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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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about privatizing of nature should our environment be for sale but we're trying to do this just right people to stabilize the country giving them a financial incentive to do that pricing the planet at this time on al-jazeera. in the final part of a six part series filmed of a five year olds. the people of new can still fight for their land. the village chief is in prison. and forced underground the filmmaker has become part of the soccer. crackdown the concluding part of one kind of china's democracy experiment at this time it does iraq. this is al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes i sill is confined to a few city blocks in iraq as u.s. backed syrian forces say they're waging their final battle to uproot. i am announcing a new strategy to address the full range of iran's destructive actions. world powers criticize donald trump's attempt to change the landmark nuclear deal plus. i'm how to. find out why some people in the town of cub way feel like they're being flown poisoned. i. can styles return to asia's biggest film festival after a political scandal. threatened its future.
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u.s. bank syrian forces have launched the final push to dr eisold from the armed groups self-proclaimed capital the u.s. led coalition says one hundred eisel fighters have surrendered in the past day and that foreign fighters are not allowed to meet leave fighting to recapture the city began in june and the group has now been confined to small areas of the city straight to hashem is following developments from on the turkey syria border how much of the city is still being fought over as far as we know. we're talking about seventy percent of the city which is still under the control of . now they've been pulling out to a treating the s.d.f. backed by the u.s.
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led coalition is breaking that if. they're losing considerable ground as we speak now we've been hearing from different sources. that they believe that this could be just a matter of hours before they can officially declare the whole city and that can be. some foreign fighter affiliated with still taking a position different buildings putting some very stiff resistance fighters advance there is some talk of people being evacuated on board buses who are they and where are they going. it is still a very debatable issue people are talking about some deals that were struck between the s.d.f. and that would pave the way for syrians and their families. to leave the
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area as syrian fighters would be handed over to security forces there would be checked and all that stuff and they would look into their backgrounds but they that is a big question mark about the foreign fighters that have different sources affiliated with the u.s. led coalition saying that there is absolutely no way that those fighters will be given any free passes from the city of. and there's a fighting and tense if eyes in two places we're talking about. pushing to get to game won't territory and the government is opening a third front in the city of madden which is the last stronghold of in eastern syria as the fighting intensifies thousands of people flee that was about as we're going to see in this report fleeing from home. puts them in a very tough situation. and moment civilians have been waiting for years.
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being evacuated from fighting in iraq staying home wasn't safe strikes have killed hundreds. in neighboring they also work thousands of syrians flee their homes as fighting intensifies i still fighters have regrouped in a mayor dean a city on the border with iraq before an expected push by syrian kurdish factions known as the to capture the city. north of iraq or was built to accommodate the internally displaced it's struggling with a growing number of refugees who have nowhere to go such as. has just arrived from the us. we left home because of the farting in there it was a long journey before we got to the camp we spent a long sleepless nights and many days with nothing to eat and they're buried and my
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daughter is sick and she needs treatment we have been suffering since the start of war in syria kurdish factions control the very few aid organizations manage to reach the area the camp lacks basic infrastructure services. a situation that is likely to worsen during the winter. time and. look at the tents they gave me in this camp i have nothing no cover nothing i'm a widow and i cannot look after my children on my own they told us go to the camp and you will get help i got nothing from them. many here have lost hope they'll ever be able to return home to their villages. the battles are a competent rock and dealers or have destroyed entire areas defeating i sill may not be the end of war in syria as the s.d.f. advances the syrian army is on the move both competing to control more territory
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the syrian government is determined to recap the areas it lost i still the rebels and the kurds a confrontation between the kurds and the syrian army may trigger an exodus of thousands of people towards the border with turkey has about. the time more turkish troops have entered syria's northern province after a cross border deployment began two days ago about twenty armored vehicles cross the border to join troops who were already inside syria they were inspected by turkey's top general before moving to take part in enforcing the so-called deescalation zone there. has been worldwide condemnation of a decision by the us president donald trump to decertify a deal on iran's nuclear program mr trump says tehran has not lived up to the twenty fifteen agreement which restricts iran's nuclear activities in exchange for
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the lifting of sanctions the iranian president hassan rouhani has responded to the speech from donald trump he called it a pile of delusional allegations and the leaders of france germany and the u.k. all warning the u.s. against undermining the accord in a moment we'll have more reaction from tehran but first here's our white house correspondent kimberly help that. he's often threatened to tear up the landmark deal with iran but in the end u.s. president donald trump stopped short of pulling out of the two thousand and fifteen agreement to limit its nuclear program for now and even though his own administration has twice certified that iran is complying with the deal he now says he won't do it again i am announcing today that we cannot and will not make this certification. we will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence more terror and the very real
