd to during the war but families of both me and subs killed in the war have you are in his troops as criminals walked out of the hearing in protest as mina calls has more from sarajevo former commander of was in amin stab and isn't
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a set auditor is not appeal to you of killing three captive subsoil jurors in one thousand nine to two this is the first instance verdict delivered by the bosnian state court in sarajevo it is possible to appeal on the subject in june two thousand and six thought it was sentenced by the court in hague two years in prison for failing to prevent the murder and inhumane treatment of so brazenness he was immediately released because he had already served the time but the un court's appeal chamber overturn the verdict and cleared him in june two thousand and fifteen he traveled to switzerland where he was arrested on a warrant issued by serbia claiming that he committed war crimes but his base authorities extradited him to bosnia and herzegovina where he was also under investigation for war crimes which he denies the trial started in january two thousand and sixteen many bosniaks a series as a hero for his role in defending subban it's a before the mystical in one thousand nine hundred five but many boys and serbs see him as the man responsible for killing soldiers who surrenders to a boy as an army unit under his command. kenyan police have fired on people
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protesting against proposed changes that would that would make it harder for the supremes court to know and an election. to protest has been taken to hospital in the capital nairobi with gunshot wounds a rerun of august presidential vote is due to take place in two and a half weeks after the court nala fight in her kenya his re-election citing irregularities the latest demonstration came as a rights group released new think as saying thirty seven people were killed in a protest that followed the orchestra election. now al jazeera has journalism has been vindicated in four landmark rulings issued by persons office of communications known as off com the decisions address complaints made against al-jazeera as investigative unit which produced the undercover series the lobby expose these rainy embassies cover campaign to smear pressure citizens critical of israel and its policies quite an suisham has this report in
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a four part series broadcast in january al-jazeera is investigative unit expose the israeli government's attempts to influence british democracy you see. the headlines at eleven o'clock israel's ambassador to the u.k. has apologized after a senior diplomat was caught on camera saying he wanted to take down the foreign office minister duncan alan duncan is a strong critic of jewish settlements and israeli senior political officer and a british civil servant were forced to resign the diplomats he question no longer seems to be a functionary of the embassy in london. that whatever whatever he may jackie had been doing his cover can be said to be in but in truth blown following that the pro israel media began to attack al-jazeera complaints were made to offer calm britain's office of communications. the regulatory body is charged with ensuring broadcasters are fair and balanced al-jazeera english is required to uphold its
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standards the films were accused of being anti-semitic that they infringe the privacy of pro israeli advocates that they were unfair and biased off calm launched an investigation and after nine months fully vindicated the work of algiers investigative unit it rejected every complaint clayton swisher al-jazeera doha. they've been mass evacuations in northern california as wildfires blazed through the wind producing region flames covered eighty act as of land in napa county while a second five burned in neighboring sonoma county other fires have also been reported strong winds are making the fires was the smoke is now drifting into the south francisco bay area australia's government could be on the point of collapse out of a controversial court ruling expected this week seven members of parliament are in breach of australia's constitution because they have a jewel citizenship and could face being forced from office andrew thomas explains
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from brisbane. as a senator for australia's green party the recent quarters spent as much time in the capital canberra as a home in queensland that's changed waters resigned in july after finding out that she held canadian citizenship as well as australian a clause in australia's constitution balls citizens of foreign powers from parliament that implicitly includes those with due. both waters' parents are australian and they brought her to australia as a baby but she was born in canada and canada automatically gives citizenship to anyone born in the country waters hadn't known so she hadn't renounced it. when i found that i was canadian i was really sad because my work's not finished and i want to keep going. since attention focused on the clause seven m.p.'s have been found to be jule citizens not all have resigned some think not knowing another
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country consider them citizens when the clause shouldn't apply this week australia's highest court what's will decide if they're right do you take the constitution strictly and saying simply that you have the status of being a national is enough to have you disqualified or is it going to say well so long as you didn't know once you found out you were made yet they took steps to renounce that's enough and we'll let you stay parliament. the case could bring down the government body joyce's australia's deputy prime minister he was born in australia but his father was born in new zealand and his nationality also passed automatically to his son australia's government has a parliamentary majority of one if the court finds barnaby joyce election with unconstitutional then either the candidate who came second to him would be elected in his place or the be a by election which joyce could lose if either happened australia's got four.