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threat of iran's nuclear breakout that is why i am directing my administration to work closely with congress for months trump has accused his predecessor barack obama of being myopic in negotiations with iran focusing only on iran's nuclear program but not the financing of groups trump says are causing instability in the region the president has directed the u.s. congress to potentially revamp u.s. law to set up tough new standards. if iran by a late arbitrary trigger point lifted sanctions could be put back in place senate republicans are already drafting legislation supported by top democrats who have always viewed the twenty fifteen deal as somewhat imperfect we're saying if they're not in compliance we're all with together on this where i am the administration also has its sights on another ronnie and target the country's revolutionary guard
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new u.s. treasury sections are being imposed which donald trump says are long overdue critics say these actions put international relations at risk and could spell the end of the deal painstakingly negotiated over more than a decade this deal was working it was delivering the iranians were living up to it the i.a.e.a. certified eight times in iran was at hearing today a deal trump took a perfectly working deal and transformed it into a crisis with the decision that he made today donald trump has shifted u.s. iran policy and he's not entirely ruling out with drawing from the agreement all together i may do that the deal is terrible but for all his tough talk against iran donald trump has for now taken little action ceding that responsibility to the u.s. congress to. take the next step or not at all can't really help that al-jazeera washington. or the iranian president is insisting his country will remain committed
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to the nuclear deal as long as it's in tehran's interests to do so howson rouhani added that the speech was full of insults and quote fake accusations chaumont it's what are you worried about irena missiles what about those weapons you give every day to aggressor countries i know targeting of the oppressed people of yemen with planes and bombs that you built yourself you don't have any protest about those weapons and that's aggression and you targeted our oil platforms you are always the aggressor in this region our weapons our missiles of defending ourselves we have always been determined and today we are more determined to defend ourselves as invest ravi has been following reaction from the capital tehran. iran's government no doubt waking up this morning congratulating itself for a job well done their pivot to europe paying off the e.u. reaffirming their commitment to the nuclear deal swiftly after the speech by u.s. president donald trump this in bold and iran's government president rouhani
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speaking shortly after the e.u. address saying that the trump administration speech illustrated that the u.s. president needed list lessons and history and geography the foreign minister tweeted shortly after president rouhani speech last night saying that iranian people will not be intimidated by false allegations against them and just to remind you of how president rouhani ended his speech he said that he didn't expect anything better from president trump and in the future would not expect anything from him all these comments are designed to isolate the united states when it comes to the nuclear deal and any future negotiations or policies of the iranian government in the region and no doubt internationally and the idea of that is the iranian government wanted to use this crisis in it as an opportunity to to isolate the united states. how are regular iranian people reacting to this well those that we've spoken to have said that they know that iran is not a political or
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a social utopia they know their country has problems but those problems are iran's problems to solve by itself and no doubt at the trumpet ministration speech will be serving to unify iranian people behind their government in the face of external criticism. ok let's take more on that story for you joining us live here in the studio is my job where he is associate professor in contemporary history at the of the middle east at cat art university when you listen to the speech was there anything good in there at all i think if we want to understand the speech of we have to go back a little bit and to remind viewers that. highly he wanted the speech where he can demand eyes that iran denies that evolutionary guard and we've returned them to being a rogue state. now the speech is very it's very obvious that the speech the wording was speech has been influenced by third party i do believe that the stablish meant the parliament of state may have been going to see i have their intervention on how
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to put the speech together simply because of two things one this this deal is not by let's bilateral deal it's not by washington and tehran number two the effect of washington will be less comparing with the other with the weight of other five countries who are signing the deal so they wanted to be balanced about the speech so then the influence the position of the united states he seemed to stop short in one particular area if he'd referred to the revolutionary guard as a quote terrorist organization that would have taken the debate into a whole different area surely this is not the first time with the department where the white house or the department of state or the cia actually spoke about the division of the god what's interesting about this he wanted to label them and other than a zation there was a lot of sanction imposed under guard individuals companies related to the revolutionary guard so this is not the first time we've got to be brought to the
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story and you know aim or targeted so i don't think so what is doing will be different from just tried to give this you know in more of illusionary guard remembering that they have a role in syria they have a lot in iraq and he wanted to remind his alliance of the night is the around the america is in is really keen to fight iran where it is actually influence his stability and security what's he driven by here i mean clearly he's driven by his loyalty to his political base domestically that's issue number one is he also driven by this anti iran sentiment regularly expressed by the saudis and the israelis here for once by three things one his own speech when he was campaigning for the elections where he. consider iran as the main threat to the region and he considered as one of the his goals to face number one he's also influenced by the israelis rhetoric about iran thirdly about what's what's been said in the region
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especially from saudi arabia horizon. and other countries basically who have a problem with iran he's influenced by all of this but more important actually he's influenced by his own base in washington republicans who always historically they have a major problem with iraq ok who's more isolated today what is eighteen hours since the speech who's more isolated the united states or iraq i think the united states will be suffering because of this speech and will be questioned a lot ok we have to leave it as ever thank you very much my pleasure. plenty more still to come on the news here for you including these stories colombia's vice president tries to ease tensions in the country southwest where farmers were killed by the police last week. and forget the health benefits of jogging we'll tell you why running through the streets of sierra leone could land you in a lot of trouble. and one of the fiercest rivalries in world football is set to
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resume our we'll have all the details in the sports news. the government minister responsible for repatriating range of refugees from bangladesh has told al jazeera they may have quote planned their own exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing more than half a million range of refugees have fled across the border after a military crackdown in the northern state of rakhine yet to be melhem has more from young god it was meant to be an interview about repatch refugees but then the minister responsible for they have a settlement said. by flaying with the groups like you make the accusation that this is ethnic cleansing maybe they systematically playing for that reason. i'm saying it could be that i don't know if. they may have been planning for that they may be planning for that to make it come under the definition of ethnic cleansing ethnic cleansing is the description used by the united nations for the military
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campaign which has seen more than half a million range of refugees escape to bangladesh since late august the un's latest report details indiscriminate killings rape and the burning of homes by security forces in a campaign designed to expel the rohingya and prevent their return a commission set up by cheating find solutions to the underlying causes of the wreck and conflict has just briefed the u.n. security council and called for the safe return of the hinge or they can it will only go back if they have a sense of security and confidence that their lives will be better and we in their recommendation indicated that they should not be put incomes they should be allowed to go back to the have villages and they should be held to rebuild and reconstruct government leaders in mainmast say they'll meet with their bangladeshi counterparts at the end of the month to begin a process to repatriate at least one hundred ranger
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a day whose identity is much meanwhile government records we have i didn't find those who are correct and then sent back to their homes their homes not so we were rebuilt by them so they have to live in the temporary nationalist sentiment runs high here this rally in young gone organized by buddhists with right wing views is calling for their him to stay out and joins us live now from the hour any u.n. reaction to those claims from the minister. well the u.n. chief politike political chief is actually here in maine maher for the next few days for talks on the road crisis we've yet to hear a response from his office about these claims by the minister that row hinge or have planned to leave on mass to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing now
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it's important to point out that the minister didn't give any evidence to back up his claims except to say that the military operations in iraq kind of state ended on the fifth of september and this is an assertion also made by. in the past however the u.n. has said that the conflict is ongoing and called for an immediate end to the violence the minister also went on to say in the interview that it's unlikely that the u.n. will get any access to rack and state any time soon as humanitarian aid access because of perceptions by the buddhist community of buyers on the part of the u.n. towards the rohinton now these are all the issues that the un's political chief jeffrey feltman has said that he wants to discuss while he's here in maine martin given the government's position on this and what we've just heard from the minister
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it's unlikely peter that he'll have much success with his trip here europe thanks very much the family freed after being held hostage for five years have now returned to canada from pakistan joshua boyle and his american wife caitlin coleman was seized by the taliban linked comical while hiking in afghanistan they've spoken about their ordeal. i was in afghanistan helping the most neglected minority group in the world is ordinary villagers who live deep inside taliban controlled afghanistan. where no ngo no aid worker and no government has ever successfully been able to bring the necessary help. the stupidity and the evil of the haqqani network kidnapping of a pilgrim and his heavily pregnant wife engaged in helping ordinary villagers in taliban controlled regions of afghanistan was eclipsed only by the stupidity and evil of authorizing the murder of my infant daughter martyr boil as retaliation for