9:43 pm
australia's prime minister says his legal advice is that not knowing is excuse enough for his deputy and the other dual nationality and he's but the recent waters disagrees she expects the high court will find her election was unconstitutional having now announced a canadian citizenship waters aims to be legally elected at the next federal election in two years' time her absence until then means for her a political career break joyce's absence could break the government andrew thomas al-jazeera britain. in colombia thirty of cali is an animal refuge like no other for two decades abused animals seized from drug lords or the circus have been sheltered there but now environmental authorities say the refuge misquote. yeti took a trip back before the doors are closed for ever. jupiter delight you might appear to have the same of a cat in the wild around this adopted mother. house.
9:44 pm
is one of many exotic animals that and authorise shelters or. animal refuge and. trade which connects them all is that they were abused in the past. or on their own she had gone with her head on molly or now. you want to get a circus rode a lion and a tiger one lion was crippled they broke his power by lashes another line was crossed like more and more animals kept arriving because the lack of space to life for twenty six years i have done the work of the state run there in this is. going to start at one time police ended over a steady supply of animals many seized from drug lords on the road. i cry out of anger and impotence when i see them so abused so by a lated by human beings then for things. revenues from three private schools
9:45 pm
have helped finance the facility supermarkets provide fruits and veggies land owners the remains of their livestock for the big cats the alerting us found there has long been praised any even encouraged in our work by the tories so much so to deserve a statue paid for by a former governor but those days are long gone and now current. it's time to close the refuge. police have now stopped bringing you any more following a decision by the local environmental story to. these places need to have conditions that are sanitary for the city and suitable for the animals the fact that this was allowed to legally it's a shame for the city and can't continue indefinitely just because we want to. be able smaller animals should be released but many of the older or disabled
9:46 pm
creatures could be euthanized. but it's unacceptable that they kill them outright took care of them for so many years keeping up for twenty years who just happened decide about his life just because you're lame you're not supposed to live. that question mark hangs over all of the animals. and i promise to keep fighting for them and this sanctuary from animal cruelty. so i had. i'm david paul in hong kong of the our next exhibition where we meet the young talents representing the next generation of artists. and peter will tell you how this american finally ended a fifteen year run of faith is a chicago american. hong
9:47 pm
9:48 pm
kong's next exhibition and getting a platform to showcase that was the five percent creations by seventy artists from around the world but as a vehicle potter reports it's also an unusual event following kong a city which usually caters for well hailed and well established in the all while. it's being called the arts fair for everyone you'll see established art expert those experiencing their first exhibit are technophiles curious about the app that makes a drawing come alive and the south african artist says it's not just the visitors who gain a unique perspective it actually just opens our eyes to different cultures to
9:49 pm
different ways of working to different materials to different kind of days into. other works the fair features work from nineteen different countries but it's these watercolors from a local painter that have captured the imagination of many. few people in hong kong include people in the outdoors sketches mycenae paint the landscape but can't make up just people in that daily lives she bought to pieces. as a good way of expressing your heart because you can draw whatever you like on a blank piece of paper and so at the front of it. what's unusual about kenny law is not just his age he's twelve or his talent but that is thriving in a society where academics and material wealth are valued above creativity his father an architect turned art teacher encouraged him to showcase his work.
9:50 pm
after. the way he doing the work. i think it will better just learning from which to choose which style but these learning opportunities are few and far between despite hong kong being a destination for international art collectors and buyers many years say the focus is on high end high profile events and there's very little attention given to nurturing young talent and creativity that's the theme of this artist's charcoal in ink piece depicting faceless hong kong students eating pineapple but a local snack as a metaphor for force feeding education system so they're hoping it's about transition from the home we're richer society and now we're able to have more creativity so you know in the leisure life organizers say the event not only gives artists exposure but will also allow the art world to see the city in
9:51 pm
a new light if you go paul in our jazeera hong kong for now with peter maryam thank you very much the ongoing controversy between n.f.l. players kneeling during the national anthem and u.s. president donald trump seems to have no interest trump has defended the decision obvious vice president mike pence to walk out of an n.f.l. game when players melted during the national anthem he leaves home and has the story. the united states vice president had specifically traveled from las vegas to indianapolis to see the colts n.f.l. game against the san francisco forty nine er's mike pence is said to be a lifelong colts fan and even tweeted beforehand saying looking forward to cheering for our cults but that photo he used had also been tweeted in twenty four tane. as the national anthem played before the game a hatful of forty nine his players elected to meal since elected to leave almost
9:52 pm