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my repeated refusal to accept an offer that the criminal miscreants of the haqqani network. had made. to me initial results in the elections in liberia sure the former football star george weah is in the lead at least one third of the votes of not being counted we has almost forty percent while his nearest challenger the vice president joseph waka is on thirty one percent is likely there will be a runoff next month because the women must hit fifty percent. zambia's economy was built on mining but children are feeling the after effects of years of toxins polluting their environment they often ingest lead whilst they're at play how much hassle has that story from cup way. in the notice of sunshine meyer looked a little small for his age after blood tests were done a nurse at the clinic gave her the bad news he's suffering from lead poisoning. his
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condition hasn't changed he sometimes vomit says diarrhea and he's often tired and it doesn't have the right drugs last time i got medication for him was in january late is a new a toxin that's particularly dangerous to children they often ingest the poison dust while playing or doing chores a study done by the world back in twenty eleven found that in a fifty communities here led in the soil was about ten times the u.s. safety limit some children haven't been tested so there are no official figures of how many are sick but community leaders say they know decades of mining lead and zinc have left a toxic legacy. very stringent for instance. it's quite poor. very very hard to believe. the warning signs don't seem to scare away the poor and desperate is still
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a valuable commodity used around the world the locals call the spit black mountain they can dig for hours looking for lead to sell they say there is no other work when the mine close in one thousand nine hundred for many people lost their jobs gavin doing is awesome make ends meet even if it's dangerous work. angels are working with the government to clean up affected communities since twenty fifteen more than one hundred homes that had contaminated soil replaced with clean soil they get remember put it on the ground put some gravel and then they get a block so put it on top and plant grass so that. the membrane only allows water to go downwards and applauds and then there's no dust environmental health experts say after more than a century of mining camp will never be a live free town is too late for that but getting as many people as possible away from the exposure could help make this former mining town a little bit safer for future generations how much ourselves are cowboy zambia. now
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the government in sierra leone is banning joking in groups saying it promotes disorderly and criminal behavior but the opposition sees the move as a way to clamp down on its activities before the next presidential election in march. jogging together on the beach it's an act of defiance for presidential candidate mohamed months all right and his supporters. running in groups saying it's an activity that leads to unrest and vandalism. and. you know. supporters of the alliance democratic party believe the directive is politically motivated to prevent members of the opposition and their candidate from campaigning ahead of the presidential election into their party headquarters it was set alight
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. believes the ruling party is behind the fire. political intimidation with some form of political. and i democrats say we need to allow people to speak up. and peaceful ways the government deny any wrongdoing saying it is promoting democracy. in such a logical. the reason why we continue to be the most peaceful country in west africa it is because the citizens all of us to get into that in terms of compliance because of the history we've had with the conflict in the ninety's the decade long civil war that left fifty thousand dead in the one nine hundred ninety s. still haunts here leone the police are taking extreme measures to avoid violence it is possible to run in groups it requires the prior permission from the inspector
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general of police he says this isn't a political decision but one to guarantee public safety human rights organizations are not convinced with this argument some lawyers are now challenging this ban. says it's unconstitutional he believes that running or gathering in groups are fundamental rights there is a need for people to express themselves he says in order to avoid mistakes of the past. afraid of instability but that doesn't mean people don't want to express themselves i think over the years and then as i become very experts perceive society where they try to vent out their anger on just a media and talk about things that they don't like about their government president koroma has been the country's president for a decade and will not be standing for reelection you candidates are emerging wanting to run for office and setting the pace for what will be a hotly contested election because hawke al-jazeera freetown. now in a moment we'll have the very latest weather for you with stuff but also still ahead
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these stories here on the news what goes around comes around by these ugly concrete buildings and just what people want to tell you boy. and one of the world's most isolated places until today good news for the people on this remote island in the south atlantic. and in sports houston dominate the yankees in game one of their playoff series we'll tell you who starred on the make. by the springtime flowers of a mountain lake. to the finest snowfall on the winter's day. hello there we've got a tropical storm in the south china sea and it's causing quite a few problems here and there you can see the area of cloud it actually stretches from the eastern parts of china down through the philippines and all the way across
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towards thailand as well but the actual storm itself is just this little blob here that's not to say the rest of the places getting away with a dry day certainly it's been incredibly wet for some of us in thailand one hundred ninety millimeters of rain has been reported in bangkok a lot of people woke up today to see a lot of water on the streets some places were possible some of the roads were possible with a fair amount of care but elsewhere some of the roads that were completely impossible just due to the amount of rain that we've seen and it's not the wettest place by a long stretch of the imagination we've also seen a lot of rain in taiwan three hundred seventy seven millimeters of wet weather there just in twenty four hours that has to have given us a problem with some with some flooding there as well now the storm itself is moving very slowly only a round seven kilometers per hour and it's gradually tracking its way towards hine and now we're not expecting it to make landfall in till monday so between now and then we can expect to see plenty more rain across this whole region but when it
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does it will be giving us winds of one hundred ten kilometers per hour. there with sponsored by qatar airways. thank. goodness documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. with bureaus spawning six continents across the globe. to. al-jazeera is correspondents live in green the
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stories they tell. fluent in world news. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. bank syrian forces have launched their final push to private myself and the armed groups self-proclaimed capital rocka the kurdish led syrian democratic forces say the battle could take hours or days. world leaders are criticizing donald trump's decision to decertify the nuclear development deal with iran the iranian president hassan rouhani says trump is making delusional allegations. and the governments of
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me and mar the minister they're responsible for repatriating ranger refugees from bangladesh has told al-jazeera they may have planned their exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing. the u.s. defense secretary james mattis is urging iraqi and kurdish peshmerga forces to remain focused on defeating ice on the kurdish regional government has accused iraqi forces of preparing to seize kurdish held oil fields near kirkuk charles stratford has more now from erbil in northern iraq the kurdish regional government ok ology says iraqi government troops and shia militia forces have moved closer to their peshmerga positions the peshmerga have controlled kirkuk and surrounding area since two thousand and fourteen off to defending it against eisele when the iraqi army fled. but kirkuk one of iraq's two main oil producing regions is
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disputed the peshmerga say they will not withdraw and will defend the city and its oil at any cost. large numbers of popular mobilisation forces and other iraqi forces arrived in this area south of coke this is dangerous and threatens war we did not come here to fight the iraqi army but if any forces try to overcome our front lines we will stand up to them that. the iraqi prime minister hydrilla body denies his forces have moved into the area to take control of the oil fields from the peshmerga our armed forces cannot and will not attack our citizens whether or kurd he said it's been more than two weeks since the kurds celebrated the referendum on secession from iraq since then turkey says it will gradually take control of its land border neighboring iran has made similar threats . the federal government has banned international flights to and from the kurdish
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region of iraq and a federal court has issued arrest warrants for members of the kayla g.'s electoral commission and now the k r g says it is under straight from the same forces it worked with to defeat eisel in northern iraq. the peshmerga say they have voluntarily withdraw from an area south of. tension with iraq it government forces. being deployed to kirkuk and neither the k r g over the baghdad government willing to talk face to face unconditionally about the results of the controversial referendum there are. potential new conflict in northern iraq. bill well the shells are saying there of course that all feeds into the debate the very hot debate going on in the kurdish region in iraq following on from the session referendum less a little bit more deeply into that stuff is the head of the department of foreign
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relations with the kurdistan regional government he joins us now from moustapha kurdistan clearly does not see itself as part of iraq do you not though have a serious problem you are part of iraq and you will stay part of iraq. while in fact we are disappointed the overreaction of the international community and baghdad what baghdad does is exactly collective punishment of the people of color to stand for something that we have done very peacefully and democratically we have committed ourselves to iraq and we will until we went to baghdad in two thousand and three to build a new federal democratic and pluralistic iraq but unfortunately it did not work and when we decided to go on a referendum we said that it does not mean that you need laterally we will declare independence the day after and this does not mean that we will define the borders of kurdistan region with all due respect the statements coming from baghdad this is
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not true there are not telling the truth because baghdad is behind the movement of the troops the deployment of the troops the build up and also the mobilization baghdad is the aggressor and if anything happens baghdad first and foremost will be accountable responsible for the consequences we have stayed where. we are and we have told baghdad that struck we have not committed a crime and we have not violated any law there very constitution that they mentioned they have violated more than fifty five times or in fifty five articles of that constitution therefore when the budget of course the star region was cut under fully and constitutionally and february twenty fourth what did baghdad do what did the religious and political establishment do what did the international community do nobody came forward to stress or pressure like that i just need to interrupt you there because. really relevant and of course it is put it slightly too far back into the backstory on this if mr allopathy in baghdad had reacted
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differently was there something else that he could have done or could have said that you would have felt more comfortable with that you could have accepted. well in fact mr adie did not do anything that prime minister maliki did before because the budget was cut it was the police and there are body the peshmerga are denied their rights they did not get anything at there are body there for us we thought that we do not have any future in this country and that's why we say let's sit down and talk to each other but for baghdad to criminalize the referendum and to collectively punish the people of course the stand we're not expecting anything in the horizon back that should act realistically and baghdad should not resort to the neighbors to interfere in the right direction while we are disappointed at the international community and also in baghdad because baghdad's parliament but that's parliament really if they send out their message it was a declaration of war are you not suggesting that highly amusing to see