immediately tweeting and issuing a statement saying i left today is called game because partisan i will not dignify any event the disrespects our soldiers our flag or our national anthem u.s. president donald trump also tweeted saying hey told pence to do it again with information having twenty three zero follow and so it so he can prove that he's been an avid colt fan we got several games on a regular basis this is a blog is this is really disheartening when everything that you were raised on everything i was raised on was to be the best person i can be to help people in need help and the vice president of the united states is trying to confuse the message that we're trying to try to put out there. some n.f.l. players have been choosing to kneel during the national anthem for more than a year as a symbol of protest against racial injustice in the united states but a few role erupted last month after trump said that players who engage in the
9:53 pm
practice should be sacked when you love to see one of these n.f.l. owners when somebody disrespects our flag this is a get that son of a the field right out the sky dallas cowboys owner jerry jones who nailed with players before the anthem last month now says that any who refused to stand will not play the miami dolphins are no stephen ross has issued the same warning three of his players stayed off the field during the the month sunday this collision between politics and sport doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon elease home an al jazeera. the final round of european world cup qualifying continues with nine games kicking off these were about five minutes ago in iceland the bidding to become the smallest nation ever to reach a world cup last year surprise euro quarter finalist are two points to the top of group i and will secure a spot in russia with a win at bottom side kossovo ukraine hosts croatia that's all same group i both
9:54 pm
have a chance of automatic qualification if iceland lose serbia take on georgia the home side or top of group d. and will qualify with a victory while wales are facing the republic of ireland both teams need a win to secure a spot in the playoffs but both could top the group if georgia surprised the serbians australia or syria could take one step closer to the world cup finals on tuesday they play the second leg of their asian group qualifying play off in sydney the teams force out a one one draw in malaysia on thursday a win or even a low scoring draw would see australia reach the next play off yet against a team from central america which is likely to be either panama or honduras but a loss or a little high scoring draw would go in syria's favor as the war ravaged country aims for a first ever world cup appearance. and we've been playing outside our country and now we're playing in australia there's more than five thousand fans who are syrian
9:55 pm
i would like to thank the syrian community who welcomed us at the airport we were surprised and overwhelmed by the number and on social media they say that people have bought more than fifteen thousand tickets people from the syrian community god willing we will meet their expectations. for our since the objective is clear if we win with. you start thinking of their scorelines and. the only thing other than just join. they the opposition and i think the tricky situation to develop football is returning by munich coach you're paying. not out of touch with the sport the seventy two year old hasn't been involved in football since leaving by and after a third stint with the club that was at the end of the twenty twelve thirteen season but he does believe he can turn the fortunes of the club around following the sacking of carlo and. he tries to unfasten most i think i know how to handle this team how to work with them and i have to make
9:56 pm
this clear despite the difficult situation i'm confident that we will get back on track and that the team which has potential and quality will show a different face former shanghai masters finalist when martin del potro has battle his way through opening round match at this year's event who reached the finals in twenty thirteen beats and. really of georgia in three sets six two three six six four. meanwhile world number two roger federer would be forgiven for thinking he had a mickey mouse job the su a star put on his best dad dancing at a special fan event in shanghai as he joined the disney star deal be putting some of their shuffling to good use when he plays in the round of thirty two after receiving a bye. and an american rather has ended his country's fifteen year wait for victory at the chicago marathon the limbic marathon medalist galen rupp surged ahead in the closing stages of sunday's race to become the first american man to win in chicago
9:57 pm
since two thousand and two in the women's race three time track a limping gold medalist to diminish the barber lived up to her reputation as the favorite to clinch a victory. and the boston red sox have stayed alive in the major league baseball playoffs after losses in the first two games of the series with a used an astros another defeat would end the red sox season but they pulled off a dominant team three victory at fenway park and can level the american league division series in game four later on monday. and that's all the sport for me for now merriam i'll have more again later very much peter now a final nobel prize winner of twenty seven thousand has been announced with us academic richard thaler winning the award for economics they are is a professor of behavioral science at university of chicago he's been rewarded for his work on how human nature can distort rational markets you know when one point one million dollars in prize money and says he'll spend it as irrationally as
9:58 pm
possible. well that's it for this news hour be with you full bulletin in just a few moments time stay with us. hyperfocus it or is it alison where on line we were in hurricane the winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you care has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j.
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stream and one of your pitches might make the actual join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents living green the stories they tell. about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative. masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources.
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shadow war in the sahara. at this time. president says a u.s. decision to suspend visa services for turkish citizens is upset saying turkey's currency and stocks fall. out of their eye for security watching out.


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