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a dialogue with the can you have two issues as well that work against what you want to get kirkuk lies outside of your area the region that you would want to become kurdistan and on top of that rex tillerson some people are saying this rex tillerson has the. and crucially to tehran because there is a kurdish minority inside iran rex tillerson a signal to post baghdad and tehran guys you can do whatever you want here within reason. well it's back in fact as far as cook is concerned has always been part of kurdistan the fact that our forces were standing in a line in two thousand and three that the dog be that that has never been the boundaries of course the standard yes we actually. saw it as a key. fact that mr mustapha the key thing here is the. problem is that. absolutely not because the problem is that you always try
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to portray it as if it's outside care g. area but it has not been outside of court to stand region that's why we accepted article one forty so that we will determine the future status of that even today we have not done anything in order to bring that back we said that we will negotiate that with baghdad and we will reach a lasting solution yes indeed secretary of state unfortunately it has given my kind of a green light to baghdad to iran and others to hand the kurds and this was very unfortunate because we have been through friends allies and partners with the united states we have been together we have been partners in the fight against isis we have been together to share and care for the refugees and i.d.p.'s in this region to provide protection for the national and religious minorities in fact instead of the people of course they stand to be rewarded and the world that we have been punished by back that the neighboring countries and the international community but i would
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like i want to get one final point mr mr for as we have said on the areas there is talk of a summit at some point in the immediate near future would you accept and would you accept russian involvement in that summit given that there's been a lot of russian money pumped into those. oilfields in kirkuk so if russia comes to the table and starts negotiating starts getting people to talk to other people there's a russian interest in there that you would have to accept if only financially because of the wealth that's literally coming out the ground. for as it is important to start the dialogue we are not for this collation we are not propose for provocation and we do not want to see any confrontation we have had a very painful and tragic past we want to have a better future so that it would be a summit put out of baghdad to sit down together and discuss these issues this is what we want we will not be rejected because at the end of the day the future for people is the most important thing for us we have to leave it there follow mustapha
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thank you so much for joining us from erbil we do appreciate your time here on al-jazeera. rescue workers are worried about the number of people still missing in the u.s. state of california where wildfires there have killed at least thirty two people it's believed to be the deadliest series of blazes in the state's history thousands of homes have been destroyed emergency service workers are focusing on a destroyed mobile home park as they search for possible survivors. over three hundred missing people so we want to get to the target searches of known missing persons unknown addresses and we can come back to this area and go through again. if we get out of this with two missing people we'll consider ourselves lucky this. venezuelans will vote in regional elections on sunday after months of violent antigovernment protests the opposition is expected to win most seats the poll is being seen as a test of president nicolas maduro popularity has to raise about. opposition
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leaders in venezuela are crying foul they've just been told that more than two hundred voting stations for sunday's local elections have just been. there closing many voting centers around twelve percent of the people in this state have to vote somewhere else and they were only just notified the center was open until last night the voting machines were here. now it's closed. and believes this is part of a strategy to discourage people in the state of. what has traditionally voted for the opposition to head to the told on sunday. these elections are long overdue they should have taken place in december last year. for your position has been taken to the streets to demand elections accusing the government of dismantling venezuelan institutions to hold on to power. government rejects the accusations it's told international observers that everything is on track for the vote. relocating voting
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centers is completely constitutional nobody is breaking the law it was announced by the electoral council with the side it is that in the places where there were incidents in the past. and that is legal precedent has said that the governor selected on sunday will have to be sworn in and subordinate themselves to the constitutional assembly a five hundred member legislative body that was elected almost three months ago he also said that those who are face to acknowledge it could face dismissal but say that the constitutional assembly is illegal because its election with field with irregularities. for the opposition. are a chance to win some governorships and test the ground. scheduled for next year. the government is aware the world will be watching. their using them to wash their face and. that to venezuela where there are elections this is not
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a dictatorship and there is no hunger here when all that isn't true. that the government election will be free and fair. the opposition will be hoping for some big wins any doubts over the way the vote is run and demonstrators . take to the streets again. an aircraft has crashed into the scene just after takeoff from the international airport in ivory coast's biggest city abidjan and there was heavy rain and lightning at the time of the incident we'll get more on that developing story for you as soon as we can. austria as anti immigrant freedom party has ended its election campaign with a big rally in vienna immigration has been a major is here head of the vote on sunday the party leader heinz christian striker accused the governing coalition of trying to swap out austrian people for muslims the election is being held
1:45 pm
a year early after the break up of the coalition government of the social democrats and the people's party. in the u.k. some blocks of flats are being bulldozed because residents think they are ugly but other relics of a controversial form of architecture known as boosler some are protected from demolition. explains. when bob in hood gardens the state was constructed in one thousand nine hundred seventy two it was with be it as a modernist icon it now faces imminent demolition the architects alison and peter smithson were part of a post-war movement of young idealists who wanted to build a new egalitarian society the material chosen to express their vision concrete lots of it. the new style was called brutal ism after the french brittle brute all vol concrete less architecture speaks of the marriage that said everyone should have a decent home and they should have health and education that those are the values of the ninety six days and nights and seventy's the architecture of the day says if
1:46 pm
you're rich or if you're not we don't really care very much for you whether you love all over the severity of brutalist and the states like this were designed as high quality housing for the city's poor recent years or the british government is playing the design in the very fabric of these buildings for fostering crime but defenders of brutal ism say the poverty and neglect are more to blame the estate stands on valuable land next to gleaming new skyscrapers it's more lucrative for the castro local council to demolish the estate than refurbish it but sometimes some blogs need extra money and it's very difficult to kind of find the resources to bring a certain block up to a certain standard. it will be replaced with this cheap and quick to build a mixture of social and private housing that can be sold for profit. it's far from the vision of botanists like renowned architect neve brown he blames nine hundred
1:47 pm
eighty s. capitalism for killing the brutalist dream we thought we were beginning to add to an organic growth of society that would continue and sort of becoming something that was into a go with their developing culture it became an object from a previous historic moment in time but changing attitudes and politics mean brutal isms being reevaluated brown's buildings are all culturally protected they cannot be demolished other buildings have become fashionable style icons here the barber can paint houses sell for more than four million dollars of what's fashionable is frequently profitable. the capitalist economy may end up being the savior of some of these inherently socialist buildings but despite appeals from historians and leading architects it's too late to save robin hood gardens the dream that never
1:48 pm
was leave barker al-jazeera london. the first commercial passenger air service to the remote british island of st helena in the south atlantic is about to land the flight from the south african city of johannesburg where the crossing every saturday a brand new airport has made this possible it's finally ready after high winds delayed construction up until now the british territory had relied on a shipping service the island is famous for housing napoleon during his years in exile. still ahead on al-jazeera all the sports news with farah world number one rough and out he's aiming for his seventh title of the year the details for you when we come back. i. found the family home is still navigating dangerous rapids from the time we depart to the time we finished the scares to the fish and i'm dicing with death. i'm
1:49 pm
afraid of falling i'm afraid of dying very if i don't go i can't think my family need the men who go to the extreme just to make a living. you have to be a strong swimmer otherwise and so from that risking it all vietnam at this time on al-jazeera. al jazeera. where ever you are.
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asia's biggest film festival has opened in south korea a year after a political scandal most threatened its future the former president park geun hye had blacklisted artists critical of the government and some filmmakers boycotted the event last year in protest but with park impeached and out of office the stars are returning to the red carpet as rob mcbride now reports from busan. on the red carpet there were stars and glitz in abundance but the opening was still a little time. this is the first busan film festival since the full extent of the so-called black this controversy was revealed. movie makers are still coming to terms with it. i believe no matter what happens the freedom of expression should
1:51 pm
not be controlled late last year it emerged then president park geun hay was operating a blacklist against artists she saw a risk hostile to her government a number of them in the film industry they were allegedly denied public funding and showing their work was discouraged. an investigation of the scandal has led to ministers and senior officials being prosecuted while parker's self is behind bars no exciting and good control of the arts was a historical regression. impacted the creative reel of the filmmakers and undermined artistic freedom. one of the highest profile victims was this documentary about the saywell ferry tragedy that killed more than three hundred passengers most of them schoolchildren in twenty fourteen the film laid a lot of the blame on government negligence supporters of president tried to stop
1:52 pm
the documentary being shown that here when it was shown its plane the festival budget was cut as a punishment leading some filmmakers to boycott this event of what they say with government interference. the festival has begun to recover helped by a new government in power and like any good plot the organizers see this as a life changing episode which makes it strong. why did the festival or suffer its. and difficulties but in overcoming them we can take pride from not succumbing to political oppression we have pulled the first of all together and move forward. hoping to emerge the hero and the happy and proud al-jazeera busan south korea. news peter thank you so much one of english football's greatest rivalries resumes in a short while from now liverpool and manchester united have won thirty eight top flight
1:53 pm
league titles between them liverpool have failed to beat manchester united in six premier league games since a three nil victory at old trafford in two thousand and fourteen liverpool have had a start to ring start to the season and are seventh in the table. if everybody would give us still than this kind of time and say let's change it now let's do the next that would be perfect unfortunately if they sack me now i don't think of them a lot of a lot of managers will do the job better than i do and i don't think i'm perfect but it's quite difficult to find. that's all options six other matches are happening on saturday legally there is manchester city to host stoke defending champions chelsea visit the bottom of the table crystal palace chelsea won't be without a new goal of conti who was injured while on international duty with france this is a big loss for us because. you know very well the importance of the book and
1:54 pm
you know what. and we don't have another players another player with with the same characteristic. barcelona play their first match on saturday since the results of the cattle an independence referendum or released over ninety percent of ballots cast back to independence in a vote ruled illegal by spanish authorities barcelona will be traveling to the spanish capital of face fourth place madrid and let it goes president has played down prospects of the game turning sour saying it's a football game not a political demonstration barsa go into the match top of the league with seven wins out of seven. one was a lot going on governor of course we're going to a field with a spectacular field in which we haven't played yet and which we won't cheat ourselves it's a game between two teams that want to win the league and it will be a hard atmosphere but this is only a football game for games in the league on saturday around madrid will try to get
1:55 pm
their campaign back on track they are down in fifth already seven points behind bars relf face had tough a away. eubank this is getting ready to start his fourth term as barney unit manager the seventy two year old is back in charge after the firing of carlo enchiladas warren are five points off the pace in the bundesliga and lost three nil to paris st sure man in the champions league they face a private at home on saturday. and. i think we have to create a good atmosphere training work very hard it's one thing to carry on talking with players but we also need to be successful you won't forget that over the last two or three games we have conceded seven goals i can remember when we won the treble in twenty thirteen we conceded lot of goals in the first half of the season for me the important thing isn't so much creative play at the front as it is a stable defense. p.s.g. will play their first game later on saturday since revelations that their president
1:56 pm
nasir khalifi is being investigated by swiss police over corruption the cattery is being investigated for alleged actions as head of b.n. media group along with former secretary general jerome valcke the probe is over the sale of world cup media rights being media group has refuted all accusations of corruption on friday italian police assisted with investigation raiding and seizing home in sardinia they say the home is a means of corruption and was placed at the disposal of his lawyer however claims valka paid rent for the property. arena has stepped down as the head coach of the u.s. national team it follows the team's failure to qualify for next year's world cup in russia it brings to an end to rain a second spell in charge a two one loss to trinidad and tobago on choose days of the us missing out on a place in the finals. rafa nadal is currently on court against mar in chile in the semifinals of the shanghai masters he's currently one set up as he looks to win
1:57 pm
a seventh title the year watcher federer will face upon martine del potro for a place in the final world number to beat france's rashard gas days seven five six or to reach the semi's veteran who is the only man who can deny rafa nadal the year and the role of a one ranking faces one martina. in the final four. in major league baseball the houston astros beat the new york yankees in game one of their american league championship playoff series astros pitcher dallas crew chill dominated the anky striking out ten batters in seven innings carlos greer and uli grell gave houston the lead did manage to get on the scoresheet but it wasn't enough the astros held on for the two one win game two of the series takes place on saturday in houston. and the n.h.l. washington capitals how did the new jersey devils their first loss of the season t.j. oshie scored his fourth goal of the season to give the visiting capitals a lead early on alex ovechkin netted his ninth goal of the season to help give
1:58 pm
washington a five to two win. i'm not one in seven consecutive games again. and that's all your more later back to you peter thanks very much last one is of course and if you want it on our website al jazeera dot call missile was there for you we'll get you up to speed on all our top stories when we come back with thirty minutes about your world news top of the hour including the very latest about what's going on right now in russia we will see you very soon.
1:59 pm
the street is quiet the signal is given. out so it's safe to walk to school last year there are more than thirty murders in this community in one month the police say this area is a red zone one of several in some township. children sometimes a quarter in the crossfire when rival gangs fight so parents and grandparents have started what they call a walking bust to try to take the. i lost my. i
2:00 pm
also lost my but there are more than one hundred fifty volunteers working for several walking busses teachers say it is working class attendance has improved the volunteers also act as security guards. from the shore of the red sea storage of clean water is a global problem and a major goals but in georgia this team. out to the pics of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this. solution is to save the world's most precious resource and the next episode of rice we look at what is being done just that what's prices. at this time. confined to a few city blocks and rob.


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